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Chapter 81

They emerged into the silent library, Anna immediately walking over to the fireplace to add a new log to the dwindling flame while Sarah glanced out at the snow covered grounds, abandoned as night had fallen.

She smiled as she heard music and laughter echoing up from the village, a giant bonfire had been kindled in the square even from this distance she could see the shadows of the people dancing around it in great circles. The night time celebration marking their freedom as they yelled and sang fearlessly under the previously dreaded full moon.

"I've never known them so carefree." Anna said stepping up beside her smiling.

They watched the celebration for a while before laughter reached them from within the manor itself and Sarah left Anna in search of her friends.

Marston and Chris were in the foyer, huddled next to the fire in the woollen shirts and trousers they had swiftly replaced their old snow sodden ones with. Sarah grinned at them as she entered.

"So did Jory get Tony good for the puddle thing?" she asked eagerly curling up on one of the sofas.

Marston laughed "Not even close, he ended up falling arse over tit straight back in!"

Sarah laughed in amusement. "aww no poor Jory."

Chris grinned "Yeah but he still managed to join us pinning Hongy down and stuffing his shirt with the white stuff."

Anna entered the room then. "There you are Carl wants to see everyone in the tower. Apparently he's found something that he thinks will interest you."

Sarah groaned "If it has anything to do with whatever slimy bits he got out of me I'm not interested."

Van Helsing strode into the room grinning "You know Carl." He said giving Anna a chaste kiss in greeting.

Jory grinned as he followed the hunter into the room, his injured arm swinging by his side. "He's probably invented the Atomic Bomb or something." He suggested cheerfully none the worse for his icy plunges earlier.

Van Helsing frowned. "The Atomic Bomb?" he asked raising an eyebrow at the boy. Chris punched Jory on the shoulder "Maybe you shouldn't talk." He suggested smiling.

Sarah walked quietly into the tower room grinning broadly at Amie and Bob who were perched on the paper ridden bed, Tony rolled his eyes when he caught site of the couple, smirking as Amie shifted her position on her boyfriend's lap.

"You know in this day and age that would be disgraceful behaviour, public displays of affection are strictly not allowed, right?" he turned to look at Anna and Van Helsing behind him who cleared their throats noisily and shifted guiltily apart.

Amie giggled "But I love my monkey." She said pouting and turning to give Bob a passionate kiss.

"Oh dear god, stop!" Sarah exclaimed "The smacking is really loud!"

Bob and Amie broke apart grinning guiltily as Carl hurried into the room.

He froze seeing them all assembled and looking at him expectantly. "What?" he asked bewildered apparently forgetting why they were all there.

Van Helsing rolled his eyes as the teens giggled. "You called us here Carl, you said you have something to show us?" he prompted patiently.

Carl's face split in to an amused grin and he quickly crossed the room to stand in front of a large sheet draped across the far wall. He bent and pushed aside a pile of notes straightening up and clutching a thick leather bound journal.

"I wonder Sarah, are you familiar with the work of one Victor Frankenstein?" he asked brightly.

Tony snorted "Frankenstein? The mad scientist, what about him?"

Carl ignored him directing his gaze at the girl before him who nodded. "In this movie? Yeh, he created the Frankenstein monster…but he died, Dracula told me the monster was torn to pieces."

The Friar nodded enthusiastically, "Yes that's true but for one thing, Victor Frankenstein did not die. Dracula realized the existence of your world the day you all arrived here, a world with no Anna, Van Helsing or the holy order to appose him. So he had Victor look into the subject."

Chris's eyes widened, "He wanted to rule our world."

Van Helsing scowled "He wanted to be God, to make a world in his image."

"And in our world no one would stop him…no one would know." Sarah finished the pieces fitting together.

Amie watched her boyfriend's expression with concern as he reddened slightly and seemed to find the carpet very interesting. He hadn't told them about Victor's machine, about seeing there world once more…there way home…and watching it destroyed. To his immense relief Carl had agreed with him to keep it silent…unless he was about to tell them all now.

Jory snorted. "Yeah, because our world is so screwed up anyway no one would know." He laughed loudly "That is actually a pretty cool plan."

"Or not." Marston added shuddering "Governments bad enough human imagine what it would be like if George Bush lived forever?" The teens all pulled identically disgusted faces.

Carl smirked "Well it's not going to happen now is it." He walked towards Sarah and handed her the journal. She tentatively traced the gold letters on the cover. "Dr. V. Frankenstein."

"I've marked the page." He said excitedly pointing out a scrap of paper sticking out of the charred edge. She carefully opened the book and began to read the scribbled words allowed.

"I've done it! I have succeeded in creating a portal from this world to the other…"

She glanced up startled her eyes wide with hope.

"No way!" Jory exclaimed peering over her shoulder.

She read on excitedly:

"A connection exists, I believe, between the mysterious children that entered our world and their own, creating a temporary fluctuating wormhole between the dimensions. I needed only to harness this connection and manifest it in material form; finally succeeding in creating an artificial portal…the count is ecstatic as ever remaining my only true friend and confidant.

