Maeve is walking through a village when she hears a woman screaming for help. She runs towards the sound to see a petite woman being surrounded by pirates. Maeve is a strong feminist and believer in good, so she conjured a fireball and hurled it towards the group. It took out a couple of the men whilst the others looked towards her.

"Come and pick on someone your own size" she yelled.

Then she ran towards the group with her sword out and started fighting. The other woman needed no encouragement and soon they had frightened off all of the pirates.

"Thanks" smiled the woman. "I owe you one."

"Pleasure" smiled Maeve. "Oh, by the way, I'm Maeve."

"Bryn" said the petite girl. "The name rings a bell. You don't happen to have a brother named Dermott do you?"

"Do I know you?" Asked a surprised Maeve.

"I shouldn't think so. You left just before Sinbad found me."

"You know Sinbad?"

"Oh, yes. I sail with him. That's how I know Dermott. They told me a lot about you."

"All good I hope. Can you take me to them?"

"Of course. They'll be overjoyed to see you."

So the two set off across the flat path that connected the two villages. It was quite flat so the two ambled along at a comfortable pace whilst admiring the surroundings. After a short silence Maeve worked up enough courage to ask the question she'd been longing to ask since the beginning.

"So, who's here?" Asked an excited Maeve.

"Oh, Doubar, Dermott, Firouz, Rongar and of course Sinbad."

"Fantastic. Where bouts are they?"

"They went to the next village; I said I'd meet them there."

"Great. So what have you been doing since I've been gone?"

So Bryn told her of all their adventures. It didn't take her too long as she didn't talk in great detail. Maeve listened and wondered if they would be pleased to see her.

"They've missed you a lot." Said Bryn. "They all thought highly of you."

"How so?" Asked a curious Maeve.

"They always talk so highly of you. Well, Dermott, Doubar and Firouz do. Sinbad doesn't like to mention you much."

"Oh," said a rather confused and upset Maeve. Bryn saw the hurt in her eyes and quickly added, "Oh, it's not that he forgot you. He found it the hardest when you left. He wouldn't eat for a while. It was like he was mourning. It hurt him really badly. They all say he's changed."

"How so?"

"He dresses differently, and acts differently. He no longer looks for the goodness in people, he just kills them."

"Really, I can't have caused that."

"It's true. You must understand that this is from what Doubar has told me, for I have never met your Sinbad."

"Aye, then what you say is true."

"He told me of Lea, and how he lost his first love to the sea. And when he lost his real love to the sea, he grieved painfully."

"And then he lost me too."

"No, you misunderstood me. I meant you."

"I think you are mistaken, I'm not Sinbad's love."

"Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot. Doubar said you two were ignorant to it."

"Yeah, well. Don't believe everything you hear from that poisonous mouth!"

"I'm sorry to have upset you. I didn't mean you any harm."

"It's ok. I just miss them, tormenting and all."

"They often told me what a handsome couple you make."

"Do you think we can stop now? Lets just say that those four loved winding us up about it."

"But it wasn't just them. Everywhere we went that you had been to with them previously asked about you. They said it was a great shame for you two were well suited."

"Well it's not going to happen. He has a duty to master the sea, and I have to free my brother. Don't you see? It can't happen because we've both got tasks to fulfill. We've put our lives on hold until we've completed them."

"That is a great loss indeed. But will you admit that you like Sinbad, even just a little bit?"

"I'm sorry. I'm not too good at opening up."

"Oh yes. So they said. But there was this one night I wish to tell you about. Sinbad had wandered up to the bow during tea; I followed him up there and sat beside him. I asked if he was thinking of you. He said he was. I asked to know a bit more about you. He seemed pleased to finally get it off of his chest. He told me of your past adventures. Of your beauty, your liveliness, your stubbornness and your talent. He said he'd never known anyone like you before."

"Are you sure?"

"Oh yes. And then he said it."

"Said what?"

"He said that it was killing him. To him you might as well have been dead, cause he couldn't bear thinking that you were alive somewhere in the world, and he wasn't there with you."

They were quiet for a while. Maeve was deep in contemplation. They arrived at a small village when they heard an almighty squawk and a ball of feathers hurled its way towards Maeve. "Dermott" She cried before stroking his feathers and telling him how much she'd missed him.

Aye sister, I've missed you too, but not as much as our dear captain.

Not you as well.

But it's true Maeve. Don't tell me he wasn't the one you missed most

Of course he wasn't. I missed you most.

