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Chapter Two

Shishiwakamaru extended his sword out in front of him, a fierce gaze set on the opponent that stood before him.His face was set in a glare, a serious look of venom shot from his violet eyes, boring holes into the eyes of the figure standing across from him. His lips were pressed tightly against one another, and his long blue hair flew gracefully around his menacing face as a light breeze lifted the strands. His grip on the hilt of his wooden sword was tight, and he held the sword before him menacingly and full of confidence. He did not move, with the exception of his eyes, as they followed his training partner's every move. As they stared across at Suzuki.

Suzuki, though he has trained with Shishiwakamaru on many, many occasions, could never fully get over the ferocity and malevolence, that calm, yet chaotic air of seriousness that Shishiwakamaru let loose every moment he fought. It is always an awesome display of skill, an intense battle, whether you are training, or actually fighting him. One of the many traits of Shishiwakamaru that Suzuki found interesting and note-worthy.

At that moment, Chuu bounced out of the dojo and flung his arm around Shishiwakamaru's shoulders, pulling him closer to the larger, buffer, and obviously less clean man. It was overwhelming. The samurai wrinkled his nose at the disgusting stench of unbathed drunk man. Said drunk man leaned his facedown and uncomfortably closer to Shishi's. Shishiwakamaru's eyes narrowed in the direction of Suzuki, who gave him a look clearly stating not to whirl around and flip the larger man over his shoulder. His eye twitched as Chuu opened his mouth to speak.

It was as though it was a tidal wave of atrocious alcohol breath. Shishiwakamaru could have sworn that he saw it before his nose reacted to the odor. The samurai coughed and gagged on the stench, and it quickly reached the point where he could taste it, no matter how hard he tried to clench his jaws tight against it. Suzuki, watching from afar, could have sworn that Shishi's face was now identical to the color of his hair, and his eyes grew twice as wide. He dropped his wooden sword onto the ground and his hands quickly flew to his nose and mouth, in an attempt to close out the odor, but it was all in vain. If this cruel and unusual torture continued, Shishiwakamaru would surely die from lack of air, which, at that particular moment, seemed like a much better idea than breathing. Rinku, who had appeared out of nowhere at Suzuki's side, was laughing hysterically, tears shining from the corners of his eyes. He found this scene, Shishiwakamaru's facial expression, extremely hilarious.

" 'ey Shee, yer so purdee... yer like a gurlee man..." Chuu bellowed. Of course, he couldn't just be a drunk, he had to be a loud one as well? "Sheesheeee... purdee Sheeee..."

The samurai was well aware of his outstanding beauty, and, in any other circumstance, preferably more comfortable and less smelly, he would normally enjoy being complimented on it, but this was just too much for him to handle. He turned pleading eyes to Suzuki, begging him for salvation. Suzuki was trying extremely hard not to laugh at the expression on Shishiwakamaru's face, for fear of the samurai's rage. He wouldn't want Shishi to be mad at him. He very much preferred it when he wasn't just a pile of severed body parts staining the grass, hacked to bits by a skilled samurai and his sword.

Touya and Jin walked out of the temple. The ice demon, completely noodle-free, had changed his clothes to much simpler attire, a black muscle shirt and long navy plain pants. He remained barefoot. The ice demon rolled his eyes and sighed at the scene before him, and Jin, floating alongside of him, began to laugh as loudly as Rinku had before. If course, now Rinku was laying on the ground, grasping his sides, laughing so hard that he was silent.

Touya took a small step forward. "Chuu, must you be so... clingy?"

Jin found it funny that Touya used the term "clingy".

"Buh Touyah... Shee is so perdy! 'e's so gurlee... 'e can pass as a gurl..." Chuu then had an idea that would only be deemed brilliant by none other than himself.

Chuu roughly turned Shishiwakamaru's face to his own. The samurai found the fact that his face was touched at all apalling.

"Sheeeee... gimme a kissee-wissee--" Chuu breathed out into Shishiwakamaru's face.

The drunk man couldn't say another word before Shishiwakamaru's eyes widened in disgust and he elbowed Chuu in the stomach, grabbed his arm and, using his leg to disconnect Chuu's feet from the ground, flung him over the heads of Suzuki and Rinku, both of whom's eyes followed Chuu as he sailed into the ground a considerable amount of space away. Touya sighed and brought his hand to his head, already sporting a nice headache. Jin found Shishi's fury amusing and laughed harder.

The samurai stood, slightly panting, with a wild glare in his eyes. "YOU-YOU-" He shouted. "YOU ARE DISGUSTING! What caused you to even THINK that I would EVER bless you with a kiss? Are you out of your DRUNK MIND?"

Chuu sat up, laughing at him, which only further infuriated Shishiwakamaru. Shishi, in one smooth motion, swiped his sword from the ground and dashed toward Chuu. Suzuki grabbed onto Shishiwakamaru before he could Rinku and himself.

"Shishi, calm down!" Suzuki shouted. "He's drunk! He has no idea what he's--"

Shishiwakamaru, in the taller man's arms, glared up at him. "Don't you TRY to justify his disgusting actions! Do you have ANY IDEA how much I want to TEAR him limb from limb right now?"

"I've got a pretty good idea, but you need to calm down and think about your own actions!" Suzuki exclaimed, vaguely wondering why it seemed easier to hold onto Shishi.

"I don't need to... calm down...!" Shishi stated, a bit quieter than his tone of voice the moment before.

Suzuki said nothing, but he turned Shishi to look at him in the eyes. The samurai half-glared at him, but he ceased struggling. "Hear me out...?" Suzuki asked in his normal tone.

Shishiwakamaru, albeit unhappy, simply nodded and pulled away from the man that he believed he loved. He crossed his arms and turned away from Suzuki. How could he not listen to the one person whom if his eyes fell upon, made his heart flutter? He had always known that he had a special place for Suzuki, but the past few days, he began to think of Suzuki as more than his friend. This sort of thinking had left him distracted, and made his hands clammy, and his mind seemed to haze over sometimes because of it. It was actually beginning to annoy Shishi.

If he didn't let it out soon, would he be stuck feeling this way forever? He feared his health, and that decided it. He was going to tell Suzuki. Even if he knew that the other demon was out of his reach, he still had to let it out.

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