Elphaba, Fiyero, Lillany, Damaran, and Oveel all fled from Boq and his army, with five of the Gale Force members running after them. The hallways were narrow, and Lillany led them all, and following her, in order, were Oveel, Damaran, Fiyero, and then Elphaba. Lillany didn't know where she was going, really, and paused at an intersection, causing a bit of a traffic jam among the five. Her eyes darted wildly, and then she ran to the right. They had all been trying to follow the direction that they had come in, but, in their panic, had run in the opposite direction. Fiyero looked behind him once, and behind Elphaba saw that the Gale Force were gaining on them. "Go faster!" he shouted to Lillany.

Lilllany ran to a door at the end of a hallway, hoping it wasn't locked. She tugged on it, and as Oveel and Damaran reached it, they began pulling it also. It was definitely locked. As Fiyero and Elphaba caught up, the five Gale Force members caught up with them. Before Elphaba had even a chance to stop running, one of them grabbed her by the arm, and pulled her away from her four friends. There was a spear held at her throat in less than an instant, before she even knew what was happening, and one other guard held another spear to her, and each had one of her arms. The other three pointed them at the group of four cornered in front of the locked door. Elphaba locked eyes with Fiyero. Her eyes held no emotion, nor did his, they didn't need any; they each knew what the other was thinking.

A solitary voice from a guard in front of Elphaba, pointing his spear in the direction of her loved ones turned his head towards Elphaba and the other two guards. "Kill her," he said. The words sounded almost as if they were spoken in passing, "Nice day", or "Kill her".

Elphaba closed her eyes. She was done. She was through fighting. The spear began to press against her temple…


She opened her eyes in surprise. Not because someone was arguing the fact she be killed, but because she knew who they were from – Fiyero, Glinda, and Boq.

She turned around as much as she could with her arms being held onto, and the guards at her side put down their spears. Glinda and Boq were behind the Gale Force, out of breath from running behind all of them, obviously. Everyone stared at Glinda and Boq silently, surprised. Glinda and Boq stared back, Glinda in fear, and Boq in surprise at himself. Boq waited a moment, and then, distraught, walked himself out of the situation and around the corner, out of sight.

It was still silent, as everyone gazed at Glinda, not knowing what to do. She stood awkwardly, twenty feet behind them, her arms behind her back. She then pulled her right arm from behind her back, holding a gun.

It was as if the air lost a quarter of its oxygen from everyone in the room gasping in surprise at Glinda, and if it was possible, everyone got a little more stiff. Glinda, looking mentally unstable, pointed the gun at all of them, and then to her own head.

"Glinda!" Elphaba exclaimed in panic. Nobody stopped her from speaking.

Glinda looked a little more calm, though she was shaking. "Elphaba," she instructed, beckoning with her hand for Elphaba to join her.

Elphaba continued to stare at Glinda in fear of what she might do, and the guards kept their hold on her.

"Let go," Glinda hissed at them. She remembered Fiyero's rescue of Elphaba after Nessarose's death. "Or explain to Oz how you watched as Glinda the Good was slain." Reluctantly, the guards let go of Elphaba's arms. Elphaba tried to appear calm as she walked to Glinda.

She walked slowly, noticing Glinda's scared eyes and shaking hand. "Glinda," she started quietly as she walked, "it's okay. Let me have the gun…"

Glinda put her arm out for Elphaba, and put her arm on her shoulder, directing the green woman behind her, trying to shield her, in a way. Elphaba stood slightly behind Glinda, trying once again to talk her out of whatever she was doing.

"Glinda, it's okay now, I'm here, you have to give me the gun, though…"

Glinda shook her head. She knew what she was doing. "Put down your spears," she instructed. "And stand aside."

After looking at each other for a moment, the guards did. Fiyero, Oveel, Lillany, and Damaran all walked to Glinda slowly, not sure of what they were doing.

Glinda nodded at the guards. "You will tell no one," she said, the hand holding the gun growing steadier. "Tomorrow there will be a conference with all of Oz, and you will tell no one about this."

Everyone was baffled by Glinda, but the guards nodded. "Don't follow us," Glinda told them as she put down the gun and led the others to her room.

