Chapter 10

The Grand Opening

The Grand Opening was to be tonight, and the finishing touch was being put to the bar, a huge sign that ran across the marquee underneath the front of the bar, and was set into the outside wall, so that it wouldn't disturb Kim and Ron as they slept, it read:

Stoppable's Bar and Grill

Ron, and Kim Stoppable, owners

"Easy, now, take it easy," Ron was saying, again, he was overseeing the work being done, and guiding the sign to it's new home, "just a bit further, and . . . that's it." Ron said to the crane operator, who nodded, the sign was put into place by four men that were hanging halfway out of a window in the upstairs apartment.

Once the sign was placed, and wired into the switch that controlled it, Ron went inside, and turned it on,

"It works, excellent!" Ron said, watching the neon sign glowing green over top of the newly uncovered brick of the exterior,

"Looks good, Ron, and well under budget, too." Kim said, smiling, she had set a budget of $300,000 when they had started the project. Micky had given his help for free, but his subcontractors weren't quite as generous, it had costed Kim a hundred thousand for the electricians, and plumbers, and it costed them another hundred thousand for the painters, the new signage had cost about ten thousand, the least expensive thing they had bought for the place, everything was pretty much a gimmie, with Kim and Ron being so well known throughout town, the wax figures were made by Madame Tusseaud herself, and had cost Kim and Ron nothing, due to the fact that they had saved her wax museum on their last visit to London,

"It was no big," Kim had told her, "that fire in the waxworks was easy to find."

"Maybe for you," Madame Tusseaud said, "but me, I'm not very good with electrical appliances."

That particular freebie had left them with ninety thousand in their budget to play with, and Ron used it to buy another shipment of liquor, among some of the best on the market, 20 year old Scotch, and perfectly age Cognac, among other things, as well as several supplies of domestic, and exported beers,

"Can never have too much, hon." Ron said, sliding the last case of Budwiser into the chiller,

"I hope so," Kim said, looking at the full chiller, "you don't have room for anything else."

"Are we missing anything?" Ron asked, looking at Kim,

"Liquor, food, and coasters, I think we're all set." Kim said, smiling over at Ron,

"Aren't you missing a bartender?" came Drakken's voice from the front of the pub,

"No, we kinda thought you'd want the job, so we were just about to call you." Kim said, looking at the blue skinned, former mad scientist,

"You're also forgetting wait, and kitchen staff." said Shego, standing behind Drakken,

"You want to help?" Shego asked,

"Would I have offered if I didn't. Besides, it's not every day I get to be a part of the biggest Grand Opening in Middleton." Shego said, smiling,

"Cool, you're in." Ron said,

"What am I doing, cooking?" Shego asked,

"Nope, that's my job." Ron said, looking at Shego,

"You're going to enjoy the celebration, like you should be doing," Shego said, looking at Ron, a defiant look in her eyes, "we'll handle the work."

"They're his recipes, Shego, they're his babies." Kim said, looking at the olive-skinned beauty,

"We'll take good care of them, Ron." Shego said, now pushing Ron out of the kitchen,

"That's the first time I've ever been booted out of my own kitchen." Ron said, a smile on his face,

"And when Shego comes around, I doubt it'll be the last," Drakken said, a smile on his face, "you should try her crepes, they're fantastic."

"Sounds like a winner, the menus should be here in a few minutes, I think we could add Shego's crepes on it." Ron said, smiling slightly,

"You'd better!" came Shego's voice from the kitchen,

"And that's the first time someone allowed me to use their creation on a menu." Ron said, hoping that it wouldn't be the last,

"Oh, I've got a few good recipes for ye, laddie." came a familiar voice from the front door,

"Duff Killigan, good to see you again." Kim said,

"Good to see ye too, lassie. So, what about me, what do I get to do?" Killigan asked,

"You can help Drakken at the bar tonight." Kim said, Drakken nodded,

"From the looks of the line outside, I'm gonna need all the help I can get." Drakken said, staring out of the window directly in front of him, Kim and Ron turned around, and saw a sight they couldn't believe, there had been a line that had formed that wrapped around the block,

"We don't open for another two hours, what are they all doing here?" Kim asked, heading for the door, no sooner had it opened, than Kim was bombarded with questions from the media,

"Is this going to hurt your missions?"

