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"Ah, its great to be back at school," Summer said, grinning like crazy. "I've missed you Horace Green!" She squealed as she twirled around in the front lawn of the school.

"Summer," her best friend, Katie, hissed, "If you don't shut up, you won't be seeing Horace Green for a very long time. Instead, you'll become very familiar with white padded walls." Summer laughed and stopped twirling.

"Man, I miss Christmas break already," Zack groaned, walking up to the girls and scratching his head lazily. "How many days until summer?"

"102," Katie said, sitting down in the grass, followed by Zack and Summer.

"102 days of pure bliss," Summer smiled. "And it won't be that bad for you two," she said, motioning to Zack and Katie, "I mean the band's starting practices again this afternoon, so you guys will see a lot more of each other." Katie turned a deep crimson and Zack grinned. They had been dating for a few months now. Zack slid his arm around Katie's waist and gave her a quick kiss.

"Mr. Mooneyham," a voice said from behind them, "Get a room." The three jolted around to see which teacher had just told two freshmen to get a room only to find Freddy, Zack's best friend behind them.

"Morning, Freddy," Zack said, rolling his eyes.

"Morning Zack Attack, Posh, Summer," he said, putting emphasis on her name.

"Hello, Frederick." Summer stated, tucking a lock of raven hair behind her ears. "How was your Christmas?" Freddy and Summer hated each other…and not in a playful way. Freddy was funny, loud, obnoxious, and outgoing, while Summer was calm, quiet, serious, and uptight. They did have one thing in common, however, they could argue like crazy.

"Just fine," Freddy said, joining his band mates in the grass. They had learned to hold somewhat of a civil conversation over the years, just as long as one of them didn't make a snide comment. "How was yours?"

"Fine," Summer replied, looking away.

"How many times did you read our science textbook?" Freddy questioned, quirking an eyebrow.

"For your information, Frederick, I do have a life. And I only read the textbook twice." Summer squealed, standing up and narrowing her eyes.

"Oh," Freddy taunted, standing up to face her. "Summer, you're getting a little behind. Going to have to do some speed reading this week."

"As if you would know what speed reading is? I bet you've never even finished a book, Jones!" Summer shot back.

"As a matter of fact, I have. I finished one a couple of days ago," Freddy said, crossing his arms across his chest.

"So tell me, did the Cat in the Hat ever leave those poor children alone?" Summer smiled sweetly. Katie and Zack watched with interest as Alicia, Tomika, and Lawrence joined them. Everyone loved to watch the two argue.

"As a matter of fact it was that book we were supposed to read over the break, what was it called?"

"To Kill a Mockingbird," Zack answered, as Marta skipped up.

"Yeah, To Kill a Mockingbird," Freddy said proudly.

"Oh yeah?" Summer questioned, placing a hand on her hip. "From who's point of view was the story told?"

"Um…" Freddy stuttered. "Erm… that guy… the dad guy."

"Atticus?" Katie offered.

"Yeah, Atticus."

"Scout!" Summer squealed. "It was from the point of view of Scout, the little girl!"

"That was my second guess!"

"Whatever, Jones. Just face the facts! You only have talent for banging on things."

"Ha! What, do you think bossing people around is talent?"

"I manage your band, Frederick! Without me you'd be nothing!"

"I say, without you we'd all be better off!" With that, Summer squealed in frustration and grabbed her bag, pushing Freddy extra hard as she strode by. Katie rolled her eyes and followed her best friend.

"Way to go, Spazzy," she said, catching up to Summer.

"Was it something I said?" Freddy said innocently, smirking.

Mr. Franklin, the principal of Jefferson High School, tapped on the microphone and cleared his throat.

"Children, children," he said, quieting the students that were assembled in the school auditorium. "I hope everyone has had a good break for the holidays. First of all, I'd like to welcome you to the start of a new term, in which I expect to see some interesting results for the school wide project we will be doing." Murmurs erupted through the auditorium as Mr. Franklin cleared his throat again. "Second, I'd like to introduce Ms. Jessica Leonard, the school counselor to tell you all about this wonderful project."

Jessica Leonard strutted awkwardly onto the stage, fidgeting with her wire-rimmed glasses. "Um…" she began, tucking a lock of greasy brown hair behind her ears. "This project is has…um…nothing to do with school. Well, it does, but…um…mostly it deals with real life. You see…um…we think that Jefferson students should…um….have a better grasp on the real world when they graduate, so…um…this term…um….we've decided to…um…have students practice it. Um…we'll be treating you like adults, you'll have…um…more responsibility, and…um…my personal favorite, you'll…um…all be married, if you will, to someone who…um…we find very, very suitable." With that, she curtsied, oddly, and walked off.

