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Section One

Day 1 0830hrs

Colonel Samantha Carter sat on a rock in the midday suns. She watched some birds fly overhead. They had been here for hours and not a sign of any humanoid life but that was ok with her. The sky was pink the suns were warm and the foliage was a pleasant shade of green with minor splotches of aqua here and there. All in all it wasn't really a bad place.

'I could get used to this' she thought as she watched her companions at their tasks ' It really is quite nice here and so far no one is shooting at us.'

Now and then whe would catch site of Teal'c doing a minor recon of the surrounding area. It was a large hilly meadow for a couple of miles around and you could see him top a hill here and there and then disappear into the small valleys. She had gotten all the samples she needed already and now was simply watching over their camp and more importantly keeping Daniel out of trouble.

Dr. Daniel Jackson was doing his favorite thing, that is to say he was ankle deep in dust and over his head in what he believed to be ancient writings. He was amazed at the quality of the carvings. It was a good find. At least it would be a good find once he translated the text and as usual he had to move quickly. Snapping photos with his digital camera, Daniel tried to make sense of the writings he had found. They were like nothing he had ever seen before well, almost nothing. There was a very very slim chance that they were a derivative of an ancient form of ancient. He based this solely on his intuition. He had ascended and descended and still could not remember much from that time. He put down his digital camera and picked up the camcorder he carried with him. The kind that uses the little high 8 tapes. The ones that always seem to run out just when you need them the most? "Damned 30 minute tapes" Dr. Jackson mumbled through clenched teeth "you would think that the United States government would invest in better equipment or something with a longer tape." He had begun to film the wall that the writings were on when the camcorder beeped and shut down. He Quickly changed the battery as he did so he noticed only 2 minuets of tape left. "Come ON!!" he shouted at the camera. "Why me." He began to fumble through his pack and picked up another tape. "Now maybe I can get this done." He was a little calmer now.

"Daniel Jackson is there any way I might assist you?" Teal'c had wandered by at just that very moment and seen Daniel's distress.

"Not unless you have a tape stretcher Teal'c" Daniel smiled as he fitted the tape into the slot on the camera.

"Tape stretcher Daniel Jackson? "Teal'c said with his usual enthused curiosity. "I do not believe I am familiar with any such device known as a..."

Just then the Stargate came to life and they scrambled for cover. Teal'c and Sam took flanking positions on either side of the gate while Daniel hid behind whatever he could find and began to quickly pack his camera away. Once he was finished with that task he pulled out his zat and covered the gate.

"SG-1, this is General O'Neill." The radio crackled to life. "I need SG-1 back at base, understood?"

"Understood General SG-1 returning to base." Colonel Carter stated after she keyed her Mike. "All right people time to pack up let's move". The gate shut down with the end of the radio transmission. Samantha began to gather her equipment and pack up, as did the others.

Daniel was packing his belongings up making sure he had every item. Too many times he had not had the time to be as careful as he was now and had often left equipment behind in the field. His care this time turned up something unusual. "Sam, look at this." Daniel motioned to his feet at a shining object that rested there in the dust. He gently picked it up as Colonel Carter stepped over. "Wow, you know how rare it is to find an artifact in an area like this? Never before have I found something this close to a Stargate." Daniel examined the object closer it was gold with what appeared to be Topaz inlaid in the center and looked like a pendant.

Colonel Samantha Carter gently took the object from Daniel "it doesn't feel go'uld, but it's pretty though." She handed it back to Daniel "come on we have to go the general is going to be pissed if we are late." She started toward the gate as Teal'c dialed the D. H. D.

The Stargate came to life first erupting and then settled in to a shimmering pool of blue. Taking one last look around her Colonel Samantha Carter stepped through the gate followed by Daniel Jackson as Teal'c brought up the rear.

Day 1 0800hrs

General Jack O'Neill sat at his desk in his office drinking coffee and reviewing paperwork for the week. Jack was just starting to think how pleasant the morning was and how he was beginning to feel at home in his new job. Then of course the klaxon's started sounding and he immediately made his way to the command center over the gate room.