"Are you retiring from your crime-fighting activities?"

"No, and no, now please leave me alone for now, and if you want to come in and eat, you're going to have to wait until six o'clock like everyone else." Kim said, closing the door,

"That's the way to do it, Kim, you should've seen the reports they've been writing about you in the paper." Drakken said,

"What kind of reports?" Kim asked,

"They don't want to believe that your marriage will not affect your missions, so they've invented stories about your impending retirement." Monkey Fist said, walking in through the back door,

"What do they mean, 'retirement,'" Kim said, her voice strong, and clear, "I'm only 19, I'll retire when I get too old for it."

"And how many years will that be?" Drakken asked,

"I don't know, as long as the spirit is willing, and the body is able, I'll continue to do what I do, and as long as Ron's with me, I know I can do it." Kim said,

"You know I won't stop until you do, Kim." Ron said, smiling.

At the Grand Opening:

The doors were thrown open at precisely six o'clock, when that happened, the entire restaurant was full, including the banquet room,

"Large turnout tonight." Ron said, standing at a corner of the bar with Kim, there were a few drunks that were getting wild in the corner of the pub, which caused Ron to walk over to them,

"Alright, I going to give you two choices, either calm down, and enjoy your drinks in peace, or get thrown out on your heads." Ron said to the biggest of the two men,

"Make us, shrimp." the man said,

"You really want me to do that?" Ron asked,

"Like we're gonna let you." the man said, getting his courage up,

"Alright, you asked for it." Ron said, looking at the man, sizing him up like a boxer before the opening bell,

"This could get ugly." Kim said, walking over to the crowd,

"Alright, that's enough." Kim said,

"No, it isn't, wanna come home with me, baby." the man said, looking at Kim with nothing but bad intentions on his mind,

"I think not." Kim said, preparing for a fight, but before she could strike, someone had beaten her to the punch,

"I said, get out." Ron said, now holding the man's hand in a vise-like grip,

"Now, are you going to leave, or do I have to make you?"

"Make us, shrimp." the man said, writhing to get free of Ron's grip, which was beginning to cut off the circulation in his hand,

"As you wish." Ron said, nodding to Monkey Fist, who stood near the door. Monkey Fist flung the door open wide, and in one motion, Ron picked the man off the ground, and threw him out into the street,

"Any other takers?" Ron asked, the rest of the party sat down, and became very quiet, very quickly,

"That wasn't so hard to do, was it?" Ron said, looking at the other men that had been causing trouble, they shook their heads, clearly not wanting a fight with Ron,

"I run a very clean establishment here, if you want to fight, go to the gym." Ron said, turning to leave.

By closing time, most of the stocks of food, and liquor had been used,

"Good opening night, if I do say so myself." Drakken said, as he sat down at a bar stool."

"Very good, we cleared a profit of about twenty five thousand dollars tonight." Kim said, as she finished counting the till,

"Coolio, I'll take it to the depository, and be back home in time for the news," Ron said, placing the money into a bank pouch, and heading for the door,

"We got to get going," Shego said, looking at Kim, "big plans coming up for us."

"What's that?" Kim asked,

"While you were on your honeymoon, Drakken asked me to marry him." Shego said, making Kim's eyes bulge,

"You're kidding me!" Kim said,

"Nope, and like you did with us, we would like to ask if you and Ron would be in the wedding party." Drakken said, smiling,

"Of course, we'll be there," Ron said, now standing at the front door, "do you think we'd miss it?"

A/N: I think it's time to end it here, this story is complete, talk to you later, and by the way, Drakken, and Shego's wedding won't be in this story, it'll be in a later sequel, I intend to make at least two other stories that'll tie into this one, one will have Kim and Ron starting a family, and the other will have Drakken, and Shego's wedding in it.

So, until later, read on, friends, read on.