Winning the Love of the Handsome Skater

Epilogue: Even If Our Paths Should Separate…

The next day everyone did pretty much nothing other than lying around the house with a cocktail in hand at all times, talking, laughing, bonding. It was their last weekend together before exams began and they were inclined to get to know each other better before setting off on the respectful paths they had chosen. After all, high school relationships were some of the most durable there were—that was a plain fact.

"Being with you guys here is very fun, I admit," Bulma laughed lightly when saying that, making the clique chuckle as well, while she climbed off of Vegeta's back on which she had been leaning on the entire time, "but I have a bit of work to do back at my place and I'll be leaving some time soon." Groans were heard from the group while Vegeta's cell phone rang.

"Oh, B, postpone it a bit, won't you? It's our last meeting here as high school students!" Krillin whined, making the lavender haired girl shake her head in disagreement.

"I want to stay too, Krill, but my father really needs me. Besides, I have my valedictorian speech to take care of as well." She winked at her friends who all muttered a playful 'get out of here' or 'stop showing off'. She laughed and got up. "Seriously, you guys, I gotta go."

"Well, there's no one to give you a ride there. How are you going to go back—on foot?" pointed out Rain helpfully, making her frown at him. He was right—there was no one to give her a ride and going back home on foot was out of the question. She had never been the tourist type to begin with and she was no good with long-distances.

"Looks like you'll have to stay anyway!" Hailie giggled, raising her glass in a toast. "To Bulma's staying!"

In that moment, as if on cue, Vegeta pulled the phone away from his ear with a curt good-bye to the person on the other end of the line and got up from his place on the floor. The group watched him curiously as he instructed a butler to do something. Nodding and taking off to do as he was told, Vegeta watched the man retreat to his and Bulma's room.

"You should be happy you had the pleasure of basking in my greatness for this long, losers." He smirked arrogantly at them. "But I have other people who are in a greater need for my presence and I plan on leaving right away."

"That's great—you can give me a lift home!" Bulma perked up at the thought and the rest groaned.

"How much I hate busy people…" muttered Goku darkly, making Rain laugh.

"Chill out, man—it's no big deal. It's not as if we're saying good-bye, is it?" he said while patting his weird-haired friend's back. Goku pouted childishly but decided to drop the issue anyway.

"We'll see you guys at exams tomorrow. See ya!" exclaimed Bulma as she and Vegeta started off towards Vegeta's car.


"So," began Bulma once they were in the car and she was strapping herself in the front seat, "what is this overly important business that you need to cut across your little vacation for, mister All-Important?" She smiled teasingly at her boyfriend who just threw her a meaningful glare while buckling his seat-belt as well.

"It doesn't concern you—and even if it did, I wouldn't tell you." She pouted at his retort, making him smirk. "You'll see soon enough."

"Sheesh…" she muttered angrily to herself while crossing her hands over her chest. "One can't get a straight-forward answer around here anymore." The remark made her lover release an impish chuckle. There was no way he was telling her the big surprise that his group was going to make for the graduation ceremony—he wanted to see the look on her face when it happened…


The same day, Bulma didn't see much of her boyfriend after he dropped her off at Capsule Corporation compound. He had muttered a hasty good-bye before speeding off in an entirely different direction than his home. She had just blinked in surprise at that but, shrugging her shoulders, had decided to let him be for now. Besides, she could always hope that he would come back to her place that night like he had promised to move in with her.

However, as the hours continued to pass and no Vegeta was in sight, she figured that maybe it was a bit hasty for him, this kind of a serious move. True, they had been really close to begin with, she felt at ease around him and she was sure he felt the same towards her. But still… maybe it was a bit early… They were still just high school students after all. But… she had been so happy when he had obliged with her invite…

Deciding that sulking would do her no good at all, she figured making herself a bit useful around the house would be a good start to take her mind off certain matters. Her mother had been surprised to see her do chores but hadn't asked anything. Instead she had taken to complimenting her even though the lavender haired teen was sure that she was doing dreadfully at cooking…

Suddenly, while Bulma had been busy polishing spoons and forks, there was a curt knock on the door. Poking her head from the kitchen to have a decent view of the front door, she yelled a loud 'come in', wondering if her mother was so quickly back from the super market. She had no idea why the woman liked so much to do her chores herself when she had fully capable robots and even housemaids that could do them for her. Then again, if she had absolutely nothing to do the whole day herself, she'd probably too begin cleaning around the house… like she was doing right then, for an instance.

