Lucas walked Haley out of his house and kissed her lightly on the lips, "I'll call you tomorrow," she said and then got into her car and drove away. Lucas smiled and waved as she left; he walked back into his house and saw Brooke sitting in the living room.

"You're really falling for her aren't you?" Brooke asked, "You don't love me anymore..."

Lucas rolled his eyes, "What are you talking about Brooke?"

"You never used to walk the other girls out..."

Lucas sighed, "I still love you," he said, "But I really like Haley."

Brooke got up and began to kiss Lucas forcefully, "Well you won..."

"Brooke," Lucas said as he pushed her off, "Not now..."

Brooke looked at him in disbelief, "You fucking ass hole!"

"Calm down..." Lucas said and then walked into his room.

Brooke followed him, "You're such a pussy..."

Lucas lit a cigarette and took a drag, "How am I pussy?" He asked, "Because I actually think I'm falling for someone?"

"No," Brooke said, "Because you forgot one major detail...Haley's married, and she won't want anything to do with you..."

Lucas blew smoke in Brooke's face, "Leave." He demanded.

"You make me sick," Brooke said and walked out. She ran into Jake, "Uhm hi?" She said.

Jake waved, "I wanted to talk to you about Peyton..."

"Come in my room," Brooke said with a seductive smile, "What's wrong?"

Jake sighed, "She's been really sexual lately..."

"What do you mean?"

Jake shrugged, "I don't know...She's always asking me if I want a blow job, or a hand job, or if I want to fuck...It's not Peyton," he pointed out.

"She must just be really comfortable around you," Brooke added.

Jake sat on Brooke's bed, "I just don't know what to do...She's a virgin..."

"Yes," Brooke said as she closed her bedroom doors, "But she wants to be happy...And you make her happy...You'd make any girl happy," she said as she stroked Jake's cheek, "Even poor little me..." Brooke kissed Jake forcefully as they fell back on her bed.

Lucas walked into his office and saw a dozen white roses on his desk, he smiled and looked at the card, "I had a great time last night...I can't wait to see you again. Love. Haley," he read aloud. He walked down the hall with the roses and heard moaning from Brooke's room. He smiled and opened the doors, "Brooke!"

Jake hid under the covers and Brooke smiled, "Hello Lucas..."

"Who do we have there?" Lucas asked.

Jake poked his head out from the covers, "Hi..." He said with a nervous laugh.

"Hello," Lucas said.

Jake started to put on his pants and headed out the door, "Call me!" Brooke yelled after him. She looked at the flowers and made a gagging noise, "Who's the fuck that sent the flowers?"

"Haley," Lucas said with a smile.

Brooke rolled her eyes, "Are you smiling?"

"Yes," Lucas said, "You should try it sometime...You wouldn't look like such a constipated bitch," he said and then walked down the hall.

Brooke followed him, "We're done Lucas..."

Lucas turned around, "What the fuck are you talking about?"

"I can't even look at you without being disgusted..." Brooke said, "You let this girl actually get to you...What about your reputation, Roe?"

Lucas held on tighter to the flowers, "Stop it Brooke!"

"You've turned into everything that you used to despise," Brooke said coldly, "Roses, love letters. What's next? Matching jumpsuits?"

Lucas set the flowers down and grabbed Brooke's arms, "Shut up!"

"If the people back in Manchester heard about this," she began, "You'd be the laughing stock of Manhattan!"

Lucas let go of Brooke and walked out of his house and drove to Haley's house. Brooke smiled micheviously to herself and plucked the petals of one of the roses.

Brooke dialed her phone, "Nathan..." She said.

"Brooke," Nathan said, "What's up?"

Brooke pretended to sob, "I need you to get over here..."

"What's wrong?" Nathan asked as he began to get in his car.

Brooke sighed, "It's Lucas..."

"I'll be right over..." Nathan said.

Lucas walked into Haley's apartment and saw her sitting on the couch, "Haley," Lucas said.

"Lucas!" Haley said and hugged him, "What's up?"

Lucas put his sunglasses on, "I can't be with you anymore..." He choked out.


Lucas tried to keep his composure, "It didn't mean anything...Your married and I have a reputation to uphold...We can't be together anymore..."

"You jerk!" Haley screamed and then slapped him across the face.

Lucas grabbed her wrist, "Haley," he said trying to calm her.

Haley ripped away from his grip, "Get the fuck out!" She screamed.

"I'm sorry," Lucas said and set his journal down on the kitchen counter and then left. Haley picked up the journal and began to sob.

Nathan sat in Brooke's room as she cried on his shoulder, "He told me that I was nothing..." Brooke said, "He said that I was a big fuck up, and that the only thing I was good at was," she whispered.

"That son of a bitch," Nathan said.

Brooke wiped her eyes, "That's not all..."

"What else?"

Brooke sobbed harder, "It has to do with Haley..."

"What about her?" Nathan asked as his blood began to boil.

Brooke took out pictures from her purse, "He took nudies of her, and then had sex with her..."

Nathan looked at the pictures and his hands began to shake, "That fucking ass hole!"

"I'm sorry," Brooke said.

Nathan kissed Brooke on the cheek, "I'm going to find this ass hole!" He left the room and Brooke wiped her eyes and lit a cigarette.

Lucas walked towards his house and saw Nathan coming towards her, "Lucas!" Nathan screamed.

"Hey Nathan," Lucas said, "What's up?"

Nathan grabbed Lucas's throat, "You took photos of her, and then fucked her?"

"Nathan, listen..." Lucas said trying to calm him down.

Nathan punched Lucas in the face, "Brooke showed me the pictures!"

"You have to understand something," Lucas said as he punched Nathan in the face.

Nathan threw Lucas out into the road, "She's my wife!"

Haley ran down the street and saw Nathan and Lucas fighting, "Lucas!" She screamed.

Lucas looked up and saw a car coming towards him and it hit him, "Luke!" Haley screamed.

Haley ran to him and kneeled down beside him, "I love you, " Lucas said.

"I love you too," Haley said as she stroked his cheek, "I love you too..."

"...If Lucas were here right now he would say," Brooke began, "Brooke..." Students started to get up from the auditorium and leave, "Brooke I'm sorry..." Brooke noticed the people leaving and cleared her throat, "Brooke I'm sorry..." She started again, "What is going on?" She screamed, "Don't you people have any respect?"

Brooke walked outside and everyone looked up at her. Nathan looked up from what he was reading and shook his head. Peyton walked up to her and handed her a book with the words "Cruel Intentions" on it and gave her a bitchy smile.

Brooke opened the book and saw "The Bet" she turned the pages and saw "Brooke" with the words "Deceitful" and "Bitch" Haley walked up to Brooke and sneered at her, "Lucas would have wanted this..."

"How did you...?"

Haley smiled, "Lucas gave it to me before he died...Now who's the laughing stock?" She said and then walked into the parking lot. Brooke watched her get into Lucas's car and drive off.