"Dom the guys a cop I'm serious!" Vince practically whined following Dom towards the kitchen. "I mean it make sense! Scott's brother been missing since a big case showed up. Let's see, a couple guys freaking stealing millions of dollar worth shit from a damn truck is a pretty big case don't you think? And didn't you see the look Scott gave Brian when he came. Dom you got to believe me!"

Damn it! Why doesn't he believe me. I'm trying to save his ass over here. I'm right! Why can't anyone in this family believe that maybe for once I'm right?

"I don't have to believe nothing V," Dom tried shaking Vince off. "Jesse tell Vince I don't have to believe anything."

"Sorry Dom, I'm out of it. Besides, have you guys seen Leon?" Jesse asked trying to change the subject.


"Fine! But if you land us in jail don't look at me because you know what the hell I'm going to say," Vince pouted giving up and sitting on a chair grabbing Jesse's corona out of his hand and taking it as his own.

"That was mine," Jesse whined.

Dom rolled his eyes. There was no convincing Vince to lay off. He was stubborn and didn't listen to anyone once he got his mind convince. But he knew he owed Vince enough to at least humor him.

"Would it make you feel better if I prove it to you?" Dom asked looking down at Vince.

"Would it make your head smaller if I proved it to you?" Vince growled back.

"Would it make both of you feel better if I have my corona back?" Jesse tried.

"You're not drinking," Dom ordered.

"What?! Why?!" Jesse complained, his voice raising up a couple of notches.

Now what's he up to? Dom I've been here for you since the damn third grade. I've been watching your back since before you had muscles and you were a scrawny kid wondering around getting into trouble. Now I'm watching your back and guess what? You're still looking for damn trouble.

"Because you're driving," Dom explained. "We are going to follow Brian to prove to Vince that he's not a cop."

"Why's he going into Hector's garage if he ain't a cop Dom?" Vince growled out grabbing the gun from the floor of the car.

"I don't know. We'll see. Grab him when he gets down ok? Jess you're keeping lookout," Dom got out of the car followed by Vince.

Told you Dom. I'm right. And now maybe it's too late to do anything about it.

Vince saw Brian quietly shimmy down the side of the building and when he got to the ground Vince rammed the butt of the gun into the back of Brian's head. It took all of Vince to control himself and not shoot Brian's brains all over the place. He dragged him over to where Dom was.

You're lucky you've got a brother waiting up for your sorry ass at your house or else I woulda killed you by now.

"Brian this is one of those times when you have to be clear about what you say. Nod if you understand me," Dom said stepping out of the darkness.

Brian looked at Vince and then at Dom unsure what to do.

It's not that hard dumbass. Nod if you understand.

"NOD!" Vince screamed making Brian nod his head wildly.

"What were you doing in Hector's garage?" Dom asked his buldging muscles being clearly shown as if threatening Brian.

"What am I doing here," Brian rubbed the back of his head. "Dom…Hector came in today asking for three j-z engines, three turbo exhaust…" Brian listed.

Vince scoffed looking at Dom to see if he actually believed him.

Oh my god Dom you can't believe this! It's like believing that this guy don't wanna get into Mia's pants!

Dom nodded slightly convinced as Brian racked his head frantically for a good excuse and to remain calm while his insides were screaming.

"So what are you saying you're going to go checking everyone's shit out one garage after another?" Dom asked surprised.

Vince looked at Dom indecorously. Dominic ignored the glare Vince was giving him.

Give me one god damn reason I shouldn't shoot your fucking ass right damn now! You replace me in my family, you replace me in my god damn best friend's life, you've gone out and replaced me in everything! God damn it!

Brian nodded surprised that his excuse was working on Dom. Vince could see right through it, it was in his eyes, but by the looks of it Dom wasn't really in the mood for Vince's "bullshit."

"Because Dom you know I can't afford to lose again," Brian added standing up no longer afraid of the shotgun in Vince's hands.

"HE'S A COP! HE'S A FUCKIN COP!" Vince yelled looking over at Dominic.

Dom looked at his oldest friend then towards his newest one. He didn't know who to believe. Vince was always going out assuming the wrong thing, but why should he trust a man who's shimmying up and down the walls of someone else's garage. Much less a person who coincidentally has three Honda civics stashed inside.

"You a cop?" Dom asked humoring Vince.

Brian shook his head vigorously much to Vince's dismay.

"Let's go for a ride," Dom walked past Vince and Brian.

Brian looked around surprised.

What you pissed in your pants?

"WALK!" Vince shouted making Brian jump up in surprise.

Brian quickly caught up with Dom knowing Vince wouldn't dare lay another finger on him once he was in Dom's sight. For some odd reason out of Brian's understanding, Vince was fiercely loyal to Dom, and even when he hated Dom's decision he would go for it without a look back.

"Where to?" Jesse asked looking over at Dom.

"Trans," Brian gulped upon hearing Dom's voice drip with hatred.