What surprised her most and almost had her drop both the fork which she was currently polishing as well as the pure white tissue she was using was that the person who entered her house was not a relative of hers. A very dirty Vegeta almost flew inside, ridding himself of his sports shoes in the corridor and going straight for the stairs leading to Bulma's room.

"Woman, I'm going to take a shower. If my phone rings, don't" he emphasized darkly on the word, "pick it up." And with that he disappeared up the stairs and—surely—a few seconds later she could hear the faint sound of water running in the bathroom adjoining her room.

Smiling broadly to herself, she resumed her polishing with renewed vigor. The fact that the aloof teen had just walked into her home and had taken over as if he had lived there the whole time didn't seem to bother her one bit. She was just happy, so unnaturally even for herself happy, that he had decided to move in with her anyway that she couldn't care less about explaining to her parents that the young man would be a permanent asset to their humble little home from now on.

She thought that maybe, just maybe, there was a God up there and maybe, just maybe, he had no grudges against her.


The night before the final in physics, Bulma had the Mother of All Nightmares visit her in her sleep, making her thrash about in her bed restlessly. The unbearable heat wasn't being any help at all either and, if anything, it only made things worse. She dreamt that her whole world was falling apart and that all her friends forgot about her first thing after they left high school, as if they had never cared about her at all. Bulma wasn't the type of person to get easily upset about dreams—after all, they were just that – dreams.

But this time she had felt the pain of seeing her friends' backs turned to her, their cold and distant demeanor making the skin of her dream self crawl and the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end. If it hadn't been for that lasting, disturbing feeling, she wouldn't have thought anything about that sort of stupid reverie.

Thus, she woke with a start, powerless to stop her eyes from watering. However, she quickly gathered her surroundings and managed to push back the ghosts of her tears. Her eyes travelled patiently around her room and her bed which gave signs that, indeed, two people had slept in it not too long ago. Silly she had probably started dreaming of stupid things when Vegeta had got out of bed. She giggled sadly to herself, trying to revert back to her usual self but finding it hard without her boyfriend around to cheer her up. It wasn't as if he was going to be of any real help to her even if he was there, as all he could do was snap and scorn people early in the day as he was definitely not a morning person. But his presence alone would give her some sort of support; lull her into a sense of security even… It was just the effect Vegeta had on people when he wanted to…

But now there was no Vegeta in sight… She had no idea where he had gone and, idiotic though it was even in her own mind, she couldn't help thinking that her nightmare might just come true… Maybe now, when she went to school for her final in physics, there would be no one from her clique there, even though they had all agreed to meet up in front of their assigned room before they entered—a sort of good luck charm.

Just as she was becoming more and more paranoid by the second, a disheveled-looking Vegeta burst inside the room, throwing a new change of clothes on the bed, barely missing her with the pile, a toothbrush stuck in his mouth, protruding funnily from between his lips. He was obviously headed straight for the adjoining bathroom and—as we had already mentioned, not being quite a morning person—didn't notice her until he stepped over the threshold of the bathroom. As if on cue, Bulma looked up with her distressed sapphire eyes to lock her gaze with her boyfriend's calculating onyx orbs as he was poking his head out of the white premise with an impatient glare on his sharp features.

Nursing the brush out of his mouth, he snapped at her, "What are you doing still in bed, woman? I though I told you to wake up when I went to fetch my stuff!" He threw her one of those contempt-filled glares that he could only manage to send her only early in the morning, when he was still slightly uncoordinated and his mind had yet to wake up completely. "I don't want you getting me late. God forbid if I have to hear our homeroom teacher threatening me with disownment again!"

