-Chapter Six: I Really, Really Hate The Holidays-

-By Natali-

(-The Next New Years' Eve...-)

"Happy New Fucking Year," Lily muttered, bitterly sipping a cup of water. "This is hell, Emmy. I want to shoot myself."

"Cheer yourself up, Lils!" Emmy groaned. "I've done this for the past 5 or so New Years', and it's getting quite old. It hasn't been that long, you exaggerated bitch."

"So what? You swear that it makes it any easier for me. You know how addicted I was. Am, I suppose, but I currently have to use past tense, to my disgust," Lily sighed, pouting. "Now I really hate the hols, Ems."

"Yes, I know," Emmy muttered dryly. "Let me guess. You spend so much time and money on a dress that you won't even fit into soon–partly to blame for the holidays, and in the end, you can't even get drunk to make it worthwhile!"

"Exactly!" Lily nodded. "My life is a hell."

"I've said it before, and I'll be saying it until one of us dies, and then I'll remind you in the afterlife." Emmy paused, taking a long sip of her Bloody Mary. "It's a fucking party, Lils. Have a fucking good time or I'll stick a fucking knife up your arse. You fucking got me, mate?"

Lily didn't reply, staring grumpily into the distance.

Suppressing the urge to follow through with her threat, Emmy continued, "Go get laid or something, Lils. I can't stand you like this."

"But I don't want to get laid sober!" Lily hissed, shutting her eyes closed.

"Not even by sex god James Potter?" Emmy smiled. "Oh, speak of the devil. Look at who's traveling the length of the room, just for you, Lils. Maybe the little darling will get a boner for you." She downed the rest of her drink. "Holy bloody fuck, I need another fifty or so of these."

"I think I might vomit on him. I'm not feeling too hot."

"Can I leave you two alone for just a few minutes?"

"Of course. We're civil, Emmy. Go and get me a wine at least, will you?" Lily begged. "Please?"

"No. Now shut it. Oh, James, maybe you can do something about her. If I hear her say one more time that she doesn't have enough alcohol in her system, I might do something and get sent to Azkaban for it. Later, loves." She left without another word.

Lily looked into the smiling face of James Potter. "But it's not that I don't have enough alcohol–it's that I have absolutely none!" She let her face crumple. "My gosh I haven't this sober for this much time since... I was twelve."

James only smiled wider. "Come here." He stretched out his arms and she walked into them without another thought. "You know you can't have alcohol, Lily."

"Why?" she demanded, knowing the answer. His lips dipped and slid across hers in a tender, short caress.

"Because you're pregnant. Would you really drink?"

"No, but I'm going to complain about it all I want. I can't believe you knocked me up so soon. We've only been married not even a year!"

James chuckled. "So I'm virile. You used to love that in me."

Lily smiled wickedly, sliding her hands into his jacket and touching his chest. "I still do. I just finished telling Emmy that I didn't want to get laid, but I'm horny suddenly. These mood swings aren't the greatest things, you know."

James laughed. "Speaking of, I thought of a name for Junior."



Lily blushed, giggling. "But, love, that's what we named your little man!"

"Yes. I thought it fitting. What do you think?"

"I love it, sadly. Oh, this kid is going to be so bloody corrupt. Too bad. His problem. Come on, I really am horny now." She made to move, but he held her within the cage of his arms. "Yes?"

"I love you." He kissed one of her closed eyelids. "You know that?"

"Yes. I love you too. A lot."

"Dandy. Now, let's go. I'm very randy."

"That rhymed!"

"You know, I think the water had something in it, because you're awfully air-headed."

Lily laughed, taking his hand as their fingers intertwined. Without another word, they apparated away from the party, hoping every would excuse their absence.

After all...

They were still newlyweds, weren't they?


.Or Is It?


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