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Walking back home from such a long journey was hard. Kaye had to trek through Sohma woods to actually get to her house. She had her camou pants on, a green army shirt, and two black streaks painted on her face. She hadn't personally gone to the army, only had army training… for fun. She had traveled around the US and Japan, looking for a fighting school greater than the last. Her heavy combat boots helped her trudge through the forest, her long brown hair tied up in a messy bun, and her gray eyes searching for signs of her home. Thinking over her training, she realized she had learned so many things! Speed, accuracy, strength, stamina, swimming… so many things!

There it was; her prey.

The strangely colored head bobbed in and out of the leaves, nearing the tree where Kaye was.

"HA!" she shouted as the orange head bobbed right under her tree, she jumped into the air and landed on the shoulders of orangey.

"Gotcha!" she cried, tugging at the orange hair of the boy she had just landed on.

"What the hell- Kaye?" shouted the orange head, which was replaced by Kyo Sohma's red eyes and startled face.

"That's right!" Kaye said, giving him the thumbs up. She rubbed Kyo's head. "How I missed you older brother!"

Kyo hugged his little sister affectionately. He realized something as she hugged back; Tohru had never met his little sister!


"So what's been going on? It's been forever since I've seen you, brother," Kaye said as she slid off Kyo's shoulders.

"Actually, there's someone I'd like you to meet back at home, c'mon." Kaye tilted her head curiously, but followed Kyo down the dirt path nonetheless. Who could it be she had left to meet? She was born a Sohma. There was no Sohma who was lost to her memory.

When they arrived at Shigure's Kaye enthusiastically greeted both he and Yuki. Kyo leaned back against the doorframe of the commodious room with a little smirk on his face, watching as Kaye ruffled Yuki's hair and did some sort of secret handshake with Shigure. For some reason his little sister just made him want to smile. It was the same effect that Tohru had on him on a lot of occasions.

Speaking of Tohru… where was she? "Yo," Kyo called suddenly, "where's Tohru at?"

Kaye blinked skeptically. "Tohru?"

"Ahh yes," Shigure sighed smugly, stretching widely. "Wherever has our young Tohru gone? If you hadn't stormed off so fast Kyo she would still be here. She ran out to the store to pick up some groceries."

"Groceries?" Kaye muttered in a small voice from where she stood, as though trying to piece things together.

Kyo's hands balled into fists and his eyebrow began to twitch involuntarily. "Everyone here knows damned well I hate leeks."

"Yes, you'll never let us forget it," Yuki muttered in his mysterious voice. He had sat himself down at the kotatsu and arranged himself in a thoughtful pose as he most often always did. "If you hadn't freaked out-"

"If you hadn't PROVOKED me-!"

"I'm back!" came a chipper voice from down the hall. Both Yuki and Kyo turned their attentions elsewhere to the source, hurriedly silencing. Kaye blinked furiously once again. She had never seen Kyo regain stability so fast before.

The door slid back and a girl of around 15 or 16 came in with several bags secured to both arms. Kaye took a step back almost shyly. The girl smiled the cutest smile. "Hello everybody." Kyo and Yuki came forward and took the bags from her. The girl looked startled. "Oh, Kyo you're back, I-"

"Save it, I heard the story."

"I'm sorry I didn't have more choice before, but I got plenty of things and tonight you can decide what we-"

"Hey!" Kyo yelled, quickly turning in place. Tohru stopped abruptly a few inches in front of him. She blushed ever so slightly Kaye observed, as though upset she'd made him angry. Kyo looked down at her a moment, then turned around and kept on walking into the kitchen. "Don't worry about it. Make whatever you want."

Kaye quickly looked toward her brother with a contorted look on her face as though asking the ever popular question: 'WTF?'. Again his anger had melted away so fast. The girl smiled brightly and nodded. Then, without notice, the brunette turned to Kaye, who took an unsteady step back. Her brother had disappeared into the kitchen.

"Oh, hi there!" came the expected greeting. "I'm sorry, I didn't know the boys were expecting company. My name's Tohru Honda."

"I... I, uh…" Kaye stuttered. Then, she saluted Tohru, who blinked a few times, then glanced at Shigure as though for an answer to her voiceless question. He was giggling in his usual corner of the kotatsu.

"Hey Tohru, this is my little sister, Kaye Sohma," Kyo introduced when he came back out of the kitchen. "She's come to visit for a while."

"Kaye Sohma…" Tohru echoed, a warm smile on her face. "A pleasure to meet you!"

"And to you…" Kaye muttered uneasily. Kyo narrowed his eyes slightly in confusion, much the way Kaye's had earlier. What was her issue?

