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Dominus Grim

Chapter One: The Transporters

Red, gray, black, all swaying in their own manner with the wind. These colors all in their respective capacities suited one Kuroudo Akabane who for all purposes was considered dead to the world a long time ago. With a look that could not be deciphered, the man in black and gray, covered in some red, stepped into his place on the truck, in the back, resting down.

"Was that really necessary Jackal?" Himiko Kudou asked from the front seat, some joke, and some disgust evident in her voice. The man with the epithet "Jackal" could only look at her and smile as she was one of the few people in the world he would allow to address him in that manner.

"Why Miss Himiko, do I detect a hint of disdain in your voice?" Akabane answered in that tone that had become trademark of him and only him, a tone that spoke of death and arrogance and quite possibly could have earned him the title of "the most hated man in the transport business".

"No Jackal, not disdain, just some frustration from your little juvenile habit of murdering to the point of treating your victims as a commodity." The third one, the third transporter, one Gouzou Maguruma chuckled a bit from the drivers seat the slight laugh coming from the "good natured" bickering he knew his ear was in for.

"Commodity? Come, come now. I'm not some brainless sociopath. I didn't kill the client or all of his men, now did I? That would be foolish." The Jackal stated, taking out a handkerchief and dabbing at the spots of red on his face almost daintily.

"You could have just walked away Jackal, you didn't have to kill those Yakuza fools and the bartender for saying your face looked "gay"." Himiko, the lady also known by the title "Lady Poison" expected some kind of reaction, some kind of blood freezing glare or maybe even a flash of some less than surgical scalpels from the purported bloodthirsty psychopath but was instead treated to laughs, from not one, but both of her traveling companions.

"My dear dear Lady Poison. If that were the case, and I killed those men for that reason than I would have to agree with you about me being juvenile."

"You mean…that wasn't the reason you killed them?" Himiko asked, raising an eyebrow, genuinely interested in hearing how the infamous Jackal justified this homicide.

"Come on Himiko, I thought you knew him better than that." Maguruma chided from her right, sparing her a glance as he didn't or rather ever bothered to worry about stopping his truck.

"The only reason I killed those men my dear is simply because they would have impeded our objectives later, that and of course because they put parasols in the tea there of all the ludicrous things I have heard in my life." Himiko nearly did a double take, how could this man be serious? But then she calmed herself down, being he is who he is.

"Yeah, pretty sick time we live in." Maguruma commented, speeding away from the bar where the trio had gained not only an assignment but an extension on their reputations and a few more notches on the belt for Akabane.

Moments came and went, turned to hours, the time passing was beginning to take its toll on Himiko. Though, oddly, she couldn't seem to fall asleep, despite how exhausted she felt from the day's activities of finding the client and along with Akabane "proving" they were up to the job. It was at that point Himiko considered opening one of her trademark perfume vials to assist in her sleep, but a sound, a certain sound curtailed that.

Now, the sight or rather the sound of Akabane sharpening one of his 108 scalpels would normally be cause for concern, especially if you had the misfortune of being in his way. For Himiko Kudou though, who was graced with a certain immunity due to being both Akabanes' partner and some might argue near equal given the right conditions, the sound of the scalpel being sharpened, slowly, methodically almost religiously came as a sort of lullaby, which, as the term implies quickly lulled Himiko into a state of relaxation.

"Jackal…?" Himiko asked, stifling a yawn. Akabane acknowledged her with a sound and a smile she could actually feel, though at no time did he cease sharpening his precious weapon.

"What is…," she stopped to actually hold back a yawn. "…the assignment?" Maguruma cocked his head to a slightly different angle so as to hear.

"It is…quite an interesting one, a bit of an odd event."

"When do we start, or more to the point Jackal when's the drop off time." Maguruma asked.

"I'll get to that Mr. Unstoppable, first I think we should fully understand what it is we're transporting." To this, both Lady Poison and Mr. Unstoppable woke a little from their respective stupors.

"The client actually told you what it is we would be shipping?" Himiko straightened in her seat, turning her head to face the now story telling Akabane. A client telling the exact nature of what a transporter would be shipping was a true rarity, which is if the client actually wanted it transported.

"And you took the job?" Maguruma added in good common sense not trusting some one who was so open, especially in this line of work tied so precariously close to the underworld.

"Why yes, my friends, you need to show some faith in your fellow man." Akabane practically hummed, even he not believing that particular little statement.

"So what is it?" Himiko asked, the suspense not so much killing her as so much annoying the hell out of her.

"What is what?" Akabane asked genuinely smiling and genuinely enjoying the quick increase in rage that this one little non sentence evicted from Himiko.

"Damn it Jackal!" Himiko yelled out fully considering going to the back of the truck and pouring some flame scent down one or all of Jackals bodily orifices. Maguruma was a little irritated as well, though not by Jackals vagueness, rather by Himiko shouting practically in to his left lobe.

Jackal could only do what he tended to do a lot, besides killing that is, and that's chuckle.

"I am very sorry my dear Himiko, it's just your too…oh what's that American term, ah yes, you're such a good "straight man"." Himiko sat back down slowly in her seat and either from losing her conviction from Jackals laugh or just not knowing for the life of her what "straight man" meant, calmed down a bit.

"Anyway, to get to the point, our target, our parcel is a book."

"A book?" both Himiko and Maguruma asked.

"Why yes, my reaction exactly, but yes it's a book. A book called the "Dominus Grim"."

"Wait, where have I heard that?" Himiko asked herself this time, racking her memory until: "…of course, there was an article about it in the paper a few days ago, correct?"

"Yes the very same book. Our client recently had it stolen and through certain "means" got it back." Akabane noted his last three words knowing full well what he was implying.

"Oh…shit, you don't mean the…damn it all." Himiko muttered realizing the involvement of one snake eyed, arrogant, breast grabbing, cigarette smoking, jackass and one slightly more tolerable man was assured.

"Yes, the Get Backers were able to retrieve the book and we are to meet them some time tomorrow afternoon for the hand off."

"Why all the work?" Maguruma asked, slightly astounding his passengers with the fact he was still paying attention.

"Maguruma's right, why not just have those two dumbasses deliver it straight to the client?" Himiko added looking for some kind of technicality almost anything short of turning down the job to avoid meeting the Get Backers, or more specifically one half of the Get Backers.

"Our newest client is quite the nervous fellow; he fears that some "out of state factors" will prevent him from breathing let alone getting that book back lest he step out of Kyoto."

"So there's risk involved, how much?" Himiko asked, more in proportion to the profit she was hoping to make than for actual fear.

"Risk, there's always risk my dear. But what he is offering for this job is quite generous if I can comment." Akabane said more for his two partners benefits than for his as money meant as little to him as taxes to a Yakuza.

"Generous? Well if it's as generous as I'm hoping than maybe just maybe I can stomach a session with the Get Backers." Akabane didn't reply verbally rather he smiled his smile as he usually did.

Maguruma who at this point had lost actual interest focused solely on driving, unaware as were his two partners that steps were being taken, processes begun and commodities being judged as the Jackal sharpened his precious trademarks to the tune of a humming lullaby.

To Be Continued