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Chapter Twenty
I'm Not Allowed to Wear Mini Skirts when going to the Mall

They all came back safely with no hassle, problems, or whatsoever. It's a Saturday so most students would just like to go home and rest. This includes the whole gang.

"Do you want me to walk you home, Ayu?" Tetsushi asked.

Ayu can see that he's very tired due to the 2-hour road trip so it's best if he could just rest. Ayu shook her head no.

"It's okay, Tetsushi. Go home and rest. Thanks for all your help." Ayu said.

"Well, if you say so…" Tetsushi said when suddenly his cell phone rang. He groaned. "Not again,"

"Oh just answer it, Tetsushi." Ayu said. Tetsushi complied and answered his phone.

"Hello? Tetsushi speaking," he said.

"Hello dear," the other line called.

"Mom!" his eyes widened. "What made you call so sudden?"

"Oh it's just that nobody's going to be in the house today and I hate leaving you alone there. You won't mind staying over at Ayu's house right?" Katherine, Tetsushi's Mother, said.

Tetsushi looked at Ayu for a moment and said, "Oh sure. It's okay."

"Good. I'll be picking you two up there in school and drive you to their place, okay? Don't wander around." she said.

"Okay Mom, bye." Tetsushi said as they both hung up.

"What's wrong?" Ayu asked. They both sat down on the benches near by with their bags out.

"Nothing's wrong. It seems that I'll be staying at your house for today." Tetsushi said.

Ayu giggled. "Really? Well if that's so, we should be going then." she said.

Ayu stood up but she was sat down again by Tetsushi's hand holding her wrist. "No it's okay. My mom will pick us up." He said.

"Oh I see," Ayu smiled.

"Hey Ayu!" a female voice called.

Ayu looked at the direction she was called. "Oh, Nina!" she waved at them since she was with Hiroki.

"What's up?" Ayu asked.

"Ayu, do you want to go to the mall with me today?" Nina asked.

Ayu's eyes widened. "Aren't you even tired, Nina?" she asked. Nina shook her head.

"C'mon! It's a very nice Saturday. The mall waits!" Nina exclaimed.

Ayu and Tetsushi sweatdropped; they looked at Hiroki with a Did-you-give-her-anything-sweet-or-coffee-to-make-her-this-hyper look. Hiroki sweatdropped too.

"Honestly Nina, where do you get all your energy?" Ayu said tired.

Nina placed a finger on her chin, "I honestly don't know," she said while staring into space making the 3 fall anime-style.

"Oh yeah! I almost forgot, Yuta and Sayaka already gone home. They said they have things to do." Nina said.

"Oh, I see." Ayu said.

"So Ayu, can you come today?" Nina asked.

"Why don't you ask Hiroki to come with you?"

Nina looked at her boyfriend, "You love me don't you?" her eyes glowing.

'Oh no, not one of these stupid tests again…' Hiroki thought.

You see, there were these incidents when Nina uses the "If you love me…" line. Here are some examples…


First Incident

"Hey Hiroki-kun! This stuffed pig is so cute! Can you buy this for me?" Nina exclaimed.

"Eh? But I already gave you tons before," Hiroki said.

Nina looked like she was about to cry. "You don't love me anymore!" she cried.

Hiroki sweatdropped. "Oh Nina, of course I love you!" he said.

"If you love me, then you'll buy me this pig!" she cried, drawing some attention from some people.

Hiroki sighed. "Fine," he said.

Then they walked out of the store with a very happy Nina. "Thanks Hiroki!"

Second Incident

"Hiroki!" Nina called.

"Hai?" Hiroki answered.

"I've got my English remedial classes after school, can you give this to Mr. Sanzeno for me?"

"Oh, I'm sorry, Nina. But I've got tennis practice right after school," Hiroki explained.

Nina started to act like a kid again. "Oh please Hiroki! If you really love me, then you'll give this to Mr. Sanzeno!" she shrieked.

In the end, Hiroki gave those papers to Mr. Sanzeno.

Third Incident

"Hiroki-kun, can you go with me to the Cat Show? I'm entering Rio,"

"Eh? I'm sorry Nina, but I have some plans with my friends today."

"If you REALLY love me, then you'll go with me!"

Hiroki sighed. It's a good thing that he wasn't annoyed or anything about it. But sooner or later, he will have to talk to Nina about this whole "If you love me…" thing.

End of Flashbacks

After remembering all those memories, Hiroki thought of something.

"Yes Nina, of course I love you." Hiroki replied.

This time, he was going to be the one who will test her love for him.

"Then if you really mean it, then you'll go with me to the mall." Nina smiled.

After hearing this, Tetsushi thanked the gods that his girlfriend/fiancée wasn't using any of those lines to him.

"Well Nina, if you really love me, then you'll stop using that line all over again just to get what you want." Hiroki said making Nina lose her smile.

"What? You know I love you, Hiroki," Nina said.

"Yes I know, but whenever you use those 'If you love me…' lines, it feels like you're just taking advantage of my love for you. I'm sorry for saying that but I don't feel that you love me whenever you use those words." Hiroki explained.