There came a crashing from the kitchen and Tohru quickly ran to help Yuki with putting the groceries away. Shigure adjourned to his office with the excuse that he felt 'inspired', leaving Kaye and Kyo alone.

Kaye glanced at her brother suspiciously. "That's who you wanted me to meet?"

"Well yeah… something wrong?"

Kaye ignored his question and instead asked her own. "What is she doing here?"

"It's a long story, Kaye. Probably one she'd be better off telling you herself. Now, let's go get you set up, okay?" Kyo started for the stairs with her suitcase (which, yes, DID accumulate from thin air).

"She doesn't belong here, Kyo," Kaye muttered softly. It didn't matter the volume of her remark, for Kyo still heard it as bitter all the same. He turned to face his sister and thought about that night when he had been forced to reveal himself in true form to Tohru; how she had accepted him as he truly was and welcomed him, as she always had, with open arms.

"She does belong here, Kaye. She's already proved that." Kyo turned his back to his little sister and continued up the stairs. "I don't know why you don't like her," he said half to himself, not really a question to her. She answered it nonetheless and in a whisper not even he could hear.

"Because you like her."


Kyo looked back, thinking he had heard Kaye speak again, but dismissed it. The two arrived at Kyo's room, and Kaye slid back his door. "It's neater than I thought..." she said grinning.

"Oh is it?" Kyo grabbed her in a bear hug, giving her chocolate hair a tug.

Tohru looked up at the ceiling, numerous bumps were heard. She guessed that Kaye and Kyo were wrestling. "Shigure," she said, cutting up some veggies for lunch, "Is Kaye part of the Zodiac?" She stopped cutting and started to count who she had met so far.

"No, why do you ask?" Shigure said as he hovered around her, trying to get at whatever was in the cabinet over her head.

Tohru eyed Shigure, making sure lunch was safe, "When she hugged Kyo and Yuki they didn't transform." she spoke timidly, as if afraid that she was out of place.

"Well, then, why don't you ask her, ne?" Tohru nodded at his idea but whapped his hand as he reached for dessert.

"I'll ask her after lunch," Tohru smiled at Shigure as he nursed his hand. He pouted and stalked off to his office. Tohru looked back to her little stir fry, making sure in didn't burn. She stirred the contents again and turned on the rice cooker, hearing one final bump upstairs.

"That was AWESOME!" Kaye said, panting and laughing at the same time, "You've gotten better Kyo-Kyo."

Kyo groaned at the nickname and attacked Kaye's hair once again, "It's not Kyo-Kyo, little sister!" The two sat up, exhausted. Kaye smiled and launched herself at Kyo, gathering him in a hug.

"I missed you Kyo-Kyo," He was about to bark back a response, but the sentence was too sentimental.

Meanwhile, Shigure was snickering in his office. "They have NO idea what it sounded like from down here!" he couldn't help his thoughts, they were just like that. He began to type on his computer the title, "A Summer Colored Sigh" then typed his little perverted heart out. Until Tohru said lunch was ready, that is.

Kyo came downstairs with Kaye on his back; he couldn't get her off. He just didn't know how to bribe people. "It's such a sad day when a sister realizes that she is a better briber than her older brother." she said, wagging her finger at him as they sat down at the table. She stopped then took a smell of the air, "Stir fry!"

"How'd you know?" asked Tohru as she walked in the room. The kitchen could not be seen from where Kaye was sitting.

"Army training; it has its uses!" Kaye told the blue eyed girl.

"Army training?" Shigure asked, taking his share of stir fry first, of course.

"That's right!" she said, taking her own plate of stir fry, "Army training, it's more fun then it sounds!" Kyo nearly choked on the gaping chopstick-full of stir fry he had taken.

"Oh, then were you actually in the army?" asked Tohru as she started on her own stir fry.

"Nope, just did it for fun. I went to America too. That's where I got this shirt!" Kaye put down her chopsticks to show the green ARMY shirt to everyone. "Let's see, Navy, Army, where else did I go in America?"

Everyone ate as she pondered this, and she began to as well. "Did you remember?" asked Yuki.

"Remember what?" asked Kaye, sincerely nonetheless. Everyone but Kyo looked at her like she was horribly stupid.

"I see that even if you've changed, your memory hasn't, Kaye!" Kyo joked. Kaye smiled sheepishly at her brother, she was so happy to see him, but she may have to straighten him out and get him back together with Kagura. She sighed and shook her head, eating the rest of her stir fry and starting on the rice.


Once their meal was finished, Tohru went into the kitchen to get out the desserts. Kyo went in with her and when they came out both carried a plateful each of food. Kaye eyed all the wonderful food Tohru had made, saliva gathering in the corners of her mouth. Tohru set down a plate of homemade oatmeal raisin cookies before her and smiled.