Smiling broadly to herself, Bulma shook her head to herself for being so hasty and emotional. All this graduation thing was starting to get to her head lately and the fact that she was being all touchy-feely about Vegeta moving in with her didn't improve her mental state at all. She was just acting demented right then and there and she knew it.

Swinging her feet over the edge of her bed and sliding her small feet into her comfy slippers, she went after her lover and opened the door to the bathroom to see him just as he had hunched over to spit in the sink some toothpaste. Frankly, he resembled a rabid dog disturbingly a lot, she mused to herself with a giggle, making him pin his attention at her again.

"First, you sleep in, then you barge in on me and plan to take over the bathroom? Well then, I'll be happy," he glared at her, urging her to leave the premise, "to inform you that I don't plan on leaving here before I'm done with my morning activities. You'll have to wait in the line if you want the bathroom," he stated as-a-matter-of-factly. She giggled cutely again—he was going to get diabetes from her liveliness at this hour of the day.

"Whatever you say, grumpy," she muttered while hugging him around the torso from behind him.

He growled in irritation at her closeness while he was trying to brush his teeth and finish with his morning rituals. Then they engaged in the usual morning argument to get both of their minds going. It was just their way of telling the other not to fail their dreams and purposes on the upcoming exam later that day…

You can say it was a weird way of saying "good luck"…


A large part of their tight little circle had gathered in the cozy café across the street from their school right after the physics exam. Most of her friends were chattering the day away carelessly now that the heaviest subject had already passed. They were all excited and talking about the problems included in the exam. She wasn't really into that kind of discussions—either way she always had the right answers and she didn't like to be the one to crush other people's hopes. Besides, even though she was perfect in physics, she was human as well—she could've made a mistake and had shattered someone else's hopes for nothing. Like we already mentioned, discussing answers really wasn't her type of thing…

She scanned the crowd in the café warily while sipping slowly from her hot coffee, her mind not writing off her boyfriend's absence, as well as Goku's, as something as minor as it might have appeared to the others. As she did these simple actions, not drawing any particular attention to herself and her subtle musings, someone stepped in her direct line of view, making her eyes roll up at the person in front of her, expecting to see a stranger. However, her cerulean eyes lit up when she noticed the auburn haired girl she had taken quite an interest in the past few weeks.

"Hailie, hello! What are you doing here in the first place? Aren't you taking an exam or something?" she asked, trying not to sound rude as she shifted over on the small bench so the other girl could sit down.

"Hey yourself," the emerald-eyed girl greeted sleepily, putting a hand to her mouth to stifle a yawn. "I finished with the exam some time ago and I didn't really feel like going home yet…" There was something else she wasn't saying, but Bulma decided not to push it.

"It's rare to see you without Rain. Where is he? Still doing the exam or something?"

"No—he was done before I was. He disappeared in the blink of an eye. I think he had some business with Vegeta, as far as I can remember… Something about skating, if I can recall correctly." The other girl just nodded her lavender head and stared out at the tiny puffy clouds in the sky, floating carelessly over the buzzing stampede of excited high school students swarming out of the school premises for the day. Biting her lip nervously, Hailie started again, collecting Bulma's attention once more; "I wanted to talk to you about something, preferably when the others aren't around…"

Blinking slowly in surprise and taking a glance at ChiChi and Juuhachigou arguing somewhere in the distance about what kind of pastry was best for this occasion, probably, she nodded for her new found friend to continue.

"Vegeta probably never even noticed it in the first place, or cared about it at any point in time, but I wanted to clear things up with you so you don't bear any grudge against me in the future… because I would really like to set things straight before exiting high school and stepping into the real life beyond school walls…" She fidgeted with her fingers in her lap, her gaze boring into them as she continued moving them quickly.

"Sure, whatever is on your mind," said Bulma and smiled slightly at the other girl, who swallowed inaudibly.