"You are dismissed," Mr. Franklin yelled, over the whispers of the highschoolers.

"Who do you think you'll be paired with?" Marta giggled as she stood up and stretched.

"Hopefully, Leonard," Alicia answered, eyeing her classmate as he walked by, "He is fine this year!"

"I bet I'll get paired with Katie," Zack said, taking her hand.

"The chances of that are like none." Tomika said. "I bet none of us will get paired together."

"As long as I'm not paired with Frederick, I really don't care," Summer stated, smoothing out the skirt of her uniform.

"Good, because you're the last person I'd want to be with," Freddy snorted. Summer rolled her eyes and smiled at the rest of the group.

"Your spouses will be posted outside the office after school." Mr. Franklin added as the teenagers gossiped their way out of the auditorium.

"I can't see!" Summer squealed, pushing her way to the front of the crowd that was gathered around the office. "Marco, who are you with?" Summer asked, seeing the red-headed boy emerge from the front of the crowd.

"Katie," Marco murmured, his brown eyes extremely wide.

"Well that's not bad! At least its someone you know well," Summer replied, pushing some poor child.

"But…but Zack's a lot bigger than me," Marco stuttered, looking around nervously for the guitarist.

"He won't hurt you Marco," Summer laughed, as she got pushed backward. "Did you happen to see who I was with?" Marco shook his head and, spotting Zack, headed towards the doors.

As Summer got moved farther and farther towards the back of the group, a hand was placed on her shoulder.

"You lucky girl, you," the person said.

Summer grinned and turned around, only for that grin to fall off of her face.

"What do you want, Jones?" Summer asked, crossing her arms around her chest.

"I just wanted to lay down a few rules," Freddy replied, running a hand through his spiky blonde hair.

"Rules? There is absolutely no way I would follow any rule that you made up, Freddy," Summer said.

"Even if we were married?"

"Like that would ever…" Summer began, then suddenly realized what he meant. "There is absolutely no way that you are my partner."

"Unless I can't read," Freddy started, but was cut off when Summer let out a low snicker. Narrowing his eyes, Freddy continued. "Unless I can't read, then you are now Mrs. Summer Hathaway Jones."

"There has to be a mistake," Summer said, grabbing Freddy's wrist. "Let's go talk to Mr. Franklin."

The principal spotted the two as soon as they entered the office. "Well, well," he said heartily, "if it isn't my favorite two students."

Summer smiled. "Mr. Franklin," she said as sweetly as possible. "Freddy and I think that there is some mistake in the pairings."

"Hmm…" Mr. Franklin said, "You think that I've made a mistake?"

"No sir," Freddy said. "We think your secretary did, when she typed up the list. You see, Summer and I aren't exactly the best of friends and…"

"I know," Mr. Franklin replied. "But, no, my secretary did not make a mistake. You two were supposed to be paired."

"But why? We fight constantly!" Summer said, her chocolate brown eyes growing wider by the minute.

"Exactly," the principal explained. "We want you to get along."

"So you're going to force us to spend time together?" Freddy questioned.

"Precisely," Mr. Franklin said, handing Summer a piece of paper. "These are some questions you need to answer. You'll work together tomorrow during first and sixth periods. Good luck, you two." With that the principal left the two teenagers alone.

"I can't believe it," Summer said.

"Can't believe how lucky you are?" Freddy asked, quirking an eyebrow.

"Try unlucky, Spazzy," Summer replied, showing Freddy a finger that wasn't usually shown by polite girls.

"I'm so happy we agree on something."

"I am not agreeing with you, Jones!"

"But you think you're unlucky to work with me, and I think I'm unlucky to work with you."

"I'm not agreeing with you!"

"So you feel honored to be able to work with me?"


"Then you're agreeing with me!"

"I am not!"

"Stop confusing me, Hathaway. I'm going to practice."

"Me too."

"Well are you walking with me?"


"Look, you go now and then I'll come a few minutes later."

"Sounds good." Freddy quirked an eyebrow. Summer sighed, "I mean it doesn't sound good, but I'll force myself to do it anyway." Summer shook her head. This was going to be a long semester.

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