fandom: harry potter
rating: pg
pairing: ginny/luna
disclaimer: JKR owns & I don't.
notes: Written for RubyKate as a little Christmas present of sort. I hope this is how you like your OTP. Also, Merry Christmas! Unbeta'ed, unfortunately. Also, the thing is that my dictionary covers 'pearlescent' but no spell checks I use have agreed with it. So bugger those. It's a nice word, I like it.


Whenever Ginny thinks of Luna, she thinks of the white pearls Luna wore once.

When she saw Luna wear them, Ginny thought of money. Money her family didn't have, money Luna's family most certainly did. Money that bought the pearls, so big and round and shiny. Ginny knew they were real. Expensive ones.

Ginny stared at the pearls, feeling like a witless, insecure 11 year old again. Here she was, with a girl she sort of maybe liked but who was still just a friend and who probably would never be anything else as Ginny was, well, Ginny didn't exactly know what she was but she was less than pearls, that's for sure. And Luna was pearls. And Ginny said:


Luna looked at her gently and smiled.

"No, beauty," Luna said.


The next day Luna didn't wear the pearls but in Ginny's mind the damage had already been done. Her hands shook the entire day and she played Quidditch and could not concentrate. She didn't talk to Luna until Luna cornered her outside the Quidditch changing rooms.

"The shells with pearls, some of them only open up once they have been washed ashore. By chance," Luna attempted to explain but Ginny wasn't in the mood for vague stories about treasures of the ocean.

She simply walked away, trying not to think about pearls or white or any of the other pearlescent colours or Luna's empty expression when she'd left.


The following day Luna sent notes while they're studying in the library, at the same table. Luna slid the piece of parchment over to Ginny and Ginny read, reluctantly, but did as she had secretly forgotten what the big deal with the pearls was anyway. Oh yes. Her sort of maybe type of crush on a friend of hers.

"I don't like coincidences," the first note read.

"I don't like real jewelery that much, either," said the second.

"I don't like dust or the smell of old books," the third one mentioned. Ginny looked up at Luna, who was coughing. Ginny didn't fancy the library so much either.

"I like you," was written on the fourth one. Just like that.

This made Ginny's heart jump. It took her breath away and when she looked up again, Luna was gone. Ginny folded the notes with trembling hands and left the library.


She sought Luna, she simply had to, but once she had found Luna and was standing in front of her, she didn't say anything. She simply stood there, holding onto the notes.

"I don't believe the shells open on their own," Luna said. "I don't think it's the fact they're washed ashore by accident. I think something opens them, something we don't know about."

Ginny wasn't sure whether she understood this; when Michael had asked her, he hadn't talked about pearls and when she'd asked Dean, she hadn't mentioned them either. But the fourth note had told more than the peculiar stories about shells and pearls.

Ginny kissed Luna and Luna's mouth was wet and soft like most mouths, just more so. Or perhaps it was simply better due to the entire maybe sort of crush thing. Ginny didn't think of pearls or colours or library dust. She thought of Luna and how Luna and being so close to her was simply a wonderful thing.

After that, whenever she thinks of pearls, the thought makes her happy.