Chapter 5: Truth

I'm scared, truth. The truth is such a scary thing, but I've faced it twice. Well actually it was a lie, but it's better to take this truth than the lie.

"What is happening to you? It is nothing. Let me explain." The doctor said. "You've simply been hallucinating, but it's nothing serious. The truth will probably make it easier. The truth is Yuji. Before you went to sleep visitors came to see you. You might not remember this. But you were here for 2 months before you were actually put asleep. Here in this hospital. Everyone had visitors but after a week visitors stopped caring. Only one visitor and she was always here for you." The doctor said pausing. Yuji waiting for the answer.

"It's visitor day isn't it? I know she's coming." The doctor said. "Please, you didn't finish! I still don't understand!" Yuji yelled. "You are married Yuji. You have a daughter." Yuji was still confused. "That one person who kept visiting you, was Marlene and she was pregnant with your daughter. That's why that happened in your dream. The reason I think everyone else also she was the only who kept coming and so they all cared for her as if she was their true love. You're lucky Yuji. The good part of your dream was real." Yuji's jaw dropped and looked in the window and he didn't see Marlene in armor like he saw her before. But there she was for real holding his daughter in her arms.

The doctor took the jacket off Yuji. He ran to the door and hugged them both as if he had fallen in love again. "Yuji you'll be fine. In fact I'll let you leave."

They both checked out of the hospital and gave Yuji his regular clothes back and went into Marlene's car. "I missed you Yuji. Yuji, I'd like you to meet Yung." Yuji sat stunned and the small 3 year old waved at him.

As Marlene was driving home she stopped the car. "What is it?" Yuji asked. "There's an animal ahead. Its looks hurt." Marlene said and got out of the car. She looked over it.

Yuji yelled because he knew what it was. Marlene was beheaded in an instant and another one broke the door open and splattered Yuji's blood on the windshield. Yung could do nothing.

"This is Channel 7 news. Today we have a mysterious killing. A red SUV was torn up to shreds and blood all over the place. The bodies were curled up into a ball in some green slime and police are completely baffled. The victims are Yuji, Marlene and Yung. More on this story as it develops. Back to you Tim."



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