Aoko was in the kitchen.

It was Thanksgiving.

She was tired but almost done.

No thanks to the idiot behind her.

"Kaito, you can't keep," she swung the ladle at him, "Eating whatever I make! Wait for dinner!"

"I'm sorry," he said as he stole a spoonful of mashed potatoes, "You just make them so good. They're so light and fluffy and taste so good. Just like you!"

"You're lucky I'm busy cause otherwise I'd hit you for that."

"You can't even catch me," he kissed her quickly and ran for it.

"Wanna bet?" she yelled as she rushed off after him.


They had been dating for a year already and nothing stood in their way. They were happier than they could ever imagine being. Aoko had found out he was Kid when he finally accidentally left her waiting in a restaurant for two hours. That and various other occasions just added up.

Kaito had taken it quiet well, once he was sure he wasn't going to jail, or worse, losing Aoko forever.

Nakamori had taken it just as well, once he found out why he had been theiving and plundering, andwas anxious to discover who had killed his friend who was too good to die just like that.


A lot of the meals she had made today had been tried and approved by Kaito, but nothing more so than the mashed potatoes.

"Mashed potatoes, mashed potatoes,

I don't know how I ever lived before

There isn't anything greater than you

If theres no more I don't think I'll live another day!"

"Are you sure you're singing about mashed potatoes?"

"Yep," he ran by the stove, "And I just stole them all! OW! HOT!"


He stopped and turned to her, Aoko stopping quickly to prevent a collision.

"I told you, don't call me that when I'm not on duty."

Aoko looked at the pot he was holding.

"Fine," she took the pot and dumped it's contents over his head.

"Ow! Oi! I have a heist tonight! I don't have time to clean up!"

"That's your fault, you plan them."


-Later that Evening-


"Hi Keiko!"

"Where's your usually sign?"

"Oh! I don't need it tonight."

The grin on Aoko's face brought up to many questions.

A shout of "Ladies and Gentlemen!" brought the crowd to attention.

That and the strong smell of potatoes.

The crowd whispered to eachother, "That's not the Kaitou Kid."

Aoko whipped out a megaphone, "Of course not! It's the Potato Kid!"

Up at the top of the building where Kid stood picking out potato out of his hair he smiled at the words.

"Only cause she said it."


"The Potato Kid?"

"I thought it suited the occasion."

"What will I be during dessert? The Apple Pie Kid?"

"No. It's only the Potato Kid."


"Potato just ryhmes with Kaito."

"Come here you!" he pulled her close.

"You smell and you don't taste good."

"Well you do," he said as he kissed her.


AN: The name "Potato Kid" belongs to my Father. He's always renaming my favorite anime characters names like adding a sneeze in the middle of Inuyasha's name. The name did appear around Thanksgiving and the reason I haven't gotten around to writing this until now was becauseā€¦ well there were no mashed potatoes until yesterday.

Decided this should be just as light and fluffy as mashed potatoesbecause it only makes sense.

Hope you enjoyed it. Please review. Thank you.