That's a lie Maeve and we both know it. Stop pretending.

Fine. I missed him like crazy, ok? I cried myself to sleep every night knowing that I wouldn't see him in ages. Is that what you wanted?

At least you admitted it.

Suddenly a big booming voice sounded.

"MAEVE!" It yelled. Maeve spun around.

"Doubar?" She called. The giant ran up towards her and swung her round.

"Oh lass, you don't know how glad we are to see you again."

"Aye tubby, it's great to see you again too." He put her down before she turned to face Rongar. They embraced as well.

"Rongar. I've missed you." She then turned to see Firouz. She hugged him.

"It's been too long." He sighed.

"Aye, it has." She replied before turning to look at them all. "But there's someone missing." She smiled.

"Don't tell me you've forgotten who" Smiled Doubar.

"Of course not. Where is...oh a.... what's his name again?"

"You're not fooling anyone Maeve." laughed Firouz. "We know you've missed him as much as he's missed you"

"Hmmm." She said. "But where is Sinbad?"

"He should be here in a minute." said Doubar.

Just then Maeve heard someone whisper her name. She turned around to see what looked like Sinbad, standing 10 meters away. "Sinbad?" She whispered back. They started walking towards each other, before they picked up the pace and before long they were running full speed into each others arms and at last they were in a tight embrace. They were so overjoyed to see each other that they were soon kissing. The crew stood smiling as they watched the scene, remembering a similar scene after Sinbad had killed the Vorgan.

The Kiss seemed to last an eternity before they pulled themselves together and blushed as they turned to a laughing crew. Well this seems like deja vu thought Maeve.

Ah, but the kiss was definitely more intense this time! answered Dermott.

Shut it. Warned Maeve.

Doubar, Firouz and Rongar just stood there laughing at the redness that had covered both of their faces.

"Some thing's never change!" Laughed Doubar.

"Yes" Agreed Firouz. "It's good to have them back together isn't it!"

Maeve and Sinbad just ignored them, and Bryn just smiled knowingly at them.

"You are staying, aren't you Maeve?" Asked Sinbad anxiously.

"I'm sorry Sinbad" She said. He looked heart broken before she carried on. "Seems that I have no choice, Dim Dim will have it no other way!"

Sinbad hugged her again before they made their way back over to the group.

Doubar winked at Firouz before asking mischievously:

"Had any of those better kisses recently Sinbad?" he laughed. Sinbad and Maeve just blushed as the crew continued laughing.

They were all talking and catching up when they heard a man shout out to them.


A handsome man ran forward and pulled her into a hug.

"Do I know you?" Bryn looked at him. He looked shocked. She had a faint memory, but it was gone in a flash.

"What do you mean? Don't you remember me? I'm your husband."

"I'm married?" Bryn looked as shocked as he did.

"You don't remember me, do you?"

"I'm sorry. I've lost my memory. All I remember is waking up on a strange island with only my name to remind me of who I am."

"Oh Bryn, I've missed you so much. I was heartbroken when you got taken away from us like that."


The man was about to answer when a small girl ran up to Bryn.

"Mummy!" She yelled as she ran to give Bryn a hug.

Bryn looked down at the girl and then back at the man. He smiled and nodded. Bryn was still in shock. The little girl looked up at the women standing there.

"Mummy?" She asked. "Don't you remember me?"

The little girl had tears welling up in her eyes. Bryn bent down so they were eye level. She gently wiped the tears away before whispering softly:


The little girl wrapped her arms tightly around her mother's neck and hugged her tightly. Scared to let go.

"You remember me." She laughed softly. "You remember me. I missed you mummy."

"I missed you to my little Bumble Bee!"

Bryn lifted Brea up and went over to the man who had a tear running down his cheek.

"I'm so sorry Brian" She whispered. She hugged him before breaking apart. "Lets go home" She said smiling.

So the crew accompanied Bryn and her husband back to their house to say their goodbyes.

It was a long walk full of stories and laughter. They walked up a cliff to the very top overlooking the sea. There was a small cottage standing there, surrounded by flowers, very picturesque. They walked them to the front gate of the cottage before saying their goodbyes.

"Are you sure you won't come in?" Asked Bryn.

"No, we must be getting back to the Nomad" said Sinbad. "If were going to catch the tide and leave here before dark."

"You are right." Smiles Bryn. "But you must visit me often, and tell me of your adventures."

"I'm sure we can manage that" laughed Doubar.

"And Maeve" continued Bryn. "Please look after them for me."

