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Chapter 5 - Ghosts of the Past

"Don't worry Prince," He heard Frieza whisper maliciously in his ear, "I am merciful. I will show you love."

Vegeta stared in shock as the lizard standing above him ran a finger down his cheek, "L-Lord Frieza I don't understand," He argued a bit more before he felt the bones in his wrist giving way, more blood rushed down the blue spandex of his arm and down the white and yellow armor over his chest.

Frieza threw down the Prince's arms and grabbed him up by the hair, forcing him to look into the lizard's blood red eyes, "You monkeys were certainly not given brains, but as I've said; I am merciful. Let me clue you in."

Vegeta winced in pain as Frieza moved past him, hand still gripped tightly in his long black spikes and dragged him across the floor to a normally darkened area of the room that he had never before seen in full light.

As they moved closer, the lights became brighter and the Saiyan was beginning to feel that he didn't want to know what was there. Finally Frieza came to a halt and lifted the Prince up quickly before throwing him forward.

Vegeta felt something immediately latch onto both of his forearms and the very meet of his feet and legs. His heart began to race as he looked down to see large metallic teeth digging into his wrists, he felt a more excruciating pain throbbing from the already wounded wrist that Frieza had broken.

The Prince looked up in confusion and pain, "What's the meaning of this?"

"Pleasure." Frieza stepped up to him and grabbed his chin within his thumb and index finger, "This is going to hurt a lot, and if you stay conscious, I will try to keep it going for as long as I can. Just promise me something."

Vegeta glared viciously at the lizard's words, "What do you ask of, Lord Frieza?"

"I want you to scream."

Vegeta darted up right, he could have sworn he'd screamed in his sleep but he wasn't sure, he pulled his legs up and looked around, realizing where he was. The warm, comforting, inviting walls of Goku's bedroom, the smooth sheets below him and large blanket over him, the body beside him.


The Prince turned to the side, almost in shock, to see Goku sitting up and staring at him from his spot on the bed beside him, "Kakarrot."

"Are you alright?"

Vegeta shook his head slowly before tears started building behind his eyes, "I'm sorry, did I wake you up?"

Goku frowned as he sat up, he looked for a moment as worry stirred in his stomach before scooping Vegeta up into his arms, "Well, yeah, but are you okay? Bad dream?"

"My past," Vegeta started, finally staring directly into Goku's eyes, he shifted close and clung onto one of Goku's large arms, "I-I feel like it's coming back to me. Like it's happening."

The larger Saiyan watched as Vegeta rubbed both of his wrists in pain, "Your past?"


Frieza moved to Vegeta's front and looked up and down his body once more, "Of course, you have to promise me now," He reached out and traced a long purple fingernail over Vegeta's jaw line before he pulled away and back handed the Saiyan in front of him.

The Prince nearly fell to the ground sideways, only just catching himself; thick thighs straining to keep himself up. He couldn't handle something like this now; he was tired and warn, and his armor was broken on the shoulders and chest, spandex torn in a few places, and gloves ripped up slightly. He knew in his mind he had no energy to handle anything Frieza had in mind.

Vegeta stood upright once more as Frieza circled around him again.

"Lord Frieza, I don't understand what's going on; but is it possible that I could just-"

Once more Vegeta froze his jaw to clench his teeth together; he felt four finger's slip around the tail that sat wrapped about his waist, he froze immediately as he noticed a slight pressure start as the lizard behind him wrapped his thumb and fingers tight.

"No, it isn't possible to wait for tomorrow. I simply want to do this now." Frieza licked his lips slowly before pulling the tail from it's wrapped state and groped once down near the base before gripping tightly, "Nothing more is going to make me wait."

Vegeta fell down on one knee after he felt the most excruciating pain he'd ever felt in his entire life, he saw large blotches of black and red flash before his eyes as he screamed out in pain, the ability to hold himself up any longer seemed to slip away as he collapsed onto the ground and fell unconscious.

Goku walked into the house after a long day of training, he didn't want to leave Vegeta home alone in his current state, but he also didn't want to bring him along to train, seeing as he would only've stressed himself out even more.

The car missing from the front yard told him that Chichi was off buying groceries or something another.

He moved to get something to eat from the refrigerator before he stopped in his tracks, "Vegeta!" The larger Saiyan ran over to the body lying on the floor in front of the stove and pulled him up into his arms, "Vegeta, Vegeta! Wake up!"

The Prince shuddered in his arms.

Glass filtered the floor, water as well, and a large gaping hole was pouring blood onto the ground tiles from the side of Vegeta's right hand.

"Oh Kami, you're bleeding a lot," Goku pulled Vegeta up into his arms and he could think of nothing better then to contact Bulma, he placed two fingers to his forehead before instant transmissioning to Capsule Corp.

