Maeve woke up early the next morning to the gentle sway of the Nomad. She got dressed and went up deck to see Sinbad standing at the tiller. She walked over to him and stood next to him.

"So Sinbad" She started. "Where are we off to?"

"Baghdad" He replied. "The Caliph is having a celebration and we have been invited. I hope that's alright with you."

"Why wouldn't it be?" she asked.

"I don't know." He answered. "But you normally have a problem with wherever we go."

"And aren't I always right?"

"Does that make a difference?"

"Yes. It means that I had great reason to be wary of the places."

"So do you have a problem with us going to Baghdad?"

"No, but trouble always seems to find you Sinbad. I have no doubt that we will encounter another adventure whilst there."

"I'm sure your right." he smiled.

Firouz, Rongar and Doubar came above deck and walked over to Maeve and Sinbad at the tiller.

"It was very nice of the Caliph to invite us, wasn't it?" Stated Firouz.

"Aye. Do you know what he is celebrating little brother?" asked Doubar.

"I'm not sure, I think he just wanted a feast." smiled Sinbad.

"Well I have nothing against that!" laughed Doubar.

"How long till we reach Baghdad?" asked Maeve.

"I'd say another couple of hours" piped in Firouz.

"Then I shall go practice some spells until then" smiled Maeve as she walked away towards her cabin. Sinbad just watched her go and almost jumped when Doubar suddenly spoke to him.

"I bet your glad she's back" he said.

"Of course" admitted Sinbad. "As are all of you."

"Ah, but little brother, I believe you missed her most."

"Don't be silly Doubar. We all missed Maeve, and we're all glad that she's back."

"Oh Sinbad." smiled Firouz. "Haven't you learnt your lesson yet?"

"What lesson?" asked Sinbad.

"You already lost Maeve once, isn't it time you admitted your feelings before you lose her again?" smiled Firouz.

"No" replied a terrified Sinbad. "She may get scared and leave me for good"

"But you admit you love her then?" probed Doubar.

"I...uh...I..." stuttered Sinbad. "She is an equal member of my crew."

"And the fact that your still wearing your old outfit has absolutely nothing to do with Maeve's return then?" asked Firouz.

"Of course not." replied Sinbad. "I just fancied a change, of course."

"Of course" smile Doubar causing he, Rongar and Firouz to start laughing.

Sinbad handed Doubar the tiller before walking off, shaking his head.

Firouz's estimate was correct and the Nomad sailed into Baghdad a couple of hours later. The crew docked and set off towards the caliph's Palace. Maeve, Doubar, Rongar, Firouz and Dermott accompanied Sinbad to the palace each with a personal invitation, Sinbad had given the rest shore leave. They walked merrily, in high spirits for the ball tonight. They were remembering past adventures when Doubar thought of something.

"Do you remember the time we helped Toron to save his true love Jial?"

"Point of fact" replied Firouz. "It was our first meeting with the colossus"

"And our last!" added Sinbad.

"Do you know how you managed to stop it Maeve?" asked Doubar.

"I simply shouted 'stop'. Dim Dim said it was an ancient incantation of some sort." replied Maeve.

"And you stumbled on it by accident." laughed Sinbad.

"Yeah, which saved your life!" added Firouz.

"It was rather fortunate, wasn't it" smiled Maeve.

"So have you thought anymore about Turon's statement?" smiled Doubar.

"What statement?" asked Sinbad.

"You mean you can't remember?" laughed Firouz.

"I'm sure Maeve can!" added Doubar.

"Oh come off it guys." she moaned. "Haven't you matured at all?"

"It's not about me settling down and starting a family is it?" asked Sinbad.

"And have you thought any more about that?" grinned Doubar.

"I stick by my original answer."

"What sort of an answer is maybe...sometime?" smiled Doubar.

"Point of fact, the smile on his face and the direction of his eyes suggested otherwise." smirked Firouz.