"Of course." Smiled Maeve.

Then, one by one, Bryn said goodbye to the crew and her friends. They departed on good terms and she watched the crew walking down the cliff towards the Nomad.

This is as it should be. Back the way it was. Everything has its reason. They were right, they do make a gorgeous couple! Bryn thought to herself before sending one final message to Dermott. Take care of them Dermott.

I will Bryn, I promise. And I will do everything in my power to get them together.

Thank you my friend. For the safety of the world depends on it!

Take care of yourself Bryn. And Bryn went inside to her family.

Later that evening the crew were sitting around a feast fit for a King. They were celebrating Maeve's return and were waiting for Sinbad to give the go ahead.

"Wow guys, you did all this, for me?" said Maeve warmly.

"Of course." Said Doubar. "We really missed you Lass"

"And we're so glad your back" added Firouz.

"Ah." smiled Maeve. "I should go away more often."

"I hope that was a joke" Sinbad said a little too quickly.

"Aye lass." smiled Doubar. "I don't think Sinbad could go through that again!"

"And I doubt you could either!" laughed Firouz.

"You're lucky I'm in a good mood." warned Maeve. "Or you would not have survived that! Unfortunately some thing's never change. I was hoping you'd have stopped that by now!"

"Are you mad?" asked Sinbad. "They're way too immature for that. They were alright while you were away!"

"yeah, but you weren't" smiled Firouz.

"And we intend on having as much fun at your expense as possible." laughed Doubar. "You've only yourselves to blame!"

"Yeah, until you two stop being so stubborn and proud, we'll continue as long as it takes!" laughed Firouz.

"Until what?" asked Sinbad.

"Until you two admit your feelings and sort this out of course!" laughed Doubar.

"Then you'll be waiting a long time!" replied Maeve.

"So you admit you like him then?" smiled Firouz.

"I never said that." quickly replied Maeve. "All I said was...ARGH. You three are so annoying. Sinbad, I'm starving, can we eat yet?"

"Ok, but first I'd like to make a toast."

"Oh great, now you've done it Maeve!" sighed Doubar.

"I hope this is short" said Maeve smiling sweetly. "I'm kind of hungry."

"It would be if you let me get on with it!" snapped Sinbad jokingly.

"Sorry" mumbled Maeve and Doubar.

"As I was saying, before I was so rudely interrupted" he said glaring at Doubar. "I know many of us will miss Bryn, but she is finally happy. She is back where she belongs. As is Maeve, which is why we are celebrating tonight. So, a toast, to happiness for all those who deserve it, and welcome home Maeve!"

"Welcome home Maeve" was cheered throughout the crew.

"Can we eat yet Sinbad?" Grumbled Doubar.

"It's good to know some things never change!" laughed Maeve, and soon everyone was laughing with her, including Doubar.

"We've sure missed your remarks Maeve!" laughed Doubar. "It's been no fun without you!"

"Thanks Doubar, but your right. Sinbad, if you plan to make us just sit here all night and only inhale the food, then please tell me now so that I can go!"

"Thank Allah, Maeve's back. Now Sinbad will be put back in his place!" Doubar started laughing again at Firouz's comment. He knew he was right. It was good to see things back to normal.

"Alright, thank you Firouz. When you're all quite done with the snide comments....Maeve!"

"What, me? I don't know what you're talking about!" She said with a look of pure innocence on her face which made everyone laugh.

"Of course you don't!" Sinbad grinned back.

"Get on with it Sinbad!" yelled Doubar, Firouz and Maeve at the same time.

"Fine, let the feast commence!"

A huge 'hurray' was heard as the crew started to dig in and Doubar was heard yelling 'at last' before he disappeared behind a pile of food.

The evening was full of laughter and fun. There were loads of bottles of wine going round and everybody was making the most of them. Stories were told of past adventures and more recent ones. When the feeding frenzy had slowed down they began a conversation again instead of having just one person telling the story. Doubar started it with a question for Maeve.

"So Maeve, Dim Dim said you'd gone to learn more magic."

"That's right." She allowed.

"Does that mean you're a full sorceress now instead of just an apprentice?" asked a confused Firouz.

"Yes, my training is complete so I am classed as a sorceress." She answered.

"So, can we have a demonstration of your new abilities?" asked Doubar.

"Ok. But first, do you need some more wine Doubar?"

"I'm never against more wine!" laughed Doubar along with the rest.