"Kyo tells me they're your favorite," Tohru explained, sitting back down next to Kaye. "They're mine as well."

Kaye looked over at Kyo, who winked at her, then turned to yell at Shigure for eating all the chocolate chip. Tohru reached over and took a cookie. "Go ahead," she said softly, "no need to be shy."

"I am not shy," Kaye said, standing up swiftly. She headed for the door, sliding it back as she muttered, "I'm stuffed after lunch and I think I'd be more suited for a walk, thanks."

Yuki blinked a few times. "Stuffed? She eats like a bird."

"Yes, it's not like Kaye to skip dessert," Shigure offered as he started on the oatmeal himself. "It normally seems she saves room during the meal for dessert." All three boys looked to Tohru and she looked down at her cookie in a very lonely way.

"I hope… I hope it's nothing I've done…" Tohru muttered in a small voice. Kyo couldn't help but think to himself, 'No. It was nothing you'd done - on purpose.' But he didn't say anything, nor did he move. He just stared at the spot where his sister had disappeared.

"Just give her some time, Tohru, she'll warm up to you," Shigure said, winking at her. "Everyone always does."

Kaye hadn't returned by the time Tohru left for work that night, nor when it was just about time for her to be heading back home. Kyo told himself that he would wait to go out and look for her until Tohru came home.

As Tohru walked home she did as she always did; reflected on the day's events. Today she had met yet another Sohma. Not a member of the Zodiac, no, but she was by far an interesting person nonetheless. Kaye Sohma. Kyo had never once mentioned a little sister. They didn't even look alike. Kaye had a very dark appearance and Kyo's visual aspect greatly pronounced his endless amount of burning energy. However, their eyes did reflect the same silent struggle and after Kaye's talk of the army and America Tohru was sure both had the same way of coping with their pasts: fighting.

'Oh, how exciting America must have been!' Tohru thought excitedly. She'd heard many things about the immigrant country but she'd never understood why anyone would want to travel so far away from their homelands. 'Kaye is so brave to have traveled so far for the sake of her training.'

Then again, Kaye didn't seem to be enjoying her time back home too much. Tohru's entire spirit seemed to droop as she remembered the semi-detest-full face Kaye liked to give her no matter how much Tohru smiled. What on earth could she have done? Maybe there was something about Tohru that offended her. She didn't know what it was, but, she didn't like it.

She hated being hated.

Tohru continued down the path to Shigure's house, just now able to see the dim lights of the front door. She smiled faintly, remembering how tired she was. As she approached she stretched out a hand to pull back the door. Then, all of the sudden, Kaye jumped down in front of her from some high altitude, .a.k.a the tall oak behind Tohru, knocking Tohru out of the way. Tohru screamed and jumped back, thoroughly startled. Kay glanced back at her with a dark shadow looming over her face and then swiftly pulled open the door for herself and strode in.

Tohru sat on the ground just in front of the open door for a few minutes, catching her breath and trying to redeem herself. Yuki walked in front of the door, shivered, and looked her way. "Miss Honda," he gasped, striding over and kneeling down before her, "what are you doing out here?" Tohru looked up at Kaye who was smirking at her, and frowned slightly.

Yuki helped her up and brought her into the house, sliding the door shut behind them. Kaye muttered something about a bath and started up the stairs.

"Tohru," Shigure called, "would you mind terribly if Kaye used your tub?"

Tohru smiled. "Not at all!" She turned to Kaye, who had frozen at the top of the stairs. "Help yourself." Kaye nodded curtly and finished her way to the next landing.

Later, Kyo paid a visit to Kaye in her room. He leaned against the doorway and knocked gently on the wall. "Hey," he called and she looked up at the familiar sound of his voice, "where'd you disappear to this afternoon?"


"Hn," was Kaye's reply. She turned from him, a hard task on your knees.

"Kaye, you really should try and get along-" Kyo was interrupted from his older brother speech when a squeal was heard downstairs.

"KAYE'S HERE?!" came the voice of the squeal, and before he knew it, Kyo saw a blonde boy sprinting up the stairs and looking for Kaye. Although he looked as though in grade school, he was the equivalent of Haru, a 15 year old.

"Momiji?" Kaye said, sticking her head out the door. Before she knew it, she was caught up in a fierce hug.

"Kaye, I missed you!" he said, his eyes large and bubbly.

"Well, I'm here now, ne?" she replied, patting his soft yellow hair.

"There it is again, Momiji didn't transform!" Tohru and Shigure were 'investigating'.

"So it would seem." Shigure clapped his hands together, "Ask Ha'ri!" Tohru nodded and the two snuck away from Kaye's room.

