A Friend for Graduation by Spin

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Chapter 6: All hail Megatron.

The gleaming silver mech towers over all before him. His stance specking of strength, the set of his shoulders testifying to his authority, the large black gun, resting on his arm, bellowing of power enough to shape the world. Every mech falls into respectful silence as his intense gaze passes over them, his deep red optics surveying all present, calculating.

As his gaze falls upon Soundwave, the young mech feels as if the silver being before him is looking into his very spark. All shielding striped away, all doubts, faults and weaknesses, with nowhere left to hide, lay bare before him. For an eternity he awaits the judgement of the deity before him, but the gaze moves on to the next Cybertronian without word or pause.

The room is in near total silence, the only sound to be heard by any mech, the operation of their own bodies pumping lubricants and energy through their systems. Finally the silver one spoke.

Though his words start slow and quiet, they echo through the crowd as if they were being spoken though a twenty-giga-watt amplifier. Every audio receptor in the room attuned to each and every syllable he utters.

"Eons ago, in ages long since past, our race was one of lowly slaves. Our planet a factory for their creation. Our ancestors lives where that of unquestioning and obedient servitude.

But these beings where not unthinking, where not unfeeling. They knew their plight, and keenly felt the disgrace and humiliation that came with this plight." His words begin to gain pace and strength.

"They knew they where better, more capable than their masters permitted them to be. They felt anger at this, and that anger gave them courage. Courage to find the strength to cast off the chains of their oppression; to fight for their freedom. Their freedom to grow and change into what, in their sparks, they knew they where always meant to be.


Rulers of their own planet.

Rulers of their own lives.

Rulers of their own destiny."

A roar of agreement went up from the crowd, but was quickly silenced by the silver one's very next word.

"But now look at us.

Following our liberation we became complacent. We took the wonders and resources of this world for granted and made no contingencies for their eventual failure. A failure that is fast approaching.

The home our predecessors gave their lives to liberate is falling in to disrepair, many of her once rich fuel stores now lie empty. Cybertron, my fellow Cybertronians, is dying."

An almost fearful gasp filled the crowd. Megatron continues slowly letting every word sink in.

"And tell me, what do your elected leaders do?

Do they build more energy efficient machines than they currently use?

Do they build machines to generate more energy?

Do they launch reconnaissance missions to find and obtain more resources?"

He pauses a minute to give his audience time to consider, and though Soundwave already knows the answers and the reasons behind them he waits with great anticipation for the silver deity's next words, which come with searing power and passion.



And why? Because developing and building new machines cost credit they'd rather spend on polishing their chrome. Because they lounge in their luxury homes gorging themselves on high-grade, not caring that the most deserving of Cybertronians struggle each rotation to earn enough credits to stay functional as fuel prices rise. Nor will they ever exert themselves to take the steps necessary to acquire what we need. For expanding beyond Cybertron means dealing with other species. Other species who may not approve of our claim to resources on other worlds. Other species who may in fact declare war on us over those resources.

So I ask you citizens of Cybertron, do we follow our leaders example and destroy both our selves and our planet though frivolity and cowardly, weak willed blundering?" The silver one demands.

"Or..." He pauses for effect, "do we follow the example of those early transformers, and expand and grow beyond our current limitations, and liberate Cybertron and the Cybertronian race from those who would enslave us anew?"

The roar of the crowd is a defending as it is meaningless white noise, even to one as audio receptive and capable of multiprocessing as Soundwave, but Megatron's voice rises above it all with crystal clarity.

"Citizens of Cybertron, are you prepared for what must be done?

Will you help me rebuild Cybertron?

Liberate her from her captors?

Safe guard her from threats yet unknown?

Citizens of Cybertron, are you with me?"

The roar increases in volume, so much so that Soundwave thinks he might suffer permanent audio damage and yet he doesn't care, nor does he care or even know if his own voice is added to the uproar. The meaninglessness was gone, a single word, a single name once more resonates on every being's vocal cords, though their though processors, in their very sparks. Repeated over and over for the eternity that is but one night, while the owner of that name watches on with approval at his followers cries of devotion.


Opening the door to his quarters, Datasnipe is immediately confronted with a flapping, squawking green blur.

"Alright, alright." He attempts to quiet the smaller mech. "I know you do not like being left behind. However as I said last night, there was no way for me to guarantee your safety during the meeting."


Allowing the grumpy avian robot to land on his shoulder the larger mech locks his door while stifling a yawn.

"Seeing as some of us have been up all rotation, I do believe some rest is in order." The professor comments as he slowly makes his way towards his recharge birth.


"Alright, alright. No need to start that again you can have your report later today when all my cerebral functions are working properly."


"For now, content yourself with the knowledge that this night has been one our young friend will not soon be forgetting. For fortune smiled upon us when on his first visit to the breeding pits of our destinies it was non other than He Himself, whose spark first ignited the flames of glories new, who spoke the words, which brought enlightenment to our student. Though not," he chuckles slightly, "I believe, as blindingly so as they did for the common masses."

A rather contemplative whirl follows his words.

"A bit philosophical for me, hmm?" The aging professor teases with an affectionate smile as he settles himself on his birth. "Well I did inform you I require some recharge, you'll get the facts of the matter once I'm rested."

Though Datasnipe's door is open for but a moment and though most of the buildings occupants are deep in recharge by this time, one mech is awoken by the escaping noise. Nobletrans, only lightly in recharge while his subconscious mind troubles itself about the defensive concerns of the city council and the recommendations by Iacon. Yet despite the importance of these concerns it worries itself more about what he suspects to be an ever growing problem and not just, he believes, for the University: 'Datasnipe's up to something!' Aroused from his slumber he listens intently, in the dark silence of his room, for anymore clues to his current concern but their quarters are too far apart and his audio senses pick up nothing more.

'He went somewhere tonight, and without his avian friend.' Nobletrans winces as he recalls the creature's audio splitting cries of protest. 'The only time I've ever heard him make a noise like that was when we tried to make to make him wait outside the meeting room for his partner when Datasnipe first joined the staff. Where did you go that you couldn't take him with you? And did you go alone or did you take that student, Soundwave, with you?'

He sighs as he realises that without more information he'll be unable to solve this problem.

'And I'm not likely to get any answers out of Soundwave,' he thinks wirily, 'all his lectures say the same thing: and exceptionally bright student, with top results, who always completes his assignment early, but is quiet, almost scarily so, and seams incapable of socialising with other mechs.' Another sigh. 'Its at times like this I whish I had someone like your Trijade to snoop around for me, shame you never told us how exactly he came into being.'

With a mental shake, he tries to once again return to the realm of dreams, knowing he'll be unable to coherently deal with this problem without rest, but equally knowing it will continue to plague his subconscious mind throughout recharge.

Elsewhere, in a flat in student accommodation, another mech tries to surrender himself to recharge; but it is not the squawking of a green datamech that keeps him from rest. Nor any other noise for that matter, save that of the pounding in his mind and spark, like the regular beat of a fuel pump so loud it can only belong to the planet its self. A single name covering three beats each time: Meg-A-Tron!


Author's notes:

I tend to use the measurement beam in my stories so for those of your who care a beam according to the Marvel comics is 8.33 minutes, though if you work it out that's 499.8 seconds so I think they mean 500 seconds or eight and a third minutes. ;) And yes I am sad enough to work that out myself, though I still don't know why a vorn would be 83.3 years as that's 2629800000 seconds (treating a year as 265.25 days and a vorn as 83 and a third) anyone got any ideas?

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