Winning the Love Of The Handsome Skater

by Dark Hope Assassin

Chapter One: Prologue

The girl pushed her way out of the covers to slam her fist with malign over the annoying alarm clock on the bedstand by her queen-sized bed before it could do any more damage to her sensitive ears than it already had. She growled and bared her white teeth at it as if it could possibly see her. She hated that alarm clock and one of those days it was really going to get it.

Usually the young woman was a morning person. She liked the birds' songs, the sunshine and everything that went with late summer. But this particular day was different.

Just last night she had come back from a trip to the Bahamas, the picture of the most perfect vacation you can have and she had to leave earlier…because she had school today. This was exactly the part which made her grumpier and got her to kick her covers with a surprising malice, probably a futile try to appease some of her anger.

Oh, today was going to be the day. And by the look her reflection gave her from the mirror in her private bathroom, she knew it was going to be a long day too. Her hair was all in knots, she had a drool hanging 'sexily' over the corner of her mouth and one of her eyes was half-closed with no prospects of completely opening in the next half an hour—picture perfect for the start of a new school year; yeah right…

Giving an exhausted sigh she grabbed her toothbrush in defeat and began brushing it lazily over her teeth that seemed not to need any rising at all, being as blindingly white as they were. When she was done with the morning ritual, she continued with picking something to wear.

She sincerely could care less what she took actually. She was the most famous girl in school as it was, not to mention the richest student to have ever walked that Earth. A smirk spread over her face as she threw the hanger with her navy baggy pants and then another followed it with her loose sky-blue tank top.

Completely dressed with her old back pack in hand (she noted to herself that she needed a change in that area as the poor thing was way too worn for her liking), she dropped herself onto the table and began smearing some butter onto a slice of baked bread when her blonde mother entered the kitchen, as giddy as ever.

"Bulma, dear, you're going to be late for school if you keep that up," the woman informed her as she continued to the stove to cook some breakfast for her beloved husband.

The lavender-colour haired girl glanced at the clock on the wall behind her with the slice in her mouth as she was taking a bite, instantly choking on it upon what she read on the clock. Seven thirty. She was supposed to be at school ten minutes ago. This was Bad. Really Bad.

She grabbed her things and got ready to smear another slice with the wonderful butter as she was dying in hunger, when she remembered. ChiChi was waiting for her. There couldn't be worse than that.

Taking the ready piece of bread in her hand she yelled to her mother a "Bye, Mum!" from the front door as she raced time down the street, giving it her best.

At least they could say that she had given it her best try when she was brutally slaughtered by her best friend, who hated it with a passion when she was late.

"Bulma Briefs! You are in serious trouble, missy! Just wait until my hands take a hold on your precious little neck and snap it in half!" ChiChi's voice threatened over the girl's cell phone. The other girl grinned apologetically in the receiver as if her friend could see her expression.

"I'm really, really sorry, Chi. I must… Hang… Up… Hey! I see you!" She yelled as she caught sigh of her two best friends in the whole world and hung up the phone as she no longer needed it.

"What? What was that! Hey! Wha—Why did she hang up on me?" The young raven haired woman shrieked at her blonde friend at her side as another girl approached them slowly.

"Hey, girls, what's up?" she asked sweetly in her high-pitched voice. The two exchanged looks and then, when they were about to say something witty, a male brushed past them, almost falling to the ground from an indiscernible object as he stopped a foot or two away from them.

"Chi! I'm here!" Another voice called as Bulma approached her group of friends that was slowly gathering up at the front gate of the school they have been together in for what seemed like a lifetime.

The lavender-haired girl almost had no time to register the fact that something crossed her path and stopped right where she intended to, and thus she almost, almost, managed to fall back on her behind for all her 'glorious arrival' was worth.

She was surprised that it was an unknown male that had cut her path. He had flipped his board over in the air and gathered it right before he landed swiftly on his two feet, standing tall in all his glory. Oh, and it was, indeed, glory, though he wasn't exactly what you could call tall. Yet that she would get to find out later, as he had his back to her at the moment.

"That wasn't fair! You cheated! You occupied all the space and I couldn't stop! You don't play fair!" Goku whined childishly, making the other teen snort sarcastically and place the board on his right shoulder with a jeer.

"I don't need to cheat to beat your ass, Kakarott. Just tell me when you need to be reminded of your place and I'd love to help you to it." The arrogant boy snickered after his statement, not aware of the fact someone was approaching him and the whole company from behind.

"How dare you talk to my baby like that? He happens to be one of the first-class skaters in town, you miserable little prick!" ChiChi's temper instantly flared, making the new boy glare intensely at her.

