Hi, sorry I haven't posted anything for a while, but life's been hectic. I know I've already got two fics that still need to be finished but this cyber-plot-bunny demanded that I start work on this fic ;) It's set between the Marvel Annual story 'State games' and my fic 'Joining the family'. For those not familiar with them this is a Generation 1 fic, set at the start of the war on Cybertron, with the Decepticons just starting to build their forces ;)

One last apology, my beta reader has been unavailable so these chapters may get updated for grammatical reasons later.

I don't own Transformers, Hasbro / Taraka (and to an extent Marvel/Dreamwave) dose, nor do I make any money from these fics, they are for entertainment only, o.k? Enjoy

A Friend for Graduation by Spin


Cybertron, once a golden metal planet, gleaming with life energy, now wonders the universe dull and weakening. It's once vast resources raped and squandered by its own children. City-states once united for the bettering and advancement of the Cybertronian race now squabble amongst themselves, each competing in their own way for supremacy.

A restless energy had been building in the citizens of this once great civilisation, needing release, demanding change, and completely ignored by those in positions of power. All it needed was one strong spark to ignite the entire planet. A few Vorns ago it got that much sort after spark.

The spark shone bright during the Cybertronian games as it gained in strength. So that when the last Overlord, the elders of Cybertron, was found destroyed, it stood strong. Its light strong enough to forge the beginnings of a new power in the cosmos, from the ashes of the once great city-states of Vos and Torn. Becoming a beckon of hope to those around it. Its heat is spreading to each and every city-state igniting hope and rebellion in all those whose spark the light touches.