Chapter 9

"We're leaving." Riddick pulled her off the chair and pushed her through the crowd.

Well, well, well. Somebody's pissed. Jack wished she had taken more sips than the two from her beer. This is gonna be a long ass night.

Mona slinked her way through the crowd behind Riddick. The minute they walked out of the club and dusk light brightened Jack's surroundings, Mona had that stupid smirk on her face. Like she knew something Jack didn't. Which she probably did.

"Jeeze, are we in a rush?" Jack asked angrily. Usually she was wacky and hyper when she had alcohol, but this time it turned to anger.

"You're going back to the ship. I'm going to make sure the ship is all geared up and we've got all the junk we need."

Jack turned to give him a questioning glare. "I'm going back to the ship? What are you going to do, lock me there?"

"Well, if you're not on the ship when I come back, then I'm leaving without you."

Jack laughed. "Ok, big man. Have a nice life." Jack started walking in the other direction, pissed as ever.

"Jack," Riddick followed her into one of the dark alleyways. "Don't be difficult." It sounded much like an order in his impassive voice.

Jack stopped suddenly, almost making Riddick trip over her. "Difficult?" She spun around. "Maybe if you had been honest with me in the first place I wouldn't be so difficult!"

"Honest about what?" There was a hint of emotion: anger.

"About having a personal whore on Malakarr! Yeah, I know you have them all over the 'verse, but giving me a heads up would've been nice. If you can't make this relationship a two-person party, then you can go tango with someone else because, for me, three's a crowd."

"And what about you doing the damn tango with the bartender? You think I enjoyed that? Do you think I enjoy smelling him on you?"

Jack scoffed, "Don't pull that. That only reason I let him was because I was becoming a third wheel with slut bag Mona."

"You were jealous." Riddick smirked.

"You're god-damned right I was jealous." Her honesty took the smile right off his face. "I was practically screaming green giant! In the past hour, I've been lost, ignored, uninformed, misinformed and had a gun pulled on me twice. Plus, you did nothing to stop any of it. Well, except for one pulled gun."

Riddick grabbed her wrists. "You know I wouldn't cheat on you."

"Actually, I don't Riddick. I know your past and how can I trust you if you don't tell me what's going on? I need to know that it's just you and me and not you leading on anyone else. Otherwise, I can't do this. I don't do relationships and I have whacked out trust issues."

Jack had rested her head on Riddick's shoulder. He pushed her head so that he could look into her eyes. "Hey," he whispered. "It's you and me vs. the rest of the 'verse."

"Really?"Jack cocked an eyebrow, disbelieving. Riddick leaned in and kissed her. "Mm. I don't think I got that one." Jack smiled, eyes closed.

She felt Riddick push her against the wall. He pressed himself hard against her and kissed her fiercely. Jack smiled against Riddick's lips. She wrapped herself around him. They were about to do it then and there when Jack reluctantly pushed away. "What about Mona?"

"Mona who?" Riddick ignored her and kissed her again.

"No, I mean we just kind of left her."

Riddick groaned, unwilling to let her go. Instead, he placed tiny pecks along the side of her neck. "Riddick!" Jack laughed, putting her feet back on the ground.

Riddick finally pulled away. He never wanted her to come on this mission. Not really. He knew what he would have to do to get Mona to talk. Just like tonight. And if Jack couldn't handle that, which he knew she was capable, she would get killed. And that single thought sobered him up real fast.

"Listen, Jack." Riddick spoke quietly. Just in case his old informant was listening in. Or trying to. Jack gave him her full attention. Riddick loved that she knew when he was serious or not. He loved that, even though they hadn't spent all that much time together, she knew his every move and every emotion. She knew him inside and out.

"Mona was a whore that I met up with on Malakarr. I'm not going to lie to you. But she was also an informant. A damn good one too. She has a thing for bad guys. Her payment wasn't in cash, if you know what I mean. And we don't have the kind of cash she asks for."

"So, what are you saying?" Jack pulled her hair back in a quick, but efficient ponytail. "That you have to fuck her, so we can kill Chillingsworth. May I add that we've already "killed" her without any of Mona's help."

Riddick let out a gruff snigger. "What I need you to know is that I'm gonna do everything I can save 'fucking her' to get the info."

"So that entails... What exactly?" Jack folded her arms tight. Riddick knew she was disliking the plan more and more by the minute.

"That you trust me. And that you keep quiet."

"So, you look like your the one in charge?"

"Baby, I am the one in charge." Riddick gave a smile, but he was completely serious.

"Yeah, Ok. Whatever." Sarcasm dripped from her mouth. "That's obviously not what you wanted last night." Jack smirked silently and cocked her eyebrow knowingly.

Riddick stuck his thumb in one of her belt loops and pulled her to him. His lips were inches from hers. "Fine," she mumbled. "But you owe me big time."

"You know I pay up."

"Yeah, but I'm one self-centered picky bitch. You're gonna owe me for a long time at this rate."

"We'll see about that. So play along, will you?" He whispered into her ear before pushing her away.

The second they got out of the alleyway, Mona was there, waiting. The smirk still plastered on her face.

"You know I love games." Jack smiled.

"Are we ready yet?" Mona gave Jack a bored look.

"Yeah," Jack rolled her eyes. "We're ready princess." She shot out sarcastically.

"Jack," Riddick warned.

Jack huffed and led the way back to the ship. She gave space to Mona and Riddick.

"Wow, what a bitch you got hanging around." Mona grumbled.

Riddick didn't say anything.

"So, Riddick, how long's it been since you last had incredible sex?" Mona asked with a smirk. She had always been very forward and frank.

"Not too long." Riddick grinned.

"Sure, whatever you say mastermind." Mona stopped turned to Riddick. She whispered so that Jack wouldn't here. "I have a client to deal with, so what is it you want before I begin my questioning?"

"There is a woman named Doctor Chillingsworth. She wants me dead."

"Who doesn't?"

Riddick could think of one person, but he didn't speak out loud. "I killed her creator. But there is something going on that I want to know about. See if you can find anything on her."

"Sure thing." Mona blew him a kiss and walked away.

Riddick jogged to catch up with Jack. "What a sleazy whore." Jack felt him from behind. "Any man who'd do her is a complete idiot." She turned to Riddick. "You are such an idiot."

"Hey!" Riddick grabbed her from behind and picked her up. Jack kicked her legs, accidentally kicking Riddick in the knee.

She laughed as Riddick's grip loosened and she slid down his body.

Mona steered the drunk in the right direction to his hotel room. He grinned hungrily as he tossed her on the rosy red bed.

"So what is a strong and able man, such as yourself, doing here on Malakarr?" Mona knew that the question of business was never discussed on the planet. However, he wasn't in a position to turn her down.

"Ima goin' hunin'." His words slurred and Mona could barely make out what he was saying.

"Hunting, huh? Hunting for rabbits, maybe?" She unbuckled his belt and slipped his pants off.

"Riddick sno rabbit." He gave a toothy grin, flashing a gold tooth in the back of his mouth.

"The infamous Riddick. That's a big catch. How do you plan on getting his head?" To this day, it surprised Mona how far a couple of drinks went with a horny male. Except for Riddick.

"He don't know I'm here. Plus, I know the way to git to 'em."

Mona rolled her eyes as she tossed her purple velvet dress on the chair. "Oh, really?"

"Her name's Jack."

Mona's attention pricked up. Maybe this low-life wasn't half bad.

"How can I help?"

-cue end chapter

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