"What's this sound? Did I just hear a dog barking?" His leer turned towards ChiChi in a moment's worth, his biting sarcasm obviously not to the brunette's taste at all. "No, no, I believe it was the sound of me not caring. Do you have any idea who you're talking to?"

By the time, he had the chance to check out all three girls present. He quickly dismissed the blue haired ditz of a tramp without as much as a second glance. The one that seemed to catch his eye more was the blonde. She seemed just like his type… She kind of reminded him of—

"Do you guys remember me telling you about my long-time buddy, Vegeta?" Everyone nodded their affirmation and saw no point in the conversation at all. Unless… "Well, guys, this is Vegeta. Vegeta Ouji."

Maron was the first to gasp out loud and to start squealing and behaving like a three year-old that just received the present they wanted from Santa under the Christmas tree. It was truly incredible, but it wasn't that hard to believe, knowing what people went to their school as well…

The blonde was second to let her mouth hang open for only a second, before she regained her composure and put the emotionless act back up.

"So, you are—"

Before she had the chance to finish she noticed Bulma approaching them from behind having an extremely pissed off look on her face as she was being ignored for quite some time now. A smirk crossed the light-head's features.

"Hey, B, what took you so long? I thought you saw us a minute ago."

The new, as well as everyone else present, turned their attention to the approaching girl. She could be considered storming over as her shoes tapped angrily against the concrete ground.

"What is with the commotion around here? Did I forget someone's birthday or something?" She laughed good-naturedly, her previous anger forgotten.

"Bulma, this is Vegeta, my best friend. Vegeta, this is Bulma, my best female friend," Goku introduced with a beaming grin gracing his handsome features.

The newcomer turned around to face her with his right hand holding his board securely over his broad right shoulder, as if it meant the life to him. As a skater she could guess that—in a way—it did.

She finally got the chance to look at him fully. It could be said she liked what she saw.

What caught one's attention when first seeing him was his strange hairdo, that somewhat resembled her best friend's, Goku's. Yet his stood upwards in the air, as the vicious burning flames of the fire. Both his hair and deep absorbing orbs were onyx of colour. He had a well-built body for guys only to envy and dream for and for girls to drool over and adore.

To complete the picture he was dressed just the way she would like her own boyfriend to. He had loose black jeans, yet not baggy enough to be in the way of his, hm, 'stunts' as she liked to call them and a loose white shirt that contrasted completely with his whole appearance. Just the perfect way to complete his radiance. Yes, it was nothing special, but she guessed that anything would look great on him.

Bulma Briefs was the richest woman there was and could ever be. She was also the second smartest person in the whole wide world, after her father, Doctor Briefs, founder of Capsule Corporation, the company which made people's lives far easier and was still at it, breeding new technologies day after day. Being the controversial person that she was, the girl was sick of the snobby rich people that seemed to be magnetized by her. She liked the people that acted around her as they always did. They were true, they were sincere, they were simple and that was what she loved most about them. And she could only guess, from his appearance at least, that Vegeta was going to be one of those people.

She noticed another thing. She had been looking at people; they were an object of her interest. And a characteristic feature of them was their ordinary expression.

What she called that was the expression the people had on their faces most time of the day. For an example, when she was unaffected by any feelings at all, her face radiated happiness and cheerfulness as most of the time she was smiling. This very teen's was the exact opposite of hers.

Even in his emotionless expression put at bay as he stared blankly at her, she could see his features twisted slightly in a frown from all the time he spend scowling. As he did nothing to acknowledge how 'pleased to meet her' he was, she stretched out her hand to him with a kind-hearted smile. He continued to look strangely at her and glanced once at her offered hand with an unreadable expression on his sharp masculine features.

When she was about to get tired of trying to be nice to the obnoxious newbie, he swiftly turned the board into the possession of his left hand and against his left shoulder, slightly shaking her hand, without a word spoken between the two.

Tension could be felt hot in the air and was slowly but certainly getting tangible. But one person was just too thick to feel anything

"I can't believe that I am in the same clique as the famous Vegeta Ouji! Wait till Mary hears about this!" The blue haired ditz exclaimed, dragging Vegeta by his elbow towards an unknown destination, causing the two to break eye contact.

Before the air-headed friend of theirs could kidnap him into school, the boy shot Bulma a 24 carat smirk and a slight wink.

Feeling her cheeks getting hotter for a second, Bulma dismissed all thoughts of the egocentric aloof guy that she just happened to meet, as if she was not going to meet his on regular basis from now on.

After all, he acted really rude and talked to Goku like he was insignificant dirt on his shoe. If only for that alone, she could already see herself not liking him.

She tried to convince herself that, all the while trying to ignore the aggravating butterflies fluttering aimlessly around in her stomach.

Snorting, she proceeded dignified to class. Arrogant prick!