Vince nodded, but not with the usual cocky attitude he held dear. Vince turned back to Dom who nodded but said nothing more knowing that Vince was a little more than nervous. It wasn't because Vince couldn't defend himself, but it was because he knew that it was because Vince knew sure as hell he often react first and think later. And with Tran…with Tran anything was possible if they were caught.

"Alright kid…keep a look out alright?" Dom whispered getting out of the car last.

What the hell is he looking at? It sure as hell ain't these cars in front of us. He doesn't even look a bit interested in the cars now that he spotted Tran's collection of dvd players. Of course Dom's not noticing.

"Dom where's he at?" Vince whispered quietly so Brian wouldn't hear and come back.

Dom looked around. Sure enough Brian was snooping at the back of the garage where Tran kept his dvd players. He was about to say something when the two way came alive in his hand.

"What's up Jesse?" Dom asked looking over at Vince whose eyes turned icy cold.

"Tran. You've got a wolf pack heading at you real fast," Jesse responded slightly nervous.

Dom headed to the back behind some cars. So did Vince. "Spilner!" Dom called harshly noticing that Brian was still snooping.

He's going to get us killed Dom.

Brian quickly ran to where Dom was. Dom had produced a gun from somewhere under his shirt. As did Vince. Brian's hand hovered over where his gun was securely placed, but knew that he couldn't pull it out unless he wanted to blow his cover. Vince was already suspicious, and anything Vince said could sway Dom if presented properly.

Johnny led the group as he got off his bike, taking his helmet off. He walked over to the car and opened the door as two people got out of the car.

"Well O'Connor? I gave you two weeks and I still don't see any of my money," Johnny growled circling over Scott like a vulture over a dead animal.

Vince jumped up pressing himself against the car to get a better look.

No, no, no. The boy's smarter than that. He wouldn't do that. No he wouldn't. His brother's a damn cop. He knows what kind of shit he can't pull off. Damn it! Tran's bad news. How the hell did a fucking teenager get involved with Tran?

"I ain't doing your dirty work for you Tran," Scott spat out his eyes an icy cold color.

"Don't get smart with me! You do what I tell you or you're back in juvi where you fucking belong kid," Johnny shouted deafing the entire garage. Scott didn't flinch.

"What you going to do Johnny? I told you I'd do two jobs for you. And I already did them," Scott said, the gun in Lance's hands seem to be unnoticed as the boy glared up to Johnny.

"You made the mistake to fuck up my car," Johnny growled.

"You made your own mistake when you left it parked for the whole fucking town to take," Scott muttered.

It didn't go unnoticed to Johnny who took the boy by the neck of his shirt and threw him on the ground.

Oh hell no!

Vince glared over at Dom who just shook his head making Vince back down. Brian on the other hand looked downright torn. He looked over at Dom who shook his head knowing that if they all three stood up they would be dead before they could even get one hit off them. Garages were off limit to enemies, and to even break in and enter meant total disrespect.

Johnny kicked Scott in the stomach sending a shiver down everyone's spines after he let out a blood hurling scream.

"Don't you go disrespecting me like that," Johnny said in a pleasant tone making Brian want to get up and strangle the bastard.

He knew he had a responsibility as a brother to go help Scott, but he couldn't. He didn't want to get both of them killed plus Dom and Vince. He didn't want to put them in that situation. He kept repeating over and over in his head, "Scott can handle himself." That was all he could have done.

"I ain't pulling in no money Tran. No one wants to be going out and buying hot radios! Besides, my brother's a damn cop!" Scott tried reasoning.

"We had a deal…" Johnny's voice dripped with sarcasm.

"I told you…it ain't selling. What do you want me to do?" Scott asked getting up trying to stand up straight.

"Don't tell me nothing is selling you fucking son of a bitch," Johnny growled loosing his cool.

"The radios are hot! Kids at school aren't stupid," Scott told him getting annoyed at the fact it wasn't getting through Johnny's thick head.

"How about the drugs?" Johnny growled out just as annoyed as Scott.

Scott looked down. He knew the drugs would sell. But he wasn't selling it. He wasn't going to be someone's pusher. He wasn't going to be the cause of someone's death. He would do anything, but sell the drugs or himself. He knew where to draw the line.

"I ain't selling nothing that involves drugs. You might as well take your supply back cuz I ain't letting no one buy that shit from me," Scott spat out.

"And what about those two cars I told you to fucking wire?" Johnny asked now on a roll. "I told you get your ass over at Toretto's café and make friendly."

"I did make friendly, but I ain't wiring none of them's car," Scott said starting to get slightly nervous.

"Why?!" Johnny demanded.

"Cuz they don't do jack shit to me. They ain't my problem, and you might as well let Toretto go no ways. He smart as hell! He'll know when someone touched his car," Scott made an obvious point.

"AND YOU!" Johnny whirled around over to Ted who had been squirming quietly waiting his turn. "Do you see anything wrong with these cars Ted?" Johnny directed Ted's attention to under the hood of his cars.