"Sir unscheduled incoming wormhole" after a pause the technician, continued, "Sir, we are receiving a GDO code signal, it's the tok'ra Sir."

"Well let them in, I didn't order pancakes for breakfast." Jack quipped as he wondered what the hell was so important that the tok'ra would stop by and pay them a visit. He had the distinct feeling that this was not a social call.

The technician quickly palmed the lock for the iris and soon the gate ramp was host to three figures. Seeing as how one of them was a very oddly dressed Jacob Carter/ Selmak Jack put a little more effort in his immediate exit from the control room than he normally would.

Having started for the gate room floor when he recognized Jacob it was only a moment that they waited before he greeted them. "Well if it isn't the local tok'ra breakfast club. What can we do for you to day gentlemen? " Jack noticed that the looks on their faces were stern and solemn. Jacob/Selmak he recognizes the other two he did not.

"Jack May I introduce to you two of my fellow Tok'ra Orna/Wejet" he motioned to the tall Amazonian woman to his left.

"Jack O'Neill nice to meet you Orna and you as well Wejet" Jack nodded his head slightly.

"And this " Jacob turned slightly to his right "is Calvin/Vrool"

"A pleasure" jack said with his best 'cant you see I'm happy?' smile. "So I guess this is not a social call?"

"I only wish it was Jack, but unfortunately not" Jacob said as he approached Jack to shake his hand "it's always good to see you again General" he put the little more emphasis on the word General and a slight smile to convey congratulations at the rise in rank. "Selmak is anxious to get to the briefing room. Jack this is important. "

"All right gentlemen right this way" Jack said as he led them up the stairs and into the conference room "please be seated". Jack took a seat at the head of the table and waited for Selmak to begin.

The tok'ra looked at one another briefly. Jacobs head bowed slightly before Selmak using Jacobs body began to speak "Jacob is most correct we do have a pressing matter but first let me say congratulations on your promotion O'Neill as one warrior to another I believe it was well earned." As Jack gave his thanks and motioned them to continue the other tok'ra acknowledge their agreement with a nod.

"There has been a buildup of go uld activity in the last week and we don't know why." Vrool said shrugging Calvin's shoulders

"The only thing we can figure is that the change in command structure here at the SGC may have something to do with it." Wejet added.

"I don't understand." Jack said. "How would the change in command structure cause the go'uld to step up their activity?" Jack remained his normal stoic self but in his mind he was rapidly putting together possibilities. The tok'ra did not visit lightly or share information either for that matter. This Jack knew all too well.

"I don't know Jack. But once we learned of the go'uld activity we began to look for a cause. Its got us really puzzled because we couldn't find one." Jacob took over again. "So we began to review seemingly nonrelated data to find a possible connection."

"When Jacob and I learned of your promotion we though we were on to something." Selmak took over once more.

"Ok look I'm not trying to be rude here, but can just one of you tell me what is going on?" Jack said in confusion.

Jacob looked in to space for a moment then began to speak. "Sorry Jack we often forget what it is like for others to hold a conversation with us. Hell we have enough trouble on our own." Jacob smiled apologetically at him. "We want to know the reason. If it is then how did they know about the change in command status no SG team has been in contact with the go'uld or any of their forces since you took command." Jacob said leaving jack to hopefully figure it out.

"I don't think I like where you are going with this." Jack was quickly eliminating the possibilities. "That leaves only a few options for that information to get out and I know I didn't send them a post card."

"We were thinking the same thing. Though with you and your team being the ones thwarting them at every turn we cant exactly figure out why they would think they could take you on."

"I'm just hoping its me they think they are taking on." Jack said half to himself. "I don't know how we will fix this leak but we will. Is that all or is there more?" He looked at Jacob.

"No. That was all actually." Jacob said surprised at how quickly the meeting had gone.

"So how much time do you have before you have to leave?" Jack asked.

"Well we had planed on another hour at least." Came Calvin's tenor voice.

Jack stood up "Can I interest you in some breakfast?"

