Title: Secret Santa

Genre: Humor

Pairing: Raven/Beast Boy, Robin/Starfire, Cyborg/Jinx

Rating: PG

Summary: A strange, seasonal villain gives the Teen Titans something to think about for the holiday season. Raven/Beast Boy. Robin/Starfire. Cy/Jinx implications.

Disclaimer: I don't own Teen Titans or the Grinch.

Author's Notes: Yeay! I love Christmas. This is just a fun fanfiction, not meant to make much sense or anything…because I do realize it doesn't make any sense. I also realize it's a tad late for Christmas, but, really, what are you going to do?

Secret Santa
Chapter 1

"Secret Santa" would never call himself a thief, though that's what he was.

He was a thin, lanky boy (or people guessed he was a boy; no one really knew his age), and he dressed in the classic Santa suit, replete with red hat. He appeared only on Christmas Eve in different cities, and visited houses at night, stealing, in a very Grinch-like manner, the Christmas lights, ornaments, presents, and occasionally Christmas tree.

There was really no rhyme or reason for his stealing, other than the fact that he would only steal from houses that were particularly pretty or particularly tall or particularly unusual.

Maybe he had a death wish this Christmas, but the prettiest, tallest, and most unusual house in this city—Jump City, he recalled—happened to be a tower in the shape of a 'T'.

And, so, at midnight the morning of Christmas, Secret Santa lumbered up the ten-story high tower intending to surprise the inhabitants therein with his own special type of Christmas gift.