"Oh yes. So what do you think about that Maeve?" smirked Doubar.

"What are you talking about?" groaned Maeve.

"How would you like to have Doubar as a brother?" grinned Firouz.

"Oh get a grip guys." She groaned.

"Haven't you guys got anything better to do? Actually, never mind." sighed Sinbad, remembering what had happened last time he asked that question.

"Did you hear what Jial said when we were leaving?" smiled Doubar.

"Unfortunately not, and I doubt I want to hear it." moaned Sinbad.

"but I'm sure your going to tell us anyway" added Maeve.

"I believe it went along the lines of: 'they do make a handsome couple'" grinned Firouz. "And I agree with them." He added.

"And so do I" Agreed Doubar. Rongar nodded and Dermott chirped.

"Are you quite finished?" asked Sinbad.

"Yeah, were done." laughed Firouz and Doubar.

"Then you'll kindly shut up before Maeve decides to fry you with one of her fireballs, or something worse." smiled Sinbad mischievously.

"I can think of a few lovely spells I could try out on you." grinned Maeve.

"Ok, we'll stop" smiled Firouz. "For now" added Doubar.

So they dropped the argument and the rest of the journey was full of laughter and stories.

When they got to the palace they were met by two guards. They gave them their invitations before being allowed in. What they saw made their eyes boggle and their stomachs rumble. In the centre of the room lay a humungous table overflowing with food and drink. The walls were richly decorated and there were plenty of candles lighting the room. The caliph walked over to them.

"Ah Sinbad, glad you could make it" he said welcomingly.

"Thank you for inviting us, it is a great honor." Sinbad smiled.

"And we never turn down a party!" laughed Doubar.

"What are we celebrating?" asked Firouz.

"It was 25 years ago today, that I first became the Caliph." he smiled.

"Then we are pleased to be celebrating this anniversary with you" replied Sinbad.

"I am sure you have been traveling for a while, I shall get one of my servants to take you to your chambers. For I'm sure you do not wish to make your way back to the Nomad tonight." So saying, he clicked his fingers and one of his servants made her way over. "This is Lila, she will serve your every wish whilst you stay here. I'll see you at seven." So the Caliph walked off leaving Lila with the rest of the crew.

"Well Lila" started Sinbad. "I'm Sinbad, this is my brother Doubar, Firouz our scientist, Rongar and this is Maeve, our sorceress. Oh, and that's Dermott."

"Pleased to meet you all. I have heard a lot about your adventures, you are legends. It shall be an honor working for you. Now, if you'll follow me, I'll take you to your quarters." Lila then took them out of the hall into a passageway. She walked on a bit before turning a corner and coming to a stop beside a door.

"I'm afraid the Caliph is having many guests tonight so your rooms will be slightly split up. It has been asked that Firouz and Rongar share this room." Lila said.

"I'm sure that will be just fine. Right Rongar." Asked Firouz. Rongar nodded.

"Okay, we'll meet you in the hall at 7" said Sinbad as he, Maeve, Doubar, Dermott and Lila set off down the corridors again. She turned down a couple more twisting passages before stopping by two more doors.

"Sinbad, Doubar, this will be your room. And Maeve, that one is yours." she said signaling each of the rooms.

"Thank you Lila." smiled Sinbad.

"What would you like me to do now sir?" asked Lila suddenly.

"What ever you want" replied Sinbad. Lila came over to him, leant against him and whispered in his ear. "Perhaps you would like me to help you get dressed." she said seductively. Maeve's eyes widened and Doubar just smirked.

"Um, I think I'll be alright." said Sinbad awkwardly. "But you could help Maeve if she needs help." he said, looking at her worriedly.

"I think I'll manage." she snapped. "It's very nice of you Lila, but we don't need a servant. You may go and do something else. We won't be requiring you." She said kindly but firmly.

"I see." She replied nodding at Doubar with her eyebrow raised. She sensed the tension between the two and knew she'd be swimming in treacherous waters if she continued, so she turned and walked away. Maeve took Dermott into her room as Doubar and Sinbad went into theirs.