If only Elisabeth were here to share my triumph…"

"He did it?" whispered Amie breathlessly standing and staring at the words.

Carl nodded as Sarah turned to page gasping at the intricate blue prints of a large machine. Chemical equations criss-crossed the pages like intricate spider webs that she could not even begin to understand.

"Can you build this Carl?" she asked quietly.

The friar grinned brightly backing towards the sheet. "I already have." He laughed ripping it away to reveal a large constructed archway, copper coils coating its frame and a mesh of wires leading into a large square box at its side.

The small room erupted in squeals and shouts. Carl staggered as Sarah and Amie threw themselves at him in a bone crushing hug.

"Fucking yes!!!" Marston yelled.

"Does it work?" asked Anna worriedly touching the frame carefully.

"Of course it works" the friar said sounding offended as he untangled himself from the teens.

Sarah stared at the machine tears welling in her eyes. "We're going home…" she whispered.

"There are showers at home!! Actual showers with warm water!" Amie exclaimed happily.

Sarah watched her friends celebrating around her laughing as Jory placed his arm around her shoulders and gave her a squeeze exclaiming loudly at her happy tears.

They were going home…all of them…she was free to go with them…to see her family. For weeks she had accepted that she would never go back…that she would die one way or another and her friends would return without her, but now she was going home.

The clearing was silent, abandoned by the many police officers and dogs that had combed it inch by inch day after day in search of any trace of the small group of friends that had seemingly vanished in to thin air nearly a month previously.

The search had moved on to new areas recently leaving the tents and belongings intact, luminous police tape ensuring that it would stay that way barring animal interference… or three wiccans on a mission.

Richard glanced around the clearing nervously as he ducked under a length of yellow police tape and entered the circle of four tents, running a nervous hand through his short black hair.

Beside him a girl with her dark hair pulled back under a brightly coloured bandana, knelt to peer curiously into the nearest tent.

"I really don't think we're allowed to be here." Richard stammered looking over to where his other friend, Adam knelt at Helen's side.

"Yep this was Sarah's tent." Helen confirmed straightening up and throwing a bluelace crystal bracelet at the startled boy.

Richard sighed as he closed his palm around it. "Are you sure their gonna come back today? Just appear?" he asked worriedly. "The police have been looking for nearly a month and they don't have a clue what happened to them, don't get me wrong I've got as much faith as the next Wiccan but you have to admit it's a bit hard to believe."

Helen nodded "maybe a little hard to believe but we all saw what we saw…Sarah's alive at least."

Adam frowned "The cards said it was today so it's today, and its here."

Richard sighed sitting cross-legged on the sun dried grass his tanned skin standing out from under the white t-shirt he wore. In his head he replayed the circle they'd shared nearly a week ago, recalling vividly the moment he had opened his eyes and seen his friend standing before them, pleading with them silently. She had looked so pale…so ghostly. He shuddered at the memory hoping that where ever she was she was alright.

"What if she's the only one coming back?" Helen asked sadly sitting next to him.

Frowning Adam reached into his pocket drawing out a set of tarot cards wrapped in black silk.

Carefully he shuffled and cut the deck, placing three cards face up.

The three witches leant over the cards as he read them aloud. "Past: the tower, trials and suffering, healing destruction…whatever they've gone through something harmful has been removed, evil has been overcome." He whispered.

They glanced to the second card. "The present: Seven of cups…" he broke into a broad grin. "Celebration, the reuniting of friends and the end of a journey."

Helen smiled "So they are coming back."

Adam nodded but then he glanced at the last card, the card of the distant future.

His eyes barely had time to spot the red skin of the devil before a fierce wind scattered the cards. Helen and Richard cried out in shock as a brilliant flash of light dazzled them and a shimmering portal took form.

The manor had suddenly come alive with shouts and yells of excitement. Through every corridor and room the teens darted to and fro collecting their meagre belongings which had somehow become widely scattered.

Jory laughed aloud as he looked in the mirror, feeling strange in his black skull T-Shirt, abandoned for so many weeks. The others were likewise glad to replace course wool with manufactured cloths and jeans.

Sarah stuffed her belongings into her denim hip bag, grinning broadly as she placed the Van Helsing novel inside.

"You know I don't think I'll ever watch this film in the same way again." She laughed looking at Amie who was struggling with her knee high boots, caressing them like long lost lovers. Her friend grinned back then frowned as she took in Sarah's riding trousers, corset top and peasant shirt.

"Sorry Dracula stole your clothes." She said sympathetically.

Sarah shrugged "I have some more in my tent." She grinned broadly "Plus I always wanted period clothes."

The group re-entered the tower together and in silence, all trembling with anticipation as they saw Carl adjusting the wires around the machine. Van Helsing frowned at the large box at his feet.

"What is this again?" he asked.

"I call it a battery." Carl said eagerly "It's a portable energy unit."

Van Helsing grunted as he tried to lift it from the floor, raising an eyebrow at his companion. "Portable? It weighs a ton!"

"Yes well it's only a prototype." Carl stammered.