They looked nervously from one to another until much to the dismay of his four companions and Selmak Jacob Grinned and accepted Jacks offer. It had been a while since he had a good home-style meal even if it was only military chow. "Sure Jack we would love to. It's been a while since I had a good meal."

"Well Gentlemen and Lady right this way." Jack motioned them to follow him as he led them out of the briefing room.

"So how is Sam?" Jacob asked as he followed Jack to the base mess hall.

"She's doing fine. You did get the message that she is a colonel now right?"

"Yes. I will have to leave her a note telling her how proud of her I am." Jacob started. "We are of her." Selmak finished.

'Jacob I feel the same pride you do for Samantha's promotion' Selmak said privately

'I know Sel but old habits die hard. I will try to do better to keep in mind it is us and not me ok?' Jacob was genuinely sorry

'It's Alright my tauri love. I know it's difficult for you when you are back on earth. Old memories and old habits come back so easily.' Selmak soothed Jacobs self condemnation with a wave of caring and understanding.

'Thanks Sel.' Jacob regained his pace to run smack dab in to Jack.

"Are you O.K.?" Jack inquired after he kept them both from falling.

"Sorry Jack we are find just talking with Selmak that's all." Jacob apologized.

They were having Pancakes that morning and hash browns, eggs and bacon, as well as fresh fruit in the mess hall that morning. Jacob companions were pleasantly surprised at how good the food was. They each commented as to the things they seemed to like the most. Calvin would comment that he loved the Sweetness of the oranges and Vrool would talk about the slightly less sweet watermelon. He would only eat it after he cut out the sweet center and discarded the seeds.

Jack knew Jacob would probably not get back to earth for quite some time and at the rate he was eating the fresh fruit he was going to gorge himself. "If you will excuse me for just a second I see something that needs attending to" Jack stood up and walked over to one of the airmen behind the serving line. As he approached one of the servers the man came to attention. In a hushed voice and with a stern expression Jack began to speak privately to him. "Airman Rogerson I want you to do a little acting for me and then run an errand. Shh.." Jack saw the man start to ask a question." First off act like I am chewing you out over your job here at the breakfast line." The Airman immediately got a terrorized look on his face and began nodding profusely. " Good. Second I want you to go to the food storeroom and pull a case of fresh fruit, a case of coffee, and combine a half case of sugar and creamer. I want them delivered to the duty officer outside the gate room with instructions to have them loaded on a cart and be ready to leave when out guests do. Is that clear?" jack watched the man nod. "Good and then I want you to place a request for a week off the dates to be of your choosing in my mailbox. Ah ah ah don't smile and ruin the wonderful job you are doing." Jack scolded. "Now play along" Jack stepped back suddenly and in a clear voice dripping with disgust "Airman you are dismissed!" just then the Mess hall supervisor stepped out to see what was going on and Jack waved him over and quietly spoke to him " nothing is wrong go back to what you were doing" then in a louder voice. "Well I should say you need to fix it." Jack stepped menacingly closer and whispered "spread the word though that Airman Rogers is on a special assignment form me and he in no way did anything wrong, now act pissed and go back in there".

Jack returned to the table and sat down still keeping up his act. "Sorry bout that, anybody want some more?" After receiving negative responses he stood and escorted his guest out of the mess hall. Jack inquired if there was anything else he could do for his guest. Having received a negative response Jack escorted his guests back to the gate room where he notice the crates had been delivered just as he had instructed. "Well it's been a pleasure Jacob/Selmak, Calvin/Vrool and Orna/Wejet." He smiled and nodded at Jacobs companions.and watched as the gate was dialed.

"What's all this Jack?" Jacob asked surprised at seeing the crates on the ramp.

"Oh just a little present to keep you from getting too homesick." Jack smiled. He watched them leave with their goodies and returned to the command room to recall SG-1.

Day 1 0930hrs

SG 1 stepped through the Stargate and was immediately greeted by General O'Neill.

"So Colonel how did everything go?" Jack said suggestively "I take it Danny didn't get into any trouble?"