It was an hour or so later, Firouz, Doubar, Rongar and Sinbad were waiting with the rest of the guests in the hall outside of the banqueting hall. They were being introduced to the other guests and finding dinner partners. So far they had all found a female companion except for Sinbad.

"You didn't tell me we had to find a dinner partner" he whispered to Doubar.

"That's because someone needs to go with Maeve, and as your the captain, we assumed it should be you." he replied slyly.

Sinbad was about to complain when he saw something out of the corner of his eye that made him stop and stare. He turned to see Maeve standing still, looking back at him. She was wearing a long, red dress which was low cut, slim fitting with flared sleeves. The sides bore slits running up Maeve's legs. Sinbad's jaw was wide open as she walked up to him and Doubar.

"Pick your jaw up little brother, your not a fish" whispered Doubar.

"Are you alright Sinbad?" asked Maeve. "You look like you've seen a ghost"

"Not a ghost" he whispered. "Just a goddess."

"Huh?" asked Maeve.

"You look wonderful Lass." commented Doubar.

"Beautiful" added Sinbad, returning to his senses.

"Thanks guys" she blushed. Firouz and Rongar also came over and commented on how nice she looked.

"Thanks" she said. "But some of the dresses are more amazing than mine."

"I have to disagree" replied Sinbad.

Just then the Caliph entered and asked everyone to find their dining partners and take their seats. Maeve looked around nervously as she watched Doubar, Firouz and Rongar all accompany their partners through the doors. Just then she felt a tap on her shoulder, she turned around to see Sinbad looking at her.

"May I?" he asked holding out his arm for her to take.

"You may" she answered with a smile as she took his arm and allowed him to lead her into the dining hall.

Sinbad and Maeve spotted the others off near the head of the table and went to join them. Sinbad acted the gentleman and helped Maeve into her seat before taking his own next to her. After everyone was seated the Caliph started the feast.

After everyone had eaten they gathered in the ballroom. The band started playing as couples took to the dance floor. The Nomad's crew were standing chatting at one end of the hall near the snack tables. Doubar, Rongar and Firouz had just taken their dinner partners into the centre of the hall to dance leaving Maeve and Sinbad alone. Sinbad turned to Maeve.

"Having fun?" he asked.

"Yeah, dinner was great." she replied.

"Maeve, would you..." started Sinbad, but before he could finish a stranger popped up out of nowhere and cut in.

"Hi, may I have this dance?" he asked Maeve.

"I...uh...sure. What was it you wanted Sinbad?" she asked.

"Oh, nothing." He answered and watched as the man lead Maeve onto the dance floor. He was watching them for a while when he noticed the man move his hands lower. He saw the fire in her eyes as the man pulled her closer. Sinbad decided to intervene before she fried him and walked over to the couple.

"Do you mind if I cut in?" he asked Maeve.

"Not at all." she said with a look of relief on her face.

So Maeve walked over to Sinbad and started dancing. Neither of them noticed the man walk over to a mysterious woman standing away from the group. She seemed to yell at him before making her way nearer to the oblivious couple. Maeve and Sinbad were wrapped up in each others presence. Neither wanted to stop dancing. Doubar, Firouz and Rongar had stopped dancing by now and were stood watching the handsome couple swirl around the dance floor. When the song ended they tore themselves apart and walked over to the others.

"Why'd you stop?" asked Firouz.

"We were getting tired" answered Sinbad.

"You danced so nicely." added Doubar.

"Thanks" replied Maeve.

Just then the mysterious woman walked towards them.

"Hi you old sea slug" she said. Maeve groaned.

"Talia" said a surprised Sinbad. "What are you doing here?"

"The same as you I expect" she said.

"How've you been?" asked Doubar.

"Not bad" she replied. "So, Sinbad" she started.

"Yes?" he asked.

