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Well this story has a few demons coming after Piper's children. This is set when future Chris is still looking for the person who turns Wyatt evil and Piper is pregnant with Chris. Leo knows about Chris and is constantly trying to find out what is wrong with him.

The demons after Piper know that Chris is Piper's son and threaten her by kidnapping him and torturing him.

Piper and the sisters have to make a choice and then Richard comes along…

I know what your thinking, "how is that a summary? It's far too long!"

Well that is the first chapter so there!

"Duck!" Piper screamed as a demon threw an athame towards Paige who orbed put of the way. Demons continued to shimmer into the Haliwell Manor's living room with out ceasing.

"Where is Phoebe?" Paige yelled, "LAMP!" She orbed a lamp at a demons head, it smashed on contact.

"Grr… athame!" She threw the athame at the demons chest, it hit squarely in the middle and the demon burst into flames.

Piper blew another demon up as it shimmered in.

Chris orbed in.

"I can't find Phoebe!" He shouted as a demon raced towards him he orbed quickly out of the way then threw the demon across the room with his telekinetic powers.

Piper blew two more demons up then they surrounded her and grabbed her. Chris threw them off her.

"Ok, that is enough!" Piper yelled freezing the room. Paige scrambled to her feet as a demon mid-lunge froze. Chris sighed, Piper had stopped an athame coming in contact with him. It had froze in the air two inches from hitting his chest.

"Ok, here is how I am going to do this!" Piper said sternly. Then she blew all the demons up with a quick flick of her wrists.

"Couldn't you have done that before?" Paige asked Piper growled and walked into the kitchen, in there was a horde of demons preparing to attack her she just blew them up.

Demon slaying was getting to be so boring.

Phoebe sat with the Shaman as she tended to the fire.

Phoebe had, had a mere taste of the future and now she had come back for more.

The Shaman had been patient with her. She had asked no questions and had remained calm through Phoebe's quick and hurried explanation of why she had returned.

"Your not ready Phoebe, I'm sorry. Without your powers, I can't give you what you desire."
"But I want to know, do I get my powers back? What happens to Chris, will Piper and Leo get back together…"

"Stop! All these things haven't you realised are all personal gain factors, if you were to use Wicca magic that you would be in trouble from using magic for personal gain if that is all you want to discover."

"I… want to know who turns Wyatt evil."

"That I am afraid you will have to find out on your own."

Phoebe got to her feet.

"But… maybe your concerns should be about your other nephew."

"Chris? Why?" Phoebe said sceptically.

"I can't tell you much but you must watch him over him Phoebe if not as an Aunt then at least as a witch. He will the be the innocent that needs saving."

"What are you talking about?"

"Just at least listen to me, Phoebe I am trying to help you with more immediate issues than those in the far future. When Piper is convinced that the demons attacking are going to turn Wyatt evil, they aren't they are there for Chris."

"What… why?"

"I've said too much…" The Shaman looked at the crackling fire before her.

"Please this is my nephew!"

"Look into the flames…but tell no one of what you see. That is all I can do."
"Wait you are going to showing me the future? The Elders won't be too happy about that!" Phoebe said concerned.

"My magic lies beyond good and evil it is up to me how I use it. It doesn't matter whether beings are good or evil, everyone craves the future. That is why I protect myself you are one of the only ones to find me."

"Ok… so I look into the flames." Phoebe said cautiously.

"Reach out to them and I will show you." The Shaman placed her hands over the fire.

Phoebe shakily reaches out to the flames.

She saw flashing images burning into her skull.

Demons wearing golden amulets attacking the manor, they attack Piper, she is hurt. Leo doesn't arrive. She bleeds, Paige orbs away with her leaving Chris with Wyatt… a shady character… Chris on the floor lifeless… demons take him away… Wyatt alone… Leo orbs in sees blood on floor. Orbs away with Wyatt…

Chris with demons in cave somewhere. They cast a spell on him he stays lifeless on the floor. Demons are shaking their heads…

Then the images faded as Piper and Paige arrived back at the manor and everything that Phoebe could see went black…