"Where have you been? You've been gone for... a long time!" Momiji complained, his eyes still bubbly.

"Aw! There, there Momiji! I know, let's go for a walk and we can talk about what you've been up to!"

Momiji nodded and said, "We should go visit everyone!" Kaye nodded at his idea. She had always been jealous of Momiji, he had been able to keep his childhood innocence until he was 15, but her? It stopped at seven.

Kaye and Momiji stood up, "You can come too, Kyo!" Momiji invited and Kaye smiled at the offer. Kyo shook his head, "Nah, you two go. Kaye, be careful, 'kay?"

"Yes sir! I will remember to do as told, SIR!" she saluted Kyo and the two army marched out of the house.

Tohru came upstairs to see Kyo. She turned the corner, slid open the door and saw him watching his little sister leave the perimeter of the house, and out into the street. "How old is she?" Tohru asked, startling Kyo.

Once he began to breathe again, he replied. "14, she-"

"FOURTEEN?! That's so young though!" Tohru began to freak out, and Kyo got frustrated.

"You didn't let me finish!" There, Tohru was calm again. 'Talk about mood swings,' he thought, then continued, "She's 14 and she's turning 15 soon." Kyo sighed.

"That's still young for traveling around Japan- and America!" Tohru was shocked.

"And Canada." Kyo added thoughtfully.

"Canada too!?"

"Hey look! Ice cream!" Kaye said. Momiji jumped up and down as Kaye got out her purse. "What flavor kids?" asked the lady behind the stand. The two friends were in the park, walking over to where the inside Sohma's lived to visit Hatori.

"Strawberry!" was Momiji's instant answer. It took Kaye a minute,. "Chocolate." They were given an extra scoop for being simply adorable, and the two continued walking. By the time she and Momiji got to the gates, the ice cream was gone, but not forgotten. The memory was all over their faces... literally.

Kaye used a tree and using that as an aid, jumped from the tree to the other side of the gates- stealthily, nonetheless. She opened the gates for Momiji, who was standing frozen in awe from Kaye's use of Army skills. "That was so cool!" he said, and Kaye thanked him. The two continued walking, Momiji leading; Kaye had forgotten her way around the place.

"Hatori!" Momiji shouted.

"Hatori!" shouted Kaye. The door was opened quickly after the second shout. A glaring Hatori looked down at the two short teens at his doorstep.

"Kaye?" he asked, recognizing her. Kaye nodded and Hatori let the two inside. "So you're back," a statement rather than a question.

"That's right, Hatori!" Kaye smiled, accepting the paper towels her threw at her. Kaye handed one to Momiji, then began to wipe the chocolate off her face. Once the two faces were sparkling clean, Hatori offered tea. "What brings you back?" asked Hatori.

"That's still totally young!" retorted Tohru as she sat down to talk with Kyo.

"Young stopped at seven for her." Kyo replied softly. Tohru remained silent. He was scared for his little sister; when she was alone and uncomforted, she tended to-

"Kaye..." Hatori muttered warningly. He had her hand in his, the under arm turned so it was facing up. Momiji had decided to visit the bathroom, and he was taking the quiet time for a quick check up. When she was younger, Kaye's mother had to bring her here every other day for bruises, cuts, and broken bones. They had lived so close to Hatori; he had been a father to her when she was in need of a true parent.

He traced the scars on the bare side of her arm. One seemed fresh. "Those aren't new, Ha'ri," she said.

He sighed and put down her arm, "Just don't do it anymore." he warned, and Kaye nodded.

"Seven?" Tohru said after a long period of silence.

"Yeah, she didn't exactly have the good life. Well, neither did I, but it just affected her more for some reason. She would say she didn't care being orphaned, and at our mother's funeral, she shed no tears. Not even a squeak. If anything, she looked triumphant. I moved in and was adopted by Master, the one who taught me all I know, and; you've met him." Kyo took a breath, remembering the last time he saw his Master. "Kaye moved in with Hatori." he finished.

"Hatori? So then," Tohru said thoughtfully, "she must know a lot of the Sohmas, since I'm sure they needed checkups every so often."

Kyo shook his head, "She was wicked shy when she was younger, she still is really, but she didn't stick around long. She worked hard every day and saved up enough money to pay her own tuition at a fighting school, she had already finished Masters. She could probably beat that damn rat..." he mused. "She even-"

"I'm home!" came a shout from downstairs. Tohru exited Kyo's room to greet his sister.

"Welcome back!" greeted Tohru, smiling at the girl. She had a wolfish grin plastered on her face, Kaye that is. Tohru looked at the girl as her grin changed to a smirk, and she went to go tackle Shigure in his office. 'Kyo has a... very strange sister...'she thought and went to go do some laundry.

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