"Back then… when we first met… I tried to pull that stunt with 'getting back together with him'… when actually I was still pretty much in love and together with my boyfriend…" She played with her fingers nervously some more. "I didn't really mean that, you know. It was just the spur of the moment kind of thing… That and… I felt a bit jealous of you, who had everything—being rich, beautiful and famous and then you even had Vegeta, who just adored you… Something in me just kicked, and I wanted to have things back as they once were, with just me, Goku, Rain and Vegeta, all together and happy…"

"Things change, Hailie, and so do people…" Bulma said with a weird smile on her full lips. The other occupant of the table chuckled.

"Yes, I'm quite aware of that. Opinions do too and, as important as a first impression is, I don't really think it's all that crucial to a friendship, you know…" She mirrored Bulma's expression, making the other female laugh lightly.

"I guess it's not."

"Besides, now I know that you're worthy of him." The auburn head winked playfully at her. "Someone who can't stand a little competition isn't worthy of being with him, knowing the legions of girls that go everywhere with him, I get this feeling."

"I'm glad that I met your expectations of me." The two of them shared a short laugh. The gang chose that particular moment to join the two, making them exchange a knowing look before discarding the conversation they just had as nothing of utter importance or interest to the guys while they settled around them and started considering what to do with the remaining days…


Bulma looked around while she sat herself for her last exam, which—ironically—was her second favourite subject – maths. She was great with numbers and any kind of task they could give them, and, besides, she had already studied so much for the exam that if she had to wait another minute she thought she'd strangle someone.

When she had her tasks delivered to her on a small sheet of paper, she couldn't help looking around to see how her friends were coping with the situation. The major part of their exams had already passed and all that was left was this small step towards freedom… temporary though it was.

She caught a peculiar sight of a bare head slightly glinting in the noon sun out of the corner of her eye and she smiled sympathetically at Krillin who was worriedly chewing on the rubber at the end of his pencil. On her other side, she saw a flash of blonde and she turned to see Juuhachigou trying to keep her cool façade while reading her tasks. Right next to her light-haired friend was Goku, who, for once, seemed not to be bothered by an exam. Probably ChiChi's doing, Bulma deduced, instantly sending her eyes to scan over the crowd of bent heads to find the raven-haired one of her childhood best friend. She grinned fondly when she saw ChiChi scribbling furiously already, bent on finishing this exam earlier than her, perhaps. Directly in front of ChiChi was Hailie who looked as if she didn't really feel like doing this kind of a bothersome thing like a maths exam.

Sighing inaudibly, her eyes finally rested on the form of her boyfriend who was on her left. Of all the occupants of the room, he seemed to be the one who looked most bored… His head was resting on his left hand; most of his form was draped over the desk. He was using his draft sheets for his mini-drawings of the gang, probably going for another silly little plot of his. She had learnt with the time that he quite enjoyed himself while he drew. However, he seemed oddly self-conscious of his scribbles and rarely allowed her to take even a glimpse at them before he burnt them away.

Bulma smiled at his profile but he didn't seem to notice. He was too busy killing time before the very last minutes of the exam approached so he could finally start with the problems he had to solve. Giggling to herself, the lavender haired girl wished everyone good luck with getting perfect grades so they could enter the universities that they wanted and began to take care of her own problems in front of her.


"Finally—graduation day! I thought this day would never come!" Yamcha exclaimed with his arm draped over a squealing Maron's shoulders.

"Yeah… It seemed so far away when we came here to enroll five years ago…" said ChiChi, trailing off, while she threw a lingering glance at the building she had grown quite fond of—if even despite herself—during all those long years of education.

"There's no need for you to be all doom and gloom, you guys!" Bulma exclaimed while she put on her graduation square-like black hat. "We're almost university freshmen now! A new chapter in our lives is soon to begin with this ceremony through!"

"I can't believe they actually let me graduate!" Maron kept on squealing happily, playing with Yamcha's dress robes, identical to every one else's who was present.

