A/N: This is my Christmas, holiday present to everyone out there! Especially Lady Sirinal.

Gabriel and Anna Van Helsing and Carl walk out of the theater; they had just seen the play The Nutcracker. Gabriel and Anna were cuddled close together; Carl was walking out in front of the two, well more like bouncing around like a small child. Gabriel held Anna tight and shielded her from the cold air as they waited for the arrival of their carriage; he smiled down at her and kissed her forehead. She smiled back up at him and gazed deep into his green eyes, full of undying love for her and he, did the same, finding the same, undying love. They looked on in amusement as the small, completely inflexible friar attempted to Russian dance from the play and promptly fell into a tree causing a great amount of snow to fall on top of him. Gabriel shrugged pulled Anna into another kiss.

The sound of hooves on cobblestone brought the two lovebirds back into reality. Two absolutely beautiful black and brown horses drew their carriage back to Valerious Manor. Their driver tipped his hat and smiled at the two and shook his head at the small friar, half covered in snow, as they made a quick switch of drivers. The inside of the carriage was warm and covered in a soft fabric, almost like velvet, Gabriel and Anna settled in on one side, cuddled together. Gabriel began to play with Anna's thick chocolate brown hair and smiled down at his princess and she snuggled into him. He embraced her in a warm and loving hug, wrapping his coat around her, effectively keeping the chill from her. Soon her breathing slowed and she drifted off into sleep. Gabriel held onto, keeping her safe as the carriage bumped and bounced along, and, soon, even he fell into a deep sleep.

A soft and light snow fell down around Valerious Manor just as the carriage pulled up to the front of it. Carl, almost a Popsicle and very tired, hopped down from the driver's seat and opened the door to the interior of the warm carriage and smiled. There, inside, his two best friends in the whole of the world lay, sleeping, so peacefully that one would think them angels. He slowly reached into the carriage and shook Gabriel awake, the hunter grumbled a bit but realized were he was and if he continued to grumble, who he would wake. He looked down at her, she looked so peaceful and angelic sleeping, he didn't have the heart to wake her. Gabriel picked Anna up and slid carefully out of the carriage and began to walk up to the mansion. A little later he set Anna into her bed and brushed some stray hair out of her face. He sighed and watched her sleep.

Gabriel walked onto the balcony, with great stealth, careful not to make a sound, he hand one hand clamped firmly behind his back. There, on the balcony, watching the stars was his beloved, in a silky red nightdress; black flowers dotted it here and there. His breath caught in his throat, she was so beautiful. He crept up and slid a hand around her slim waist and held open his palm in the other hand, held in two fingers was mistletoe; he gave a playful smile and kissed her. She deepened the kiss and they moved indoors.

A small friar moved up the steps to the door of their room.

"Van Helsing, I was hoping to caught you before you went to bed" he pushed open the door and froze, his face turning red. He had walked in on them.

"Caaarl!" Gabriel growled. Several pillows came flying at him as he shut the door quickly and scurried off down the hall, clearly embarrassed.

The morning light was just touching on the Manor's outer walls a 15 days later. Inside fires crackled warmly and tinsel and decorations hung all around; in the foyer was a large tree decorated with every type of Christmas decoration imaginable, tinsel, beads and brightly colored balls and one of Carl's newest toys; candles that burned different colors incased in thing glass lamps, like a lantern. It was Christmas Eve and gifts were set out to be opened the following day. Gabriel sat in the kitchen, a cup of hot coffee sitting in front of him, a warm fire behind him, keeping his and Anna's breakfast warm. He took in a deep breath of the stuff and sighed, sitting back in his chair. He yawned and looked to the door and smiled when his wife came in, she looked pale and tired. Gabriel got up and walked over to her.

"Anna, are you alright?" He said, concern in his voice. She looked up at him dazed.

"Gabriel I'm pregnant."

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