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Warning: Spoilers for the musical! And there will probably be some mild language later on.

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Elphaba woke up to the sound of rain on the roof. Instinctively, she jolted up, then realizing she was okay, laid back down in the comfortable bed. Suddenly, the memory of what had happened the night before hit her like a brick. She sighed, thinking of her supposed death. Then she swung her legs out of bed and went down the creaky stairs of Fiyero's castle in Kiamo Ko. She walked into the kitchen and saw Fiyero at the table, eating grainy toast. She smiled. He motioned to a plate. "I made you some toast," he said. His cloth hands spread some butter onto the bread with a knife. He dropped the knife once, then picked it back up again. She looked down, knowing he was a little bit clumsy from being a scarecrow. It had been the best she could come up with, though. He noticed her blushing a bit, and smiled. "Really, Elphaba, I'm fine the way I am." She knew he was lying, but sat down next to him anyway. She watched the rain apprehensively. "Do you think they know?"

"Know what?" Fiyero asked, absent-mindedly.

"Do you think they know I'm not dead?" He shook his head, quickly. "No! No, of course not. Why would you think that?" She looked down. "No reason," she said. "I'm a little nervous about Glinda, I guess. I don't know what she'll do if she finds out I'm not really melted." Fiyero nodded, and exchanging a brief smile, returned to their breakfasts.

Glinda woke up in her lavish bedroom, early in the morning. She looked outside. It was raining. Remembering Elphaba, she swallowed, hard. She lay in bed for a moment, thinking of the day before, and how happily the citizens of Oz had responded to the news of Elphie's death. A maid came in then, Lillany. "Well, I'm glad to see you're up early," Lillany said to Glinda brightly, opening the shades to the window. "You have a lot to do today. There's a man made of tin here to see you." Glinda furrowed her eyebrows. She didn't remember if she had seen a creature like that before, and decided she hadn't. "Well, have him wait downstairs for me. I'll be down soon."

Glinda got ready to greet her visitor, making sure she had some black in her outfit. She wanted to honor Elphie in some way, if she couldn't do it traditionally. Skipping the usual curling of her hair, she put it in a braid instead. She stared at herself in the mirror. She didn't like it, but left it alone. She went down the stairs to the parlor, where her visitor was waiting on a couch. Lillany hadn't been lying, Glinda decided. The tin man stood as she descended the stairs. She smiled merrily at him. "Hello!" she cried. She laughed, though her heart wasn't in it. She couldn't disappoint her follower, however. "Sit down, no need to stand for me!" He sat, and she sat in an armchair across from him. "Miss Glinda," the tin man started. "You may remember me from Shiz University. My name is Boq." Glinda put a finger to her chin and sat thoughtfully. Boq sighed. "Or perhaps Biq." Glinda gasped. "Biq?! Oh, I remember you! You took Nessa to the Ozdust Ballroom, didn't you?" Boq's jaw clenched. "Yes," he replied shortly. Glinda remembered Nessa's social status with the Munchkinlanders and tried to fix her blunder. "Oh yes, that dirty old witch. She got what she deserved, don't you think?" She giggled. Boq nodded bitterly. "Her and her wicked sister." Glinda's heart ached to hear him talk about Elphaba like that, but she smiled, to show she agreed. She was getting a little tired of this visit, and wished just to go into breakfast. "So why did you drop by, Boq?" Boq cleared his throat. "Well, I was sent with Dorothy to kill Elphaba by the wizard. As you well know, we went there, and the wizard gave us what he promised." Glinda nodded. "Go on."

"Well, I've decided I'd like a little more than what I got." Glinda sat back in her chair. "Yes?"

"I was given a heart. I'd like to be a man again. Myself. Boq." Glinda stared at him. "Well, what do you want me to do?"

"Reverse the spell Elphaba cast on me. I know you can, I know you can do sorcery." Glinda shook her head slowly. "But I don't know if I can do that…there isn't a spell for everything. Besides…being a tin man isn't so bad, is it?" Boq looked around, then leaned in towards Glinda, as if he had a secret. She also leaned closer. "I don't think Elphaba really died," he said in a hushed tone. Glinda's eyes widened. "I just have this feeling…and I also, while I know she's allergic to water, it just doesn't seem possible that she could melt." Glinda felt a hope rise in her. She motioned for the tin man to keep going. "If you could turn me back into a man, then I will search for Elphaba. I'll find her, and do the job right this time. Really kill her." Glinda swallowed, knowing she had to find an excuse to keep him from doing that. Stalling for time, she promised him she'd look in the book for any spell that could possibly reverse it. Boq smiled. "I knew I could count on you, Glinda," he said. "Together, we'll get the wicked old witch." Glinda nodded, heart pounding. "And Boq," she said, as she ushered him out the door. "Yes?" he asked her, turning around. "Don't tell anyone about your suspicions, all right? For now…I would rather them not know, if you don't mind." Boq nodded, eagerly. "Absolutely, Miss Glinda."