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Reminder: Ok, so the sisters have gone off to face their nephew/son, they eventually get to him and after nearly losing the spell, they cast it. Only it's a little bit too late, the spell backfired and now Mastiphal has taken his demonic form and was about to attack the sisters, but just in the nick of time a force threw Mastiphal out of their way. Dum dum dum!!!

The sisters watched as Mastphal flew into a nearby tree, splinters flew everywhere and as the fog cleared Mastiphal lay on the muddy floor in contorted position, he growled loudly at them and he tried to get to his feet. The air in front of them had a thick cloud of sawdust moving past them.

Phoebe squinted her eyes and thought she saw something grey move in front of them through the clouds. It was moving, in fact now that she was concentrating, was that a person?

"Hey!" She heard a distant echo of Chris' voice, then as the sawdust finally cleared she saw a grey form of Chris hovering 5 feet away from her. Chris was jumping up and down waving his arms frantically, that didn't look good. Phoebe began to think about the spell she wrote, hmm she was sure… wait!

The spell was supposed to expel the spirit that didn't belong and set the other free… but obviously they had said it after Mastiphal had taken complete control so it wasn't Chris' body any more … so Chris had been expelled from his own body.

Phoebe winced as she saw his flailing his arms frantically. This was her fault!

Piper turned saw where Phoebe's line of vision ended and jumped backwards when she saw her son, "Oh my GOD! Chris!" She shrieked.

Paige placed her finger to her lips as Mastiphal was still on the floor, then looked at her grey transparent nephew who was now shouting something indecipherable.

"Uhh…" She stared as her nephew opened his mouth widely yelling something.

"We have to get him back in his body!" Phoebe hissed referring to Mastiphal who was still shuffling to his feet.

"Are you sure… that body?" Paige looked at Mastiphal disgusted.

"I could use the vanquishing potion," Piper suggested.

"Umm… we used them all up sweetie." Phoebe replied nervously.

"Not necessarily, I came prepared!" Piper held up a vial of bright orange potion.

"Wait… we only had one each!" Phoebe said distressed.

Chris watched his aunts and mother chatter to each other, he was losing his patience quickly, he knew how to get himself back where he belonged, now to get them to actually listen! Chris decided the direct approach, he imagined being right in front of the sisters and was whisked straight there, Phoebe screamed and fell backwards.

Chris ignored her surprise and looked at his mother sternly, "I have a plan!" He said angrily.

"Which is…?" Piper asked, frustrated.

"You have the potion right?" He asked.

"Yup, Piper took care of that!" Phoebe said irritated stumbling to her feet.

"LOOK OUT! ENERGY BALL!" Paige screamed as an energy hurtled towards Phoebe's head.

She aimed it straight back at it's user, Mastiphal.

"I don't have time to explain how it works or why just do as I say, ok?"

Piper and Phoebe nodded as the energy ball hit Mastiphal squarely in the chest. He staggered back slight but completely unscratched by the energy ball started to march towards them. Chris melted into the air, and Piper heard his faint voice,

"Keep him busy!"

She nodded to where he had stood and attempted to blow up Mastiphal it make contact but where it did he body caved in and send Piper hurtling backwards.

Paige's mouth opened as her sister flew through the air.

"Uh… bushes!" She cried, could she orb roots?

Piper landed in the bushes just as they materialised in an array of blue lights.

Phoebe wasn't too sure about this, maybe fighting him wasn't the right thing, what if they harmed his body? Piper once again tried to blow up Mastiphal and was sent hurtling through the air, luckily Paige quickly orbed more bushes to cushion her fall.

Phoebe stood, she had been feeling so indifferent since the Shaman had been killed, towards Chris especially, she knew it was Mastiphal, it just took some getting to used to, seeing a demon gallivanting around in her nephew's body.

But he had told them to keep Mastiphal busy… easier said than done she thought as she looked at his spiked form.

"PIPER STOP IT I CAN'T KEEP ORBING STUFF!" Paige screamed as her sister tried yet again to blow up the creature.

Leo stared at the grey ghostly figure of his son, Chris, as he stood using his powers to flip the pages of the Book of Shadows.

"Chris… uh… ghost Chris…" Chris glared at him.

"Just because I'm a spirit, doesn't make me dead!" She said annoyed.

"What are you looking for?"

"Magic switching spell…" He didn't look up this time and continued to flick the pages.


"I'm going to reword it…" He didn't look as confident as he sounded.

Paige screamed as Mastiphal ripped one of the 7inch long spikes from his shoulder and hurled it at her, she orbed on the spot barely missing it, that was GROSS! He ripped a second one and threw it at her this time it scratched her shoulder as she barely orbed away in time.

Phoebe had refused to even consider going any where near the demon. Her excuse:

"What if I kick him I'll get a hole through my foot!"

Piper was ignoring her now, she was now trying to freeze the demon, Mastiphal had made the quick calculation that the only witch that was causing him any damage was the whitelighter so he concentrated on her. With a great force he threw a punishing blow into her chin with his metallic fist and sent her flying into the air then he aimed an energy ball at her. Phoebe decided enough was enough she raced up behind him and dealt a swift snap kick to the back of his neck, clutching her foot as soon as she brought it back, he swung round knocked her into a tree. Paige landed softly onto a pile of mud, she brushed herself off and raced over to Phoebe, Mastiphal was aiming another energy ball at her, Paige quickly orbed it back, it seemed to make contact and Mastiphal flinched.

