Chapter One: It begins…

"Make it stop…make it stop…"

Darkness, the silence makes my ears hurt. A roar…from where?

"Make it stop…Make it stop…"

Who's saying that? I can't see him…Hello!?

"Make it stop…Make it stop…"

I'm here! Can you hear me!? Hello!?

"Make it stop make it stop make it stop"

Please listen!


I'm here!

"AH!" Yuji yelled. He awoke from his dream, sweating like hell. Marlene wasn't by his side which he found weird. "Marlene?" He called out. He got out of bed. He doesn't remember where he is. The place looked familiar. It wasn't second earth, he felt his head. He felt skin…

He looked in the mirror. His hair was gone and there were stitches across where his hair had been. "Oh my God…What the hell is going on?" The door opened and a man in a white trench coat walked in, he had a clipboard and a pen in hand. "Yuji, you shouldn't be out of bed, please get back in." Yuji tackled the man against the wall, took his pen and held it close to his neck. "Where the fuck am I? Who the hell are you, and what did you do with Marlene!?" Yuji yelled. "What are you talking about?" The man said.

"Answer me!" He held the pen closer. "You're in the hospital, the one you were put to sleep in 3 years ago." "You're lying! It's 2031! I was put in a hospital years 20 years ago!" "2031!? It's 2014!"

"Bullshit! I woke up 2031, and the Blue took over the earth and we just won it back, now who the fuck are you!?"

"Blue? What are you talking about, we woke you up 2 days ago, but we drugged you before you could wake up so we could perform the surgery for your disease."


"I'm a doctor here, please I won't do anything." Yuji dropped the pen, he backed away. "So everything, I went through…was a lie."

The doctor looked confused. "I went to sleep with Marlene in my arms last night…I got used to that world. But in reality it really was a nightmare."

"Do you want to explain over breakfast?" The doctor asked standing up reaching his hand out to Yuji.