"Are you going to dance with me handsome?" she asked.

"I, um, would love to." he started. "But, I, uh, promised Maeve I'd dance the next dance with her. Sorry."

"You did?" Maeve asked shocked.

"I'm sure she wont mind" snarled a dejected Talia.

"You know me" he replied. "Never one to break a promise." So saying he grabbed Maeve's arm and led her back onto the dance floor.

"What was all that about?" asked Maeve, secretly pleased by it all.

"If I dance with her I'm afraid she may get the wrong idea." he admitted.

"And that being?" asked Maeve.

"She may think I want to get back with her."

"And do you?" she asked hopefully.

"Definitely not." he replied. Maeve just smiled, liking the answer she got.

They danced most of the night away, it was early the next morning when they realised that nearly everyone had gone to bed, including their friends. So Maeve and Sinbad walked to their rooms. They stopped outside to say goodnight.

"Thanks for intervening when you did." smiled Maeve.

"Pleasure" He replied. "I wasn't about to let him take advantage of you"

"Thanks all the same" smiled Maeve.

"And thank you for helping me with Talia." added Sinbad.

"No problem" smiled Maeve. She yawned.

"Am I keeping you awake?" he smiled.

"Yes" she smiled.

"I'll see you in the morning" he said laughing.

"Night Sinbad."

"Sweet dreams Maeve."

So Maeve walked into her room as Sinbad watched her go. He was about to enter his room when he heard a cough behind him. He turned to see Talia standing there, smiling at him.

"I wouldn't do that" she warned.

"Do what?" he asked.

"Doubar told me to tell you that he wasn't to be disturbed tonight, if you catch my drift" she said winking.

"Oh" was all Sinbad said.

"You can share my room if you like" smiled Talia seductively.

"That's very kind of you, but I'm sure Maeve will let me share with her."

"You'd rather spend the night with her over me?" screeched Talia.

"I just think it will be easier on all of us" he said before turning and knocking on Maeve's door.

"Fine, have it your way, but you'll pay for this" then she turned and walked away.

Maeve opened her door to see Sinbad standing there looking worried and Talia walking away.

"Are you ok?" she asked him.

"Can I come in?" he asked.

"Sure" she replied.

So Sinbad entered the room leaving Maeve to shut the door behind him.

"So what's wrong?" she asked again.

"Talia warned me that Doubar doesn't want to be interrupted tonight."

"So?" she asked.

"Talia offered to share her room with me." he said anxiously.

"Ah" she said understandingly. "And to get out of this you said that I wouldn't mind sharing with you."

"Do you?" he asked.

"Of course not, but you'll have to sleep on the couch." she said kindly.

"That doesn't seem too bad" he smiled looking at the couch.

It was as long as Maeve's bed and fairly wide. It would be plenty wide enough for him to sleep on. It was also parallel to Maeve's bed meaning the last thing he'd see would be her. He smiled at this thought. Maeve walked over to a tall cupboard in the corner of the room. She took out some blankets and pillows and laid them out on the couch.

"There" she said, looking at her handy work.

"That's wonderful. Thank you so much Maeve" he smiled.

"That's alright. Just promise me you wont start sleep talking." she smiled.

"I don't sleep talk." he smiled mischievously. "But I do snore!"

"You'd better not do" laughed Maeve.

"I don't really" laughed Sinbad. Maeve flung a pillow at him which hit him in the stomach. Sinbad grabbed his stomach and fell backwards onto the couch pretending to faint. Maeve just stood there shaking her head and laughing, that is until Sinbad sat up suddenly and flung a pillow her way.

"Hey" she said laughing.

"You started it" he smiled.

"Well I'm finishing it as well" she laughed. "I need some beauty sleep"

"Why? I think your beautiful just the way you are" he smiled.

"Aw. Thanks, but I still need some rest." She yawned.

"Ok. Sweet dreams" he smiled, as she got into her bed and he lay down on the couch.