"No Jack I didn't get into any trouble thank you. I don't always get into trouble you know." Daniel Jackson said a little miffed at Jack's comment. Though even he knew that most of the time they were bailing him out of trouble or bailing themselves out of trouble he had gotten them into with his archeological curiosities.

"Greetings O'Neill all went well" Teal'c said with his best smile. "For our next mission Daniel Jackson has requested I requisition a 'Tape Stretcher' for his camcorder"

Colonel Carter just smiled.

"OK campers I need to see everyone in the briefing room as soon as you been checked out in the Infirmary." Jack said as he turned to leave.

Things at SGC were not quite the same since General Hammond left and everyone was feeling a little homesick. Though they tried to keep themselves busy to cover up the loss it was slow going. SG-1 was trying to cope with two losses. Not only had General Hammond been reassigned to the Prometheus and Made Director of Home Planet Security but Colonel Jack O'Neill had been promoted to General and was no longer one of their team. Colonel Samantha Carter was at times feeling a little inadequate to the job. Eventually SG-1 would have to pick a fourth team member but for now they were doing fine with just three. It was not that they hadn't considered other personnel to fill the empty space. None of the other personnel it seemed could fill the void of trust and friendship they once shared with Jack. It was true Jack really hadn't changed but his duties made it nearly impossible for him to hang with them.

Day 1 1030hrs

After their brief visit to the infirmary SG 1 arrived at the briefing room each taking their accustomed seats.

Jack O'Neill whom they all knew and respected for his adherence to the military dress code arrived shortly wearing a pullover shirt khaki pants and sneakers. Topping all this was his fishing hat. Ignoring the incredulous looks and stares of his friends and former team members Jack presented his military ID and in a calm quiet voice began to give orders.

"Don't talk to anyone don't explain yourselves" Jack raised a finger at their curious looks. "Trust me. I want you in civilian clothes in 15 minutes meet me at the local golf course, we have a spot reserved at noon under Murray." And with that Jack turned on his heel and walked out.

"Well that was certainly odd" Daniel stated the obvious " Did that seem odd to anyone else?"

"Daniel Jackson I concur that was most as you say odd" Teal'c confirmed.

After it became obvious no answers were forthcoming. Sam Daniel and Teal'c simply shrugged and headed for the lockers. There were soon out of the base and on their way to the golf course in Sam's car.

Arriving at the golf course less than an hour from the time Jack left they found Jack sitting in golf cart with four bags of clubs and a cooler full of sodas. He motioned them to take seats on the golf cart and they began to move toward the first tee.

Day 1 1130hrs

"Jack what's going on? "Daniel asked. "I don't play golf"

"Yes O'Neill this is very strange, Can you now explain what is happening?" Came Teal'c's earnest statement and question.

"Relax to kiddies. Just act normal and I will explain." Jack pulled up to the first tee and began choosing a club. "Well aren't you going to join me?" Jack asked as he noticed his companions' lack of enthusiasm. Slowly they began to gather clubs each choosing the same type that Jack had. "I have just had a meeting with Jacob. And friends." He paused " we are here because there is not safe." Jack began to tee up his ball and took a couple of practice swings. "It has been suggested that we have an uninvited guest at SGC. Since I know you are the only ones I can trust. We are going to play nine holes of golf kick around a few ideas and then we are going to go back there and keep an eye out for our uninvited guest." Jack Swung at his ball causing it to go neatly down the course toward the flag.

"If what to say is true O'Neill it is indeed a very serious situation" Teal'c placed his ball on the tee and in imitation of Jack took a practice swing. He then stepped up to the ball and swung his club causing the ball to follow Jack's but landed closer to the hole. Teal'c looked at Jack's astonished face and inquired "it is the goal to place the ball in the little hole is it not O'Neill? "

Daniel teed up and Jack just nodded. After Daniel sliced badly it was Sam's turn. Sam teed up her ball and took a couple of practice swings. Then without hesitation she stood over her ball and with the confidence of any golf pro took her swing sending little white sphere downrange. Jack commented that she was better than Daniel but not as good as him the wind brought her ball back onto the green and it rolled right into the hole. The others just stood there with looks of shock and amazement as Sam just smiled. "Well it is just physics you know." She said as they prepared to move closer to the hole.

