Severitus Challenge

Finding a Father

By: Lil Padfoot

Chapter 24: A New Day

Summary: What happens when Harry finds out that his father is alive? How about when said father is his hated Potions professor? Harry has to deal with the fact that he is a Snape while trying to cope with Sirus' death in OotP. Summer before and during sixth year. OotP spoilers. This is in response to Severitus Challenge.

This Chapter: Harry and Ginny start off their new life together in this final chapter. Including several fast-forwards through time, Harry finally gets the chance to live a normal life with a family of his own.

The song that Harry and Ginny dance to is "A New Day" by Celine Dion. If you are reading this at then you will not be able to see the lyrics. They lyrics will be posted, however, at my yahoo group also. I credit the idea of the lyrics to Jocelyn, though I use them in a different way than she did in her story.

Now……On with the story!

Chapter 24: A New Day


One Year Later

Harry grinned at his new bride before kissing her gently. Loud cheers and catcalls filled the air. He grasped Ginny's hand and they walked back down the aisle to go to the area that had been designated for the reception.

Snape gave him a quick hug before handing them both brooms. They zoomed over the house to more cheers.

When they dismounted, Ginny tossed her broom aside and began detangling her dress.

"Harry Potter, you are insane! Flying a broom in a dress, that was the craziest thing I have ever done!" said Ginny.

"So you don't count marrying me as crazy?" joked Harry.

"Of course I do. Anyone who wants to marry someone of this insanity level has to be insane herself," said Ginny.

"Insanity it is, then!" said Harry, feeling giddy.

Once the guests had gathered and formed a circle around Harry and Ginny, music started and the couple began to dance their first dance. The music played softly as the two held each other close, knowing how close they could have come to this not happening, how the world could have been completely different if Harry hadn't succeeded.

Harry hugged Ginny tightly as the song ended before handing her over to let her dance with her father. Harry found Snape sipping a glass of champagne.

"The new Mrs. Potter looks lovely," said Snape.

"D'you… ever get the feeling that history is repeating itself?" asked Harry suddenly. "Like, in this weird and twisted way?"

"How do you mean?" asked Snape as he spun the now-empty glass.

"Well, my mum had red hair, married a man with black hair, was with you and had me. Now, I've married a redhead," said Harry.

"I see no reason to worry, well, at least until you have another little look-alike of you." Snape laughed. "And more Weasley children, please spare me."

Ron and Hermione had gotten married too, several months after they'd left Hogwarts.

"Those two having kids? That'd be a nightmare!" exclaimed Harry.

"Just wait, you'll be wanting some before long. It'd round off your little family quite nicely," said Snape. Harry pulled the glass away from Snape.

"Just how many of these have you had?" he asked.

"Enough," said Snape cheerily.

"Don't come crying to me tomorrow when you've got a hangover," said Harry as he vanished the glass.

"I've got potions," said Snape as Harry walked over to meet Ginny. Ron and Hermione met the couple as they left the dancing area. Both were aglow with happiness.

"Congratulations, you two," they said.

The night ended with a spectacular display of Weasleys' Wildfire Whizbangs. Harry and Ginny held each other close the entire night, basking in the pleasure of having no worries for the moment.

As the fireworks sizzled in the sky, Harry said quietly, "I love you, Mrs. Potter."

"I love you too, Mr. Potter," replied Ginny.

Three Years Later

"Dad! Help!" Harry cried as two screaming toddlers chased him around the living room. Snape laughed and scooped the wriggly children up, one in each arm.

"Were you chasing daddy again?" he asked them.

"Da da fun!" exclaimed the little red-headed girl, Lily Anne.

"Lots fun!" added the little boy, a carbon-copy of Harry, James Severus. Both had their father's green eyes.

"I'm sure he is fun. How about we go play with the bubbles again?" suggested Snape. The two children's eyes widened.

"Yes!" they both exclaimed.

"Come on then." He carried them out of the room, giving Harry and Ginny a much-needed break from their babies.

