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How To Plan A Wedding


Kim Possible

Kim and Ron's wedding is fast approaching, and they are not prepared, they still have to make the arrangements with the church, plan the reception, and even worse, they still haven't picked the attendants for the wedding party, who will they choose, and will they be able to pull off their own wedding without a hitch?


Kim Possible was running all over her house this morning, looking for something,

"What are you looking for, Kimmie?" Mrs. Dr. Possible asked, looking at her daughter,

"My engagement ring, Mom, I know I left it on my night stand last night, and now, it's disappeared." Kim said, sounding depressed. She had misplaced her engagement ring, the beautiful emerald ring that her husband-to-be, Ron Stoppable had given her as a token of his undying love:


The night had been perfect, Ron had taken Kim on the most wonderful date of her life, and now, they were walking through Middleton Park, just enjoying each other's company,

"This was the best date I've been on in a long time, Ron." Kim said, a dreamy expression over her face.

This wasn't the first date between the friends-turned lovers, they had been an item at Middleton High School for eight months now, and graduation was fast approaching, soon, they would go out into the world, and try to make a name for themselves,

"Yeah, it was." Ron said, leaning in, and planting a kiss on Kim's cheek, at the same time, he reached into his pocket, and pulled out a white velvet box, without Kim seeing, he opened it, and took the beautiful gold ring into his hand, hiding it from Kim, until the right moment.

They approached a bench, and Ron let Kim sit down, while he stood, then, in one fluid motion, he dropped to one knee, and held out the ring for her to see,

"Kim, I love you with everything that is me, will you marry me." he asked, presenting the emerald engagement ring to Kim, who sat on the bench, completely shocked,

"I-I . . . don't know what to say." Kim replied, looking down at Ron, who had a sincere look on his face, he looked as though he were made to propose,

"Say what your heart feels is right, if you say yes, you'll make me the happiest I've ever been, please say yes." Ron pleaded, looking up at Kim, whose eyes were beginning to mist over,

"You know I can't say no, Ron," Kim said, the tears of happiness falling, "yes, I will marry you, I love you."

(Return to the present)

"Thinking about it, huh?" Mrs. Possible asked, looking at her daughter, who looked as though she were in dreamland,

"Yeah," Kim said, nodding, "Hard to believe, it was almost six months ago that Ron had asked me to marry him, and now, we've graduated High School, and will be starting college in a couple of months, and, our wedding is in a month."

"Have you, and Ron got everything planned yet?" Mrs. Possible asked,

"No," Kim said, shaking her head, letting her long mane of red hair wrap around her neck, to frame her face,

"Don't worry about it," Mrs. Possible said, "I'm sure that the two of you will have a beautiful wedding."

"I just hope it goes off without a mission coming up during the ceremony." Kim said, even though she was now a high school graduate, she still couldn't stop going on her missions, the last of which, Ron had helped her out of a tight jam, by landing a hard punch into Shego's chest, sending the lethal vixen into the wall opposite of where she had been standing, however, Drakken had gathered Shego into his arms, and departed before the police had arrived.

"There's one place I haven't looked yet." Kim said, looking at her mother, "Jim and Tim probably have it, thinking that Wade put some kind of gadget in it."

"I don't know. They haven't been out of their room all day." Mrs. Possible said, this was all Kim needed to hear, she tore off to 'the tweebs' bedroom.

Mrs. Dr. Possible was in the kitchen, when Kim's loud screams came from the direction of Jim, and Tim's bedroom,

"TWEEBS!" Kim roared,

'She must've found her engagement ring.' Mrs. Possible thought, a smile crossing her lips.

Meanwhile, at the Stoppable household:

Ron, and his mother were having a discussion about his upcoming wedding to Kim,

"As long as she knows the Jewish customs, and doesn't serve any pork products, we'll be fine." Mrs. Stoppable said, Ron's face was beet red, a sign of his impending explosiveness,

"Mother. You worry too much. Kim and I have been friends like, forever. She knows that I'm Jewish, and is willing to live with that, and as long as she's willing, I am." Ron said, looking at his mother, this wasn't the first time that Ron, and his mother had this argument in the last six months,

"And the ceremony?" Mrs. Stoppable asked, she had wished that Ron would get married at temple, but he had different ideas,

"I already told you, Mom," Ron said, his face getting redder, "it'll be a Christian ceremony first, where the marriage license will be signed, for the family members that decide not to come to that one, we'll hold a Jewish ceremony a week later, out of respect to my faith, and hers. Now do you understand how much thought has gone into this?"