The game went well a little too well for Sam Jack thought. In all the time he had known her she never mentioned having had any interest in golf. For Daniel and Teal'c it was another matter. Daniel gave up after the third hole and Teal'c matched Jack stroke for stroke. When he was asked where he learned to play golf he replied that on his last leave Daniel had taken him to what was called a video arcade and they had a game called golf masters. In the end it turned out that Sam had beaten Jack by eight strokes. Thoroughly infuriating him. In fact Jack refused to talk to her for an hour after returning to the base.

Day 1 1530hrs

Upon returning Daniel went immediately to his lab and began to process the photos and video recordings that he had taken. It was all pretty untranslatable with the exception of a few characters here and there. As he was unloading his gear and sorting the data he came across the pendant again. Now that he had a few minutes to examine it unrushed by impending danger or military protocol it somehow looked familiar. He couldn't place exactly where he had seen anything similar before. He had seen jewelry before in fact most styles of jewelry regarding a simple oval pendant with a stone setting in the center were common throughout many cultures. Even present-day inhabitants of earth made similar jewelry. The style was considered pleasing to the eye and soothing. There wasn't anything special about the metals or the stone and Sam had said she could feel nothing from it. He said it down on the counter and began to study the photos and the rubbings he had made of the wall.

Three hours later Daniel was still caught up in his work when there was a knock on his door. He straightened from his leaning position and looked toward the door to see Sam standing there with a smile on her face. "How long have you been standing there watching me?" Daniel asked. Sam just shrugged and entered the room.

"It was getting close to dinner and I was wondering what you were doing. How goes the translation?" Sam knew that Daniel left uninterrupted would forget eating and other nice pleasantries such as sleep and bathroom breaks. She herself had done the same in the past.

"Well so far I haven't been able to translate more than a few characters here and there. It is going to take some time." Daniel said as he moved toward the pendant he sat on the counter "I don't know why Sam but this is familiar to me and I can't think of in the reason why it should be." Daniel picked up the pendant and examined at closer. "I know I have seen this before. Even though it looks plain and simple I think this means something it's like a thought on the edge of my mind but it won't come into the light." Daniel handed to pendant to Sam.

Sam took the pendant from Daniel and looked at closely. She had seen many like it in the past and even some closer to the present. It was a fairly common design and didn't ring a bell. She indicated so with a slight shake of her head and raised shoulders. "well how about we get something to eat and you can think about it later?" She said as she handed the pendant acted Daniel and he placed in back on the counter.

"That sounds good I didn't realize how hungry I was, I'm sure it will come to me later." Said Daniel as he grabbed his jacket and followed Sam out the door.

Dinner was normal fare at the mess Hall. Daniel, Sam, and Teal'c who had come in late sat at a table and enjoyed each other's company as they satisfied their hunger and thirst. As usual Daniel had spaced out. What was not usual however was the extent to which he spaced out leaning back in his chair staring into space he lost his balance and fell flat on his ass. After a brief laughing session by his friends and several offers for help Daniel picked himself up off the floor and returned his chair to its rightful place. He began to space out again and suddenly came back to focus. "I know where I've seen that pendant before!" Daniel exclaimed and hurried out the door to his lab. Sam and Teal'c just looked at each other and smiled.

They were just finishing their meal when Daniel popped his head back in the mess hall door and asked that they meet him in the briefing room. Teal'c and Sam just looked at each other and followed.

Day 1 1900hrs

General Jack O'Neill sitting in his now unaccustomed place at the head of the briefing table watched as a very excited Daniel Jackson and less so Teal'c and Sam entered the briefing room. "Daniel you looked like you've just found another lost City."