"Night Sinbad."

Sinbad just stayed awake looking at Maeve's peacefully sleeping form for a while before finally drifting off to sleep. Both slept well with sweat dreams of the other spinning round their heads.

The sun shone brightly through the small, round window. Sinbad groaned and rolled over. He rubbed his eyes and sat up before looking round the room. He looked over to see Maeve still sleeping peacefully, he smiled before getting off the couch and tiptoeing out of the room. He returned a while later dressed in his usual attire. He looked over to the bed to see that Maeve was still sound asleep. He gently walked up to her and sat on the bed next to her.

"Maeve" he whispered. He took her hand and gave it a little squeeze. "Maeve" he repeated a little louder. She moaned in her sleep. He squeezed her hand a little harder and repeated "Maeve" again louder. This time she stirred before looking up at him and smiling.

"Hi" she said quietly.

"Hey sleepy head" he smiled. "And what time do you call this?"

"Why, what time is it?" she asked.

"Late!" he said. "And we'd better hurry if we don't want to miss breakfast"

"You mean you haven't gone down yet?" she asked surprised.

"I thought you might want some company" he smiled.

"Thanks" she said. They suddenly realised how close they were to each other and they pulled back quickly.

"Well, um." Started Maeve. "You'll have to wait outside while I get dressed"

"Of course" Sinbad said quickly and he made his way to the door.

"I wont be too long" she said smiling.

"I'll be waiting!" he smiled before going out of the room.

Meanwhile, Doubar, Firouz, Rongar and Dermott were eating breakfast in the main hall.

"I wonder where Sinbad has got to" smiled Doubar. Dermott chirped.

"Maeve's not here either" replied Firouz.

"Sinbad didn't return to our room last night." said Doubar. "What was he doing when you turned in?" he asked.

"He was still dancing with Maeve, right Rongar." Rongar nodded.

Suddenly, Talia appeared from no where.

"I think I may be able to tell you what happened." she smiled knowingly.

"What" asked Doubar intrigued.

"Sinbad spent the night in Maeve's room" She replied before walking off.

"Well I'll be..." started Doubar.

"Do you think they..." started Firouz.

"It seems unlikely" finished Doubar. "I mean, Sinbad's been hiding his feelings for the lass since, well since they first met. It seems improbable that he'd start now."

"And we know that Maeve wouldn't be the first to give way" added Firouz.

"Maybe they had too much to drink" sussed Doubar.

"Point of fact, whatever the reason, it wont stop us having some fun at their expense!" grinned Firouz.

"I like your style" laughed Doubar.

Just then Maeve and Sinbad walked into the room chatting casually.

"I see you two are finally up" smiled Doubar mischievously.

They sat down as Sinbad answered.

"Yeah, lazy bones here over slept" he grinned.

"You kept me up till well past midnight, are you surprised." she groaned.

"Sinbad, what did you do to the poor girl that made her so warn out?" grinned Doubar menacingly.

"An awful lot of dancing." he replied. The others laughed.

"Is that what you call it?" grinned Doubar. Maeve suddenly understood what they were getting at.

"Oh Doubar, it's not like that and you know it" she said.

"Is it not? Then why did Sinbad spend the night with you?" he asked.

"How do you know that I spent it with her?" Sinbad asked.

"Well, you two walked in together" smiled Firouz. "And Talia gave it away"

"What did she say?" asked Sinbad worriedly.

"Only that you spent the night with Maeve." he smiled suggestively.

"Only because I had to" he said.

"I don't understand" said Firouz.

"After Maeve went into her room, Talia came up to me and warned me not to go into my room. She said that you, Doubar, had told her to tell me that you were not to be disturbed" he finished.

"That's not true." he said. "I was alone all night and I never saw Talia."

"That doesn't make sense" said a confused Firouz.

"What did she offer you after that Sinbad?" asked Maeve, for she knew what the woman intended.

