A/N: Would it be considered Pitch Black three or Chronicles of Riddick Three? CoR 3 sounds much better, but whatever… yeah it's short, but HEY it's supposed to be a prologue!

P.S. This does contain many spoilers… so if you haven't read the books or seen both Pitch Black and Chronicles of Riddick… I would advise you not to read the story… but please do go and rent the movies because they are amazing!

Rated R for the constant use of the f-word and other bad words.

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Chronicles of Riddick III: Killers


That name had haunted his thoughts, dreams, nightmares, and even the sleepless nights. She haunted every damn hour of his day.

You keep what you kill…

He replayed the last battle in his mind over and over again, constantly looking for another way he could have handled it. When he did find a way he could save her, he would curse himself for not doing it.

At that moment, the doors swished open and four men, accompanying Lord Vaako, dragged in with a girl who was pulling to get away.

"She was found in the cargo hold. She killed two of our men and wounded another. So far she hasn't said much of anything." Lord Vaako stood at ease with his head high.

Thrown across the cold, black floor, the girl grunted slightly at the skidding noise. She let out a sigh and stood up. Her face kept downwards. Curly, dark brown hair hid most of her face. It made it nearly impossible for Riddick to identify her.

Riddick motioned, with a quick flick of his two fingers, for the guards to leave them. Lord Vaako gave a last look at the girl and, with a last glare, left the Lord Marshall.

"Not many can kill a necromonger." Riddick's deep voice echoed through the stainless steel and black walls of the room.

"You did." Her voice was hard and, Riddick could tell, choked back. It held little fear. Riddick could smell anger, hate, and disgust. The ends of his mouth frowned slightly. No one talks back to Richard B. Riddick.

"Why are you here?" Riddick walked closer to the stranger.

Her movements paused. It was as if she had stopped breathing. "To kill you," she answered, her voice flat and emotionless.

Riddick's shining head was thrown back as he let out a booming laugh. He moved even closer to the girl. Close enough to shivv her if needed. "Look at me!" Riddick demanded. The girl didn't move. Riddick, patience was wearing thin, demanded again, "Look at me!" Maybe looking into Richard B. Riddick's eyes will strike a little fear in her. "LOOK AT ME!"

She shuddered beneath his angry, bellowing voice. She moved her head slowly upwards. Her eyes looked deep into his. There was no sign of fear. There was no sign of surprise. This surprised Riddick.

Her voice, suddenly soft, said, "Where can I get eyes like that?"