"You must really love her to go through so much for one woman." Mrs. Stoppable said, looking at her son with an appraising eye,

"Yes, I do, I never would've asked her to marry me, if I didn't believe her to be the one." Ron replied, making her mother smile,

"It's time to let my young man go to another woman, I only hope it's the right decision, Ron." Mrs. Stoppable said,

"It is." Ron said, not in a tone of defiance, but one of a man who was confident in his choice of wife,

"Then we'll be there, Ron, you deserve that much." Mr. Stoppable said, now walking into the kitchen, and standing beside his son, and wife.

Only thirty years ago, Ron's own grandparents had shunned their children for marrying outside of their religions. Ron's mother was raised in a staunch Jewish family, her parents believed that their daughter should marry into a Jewish family, Ron's father had been raised as a Catholic. This conflict of religions had caused a rift in the Stoppable family, and forced Ron's father to make a painful decision. He had converted, and today, he attends the same temple they had married in, all those years ago, the Stoppable's just didn't want Ron to go through that with Kim's family.

Back to the Possible home:

"We are not going to have this discussion again, are we?" Kim asked, looking at her father, Mr. Dr. Possible simply looked at his daughter,

"I'm. . . just making sure that Ronald's comfortable with you being a, you know . . . a Gentile." Mr. Dr. Possible asked,

"Yes, he is, and his parents are behind us a hundred percent." Kim said, now looking back at her father, who smiled at her,

"Okay then, Kimmie-cub, if Ronald's comfortable with it, then so am I." Mr. Dr. Possible said, taking his daughter into a large fatherly hug.

"Thanks, dad." Kim said, smiling into her father's chest.He had given his blessing to the wedding six months ago, when Kim had told him, but he needed confirmation about Ron's status in his family. Kim had told him that Ron had grown up in a family that was not all Jewish, Ron's father had been raised a Catholic, and therefore, knew the Christian ceremonies, as well as the Jewish ones.This would be a walk in the park for Ron, he had coaching from both sides.

Now, if only Kim could decide on who her Maid of Honor would be.

Monique had turned the job down a month ago when Kim had asked her, stating that she would rather not be in the wedding party. But she would be a part of the wedding, as the bookkeeper. Kim had accepted this immediately, when Monique had explained why. As it turned out, Monique had a habit of losing very expensive things, and she was aware that the wedding set Ron had bought cost him a fortune. It was a large gold band, with four diamonds, and it matched Kim's wedding band, making it a complete set. She had looked at the same set at the local jeweler, and found out that Ron had spent more than $3,000 for the full set.

Kim and Ron had met at Bueno Nacho later that evening, to discuss the plans on their upcoming wedding,

"First of all," Kim said, looking at Ron, "we need to decide where to hold the ceremonies."

"Middleton Park." Ron said, smiling,

"I know that it's Jewish custom to hold weddings outside, if the weather permits it, but, I need to ask, one more time, are you sure about this?" Kim asked, Ron nodded,

"Very sure, K.P." Ron said, now smiling,

"Okay, now, the reception, where will we hold that?" Kim asked,

"The reception hall at the auditorium." Ron said,

"All right, I'll go with that," Kim said, "now, the last, and most important part, attendants, who'll be in the wedding party?" Kim asked, Ron's face contorted in thought,

"No clue, I can't think of anyone." Ron said,

"I tried to get Monique to be my Maid of Honor, but she turned it down, says she tends to lose expensive things." Kim said,

"Did you try Bonnie?" Ron asked, earning a scorching look from Kim

"Are you for real?" Kim asked, looking at Ron, then, she added, "Bonnie would find a way to embarrass me, and I don't want that happening, not in front of my family."

"Any more ideas?" Ron asked,

"Yeah, but I doubt they'll do it." Kim said, her voice trailing off,

"Who?" Ron asked,

"Shego." Kim said, simply,

"Are you for real?" Ron asked, a slight laugh in his voice,

"Yeah, I know, totally off my rocker." Kim said, a slight laugh in her voice as well, little did she know, that in less than three days, she would have her wedding party filled with people she never thought would get along, and have it go off as well as planned.