"She said that I could share her room instead." replied Sinbad, before understanding her reasons, as did the rest of the crew.

"So what did you say?" asked Firouz.

"I said thanks, but that it would be easier to share with Maeve." He said.

"So that's how you ended up sharing with her." sighed Firouz.

"So, you mean, nothing happened between you two then." asked a disappointed Doubar.

"No" replied Sinbad quickly. "I slept on the couch."

"Oh well." sighed Doubar.

"Don't look too cheerful Doubar" smiled Maeve.

"I had hoped you two had sorted it out, obviously not." he sighed.

"Can we please change the record Doubar" groaned Sinbad. "There is nothing to sort out."

"They're both too stubborn Doubar. It's useless to try" sighed Firouz.

"Have we got time to shop before heading back to the Nomad?" asked Maeve successfully changing the subject.

"I believe we could" smiled Sinbad thankfully. "If we split into pairs and meet up somewhere we can have a good couple of hours shopping"

"Great" replied Maeve. "Lets go"

So after they finished breakfast the crew walked into the little town. It was full of market stalls with exotic gifts. The crew split up, intending to meet at a well in the centre of the village in an hours time. Firouz took Rongar to look at a stall he'd seen. It was full of new inventions that he wanted to have a look at. Maeve took off towards some magic stalls whilst letting Dermott soar overhead. Leaving Sinbad and Doubar to walk aimlessly around the market.

Getting bored of looking round the stalls, they spotted a little wood to the left of them. By now, Dermott had sensed something wrong and was soaring overhead, not that either of them noticed. They walked into the middle of the wood and sat on a little bench there. All of a sudden, Doubar fell forward, unconscious. Sinbad stood up quickly and whirled around to see Talia standing there.

"I told you you'd regret it" she said before Sinbad was knocked out cold from behind.

Maeve is looking through some magic books when she sees a picture of both Sinbad and Doubar unconscious. She watched as Talia told someone to put Sinbad over his shoulder and then follow her into the wood. She told Dermott to follow them and see where they went. Then, she ran off towards the wood.

On the way she bumped into Firouz and Rongar.

"Firouz...Rongar...Sinbad...taken...Talia...must find...Doubar...unconscious..." stuttered Maeve between gasps.

"Alright Maeve, lead the way." said Firouz. So he and Rongar followed her into the wood. They soon found Doubar. Firouz quickly examined him.

"He's alright" he said. "He's just unconscious."

"Good. You and Rongar stay with him until he comes round. I'll go after Sinbad and Talia." said Maeve.

"Rongar wants to go too" said Firouz.

"Rongar, this is something I want to do by myself. Do you understand?" she sighed. Rongar smiled and nodded as she started running in the direction she had seen Talia go.

"Aye Rongar" agreed Firouz. "I almost feel sorry for Talia!"

When Sinbad came round he found himself in a small room, tied to a bed. He sat up as far as he could and looked around. The room was empty. Then the door opened and in strutted a smiling Talia.

"Your awake then" she smiled.

"Why have you brought me here Talia?" he asked.

"Because I want you Sinbad. I love you."

"Now why didn't I see that coming" muttered Sinbad.

"We were so good together and we still can be. I know I was stupid to let you go, and I can change. If you give me a chance."

"I'm sorry Talia" he said. "But I just don't love you any more."

"Oh yes. now there's somebody new in your life."

"Well, yes" admitted Sinbad.

"That annoying wrench Maeve."

"Well, I, uh..." stammered Sinbad.

"You can't even say it can you. If you love her then why can't you say so? Or do you not know? Do you only think it's love?" she questioned.

"Your wrong" replied Sinbad. "I love Maeve more than anyone I've ever met."

"So you can say it. It's just a shame that she must die." She smiled.

"What do you mean die?" he asked cautiously.

"Don't you see Sinbad. She is the only thing keeping me from having you. So, she must be killed."

"You can't do that"

"But I already am. As we speak, my crew are ganging up on her, ready for the kill."