Leo suddenly orbed in holding pieces of paper, Piper spotted him, "What is that?" She asked snappily.

"A spell to put Chris into his body…"

"And…?" There was clearly two bits of paper.

"I'll tell you if we need it!" Leo replied hastily shoving it into his pocket. Piper frowned, Leo orbed over to Phoebe whose foot was bleeding and quickly healed her.

"You two get to Piper, I'll hold him off."

Paige didn't have enough strength to argue and orbed herself and Phoebe over to where Piper stood.

Leo whistled at the demon to grab his attention, the demon snarled and walked slowly towards him brandishing an energy ball.

"NOW!" Leo called and Chris appeared behind Mastiphal and threw him over the undergrowth into a large tree.

Leo gave his son a thumbs up, Chris brushed it away.

The sisters stood and quickly opened the crumpled bit of paper and read the incantation,

"What's yours is mine

What's yours is no more

Leave that body vacant for,

The one who now it truly belongs

The one who through his Darkest Hour, stayed strong"

The sisters read a scribbled note from Leo at the bottom, then loudly said,

"Wyatt's brother!"

Mastiphal blew up in an explosion of flames howling in agony. Chris who was now standing near Leo melted into thin air nodding solemnly.

"Did we do it?" Phoebe asked nervously.

"No… wait, where is Chris?" Piper asked snappily, they ventured forward to where Mastiphal had exploded, the bushes began to rustle. Paige recoiled.

Then Chris stood up, his hand on his forehead.

"OH… OH!" Phoebe threw her arms around him.

His face creased into weak grin as Phoebe squeezed his ribs, she stepped away and found her shirt covered in blood. Leo rushed over to his aid and quickly healed his two stab wound as he leant on Phoebe. Paige clapped her hands tears forming in her eyes, it had been a few days!

Piper walked over to her son and kissed him lightly on the cheek, to this Chris' silt stained face turned a slight shade of pink.

"Whoa…" He clutched his forehead again.

Leo placed a guiding hand on his shoulder to steady him.

Chris looked up at his Dad, he felt so… guilty. He had stabbed him.

He could tell Leo wasn't going to bring it up, yet.

1 week later

After continuously squeezing himself to make sure it wasn't a dream Chris' life soon returned to normal, apart from he let the sisters off from demon hunting for a while, he didn't want to be possessed again.

The sisters took it as a light hearted joke, Chris didn't.

Paige was allowed to take a few potion making classes at the school, after teaching them so well before, Gideon finally managed to get Piper to take Wyatt home too, away from him.

Phoebe learned that when she had them her premonitions were very important but usually they were only there when really needed them. She sort of blamed herself for everything, setting off the premonitions and stuff. At the Shaman's funeral, she promised the Shaman's grave solemnly, to use her gift for the greater when it returned to her.

Piper remained the same, but a lot warmer to Chris, after nearly losing him she counted her blessings and allowed him to baby sit for Wyatt occasionally, when Gideon was bus of course.

Leo was still upset about the whole Chris trying to kill him thing, he desperately tried to find an appropriate time, but it never arose.

Chris, even though free from the demon still had dreams haunted with what his Darkest Hour showed him. Piper had let him sleep on the couch after she realised how shaken he was, at night he woke up screaming over the nightmares that had seemed so real and make him feel so alone.

Leo eventually volunteered to sit beside him as he slept to try and stop them from occurring with his special Elder mojo powers.

It worked, but it made Leo feel more upset as he watched his son sleep, his forehead would crease, he would grimace as he slept. Leo wanted to take the horrors away, but instead tried with his powers to make him forget the pain, or at least sleep normally.

Chris sat on a beam on top of San Francisco bridge.

Leo orbed in, "Wait, it isn't my bedtime yet? Is it?" His son asked jokingly.

"No, I just have a question." Leo said quietly.

Chris bent down to hear his father.

Then Leo said as loudly and steadily as he could, "Chris, when you stabbed me was that you?… or was it Mastiphal." Chris turned away.


"I'd rather not talk about that." He said icily.

"Please Chris." Leo pleaded.

"Have you ever… felt like, what you were doing wasn't right but you did it for the hell of it?" Chris asked coolly and slowly.

Leo shrugged unsure of where this was leading.

"Well, he wasn't like that, he was stronger. He poisoned my mind. I couldn't think without him picking away at my feelings.

"It was hell, I … he made me… he was just so strong, he made me feel something and make it one hundred times stronger or worse or painful. He made me replay mom's funeral."


"I did it. That's what you wanted to hear isn't it! I did it! Nice one Leo your son stabbed you, are ya happy?" Chris asked angrily.

Leo shook his head, not in anger, nor frustration, in remorse. It had been eating away at him, and now he knew, he wasn't sure what to think.

Chris stared at coldly, his gaze softened. It wasn't his fault, he never knew… a small voice in his mind told him softly.


Leo rose his head, Chris had called him Dad and had actually meant it… Leo's heart swelled.

"I'm ready to go to bed now…" Together as father and son they orbed away.