Hearts in love, and denial...

By Gasha Aisu

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"Keep away from him!" Tenten hissed.

Sakura's eyes widen, what's gotten into that girl?

"What's gotten into you?" she asked, not fearing to stand up to Tenten although she was stronger than her.

"How would you respond if Sasuke loved me, and I kept hanging around him?" Tenten snapped, and immediately regretted it. She hadn't even told Lee, why would she tell a girl who she was just beginning to be friends with? And was holding Neji's interest. Before Sakura cameNeji only spoke to her, but now... She ruined everything! Tenten didn't even know she loved Neji until she came along.

Sakura's eyes widen, and unlike a certain team mate, immediately knew how Tenten felt.

"You love him, don't you?" she asked, her voice softening.

Tenten eyes hardened.

"Shut up" she hissed.

"You didn't even know up until now, did you? You love him and you're scared I'll steal him away!" Sakura accused, although she still had a gentle voice.

"Shut up!" Tenten hissed again.

"There is nothing to wo..."Sakura started again but Tenten interrupted.

"I said, SHUT UP" she yelled and flung wildly at Sakura.

She hadn't expected for her punch to hit, she really hadn't. She also hadn't expected Sakura to fight back before she could apologise.

The yell of Tenten had gotten the attention of both their sensei's and team-mates who were training like they were supposed to.

"Something tells me they aren't training like Tenten suggested..."Kakashi remarked dryly.

Gai nodded, worried.

The boys stopped training and were looking at the bushes where Tenten and Sakura were behind 'training'. Suddenly a kunai flew right besides Lee, almost hitting him, but hitting the tree trunk behind him instead. Shortly after that both Sakura as Tenten fell through the bushes.

The boys' eyes widened as the girls kept hitting the living daylight out of each other. Tenten was winning...

Neji frowned. And even Sasuke seemed slightly worried.

Lee and Naruto were already running to go pull to girls apart. But the sensei's stopped them.

"Let them have there moment Lee, let's see how this turns out" Gai simply said holding Lee, keeping him from running any further. Kakashi said nothing, but also kept Naruto from interfering.

A good aimed punch sent Sakura flying backwards. Leaving a panting Tenten standing.

"I..."Sakura started getting up, "am not planning to do ANYTHING. But I'm gonna kick your sorry ass FOR HURTING ME IN THE FIRST PLACE"

Obviously inner Sakura had emerged. Tenten narrowed her eyes and slipped into her fighting stance. Sakura threw a punch, which was dodged by Tenten. But Tenten didn't see the knee coming. O yes, Sakura had been taught by Tsunade alright. The kick sent Tenten flying into a tree and she coughed up blood. The sensei's saw it was getting out of hand, but this was going to continue anyways, so they didn't release their students.

Tenten spit blood, hoping to clear her mouth and looked at Sakura. Anger was raging, but she also knew this was stupid and the boys were looking. She should stop this...She narrowed her eyes. But not until that girl learned her lesson.

"I.." she started, the same as Sakura had getting up as well, ignoring her wounds "do not love him" Unlike Sakura she remained calm, but her hissing voice was caried by the wind, and Neji, at hearing this, frowned. Tenten braced herself to jump to the girl but Sakura responded, almost as calm as Tenten.

"Yes you are, and you're too weak to admit it. If you keep doing things like what you're doing now, you're only going to make a fool of yourself" she told the weapon master.

Tenten's fist clenched in pure anger, and again she refrained from attacking Sakura. She had more self control then that.

"No, I don't. There is no way I'm going to fall in love and be as weak as you" after having said this, Tenten stood, smirking. There where other ways than fighting to hurt another.

"Love makes you weak, it makes you depend on another" she told the cherry blossom, striking where it hurts. Sakura's eyes narrowed in response.

"Yes, it's true, isn't it?" Tenten continued, smirking, "you're weak, and can't do anything by yourself. You always need Naruto or your precious Sasuke-kun, to come and save you"

"Feh" Tenten snorted, "you make me sick, all the time you waste being in love, and thinking about him. I'm outside, training and becoming stronger"

Sakura stood, mouth open. And then closed her eyes, and glared at Tenten.

"You take that back" Sakura hissed, anger evident in her voice. Tenten saw how she held back tears that were forming in her eyes. This is for your own good, Sakura. I hope you understand someday...maybe I can help you, maybe I can make you stronger...

"Make me" Tenten challenged, crossing her arms as she did so. That did it. Sakura charged at Tenten in pure anger. Tenten managed to dodge all of her attacks. Suddenly Sakura jumped back and threw kunais at her. Tenten deflected them with her own.

"You fool!" she yelled, effectively hitting Sakura with her own weapons, "you should know better than fight me on terms I'm best in" As to prove her point more kunais were buried into Sakura's arms and legs. Sakura just glared and charged once again. But his time, she made a sharp turn before she was close to Tenten and disappeared. Tenten tensed and looked around. A sound as if a tree was ripped out of the ground was the only warning. The tree's trunk hit her hard in the back and Tenten found herself flying. After a painful land, she managed to get up. A sound came from beside her, and Tenten raised her kunai just in time to deflect Sakura's. Sakura reappeared before Tenten, glaring and panting. Both girls charged at each other again. Surprisingly it wasn't Lee and Naruto who stopped them. But Sasuke, and Neji appeared from nowhere. Sasuke grabbed Sakura by the waist and held her, much like she had done to him...a few years back. Sakura immediately calmed down.

Neji grabbed Tenten in a lock, holding her arms in such a way it would hurt if she struggled. Tenten struggled none the less, his body doing nothing to stop her. It were his words that stopped her.

"Stop it Tenten, you're embarrassing"

Tenten's eyes widened, and she relaxed in such a way Neji had to hold her up. Neji released her and she slit to the ground. Her eyes downcast, as she refused to look at anyone.

You're embarrassing....almost as bad as you're annoying....

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