"No" shouted Sinbad.

Maeve was walking towards a distant cottage she could see up ahead. She heard a rustle behind her and stopped. All of a sudden, Dermott soared down from the sky and into the bush behind her. She heard a man shouting for him to go away. Then the man fell out of the bush onto the floor. Suddenly, she was surrounded by 6 men. All brandishing swords as they advanced on her. She gulped as she drew her sword and began to fight.

"So you see" continued Talia. "There is no point refusing me because of Maeve. For she is dead. You shall never have her."

"I don't believe you" he said. "And even if you did kill her, I would never marry you."

"What is wrong with you" shrieked Talia. "She is dead. There is no point holding out for her."

"Who's dead?" came a voice from the doorway. Talia turned round to see Maeve standing there.

"Maeve" Sinbad yells from where he is tied to the bed.

"But...How?" asks a startled Talia.

"It'll take a lot more then a few men to kill me" laughs Maeve. "But I believe you have something that belongs to me". Sinbad just gave her a look.

"He's mine" said Talia. "You can't have him"

"We'll see about that" smiled Maeve calmly. She pointed a finger at her. A stream of red fire came out of her finger towards Talia. But instead of hurting her, they acted as rope and bound her to the wall.

"I think I'll just help myself then" smiled Maeve. Knowing full well that Talia couldn't do anything to stop her.

"You horrible witch" she shrieked. "Let me free now."

"Don't call me witch" yelled Maeve pointing her fingers at Talia and sending two feathers at her. She laughed as Talia struggled and squirmed to no avail. She flung insults at Maeve whilst being tickled by the feathers. Maeve just ignored her and walked over to Sinbad.

"I leave you alone for 5 minutes and look what happens to you" she smiled.

"Can you let me free now?" asked Sinbad.

"Well I don't know" smiled Maeve. But she untied him all the same.

"Thanks Talia" smiled Maeve.

"You horrible wrench" she shrieked. "I'll get him back though. You'll see"

"Whatever" smiled Maeve. "Come on sailor. Were going home now. Thanks for having us Talia." and with that she took a stunned Sinbad's hand and led him out of the cottage with Talia screaming insults all the way.

"Thanks" smiled Sinbad. "For rescuing me"

"No problem" smiled Maeve.

"And Maeve?" he continued.

"Yes Sinbad"

"Since when have I belonged to you?" Maeve only laughed.

They met the others back aboard the Nomad that evening.

"Little brother" called Doubar. "Are you ok?"

"Yes Doubar" came the answer. "I'm fine."

"Maeve got there in time then?" asked Firouz.

"Yep" smiled the sorceress.

"So, where's Talia?" asked Doubar.

"Tied to a wall" smiled Maeve. The crew laughed.

"Oh, you missed out the best part. Being tickled to death by two feathers!" Laughed Sinbad, causing the crew to laugh even more.

"So, little brother. Did you enjoy having two women fighting over you?"

"Not as much as you'd think" replied Sinbad. "They both treated me like a possession"

"But Sinbad" smiled Maeve. "You are a possession, and you belong to me"

Sinbad blushed as the rest of them laughed.

"You can't argue with that" laughed Doubar.

"I can and I shall" stated Sinbad. "I do not do everything she tells me too."

"Is that so?" smiled Firouz.

"Sinbad" said Maeve. "I don't want to trouble you but one of my books fell down the back of my bookcase, do you think you could move it for me?"

"Sure" smiled Sinbad.

The others laughed even harder.

"So you don't do what Maeve asks was that?" laughed Firouz.

Sinbad sighed, shook his head and turned to walk below deck.

"At least you can't charge me with doing everything he says" smiled Maeve.

"True" smiled Doubar. "But then again, do you ever do what he tells you?"

"Not if I don't want too" laughed Maeve with the rest of them.

"It is good to have you back" laughed Doubar.

"Aye, it's good to be back" she smiled.