"Not quite Jack but maybe something close. Let me get right to the point on our last mission I found this pendant" Daniel handed Jack to pendant and waited a he examined it. "I know it looks like an ordinary pendant of a common style but ever since I got back to the base and began examining it I realized it looked familiar. I had seen it or another just like it before. I just couldn't remember where that is until my memory was jarred..." Daniel paused as peels of laughter rang out in the briefing room and waited for things to quite down. "Once I remember where I had seen it before I started to look at the text from the wall and realized that it too looked familiar." Jack began to show his impatience so Daniel continued faster "when I was in school I had a college buddy that had pendant just like this one. It wasn't anything special or flashy and never really caught anyone's attention. But now that I've found this pendant it brought my time with him back to mind." Daniel watched jack tense. "Bear with me please. During my time at school I became friends with this person we shared a common interest in ancient civilizations and ancient languages his name is Adam Pearson. Dr. Adam Pearson at present im sure. One day we were sorting through a stack of his personal notes trying to find a paper on ancient Celtic writing. It was at that time I stumbled upon a notebook he had in his possession with the same type of writing that was on the wall. When I had seen it I asked him what it was and he told me he wasn't quite sure what to call it. He could translate it he didn't have much of a sample"

"Daniel is this going somewhere? Somewhere important I hope?" Jack was beginning to lose his concentration and failed utterly to see where this was going.

"Jack here is where it gets important I went back to my translations I quickly scanned over the rubbings and the photos and I had taken. I can't translate much Jack but if it says what I think it says then we could be looking at a very great find. One that could rival Atlantis."

"Daniel what exactly is this great big find what is so important? Please tell me using plain English?"

"A space station Jack. But I don't know if I'm right I don't have the material to translate this wall. I don't know how to go about it but I would like to find out if my old professor is still around and if he could help in any way." Daniel looked at Jack pleadingly like a child in a candy store asking if he can have 10 more cents so that he can get that giant all-day sucker.

"Carter what is your take on all of this?" Jack looked at Sam.

"Well Sir I don't know what to say but I trust Daniel and if Daniel thinks it might be important it would be worth a try Sir." Sam thought for a moment. "And Sir it would be a good idea to send a team back and get more data perhaps a purely scientific collection team?" She was thinking more along the lines of an astronomical observation team as the planet was in a binary star system.

"OK so far I agree this warrants more investigation. Here's what I want you to do. Daniel, Teal'c go see if you can find this Dr. Pierson. Sam I want you to take SG-4 and SG-16 through the gate SG-16 will handle the collection of more data and get the other team going on exploring the surrounding area. Check in every hour on the hour. Dismissed."

With that they headed off to their tasks. The security leak was beginning to bother Jack. He needed to keep this secret if Daniel really could produce a space station from the ancient's writings. Jack sat back in his chair at the table and considered his options. He could lock down the base and scan the entire thing for Go'uld technology. That would undoubtedly alert the Go'uld That their spy was known. He thought better of it and called the one person he trusted to help. This was going to take more than just him to pull it off.

He returned to his office and picked up the red phone. "This is General O'Neill I need to speak to the president. Yes I will hold." Jack sat back in his chair and waited. Finally he heard a voice on the other end of the phone.

" Jack, Always good to hear from you. At least I hope it's good this time" came the voice of the leader of the free world.

Jack straightened in his chair, funny how simply talking to the commander and chief over the phone made you want to be at attention. " Well sir I can say this, so far it's not beyond salvaging. Mr. President I need to arrange a Meeting with General Hammond and Sir. It's important. I would not call you on a trivial matter."

"Well Jack is it important enough to bring him all the way back here?" He could here the presidents concern over the request and answered affirmative. "I take it you have a cold war type problem? Since you are being rather cryptic?" again Jack answered Affirmative. "Hey I'm getting good at this stuff we should play this game more often heh heh. Ok jack you got it he will contact you as soon as he gets in the neighborhood."

" Thank you sir. I appreciate your trust in me." Jack was relieved that the president was so perceptive. They said Goodbye and Jack let out the breath he didn't know he was holding.

End of Day 1 2000hrs