"I can't believe it either… They must have been out of their minds…" Juuhachigou rolled her eyes, refusing to listen anymore to the dumb imbecilic ex-girlfriend of her lover. She could still barely believe that Krillin had gone out with that little slut before asking her out.

"When we first got here I couldn't wait for it to end…" Krillin said to his friends. "Now I almost feel scared of what's awaiting me out there. After all, the world is quite vast…"

"I'm sure we'll fit in as fine as we did here in the real world as well." Bulma grinned happily, a second pair of dress clothes in her arms as well as in ChiChi's.

"Come to think of it, where are Goku and Vegeta? I didn't see them anywhere around here since the start of this…" Yamcha looked around as he asked that. Bulma and ChiChi exchanged a knowing glance, having caught quite a whiff of what was going on in the last few days that their men had been absent almost the whole day around.

"I think we're about to find out." ChiChi smirked as she watched their young principle climbing the small stage that had been created in front of the few classes of seniors.

"You got that right," Hailie agreed as she came out of the crowd to join her famous friends.

First, the principle said a few good words about the accomplishments of the students of their school, praised them for a bit and reminded them not to forget where they come from and that they should be proud of who they were and what they were becoming. Just the usual stuff people say at days like these… Bulma had seen other seniors graduating for four years now but somehow it felt different when she was the one who was graduating as well…

She looked at the underclassmen who were all staring weirdly at the crowd of graduates, admiration somewhere in their eyes and envy perhaps. They still didn't realize how lucky they were, Bulma guessed. Their school was a public school, true, but the people who could enter were carefully picked and thus, making a sort of elite society within the school walls. Such a thing beyond the school's walls was impossible. There were all sorts of filth out there, prowling the streets, working in the companies and teaching and "studying" in the universities… She felt a bit teary at the thought that she would never have to come there again, she would never be able to be with her best friends all day long, she would never be able to gossip about the latest fashion news or what not. Like she had already told them, a new chapter began in their lives now, but also a big chapter ended… She wasn't sure if she even wanted it to…

Gripping Vegeta's robes tightly to her body, she forced a smile even though her facial muscles refused heatedly to cooperate with her. She didn't want to bid her old life good-bye yet, she wasn't ready…!

"But now, before we give you your diplomas and kick you out of our sight," the large group of graduating students laughed carelessly at that, making their charming principle smile charismatically at them, "I think you'd first like to see our infamous delinquent, Vegeta Ouji, and his friends perform a little farewell show for you—and for free!" The sound of the woman's voice pulled Bulma out of her thoughts, especially when all the students, of all years, erupted in applause. Not really sure what she was doing, Bulma put the robes and hat under her arm and pressed them against her body while freeing both her hands so she could clap as well.

"What's going on?" she whispered discreetly in ChiChi's ear.

"Our boyfriends are going to do their last performance as high school skaters!" ChiChi exclaimed excitedly, ecstatic about seeing Goku on his board again. Truth be told, she liked it very much while he skated, although she usually chastised him with the words that it was a dangerous sport and that he could fracture himself for life.

Her sapphire eyes dawning with realization, the lavender head turn to see as a dozen or so skaters appeared practically out of no where with stacks of champagne in the arms of several of them. The second dozen of them were pushing a skating ramp forward so people could see them better. The applause didn't die down and even increased in strength when they caught sight of the main trio—Vegeta, Rain and Goku. The first pair was grinning impishly while Goku was smiling broadly at his fans—mostly girls.

And, as the show unfolded, Bulma saw Vegeta's and Rain's gang finally together, as one, as it had been in the beginning. All of the boys were giving their best; none of them fell throughout the entire performance. They were doing more and more intricate moves, with the Golden Trio in lead. Finally, it was about time for them to end it and everyone did a final trick to finish up.

What Goku and Rain did was utterly impressive but, as Vegeta speeded down the ramp, no one could help but hold their breath in anticipation. He did some sort of flip, kicking the board over his head, engaging in a free fall, or at least what looked like one to everyone. His boys were already off their boards, waiting for him to join them with the bottles of champagne in their hands. Doing a backwards somersault in the air, the flame haired-guy landed on his bent left knee and squatting right leg, right arm supporting his upper body against the hard ground while his left arm remained extended, as did his left arm's fingers. His board seemed to fly after him and he closed his fingers around it right before it could crash.