So Maeve clicked her fingers causing the wine bottle to hover. She then clicked them a second time to make it float over to Doubar's glass. And finally a third time to make the wine bottle pour wine into his glass before landing back onto the table. Doubar sat shocked for a moment before saying:

"Wow, I'll never have to get up to fill my glass again!" This made the crew laugh hard. Maeve just shook her head whilst smiling.

"I thought you might like that. But now, for my main piece, I shall need a volunteer." She said, smiling daringly at Sinbad.

"Oh no." he smiled. "no way."

"What's the matter Sinbad?" smiled Firouz. "Chicken?"

Dermott squawked indignantly.

"Chill Dermott!" laughed Doubar. "It's just an expression!"

"Well" started Maeve. "For my spell, I need someone whose appearance has changed dramatically since I was last here." Everyone's heads turned towards Sinbad.

"And you always used to love it when it when I did magic!"

"Fine!" he said. "I'll do it."

"Great." smiled Maeve. "just sit still and stay quiet, if you can manage that!"

"What, the sitting still or keeping quiet?" laughed Doubar.

Sinbad, however, didn't rise to it and just sat there quietly. Maeve closed her eyes and held her arms out in front of her towards Sinbad. She began to quietly chant a spell whilst picturing Sinbad's old attire in her mind. She chanted louder and louder until there was a bright flash and Sinbad was sitting there in his old clothes. Everyone sat still looking shocked, Maeve just smiled.

"That's better" she commented. "Now that's the Sinbad I know."

And love added Dermott.

"Shut it featherbrain!" Maeve shouted at him.

"Something you want to share Maeve?" asked Doubar.

"You're alright" blushed Maeve.

"That was amazing!" butted in Firouz. "How did you do that?"

"Just a little something I learnt" laughed Maeve.

"Well, next time I need to change, I'll just have to find you!" laughed Sinbad. Maeve just smiled mischievously at him.

"Your forgetting sailor" smiled Maeve. "If you annoy me then I have the power to dress you in whatever I want. And I'm sure the crew would love that." Sinbad blushed bright red at the thought while the others just laughed.

"Thanks Maeve." blushed Sinbad. "I'll try to remember that."

"I'm sure Maeve can't wait for an excuse to carry out the threat!" smiled Firouz. Now it was Maeve's turn to blush as she dismissed it.

When the feast was finished everyone made their way to bed. Sinbad, however, made his way up deck and towards the bow to where Maeve was standing, gazing out over the moonlit waters. He walked up beside her and stood watching the moonlight and stars twinkle in the evening sky. She sensed him there and leant back into him resting her head on his shoulder.

"I've missed this" sighed Maeve.

"I bet." smiled Sinbad. "There is nothing as beautiful as the view from the bow in the evening."

"Aye. It's beautiful."

"But it's even nicer to have somebody to share it with."

"I know what you mean." smiled Maeve looking at him.

"I've missed you Maeve."

"Aye, I've missed you too sailor. All your commands and arguments."

"And I've missed your stubbornness and fireballs." She elbowed him lightly before he continued. "There were so many times when we got into a fight and I'd think, if only Maeve were here. We'd soon be out of this mess. To begin with I used to go to turn to you to ask you to fling a fireball or two, but you were never there."

"I'm beginning to think that's the only thing you missed about me!"

"Well, it was a big part of it!" She playfully slapped him in the side.

"There wasn't much I missed about you!" she said cheekily. "Apart from your big headedness, always thinking you were right, and trying to leave me behind!"

"Yeah, never succeeded though did I?!" They laughed for a bit before Maeve let out a yawn.

"Tired?" asked Sinbad.

"Just a little" smiled Maeve.

"Go to bed. Have a good nights sleep and I'll see you in the morning."

"Ok. I could do with a good nights sleep, I haven't had one of those in ages."

"I know what you mean." smiled Sinbad. "You'll find your cabin just as you left it."

"You mean you didn't touch it? What about Bryn?"

"I couldn't. It's your cabin Maeve. I hoped that by keeping it like that would give you a reason to come back. I know it sounds silly but..."

"I understand." She yawned again. "Anyway. Good night Sinbad."

"Good night Maeve. Sweet dreams."

And he turned to watch her walk down below to her waiting cabin. He smiled at the comforting thought that she was back with him, and she wasn't going anywhere. He knew that tonight he'd get the best sleep he'd had since she'd left. Maeve also arrived at her cabin, flung herself onto her bed and knew she was home. She was going to sleep well tonight, and in the morning. Sinbad would be there when she woke up.