Chapter 1 - Exposed

By: KaKaVegeGurl


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In this fic Vegeta is the vulnerable one, he has been trying to keep his past a secret from everyone, however, he's kept his feelings balled up inside for way to long. And when he meets Goku, his walls drop almost instantly, he loses all security he's had before, and he leans on Goku's shoulder. He notices he needs Goku and when he finally opens up to the other Saiyan completely; Goku instantly starts to help heal his wounds. KaKaVegeGurl hopes you enjoy this cup of yaoi! Please, sit and read on!




Deep in the insecurities of my mind... Only a place I know exists, stands the secret I've been longing to tell, tell anyone, anyone that is willing to listen. Only one knows of this secret, one of those who did not matter, the same person that induced this pain; the secret originated there. Frieza was now gone; killed at the hands of a Saiyan; a great Saiyan... An innocent Saiyan... Someone that others, wouldn't even think had been born from such a race, he was kind... Gentle; almost the exact opposite of the people that lived on the planet in which he was born from and sent from. Kakarrot was my savior, he shielded me from the one person standing in my way; the one person stopping me from letting go. But still, even after he had died... I had not let go... I've been able to keep secrets from people before... Why is it that every time he's around me, my entire body freezes and I just want to scream it out to him, I just want to drop everything and tell him all of it. Everything from my past; the hate, the need, the loneliness, the pain.... The suffering. But just the words wouldn't be able to satisfy me, telling Kakarrot about it, he wouldn't understand; and I have to choose the right moment; I can't just tell him any time. But what was the right time?

It all had happened do fast; one moment Frieza was there, alive. Then in a flash of light, more quick then even Saiyan eyes could see, he was gone; now replaced by Goku, who was in his Super Saiyan form. Dirt rose from the ground like a tidal wave and a loud rumbling could be heard from the cracking and breaking of rocks under his power.

Vegeta stared in utter disbelief, his eyes wide and mouth hung open in awe, he couldn't believe what he was seeing; watching from a distance as Goku made short work of the ice cold lizard once again; killing him; and this time permanently.

What Goku didn't understand as he walked up to his friends for a talk, was that a certain pair of eyes had kept a strong hold on him since he first had shown up, the eyes belonging to someone that just wanted to break down and tell him everything.

Now was his time, he needed to act fast, or it would be too late.


"... Vegeta."

Vegeta stared up at Goku, his arms crossed and his teeth clinched together as he tried to sustain for saying everything right then and there, "We... We need to talk..."

Goku smiled widely and stared at him happily, "Really? Great! ... Wow! I've been dying to talk to you for a while! There's a few things I need to ask you about, myself."

After excusing him from his friends with a well-balanced friendly-smile, Goku and Vegeta set off to the side for a, more private, talk.

After he was sure they were far enough away, Vegeta stopped and turned back to look at Goku; who had now seated himself on the ground, getting as comfortable as he could, he stared up at Vegeta with big round eyes, curiosity coursing through the white glow in his black puddles of pure onyx, Vegeta was a bit taken back for a moment and then looked around again, making sure no one was around to hear him.

"You want to go first?" Vegeta spoke as he sat down beside Goku, still staring up at him for a bit.

Goku looked at the smaller Saiyan and smiled, "Oh... No, you go. I wanna hear what you have to say."

Vegeta paled slightly and looked down like he was gonna be sick, his mouth opened slightly and he looked around only with his eyes for a few moments, "Promise me you won't laugh... Or anything... You won't freak out."

Goku stared down at Vegeta looking slightly confused about this, he looked unsure for a moment and then smiled broadly, "Promise, 'Geta."

Vegeta licked his lips quickly and then looked quickly up at Goku, "I'm not sure how to say this... Kakarrot... I... Damn... Where do I start? ..."

Goku stared at Vegeta, blinking innocently, he pressed his hands to his knees and leaned forward to gaze into Vegeta's eyes, "This is serious, isn't it?"

Vegeta nodded unsurely and looked down in and ashamed manner, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't lay all of this on you right now."

"It's okay, go on Vegeta. I wanna help."

"Kakarrot I-It's... Difficult to say,,, I might-I..." Vegeta looked up at Goku again and couldn't help but smile weakly, "Kakarrot... I was... Sold to Frieza by my father, that lizard destroyed me, Kakarrot. He made me what I am... Him and his men tortured me... They beat me and... And raped me. They would lock me up... In a room alone, with no food, no clothes, not even a light to see my way around." By now, however, he couldn't supress his tears, they spilled out on his tan cheeks and began their journey to the ground, "He used my father against me, when I was just a boy, he threatened me; saying that if I didn't do as I was told, that he would kill my father; after I had done every thing he asked me to, after I had told my men to follow his orders, after I had sacrificed everything to that snake, he killed my father anyway. He took away my dreams, he smashed my heart, he destroyed my planet, killed my race and turned even me against myself."

When Vegeta had finally finished and had began to shake violently, Goku decided he had waited long enough, moving in to hug Vegeta close, he wrapped his arms around the Prince protectively. His own tears now dancing down his cheeks as he shush the trembling Saiyan in his arms.


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