"You were always one to like flashy endings, Vegeta." Rain laughed to himself as he shook violently the champagne that was in his arms. Slowly, their leader ascended, a large smug grin on his features, his white fangs showing perfectly for the crowd to see, making it clear that his fall had been a part of their plan.

In the exactly next moment, as if on cue, the students exploded in another applauding and yelling fit as everyone got sprayed with the champagne in the skaters' hands.

It took a good amount of time for everyone to calm down and for fifty liters of alcohol to be done with but when it was over, Vegeta saluted the huge group of people and retreated towards the far off wall of the school to rest for a bit before he was called to receive his diploma.

Resting his back against the cold concrete to cool off his heated muscles, he lifted his left knee and rested his arm on it, his right hand firmly on his board that was placed right next to him. He closed his eyes to keep the sweat from making his eyes sting any more than it already had. His breathing was highly laboured and he could barely hear the uproar from the students ahead as they probably crowded around his fellow skaters over the pumping of his blood against his ear drums.

That's how Bulma found him—exhausted, sitting and striving to regain his breathing. She smiled at his form as she approached him. While she had watched him, she had felt something kicking in her chest. Her heart had once again started racing and she knew that she had fallen for him all over again. They had had a hard past together—they had gone through some very trying challenges, they had said many things to each other but she knew it now. Whatever came at her now or any time in the future, she would be able to take it head-on if she knew he was right next to her, holding her hand and assuring her, if just with his presence, that everything would be all right.

She advanced towards him, sitting in front of his bent knee. He looked at her through slightly hazy eyes and she giggled.

"You did that kind of planning all by yourself?" she asked curiously, not breaking eye contact with him for a second. He smirked arrogantly at her. It was that becoming smirk that always called to her when she saw it…

"Forget the planning—you have no clue how hard it is to organize those sniveling buffoons into a real, synchronized group!" He chuckled while he moved his leg out of the way and pulled his girlfriend on his lap. "Do I take that you enjoyed it?"

"You were perfect!" She smiled once more and placed a quick, chaste kiss on his lips. He put an arm on her back, restricting her from pulling too farther away from him.

"I know," he muttered with a smug smirk and kissed her again, this time feverishly, setting those familiar butterflies in her stomach free to roam her insides again, letting that wonderful ticklish feeling get the better of her again.

Before things could get too intimate for such a public place, Bulma put the graduation hat on Vegeta's head, making him pull away in surprise. She grinned devilishly at him and got up, urging him to do so as well.

"Now hurry up, silly. We have to go back to get our diplomas!"

And they did, drowning in the group of strangers and acquaintances in their last day at the familiar school, which provided them a sort of childish security which they could no longer rely on from now on.

Good-bye old life… was the message that the disappearing from sight school building conveyed while the graduates headed for the nearest restaurant.


Vegeta had gone home for a second to return his board and move in the last of his belongings in his and Bulma's new room. He hadn't expected it would be this easy to turn his back to his old way of life… Maybe it was the feeling that the mansion held, the bitterness with which he had moved in there, from the betrayal of his best friends that had an impact on him, restraining him from feeling truly happy…

…Because he knew now how happy he felt. He finally had no regrets; he could finally bury his past within his heart. With the end of school, he was putting an end to the drama that his life had been up till then and he hoped that he could now leave a more normal one, with the woman that he cherished right next to him to remind him he was no longer alone, that he was no longer misunderstood and that he would never again be mistreated.

He sighed heavily. How much people could change… It amazed him that even he, of all people… had become this… serene! Sure, he was still the fiery little demon he had been his entire life. But there was a change of his heart and he knew who was responsible for it. He smiled to himself. Things would finally work out for him, he knew…!