A stinging feeling rushed from the base of his spine out to about the center of his tail as Vegeta opened his eyes, the ground was cold, he could feel wet liquid on his mid back, his head was pounding; the feeling of a freight train slamming against the inside walls of his skull filled him up. He felt dizzy, noxious, sick.

"I really don't like waiting for these kind of things."

Vegeta growled to himself as he felt the pang of regret wash over himself, why was he still here? Wasn't breaking his tail enough for this freak?

Frieza stood from his seat and made all the soldiers in the room leave.

"I had to wait two whole hours for you to wake up again," Vegeta closed his eyes, squeezing his hands into fists as he felt tears threatening to burn behind his eyes, he could not cry at a time like this.

"I'm glad to see you're awake again," The cold lizard said, stalking over to the Prince's side, "I'm not nearly done with you yet. Stand up."

Vegeta grimaced in pain as he used his hand to push his chest off the ground, how could anyone expect him to walk after what had happened? He slowly pulled one leg up to set on it, a scream erupted from him at the pain that shocked through his body from the base of his tail.

Frieza watched and growled, before Vegeta had finished pulling himself off the ground a leg swung forward and embedded itself into his stomach; throwing him through the air.

The chains pulled tight and Vegeta found himself face and stomach first on the floor once again.

"I don't have enough patience for your weakness," Frieza walked over to him once more, "I thought you were strong. How did you manage at all to complete even a third of my list?"

Vegeta felt a wall crumble inside of him and he let go, tears started streaming down his cheeks as he sobbed, "I am a warrior! I am strong! But even you would have trouble doing anything had someone just broken your tail!"

Frieza glared down at the Saiyan under him and crouched down above him, "Very well. Have it your way."

The Prince hardly had enough time to look back before Frieza transformed, arms and body becoming much larger, horns spiking up into the air. His eyes widened in shock, he moved to stand but before he could a hand enclosed itself around his waist.

"You won't enjoy this." Frieza said, his voice much deeper then before, "I'll try to make it as painful as possible."

"Everything seems fine, except the cut of course." Bulma read through the papers she was holding and looked back at the short Saiyan laying on the medical bed beside her, "The cut was from the glass, I'm guessing he just passed out."

"Will he be alright?" Goku asked in concern, "Do you know when he'll wake up?"

Bulma shook her head, "He should be fine, there's nothing wrong with him, he's not sick or anything, and he's not in a coma or worse. So he should wake up anytime soon."

Goku nodded to her and stared at the Prince sadly, "I only left him alone for a few hours, I didn't think anything bad would happen-"

"Where was Chichi?"

"She's at the store I guess," Goku shrugged, "Gohan's at school and Chichi wasn't around, the car was gone, so I guess she went shopping."

Bulma nodded and stood, grabbing her purse and turning to him, "I'm going to your house to get her."

Goku looked up in alarm, "Why? Is something wrong?"

"Of course not, I don't think," Bulma smiled, "You just left a lot of broken glass and blood on the kitchen floor, I'm sure if she gets home and sees that, she's going to be awfully worried."

"Oh," Goku blushed sheepishly and stood, "Ya, I forgot about that, here, I can take you-"

"No, you stay here." Bulma moved to Goku and grabbed both of his arms, "There's no telling how he's going to react to things when he wakes up and someone needs to be here, he trusts you most, I won't be long."

The large Saiyan nodded once more and turned back to look at the sleeping man on the bed.

"'Look, Goku," Bulma spoke slowly, looking back down to the prints, "Vegeta's a Saiyan. These tests are made for humans."

Goku stopped and turned to her, "What do you mean?"

"What I mean is," Bulma folded the papers and put them into her desk, "They may not even work properly on him. Maybe, there could be something wrong with him that my machines don't pick up, aren't picking up. If that's the case then Vegeta could still be in danger. That is, assuming something is wrong with him in the first place."

"I understand," Goku nodded and sat down, taking Vegeta's hand in his, "Thank you for trying, Bulma."

The blue haired woman nodded with a smile, setting a kiss on the top of Goku's head before making her way out of the room.

Goku stared down at Vegeta sadly, he didn't know what to do.

Vegeta felt the metal teeth on his wrists and ankles loosen and he was being lifted up, there weren't many voices as he was moved throughout the halls of the building.

He heard a door open and then he was being set on a soft bed, as the doors closed behind whoever it was that had taken him here he opened his eyes and looked around.

He was in his own room.

Tail and wrist both still broken and swollen, and bleeding, throbbing. A sharp pain stung between his legs, blood was soaking the bed, but he couldn't force himself up, the pain between his theighs was blurring the image around him. He closed his eyes as tears slipped down his cheeks.

Why? Why did this happen?

How did it happen?

How had he lived through it?

The images swam into his mind, the burning feeling as Frieza pushed into him, the embarrassment, the harassment. The pain.

As he slipped off into and uneasy, nightmarish sleep Vegeta felt his mind wondering... Would this happen again?

And if it did, how soon?

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