The six stood in Glinda's room – Fiyero, Elphaba, Damaran, Oveel, Lillany, and Glinda. They all wanted to say something, but no one wanted to be the first, so they all stood staring awkwardly at each other. Elphaba had the gun, and she fingered it for a moment, then set it down carefully on Glinda's bed. "I was worried, Glinda," Fiyero said. Everyone looked at him in surprise, as everyone – including Glinda and Elphaba – were expecting Glinda or Elphaba to speak first.

Glinda stared at him solemnly. "Thank you," she said, not sure of what else to say.

She turned around to face Elphaba. "You left the Grimmerie here," she said.

Elphaba smirked. "I noticed that when I could have used it to save all of our lives, thanks for letting me know, though."

Glinda smiled. "You'll need it again, Elphie," she said. Her face grew serious.

Elphaba looked puzzled. "Glinda…I don't want it. You can keep it. Tomorrow Fiyero and I will leave…"

Glinda shook her head swiftly. "No." she said firmly. "You saved me – you can save the rest of Oz, too."

Elphaba stared at her for a moment in confusion, then remembered the sickness. Her eyes grew wide. "That's what you meant by the conference," she nodded, understanding. "I can't, Glinda. I can't. I don't want them all to die, I really, really don't. But they wouldn't let me put a spell on them. Glinda, I can't do that."

"Yes you can, Elphie!" Glinda said determinedly. "You have to. If the people of Oz love me like I think they do, I'll explain it to them, and they'll have to let you!"

The two stared at each other for a moment, with the other four watching them. They certainly were an odd pair, the well dressed – yet ruffled looking – Glinda, with her pink cheeks and blonde hair, and the dirty, messy, exhausted looking, and very green Elphaba, with her long, dark brown hair in need of a hairbrush. But something changed, and they were the same. Elphaba knew that she had to try, for Glinda, and for the rest of the Emerald City, and Glinda knew the same thing. As Lillany, Damaran, Oveel, and Fiyero watched, the two women knew exactly what each had to do.

"Citizens of Oz!" Glinda cried out. Floating high above Oz, she spoke to them from her bubble. Elphaba waited inside Glinda's room with the other four. It was the day after Glinda's threatened suicide (which she assured all of them was definitely only a threat) and Glinda had called anyone who was stricken with the sickness in Oz to be assembled in the midst of the town in front of the palace. She told no one why.

Elphaba clutched the Grimmerie tightly, feeling like a politician about to make a speech. Fiyero stood next to her, and Damaran across. Lillany and Oveel sat on Glinda's bed, a respectable few feet apart.

"Show me the spell," Damaran whispered to her.

"Damaran," she whispered impatiently.


"Damaran, I can't, it would have horrible effects on you, because you're not sick."

Damaran was quieted for a moment, and Elphaba was glad. She didn't need to deal with him at the moment, she was too nervous about everything else.

"I've asked you to bring anyone with the sickness here today!" Glinda was continuing outside of her window, not more than ten feet above it, speaking to the thousands of people all assembling in the same spot in the City. "As some of you may know, I also had the sickness. There is a cure, though!"

Glinda paused, nervous. She took a deep breath, and then went on. "I trust you all remember the Wicked Witch of the West." She heard the gasps from the audience, and saw many people moving about at that point. She ignored it and continued. "I'm here to tell you the truth about the Witch."

And Glinda did. Elphaba watched from inside of Glinda's window, not sure whether to be happy that the truth was finally getting out or scared that Oz would turn against Glinda. The crowd was quiet, she noticed, which she hoped was a good sign. Glinda told them everything – Elphaba's birth, meeting her at Shiz, what really went on at the Wizard's palace, all about Chistery, Dr. Dillamond, Madame Morrible, Dorothy, everything. When she had finished, she took a deep breath and looked out among the crowd. "Her name is Elphaba," she said. She had said it before in her speech, but she said it again. "Elphie. And she's a good person – you all were misinformed. Please…you have to understand."

Elphaba looked at Fiyero for a moment, took a deep breath, and stepped on to Glinda's balcony. There were shrieks as she was seen, but that was only to be expected. Elphaba stared up at Glinda, waiting further instruction.