Anna stepped towards the group and grinned as they handed out their personal silver daggers to her.

"They are yours to keep, I had them specially made and I intend for you to keep them." She said grinning at the gleeful looks on the boy's faces and the horror on Amie's. The girl hesitated for a moment before smiling and placing the blade in her coat pocket.

Sarah raised an eyebrow at her. "Well they are pretty." Amie said shrugging.

Sarah glanced up as the crackle of unstable electricity sounded and the small dynamo above the archway burst into life. Anna approached her drawing her slightly to one side, Van Helsing joined them smiling happily as he stood beside his new fiancé.

"I made a promise." The princess said lightly, producing the beautiful Tiger Katana from behind her back, its deep red sheath shimmering as it caught the light.

Sarah gasped in disbelief. "But…I didn't learn to use it properly." She stammered staring longingly at the sword.

Van Helsing laughed "I think you can handle it responsibly, you did use that sword to kill Verona."

Sarah grinned and reached out holding the sword perfectly balanced in her palm, she grasped the strings hanging from the hilt and tied the blade to her back in easy reach, as she had seen many samurai do in her manga films. She admired the effect in the window, beaming proudly at the guys jealous expressions.

Carl flicked a large switch and a flash of sunlight illuminated the room, making everyone blink in its intensity.

Bird calls filled the air, green woodland complete with tents and three very shocked wiccans appeared within the circle.

"Helly?" Sarah asked in astonishment catching sight of her friends.

A piercing squeal echoed through the portal. "Oh my God it's Van Helsing!"

"Friend of yours?" Van Helsing asked raising an eyebrow.

Sarah laughed and waved as Richard and Adam tried desperately to hold the struggling girl back.

Tony grinned "Well it's been great, we killed vampire's, saved the damsel in distress." Anna glared at him. "And now I'm going home." He announced taking a confident step forwards, he hugged Carl briefly and clasped Van Helsings hand. "Thanx for everything." He said sincerely.

Van Helsing nodded as Tony gave Anna a fleeting hug before stepping quickly through the portal.

Amie and Bob took hold of each others hands and turned to regard Anna and Van Helsing. "Thanks for everything!" Amie called.

"Yeh, glad you didn't die!" Bob said grinning as Amie punched him in the ribs and they stepped through.

Jory examined the portal thought fully. "You know I think I've learned something from all this." He said.

Marston and Chris stepped up next to him.

"Oh yeh?"

"What's that?"

Jory grinned "Never play with dimensional portals." Laughing they stepped through.

Sarah watched them all on the other side laughing and beckoning her through, Helen still fighting tooth and nail to get through the portal. "Let me go he has the hat!!"

She sighed. "You know in a few weeks their all going to leave me for uni…we'll drift apart."

Anna placed a comforting hand on her shoulder "No." she said confidently. "Whatever paths you take you'll always be together, they might be on the other side of the world but the bonds you have are strong. They stuck by you through death, through darkness…" she laughed lightly. "Distance will not come between you now."

Tears blurred Sarah's as she turned to the three people in front of her.

"You know I always wished for this? To meet you guys, to fight with you." She laughed dryly wiping away a stray tear. "It didn't really work out the way I always imagined it would."

Anna hugged her tightly "You look after yourself…Dracula can't hunt anyone anymore."

Sarah sniffed smiling gratefully.

She turned to Carl who shifted shyly. "Er before you go…would you mind telling me what the "atomic Bomb" Jory mentioned is?" he asked hopefully.

Sarah laughed and pulled him into a tight hug. "You forget you heard that!"

Lastly she turned to Van Helsing. He stepped forward and tilted his hat back slightly, "So in your world I'm famous?" he asked his eyes shinning. Sarah nodded grinning.

"You've got no excuse to forget us all then."

Sarah smiled rubbing absently at the pale scars on her throat, she pulled the rim of her top up slightly exposing white scars across her naval from Velkan's attack.

"Somehow I don't think I will." She said.

He embraced her and she tugged teasingly at his hat. Hearing Helen's echoing yells behind her.

The hunter, the princess and the Friar watched as she stood silhouetted in the portals light for a moment.

Turning she grinned at the princess. "Hey Anna when the baby comes you gotta call it Sarah!" she giggled winking and stepping into the light.

Van Helsing blinked as Anna blushed deeply; he turned his head to stare at her. "Er is there something you want to tell me?" he asked tentatively.

Anna glared at the portal then turned back to the hunter. "Gabriel…you're going to be a father." She whispered.

"You didn't get me the hat!" came a shrill yell, and then complete silence as the portal closed.

Away from the celebratory fire in the village, a disfigured creature glared up at the tower window of Valerius manor. He watched as the light from the portal faded and the window became dark once again. Not daring to go to near to the manor, the small figure watched as Van Helsing swept the Valerius princess off her feet in ecstasy, one hand splayed over her stomach as he stared at her in wonder.

A malicious grin spread across the watchers face and he turned to walk into the depths of the forest. "You didn't get Igor." He muttered to himself. "But Igor will get you."

The End?

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