That struck Nina. She wasn't aware of it but Hiroki sure do. Suddenly, tears from Nina's eyes spilled catching Hiroki off guard.

Nina covered her face with her hands and continued sobbing. "I'm really sorry, Hiroki! I'm sorry for taking advantage of you." she managed to say despite her sobbing.

Hiroki smiled at her and hugged her. "I forgive you, but please Nina, don't do it again. You know I love you so much that I'll do anything to make you happy. I'm sorry, too, for making you feel hurt with those things I said." He said.

"Well, I guess that went well." Tetsushi said.

"So I guess you won't be going with me to the mall today." Nina said to Hiroki.

"I'm sorry, Nina." Hiroki apologized.

Nina shook her head. "It's okay, Hiroki. I understand." She looked at Ayu. "Ayu, can you go?" she asked.

"I'm sorry, too, Nina. My mom just texted me awhile ago saying that nobody's in the house so I have to be there and Tetsushi's staying with me. Let's try next weekend. Come over to my place and go together," Ayu said.

"Oh, it's okay. Next weekend, huh? Alright then," Nina approved.

Suddenly, a car honked and the sound was familiar to Tetsushi. He looked at the direction the car was at, and he saw his mother waiting. He waved at his mother and looked at Ayu, "Come on Ayu. Let's go, my mom's here." he said.

Ayu nodded and turned to Nina and Hiroki, "Well I guess we better get going now. Have a nice day you guys!" she said and went to the car of Tetsushi's mom, which was also going to be her mom in a few years. Ayu blushed at that thought.

"Are you okay, Ayu?" Tetsushi asked when he saw Ayu's face all red.

"I'm a-alright, Tetsushi. It is nothing." Ayu assured.

Tetsushi just shrugged and placed all of his and Ayu's things in the trunk and they were off.

Nina and Hiroki waved at them goodbye and were off.

"So…how was your trip?" Katherine inquired.

"A lot has happened," Tetsushi said and looked at Ayu.

"Oh yeah? Fill me with some stories," Katherine said as they drove to Ayu's house.

(Remember guys, I'm kind of in a rush so I'll jump to the time when Ayu and Nina go to the mall)

Next Saturday, Ayu's House

(Mall Day)

Ding Dong. Ayu's doorbell rang. It was around 10 AM and they were going to the mall.

Ayu rushed to the door and opened it revealing Nina.

"Good morning, Ayu!" Nina greeted cheerfully. She was wearing a sleeveless pink top, denim mini skirt and some high-heeled sandals.

"Good morning," Ayu smiled. She was wearing a sleeveless gray top with words saying, "Taken by the Hottest Guy Ever", denim pants and flip flops.

"Eh?" Nina looked at her suspiciously.

"What's wrong?" Ayu asked.

Nina pointed at Ayu's legs and said, "You don't wear your skirts anymore."

"Oh, so you've noticed." Ayu said. "Tetsushi told me that whenever I'm going to the mall or anywhere, I should never use mini skirts especially when I'm with him to the mall. He said that he doesn't like it when men look at me or something." She explained.

"Is that so? That's very possessive of him," Nina said.

Ayu giggled. "I know, right? One time when he saw me wearing the new skirt that I bought last month, he was furious and made me sent home. He wouldn't make me come out of the house unless I'm in pants or something."

"Oh, but aren't you kind of upset about that?" Nina asked.

"Um…not really; I told him not to wear sleeveless tops outside of the house because girls fancy him that way."

"Fair enough!"

Ayu giggled. "So anyway, let's go?"

Nina nodded and they went out of the house and to the mall.


They were going around the mall trying to find some things to buy. Until something clicked into Ayu's mind, "Oh my god, I almost forgot! Tetsushi's birthday is already on Tuesday!" she exclaimed.

"Really? What are you going to get him then?" Nina asked.

"Um…" Ayu looked at her watch. "It's already 12, wanna grab some lunch and think about it?" she suggested.

"Fine with me," Nina replied.


They went to a restaurant and sat down and started talking about Tetsushi's present.

"Hm…let's see…a watch, perfume, clothes…what else?" Ayu asked as she listed it down.

Nina giggled. "You're silly, Ayu,"

"Waa…I'm already panicking! Help me!" Ayu exclaimed.

"Ayu, relax! Just think about what he likes," Nina said.

"Hmm…" Ayu thought. "He likes TV, books, baseball. He's not really into computers. He also likes cars," she said.

"Anything else?"

Ayu was in deep thought. Suddenly, "I know what I'll give him!" she said.

"Really? What?" Nina asked.

"A personalized T-shirt, is that okay? Or I can add an album of Fall Out Boy?" Ayu said.

Author's Notes
I'm using Rock Bands here because I'm an official Rock Addict. My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco, Coheed and Cambria, etc. may be used here in the story. No questions asked. :P

"Fall Out Boy?" Nina asked.

"Yes, he said he really wanted their latest album, Infinity on High, so I'll just give it to him as a gift." Ayu explained.

"Good call." Nina said.




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