Title: Night Fell And Shannon's Panic Rose

Author: CleticFaerie2 )

Ratings/Warnings: G Spoiler Warning

Characters/Pairing: Shannon, Jack

Disclaimer: Not mine. Unfortunately. Just borrowing.

She sat near the fire, but she didn't feel the warmth. All she felt was cold. Terrible, aching cold.

Night fell and Shannon's panic rose.

Boone wasn't back. Boone was out there. Out in the jungle. With Locke. And...and whatever else was out there in the jungle. What if whoever took Claire had him? What if he was hanging by his neck like Charlie had been? What if he didn't come back?

Without her inhalers and Boone by her side to remind her to take deep, slow breaths, her panic only escalated. Encouraging words from the otehrs did nothing to quell the bubble of fear forming deep within her gut. None of them had anyone else on the island. None of them knew how much she needed Boone.

"How're you holding up?" Jack knelt beside her and offered a bottle of water. She looked at it for a long moment before lifting a hand to take it. She knew she must look like a deer in the headlights. The fresh cuts and bruises Jack bore didn't help her unease. He'd taken a nasty fall out there in the jungle, running in the rain. That was after he and Kate seperated from Boone and Locke.

Boone was still out there. And she had no way of knowing where he was, if he was even alive.

When she didn't answer, Jack stood. She thought he was leaving her alone with her misery. Part of her wanted to reach out and grab him, hold on to him and beg him not to go. She sat still, taking only a small sip of the water he'd given her.

She didn't hear his footsteps, didn't know he was back at her side until he draped a blanket over her shoulders. Holding her water bottle in one hand, she used the other to pull the blanket tight at her neck.

"If they're not back by morning, I'll go find them," Jack said quietly.

Shannon nodded. She didn't trust her voice to speak.

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