If you've read Identity Crisis, a recent American comic book (by DC, I believe), something in this might seem awfully familiar. The title is stolen from an awesome movie.

HinataNaruto. 200 words.


High Fidelity


Naruto only ever dated one girl his entire life.

Not to say he'd only ever kissed Hinata, or that she was his first everything. She was the only girl he'd ever dated.

It wasn't because Hinata was the only girl he would ever have a chance with. Once he and his peers finally reached an age where hormones kicked in and crushes were real, not just because somebody was cool and you were supposed to like them, but because there was an actual feeling, there had been more than a few girls who had looked his way. Maybe he would have been happy with them, or maybe he wouldn't have.

The truth was, Hinata was the only girl who'd looked at him. The only girl who hadn't swooned over Sasuke first, but looked straight past him to see Naruto.

Not that there was anything really wrong with swooning over Sasuke, because he had his good points, even if he did go through girls like Naruto went through ramen. But Hinata hadn't wanted Sasuke. She'd wanted Naruto.

She wasn't his first everything. His first everything was on the rebound from Sasuke.

She wasn't his first anything, really.

She was his only.


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