'Good-bye old life! Hello, Capsule Corporation!' He almost chuckled at the thought and just as he was capsulizing the last of his belongings, his eye caught a small piece of paper on his desk that he couldn't quite recall leaving there, or possessing in the first place.

With a thoughtful frown, he looked at the odd scribbles that seemed barely familiar yet he couldn't quite read… Still, a phrase fleetingly registered in his mind, oddly, just out of nowhere, as if the message had reached his heart directly, in some alien way that he didn't understand. His tail twitched around his waist hidden beneath his baggy shirt and he threw a glance at the figure at his threshold. He had been about to yell at whoever dared to intrude upon him but his features softened almost immediately upon seeing who it was.

"Oh—it's you." He continued to pocket the capsule and stare at the little piece of paper. "Did you leave this here? What does it mean? I can't read it." Another form appeared from behind the first—yet another familiar face—making Vegeta raise an eye brow. "Er… right… Are we going to keep me from meeting up with the others, or what? I'm in a hurry here."

"So are we," replied the shorter newcomer.

"Right…" Vegeta looked doubtfully at the sheet of paper, powerless to stop the words from running laps in his head although the more logical part of his brain assured him he couldn't read that…!

"I'm sorry about this… Vegeta…" muttered ruefully the figure that had arrived first, making the flame-haired guy's eye brow raise even more.

"What the hell…?"

What he remembered afterwards of the encounter was the only phrase that had occurred in his mind—the thing that he was sure he couldn't read on that piece of paper.

Long live our prince Vegeta…!


The sun had already finished its trip in the sky and was already setting for the day when the gang finally settled down for a restaurant for only their own tight clique.

"I sure hope that I manage to get in that university I studied my ass off for," Juuhachigou said with a thoughtful frown as she drank her shake through the straw they had given her with it.

"I'm certain that all of us will get into the university we wish." ChiChi said happily, feeding Goku with her new recipe for his favourite pudding.

"Let's keep in touch!" The weird-haired boy exclaimed, making ChiChi scorn him for talking with his mouth full.

"The first thing we do once we settle down for the new scholar year will be to call the others to give out coordinates, right?" Krillin smiled broadly while he drank from his beer.

"We all have our cell phone numbers, so it shouldn't be a problem! Now let's drink to the end of the year!" Bulma raised her glass high, but although she had the façade of carelessness, her boyfriends' absence hadn't gone by unnoticed by her.

However she was sure that now that everything had cleared up in the end, they would be fine. She believed him and trusted him. She knew that she could be with him now that they had no secrets between them. Even while they were apart, as right then, she could still feel his presence in her heart… as it was beating for him.

Smiling broadly, she toasted with her friends to the end of a school year, giving a start to their "farewell party".

"Look, it's a shooting star!" Krillin exclaimed as he stared out the window.

The heads around him piled at the window and gasps were heard all around. Bulma smiled at the shooting star, closing her eyes and repeating her wish three times.

I want everyone to be happy!

What they didn't know was that she was wishing upon an ominous star… which wasn't even a real star as it exited the atmosphere, instead of entering it, and was nowhere near crumbling any time soon… as a long journey awaited it and its precious cargo.

I believe we can all make our dreams come true if we just wish hard enough!

Good-bye, guys! I hope we all become happy even if our paths should separate…!

Even if our paths should separate…




I'm starting to think I'm quite prone to ending stories nastily. It's just like with "Inevitability"—the main idea in the start was to have a sequel.

I want to say so many things at the same time but I'm not quite certain if I would be able to put them into coherent words. I think that with this, I have kept my promise to finish this story. It took me quite a lot of time but I think it was worth it, as, once again, I grew alongside with this story. I'll still probably work on it from time to time as it needs some serious revision as I rarely beta-read it before posting a new chapter. Anyway, thank you all, wonderful, faithful readers who believed in me when I didn't believe in myself! Thank you for being there for me, for supporting me and cheering me on. I'll never forget you and I hope that you come back for the sequel of this story as it will be twice more exciting and, this time, it will have a real plot. Yours sincerely and forever,

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