"No!" Glinda shouted at the panicking crowd. "Please!" She turned to Elphaba. "Go ahead," she told her.

Elphaba gave a brief look at the crowd staring up at her in complete fear. She opened the Grimmerie to the page she had been holding with her hand, and set it on the balcony ledge. She began to chant the spell, and as she did, there was chaos below her. Everyone was trying to get away, fearing that the Wicked Witch was putting a curse on all of them. Elphaba drowned all of it out, absorbed only in the Grimmerie and her own chanting. When she had finished, she looked up at all of them, and there was silence. A horrible smell that no one had noticed was there was lifted after a few moments, and there was more chaos – but happy chaos, as all had been cured.

Elphaba watched Oz with a serious face, showing no expression. Glinda laughed hysterically and clasped her hands together. "Elphie, you did it!" she shouted above the nose down to Elphaba. "You saved all of them!"

Elphaba stood gazing up at her, and she smiled briefly. They stared at each other, and suddenly, Glinda could read the sadness in Elphaba's eyes.

Elphaba couldn't stay in the Emerald City. She couldn't help Glinda run Oz…it was something Glinda was going to have to do on her own. They each realized they had their own completely different lives, and though neither life was perfect, each was perfect for their self. Elphaba may no longer be a fugitive – but she could never live in Oz again. Nothing would be able to make everyone forget about her lifetime of rejection. Glinda read it all in Elphaba's eyes, and understood. Some things you just couldn't fix.

Elphaba smiled at Glinda, sadly, and Glinda did the same. Elphaba went back inside of Glinda's room.


Damaran stayed in the Emerald City, living with his sister. Lillany kept her job as Glinda's maid, though Oveel quit his job working at the Gale Force. After seeing what happened to Elphaba, he hated working there. He got the first job he could…and began working in a shoe store. He began making more…though it would be another couple of months before he would finally ask Lillany on a date.

Though not quite a Munchkin anymore (at least not in appearance), Boq moved back to Munchkinland. His own grudges aside, he grew to like Elphaba, after knowing her. He hated himself for trying to ruin Elphaba's life, and he hated Elphaba's sister for ruining his own. His life wasn't terribly ruined, though…he became governor of Munchkinland.

Elphaba and Fiyero moved back to their castle in Kiamo Ko, a little shaken by the whole experience, but closer and happier for it. They felt they probably didn't have to fear the law anymore, and they lived more peacefully.

And Glinda? After the rest of Oz had unassembled and gone home, happy and well, Glinda went back in her room through her balcony. Everyone was gone. Fiyero, Elphaba, Lillany, Damaran, and Oveel had all left, going their separate ways. The room seemed quiet without them. Glinda looked around her empty room, sighing. She noticed a piece of paper on her bed, folded. She went to it curiously, not sure what it was. She opened it and read it:

Dear Glinda,

I hope you can forgive me for leaving without a goodbye. I'm sorry for all of our fighting, and I'm sorry for ever betraying you. I promise, this was not our last meeting, I know we'll meet again. I love you with all of my heart.

Your best friend,


Glinda smiled, and read the letter again. Carefully folding the letter up again, she set it on her nightstand. By the time the month was over, the paper was worn from being read and folded up so many times.

That wasn't the only thing that needed closure. A secretary brought her a bill that needed to be signed. "Those animal rights groups," the secretary sighed. "They want the Animals to be treated like first-class citizens. If you sign it, they'll be treated equally. I wouldn't sign it, you don't have to…"

Glinda took a quill and carefully signed her name to the bottom.

A/N: OMG I'm done! Thank you all so unbelievably much for all of your support while writing this! To be honest, I wrote this story for me, to give myself closure to what happened to Elphaba and Glinda's relationship – I hated the ending in the musical. But after awhile, however, I really enjoyed that I was writing this for you, also! So thank you all so much! I'm kind of sad, that this one's over. I really enjoyed (for the most part) writing it.

However, I'm going to start a new story really soon, following the events of Elphaba's life from after Defying Gravity to the end of the show – so basically, what happened during intermission, then what happened during act II written in story form. Only elaborating. Make sense? No? All right, you'll see.

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