Ted played dumb. Johnny forced Ted's head down. "THERE'S NO ENGINE! IS THERE? IS THERE?!"

Ted shook his head terrified.

"Fuck Johnny quit fucking people up when they didn't do shit to you," Scott muttered.

"WHAT?!" Johnny growled out loosing interest in Ted now stalking over to the teenage boy.

"You heard me! Quit fucking with people who don't do shit to you. It's me you fucking angry at Tran so take it out on me," Scott spat out not at all intimidated by Johnny's towering body.

Johnny punched Scott in the stomach sending the boy to his knees gasping for breath. All Johnny saw was red as he kicked the boy down. He kept kicking him and kicking him until Lance reluctantly pushed him off.

"He's no good to us dead," Lance reasoned.

Scott groaned spitting out blood, but not letting Johnny have the satisfaction of seeing him defeated pushed himself up.

"Kill me then asshole," Scott wheezed out. "You're crazy if you think my brother won't notice me gone."

"Your brother don't give two fucks about you," Johnny took the opportunity to punch the boy sending him sprawling all over his own blood. "You've got two days kid before I start killing off people. Toretto's bitch Vince is gonna be first since you seem to take a liking for him."

Scott's eyes grew dark. "Don't you fucking dare touch him!" Scott yelled loosing his cool.

"Oh have I hit a nerve?" Johnny asked wiping his hands off with a rag. "You've got two days to give me my 25 grand, my 2 cars, and my engines because you don't want me to fuck with Ted," Johnny said giving the kid one last kick before getting on his bike.

The garage grew quiet after the Tran and company left and the only sound now was Scott groaning in pain.

"Ass," Scott muttered.

With the energy left inside of him he called for Tyler, his best friend, to pick him up.

"Tyler," Scott whispered, it was the only thing he was capable of.

The phone was on full volume so the conversation rang through the entire garage. Dom, Vince and Brian didn't move from their position not really knowing what to do.

The kid just defended me. Fuck! The kid just defended me and I didn't do anything! God if I ever get my hands on Johnny god help the son of a bitch.

"Scott? You ok?" Tyler's voice full of concern when he heard the pain in Scott's voice.

"Naw man…not really. Can you just come pick me up?" Scott asked not having the strength to really do anything but talk.

"I'm on my way. Just hang tight. I told you dealing with the guy was bad news," Tyler said.

"Yeah, shut up, it's either this or at home with either A) no one or B) my brother who's always A) drunk or B)….there is no B," Scott muttered.

"Just stay on the phone with me. I don't wanna come get you past out being dead weight again," Tyler said trying his best to keep Scott awake.

Scott grunted.

Vince looked over at Dom who shook his head knowing that Vince wanted to go over and help Scott out. He knew the kid was hurting, but he obviously been here before and he knew what he was doing. Plus, Dom needed to know everything about this Scott O'Connor. Who he was…and why Johnny had such a keen interest in a scrawny teenage kid.

"C'mon Scott for real bro. You're brother's not gonna be appreciating you coming home all beat up and shit," Tyler encouraged Scott to stay awake. "And he sure as hell would not want me calling him from E.R."

"Then don't call his ass. I told you…" Scott coughed spitting out some more blood.

Shit the kid needs to go to the E.R. that's internal bleeding.

Vince looked over at Dom and mouthed hospital. Dom nodded but said nothing else. Vince was so worried about the kid that if it wasn't a life or death situation he would have pointed it out. Vince didn't take to any one like he did with Scott. In fact Vince normally hated kids. But there was something about Scott, something different that showed a side of Vince only the team knew. But Vince always had a thing with acting before thinking. Dom hated to admit it but between the two of them he was the brain and Vince was the brawn of the operation.

"…he don't care a rat's ass about me," Scott said sadly breaking Brian's heart once again.

"Don't say that. You know he's only pissed cuz he was going to get fired and you would have gone back into the system," Tyler said defending Brian.

"Since when was you his friend," Scott muttered angrily.

"Relax, just know where the guy's coming from that's all. I'm right outside," The side door of the garage opened and the lights switched on for a second time that night as Tyler ran over to his hurt friend.

"What took?" Scott muttered letting Tyler half pick him up half drag him to his feet.

"Yeah…yeah…," Tyler muttered. "By the way is Tran keeping lookout?" Tyler asked checking over Scott to determine whether he should go home or the hospital.

"Not that I know of," Scott said shooing Tyler off. "I'm fine. I just need a ride home."

"Because there's a jetta out there. And that's your blood on the floor isn't it?" Tyler asked.

"Wait hold up…a jetta?" Scott asked suddenly becoming very aware.

"Yeah why?" Tyler raised an eyebrow.

"FUCK! Cuz one of Dom's. And when there's one of em around…" Scott started.

"There's gotta be more somewhere," Tyler looked around the garage.

Scott noticed something move but didn't say anything. He felt hurt and betrayed that Brian was with them and he didn't do anything to help him.

"Fuck it. Let's just go," Scott sighed getting up on his own.

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