"Finally," said Harry as he sat down with Ginny and wrapped an arm around her. "But it's nice having a family, isn't it?"

"Yeah, they're so adorable," said Ginny as she leaned against him.

"Just wait til they go to Hogwarts and dad has to teach them Potions." He snickered and Ginny managed to give a small smile. "So, who gets the Marauder's Map and who gets the cloak? Or should they share them?"

"Harry Potter! They won't get either!"

Nine Years Later

Harry and Ginny hurried the twins to the barrier that hid Platform Nine and Three Quarters.

"We're going to be late!" exclaimed Ginny.

"No we won't mum. There's still other people going through the barrier," said Lily.

"And if we are late, we can always go find a flying car, like dad did," said James.

"No, you won't. I better not get any letters from the school about you two getting in trouble," said Ginny.

"Relax, Ginny, they won't get in trouble," said Harry.

Little did Ginny know, he had already provided the twins with the Marauder's Map. The Invisibility Cloak could wait until they were older. They both knew all about the secret passageways and how to get into the kitchens. Harry had even made sure they knew who Dobby was, in case they ever needed his help.

"We'll be good, mum, I swear," said Lily, her eyes twinkling mischievously.

"You'd better," said Ginny. "Now, one of you with each of us, I think. Lily, hold on." Ginny held onto Lily's trolley and led her through the barrier, and Harry did the same with James.

Snape was already at the castle, ready for the students' arrival. Harry and Ginny would be there shortly also, as Harry was the new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor and Ginny had taken over flying from Madam Hooch. They had wanted to see their children off as a family, though.

"We'll see you at the castle!" called Ginny as Lily and James boarded the train. "And please, don't forget Granddad is a professor, call him sir or Professor at all times!"

"We promise!" called James as the duo disappeared.

Ginny sighed. "At least we'll be at the castle to keep an eye on them."

"True," said Harry. "To Hogsmeade, then?"

"Yes," said Ginny. They Apparated away with two loud pops. Seconds later, they were in the village of Hogsmeade. Ginny and Harry walked up to the castle and met up with the other teachers, who were putting the finishing touches on the school for the new year.

Snape made his way towards them through the crowd and Harry quickly headed towards him.

"Don't be too harsh with Lily and James," said Harry.

"I'll treat them according to how they behave in my class," said Snape.

"We've already warned them about calling you Professor or sir at all times," said Ginny.

"They do know that doesn't count when we're in private?" asked Snape.

"Yes, I'm sure they know that," said Harry.

"Good, because no matter where we happen to be, we're still a family, and nothing can change that," said Snape.

Harry grinned. Life was good for him, Ginny, and Snape. He had a family, but most important, he had his father.



To all my faithful readers: I'd like to thank everyone who has stuck through this with me. It's hard to believe that this is the end, after writing this for nearly ten months. I'll admit now that I've cried through these last few chapters, knowing that the end was coming fast, especially knowing that my dream of severitus in canon will never come true after reading HBP.

I want to especially thank Jodi, who has stuck with me through nearly the entire fic, first as a reader and then taking the task of being my beta. Even when you really didn't have time to take on my monstrosity of a fic, you still did it. You even managed to get me up to scratch enough to be validated on OWL. You're the best beta ever!

Casey, who doesn't read this anymore, I'd like to thank you too, girl! You're my best bud, and even though you couldn't continue to beta for me, I still love you. The rest of my RL friends have been great about reading this too. Lisa, I know you can't read this right now, but you've been great too! And Katie, who thinks I'm crazy for even writing this story, you're still my best bud too!

And now this is getting much longer than I'd planned and starting to sound really sappy. Anyways, if you'd like to see a side story or something in the Finding a Father universe, feel free to request it through email, or even write your own, I'd be really honored!

I'll close this with my thanks that all of you have taken the time to stick with me and read this monster of a story. Nearly 100,000 words is something not everyone would want to read. I swear the notepaper size is nearly that large too!

See ya all and I hope that you continue to read my stories!

Lil Padfoot