Summary: On the way home from renting a movie Vince almost runs over a teenage boy named Scott. Feeling real bad Vince invites him over for the barbeque…little did he know that Scott's related to someone else there.

A/N: Ok Face it Vince is pretty much a dick in the movie, so you know Vince needs someone to look after. Maybe someone just needed Vince to look after them. Tell me what your thinking.

Who the fuck does he think he is? Who the fuck does Dom think he is? He's a punk ass. Why does Dom put up with that shit?

Vince shifted to third going dangerously fast on the local road as he fought to keep his emotions under control. He had come home to drop off groceries before he was suppose to tend to the grill like many times before, but this day it was different. Brian Earl Spilner took his place behind the grill.

How long before you replace me Dom?!

Feeling a new rush of anger splash through his veins he sped up before shifting to fourth. He knew that if he lost concentration even for a second he would go flying into anything at a close one hundred miles per hour, but he didn't care. It was him who was supposed to be bugging Leon to watch the grill while he went inside to fetch himself a corona, not some stranger Dom picked up on the street.

He was nearing a normally busy intersection, but by Vince's hearing, the only thing on the road was him so he didn't bother to slow down. He floored his gas pedal and kept going, wanting to keep his thoughts only on his driving and nothing else.

Suddenly someone ran into the street. Vince swerved trying to keep control of the car and not hit the idiot at the same time. He fought to keep control of the wheel. The car turned a three sixty before finally coming to a stop, tread marks all over the newly cemented street and steam blowing up from under the hood.

Vince cussed out loud slamming his hand on the wheel. Stepping out of the car he stomped over to the teenage boy who was getting up a few feet over.

"You ok?" Vince asked looking over at the boy who was also cussing to himself.

"Yeah sprained my ankle trying to get away from your fucking crazy ass though," the boy responded coolly giving Vince a cold glare.

"Sorry about that," Vince mumbled knowing he was the one at fault.

Dom's going to kill my fucking ass.

Vince walked over to the boy and helped him limp towards Vince's still steaming car.

"What's your name kid?" Vince asked realizing that he didn't even know the kid.

"Scott O'Connor," Scott replied trying to apply pressure to his right foot only to yelp out in pain.

"Scott?" Vince nodded. "You got somewhere I could drop you off. Like family or something?"

Scott turned away. Vince took note.

His hiding something. Either that or he don't want me to know something.

"Naw…" Scott responded choosing his words carefully.

"No one?" Vince asked surprised.

"No one that'll care at least," Scott mumbled not meeting Vince's eyes.

Vince nodded knowing what it felt like to not have anyone care. If it wasn't for the Toretto's or the team Vince would have never known what it felt like to be loved. His old man used to beat him whenever he was drunk and kick him out twice a week. His old lady left the minute she was sober enough to walk straight and Vince never heard from her again.

"Why don't you come over to my house? Dom's sister, Mia, she training to be a doctor and she can figure out what to do," Vince invited Scott over.

Scott looked up unsurely. "I mean not that I'm ungrateful, but how am I supposed to trust a guy who almost ran me over?"

Vince reached into his pocket and pulled out his license. "Tell you what. If you think anything fishy is going on, call the cops on me," he handed Scott his license.

The cops?! If the kid calls the cops on me the whole team would be screwed. Nice thinking there Vince.

"Your car even going to make it to your house?" Scott asked smirking nodding at the car.

Vince moaned knowing he probably wrecked his car. Dom was surely going to have his ass either way having it be so close to race wars time and his car not in tip top shape.

"Yeah it'll get there," Vince sighed. "Iunno bout it getting anywhere else though."

Scott nodded and limped his way towards the passenger seat with a little help from Vince. After a quick inspection under the hood he closed it and he got into the driver's seat turning the car on.

He slowly drove the rest of the seven blocks back to the house parking behind Leon's car in the driveway.

"Party?" Scott asked noticing all the cars.

"Worst…barbeque," Vince nodded over to the grill. "Uh stay here, I don't want you to see my ass being kicked for almost running a kid over."

Scott laughed but nodded in agreement. Vince stepped out slightly nervous about what Dom would say. Dom was always on everyone's case about being a safe driver even when they were driving fast. It wasn't that he was scared of Dom, but he didn't need anymore further embarrassment in front of Spilner.

"Look who it is! Ol' Coyotes R' Us. I thought you weren't hungry pumpkin?" Leon snickered making everyone's head snap towards Vince.

Vince bit his tongue from saying something smart. Instead he responded, "I gotta eat. I…Dom can I talk to you for a minute?"

"Can't it wait?" Dom asked gesturing towards the food.

"Sorry bro, but it kinda can't," Vince said walking towards the front, away from the table making everyone curious.

Just relax, Dom's your best friend before he was Spilner's. He'll understand.

"What's up V?" Dom asked leaning against Letty's car with a Corona in his hand.

"I think I fucking totaled everything under my hood AND my tires trying to avoid a shitting murder," Vince explained.

Dom looked at Vince confused, which by the way wasn't the first time. "What?"

"Naw bro, I almost hit someone coming home," Vince said and Dom nodded realization dawning on him. "and I took him here cause he got no one according to him and he's only like 15 or 16. So I thought maybe ya know you work your wonders?" Dom laughed.

"We gotta talk about your anger V. But yeah where is he?" Vince nodded to the car in response.

Vince walked towards the passenger's side and opened the door slightly and then fully before helping Scott out of the car.

"Scott, Dom," Dom nodded at Scott.

"Hold on lemme get you some crutches," Dom said running into the house quickly and grabbing Jesse's old crutches from when he got into an accident. It was still in the coat closet.

"You're going to meet the rest of the team in a few," Vince said noticing the curious look on Scott's face as he looked at each car.

"You guys race right?" Scott asked.

Vince nodded.

"My dad died racing," Scott mumbled so quietly that Vince barely caught it.

Before Vince could respond Dom came back out with the crutches he promised Scott.

"C'mon," Dom led the way followed by Vince and Scott who hobbled unsteadily on his crutches.

"You think anyone gonna give me beef?" Scott asked already becoming attached to Vince.

"Naw, if anything kid, they gonna give me beef," Vince replied reassuringly. "Yo guys, this is Scott, he gonna be eating with us for today. Yeah…picked him up a couple blocks from here," Vince glared at everyone shutting them up of any questions they had.

"Scott this is Leon, Jesse, Letty, Mia, and…" Vince pointed to everyone who said their "sups"

"Brian Spilner," Brian responded quickly earning him a curious glare from everyone.

Scott looked at Brian surprised. "…Spilner…?"

A/N: I thought it might be interesting if someone was totally dragged into everything almost destroying everyone's plans without knowing anything about it.