Author: FireKitten

Disclaimer: I don't own anything.

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Seto Kaiba is kidnapped and it's up to Yugi and his friends to find him. But what happened when one of their own is captured as well?

Warnings: Yaoi (male/male relationship), kidnapping, slight swearing, slight bloodshed

Pairings: Seto/Joey, possible Tristan/Duke

Thank you for visiting my fanfic. This is my first Yu-Gi-Oh fanfic but I'm rather proud of it. It's my first inspired fanfic. Now I used their English names since I hadn't know how to spell Jounouchi when I started until I got about 20 pages into the fic but now I wish I hadn't because I can't stop writing their Japanese ones!

For anyone who doesn't know:

Joey Wheeler is Jounouchi Katusya

Tristan is Honda

Tea is Anzu

Ryou is Bakura

Duke is Otogi

Serenity is Shizuka

Seto, Mokuba, Mai, Yami and Yugi are all the same. As for Bakura's yami? He won't be appearing in this fic. Sorry Bakura lovers although he shall get mentioned! Neither will Marik, Isis, or Shadi. Hey we have Seto and that counts for something, right? Now read to your Yaoi-loving content!

Rain Drops

No not again! Please don't let this be happening again!

Mokuba gasped a bit trying to hold in his tears. The once before soft falling rain was now pelting down on the young boy like ice and his feet pounded on the hard sidewalks.

Mokuba sniffled wiping his eyes. What was he doing? Kaibas don't cry! His big brother didn't cry. Wouldn't Seto be so ashamed if he could witness this moment? The black haired boy stopped to breathe in the crisp air, slowly and deeply to calm himself down. His whole body was shivering with cold but he could hardly notice it, his senses numbed with horror.

"Seto…" He shook his head. Yes, his brother was Seto Kaiba, the CEO of Kaiba Corporation. So what? Yes, his brother was the most popular senior at Domino High School and was cold and arrogant and often thought he was superior to others. Who cares? What mattered was-

They took him! And they're going to pay!

Mokuba panted looking around. He was almost there. If there is one person who could help, it's Yugi Moto. Yugi, the tri-colored spiked haired star duelist who could even outwit his brother. Yugi, the violet eyed innocent who held the Millennium item: The Puzzle. The Puzzle was just how it sounded as well. It was put together with golden pieces to form a 3-D pyramid with an eye in the middle and was always worn by Yugi like a necklace as if it were some strange fashion statement. That wasn't the reason. The reason is because it is a magical puzzle. Mokuba knew it sounded like some fairy tale, but seeing is believing. He's watched before, once when he incited a duel with the teenager at Duelist Kingdom, and witnessed him change. He changed alright, into a totally different person, as if he had Split Personality syndrome.

This new Yugi? His name was Yami. He transferred the brave, noble and innocent young duelist into himself. The physical changes weren't much. The hair a bit more windswept, the height a bit taller and the voice deeper and darker, but the most drastic change was the eyes and the attitude. Yugi's soft violet eyes turned to the dark and cold crimson eyes of Yami's. Yami was calm and controlled and somewhat cold much like his brother. But unlike Seto, Mokuba thought sadly, Yami has friends.

At any other time, Mokuba would be horrified by such thoughts, however true it was. This wasn't that time.

As a team, Yugi and Yami made a tough two-soul army (It's amazing no one thought to say they were cheating, Mokuba thought); both are strong people with a love for dueling and a belief in 'The Heart of the Cards' or some such nonsense but they didn't do it alone. Those same friends were always there to help.

Joey was the first and most direct help Yugi got. A wonderful duelist (Seto will never agree)and probably the most righteous person Mokuba knew. Joey reminded Mokuba a lot about his brother. Joey hated to feel lower then others and has a brilliant love for his sister. The blonde was willing to do anything at all for her. Mokuba respected him for that. The younger Kaiba has watched, more then once, of what the once amateur duelist was willing to do for anyone he cared deeply enough about. He went to Duelist Kingdom at risk at losing everything if someone stronger could take him down and still did it to get the prize money. As selfish as that sounds, it truly wasn't. That money went to one person: his sister. He did it so she could get an eye operation so she could see once more.

It didn't end there. Joey once lost his favorite card, the Red Eyes Black Dragon, and got beaten up while trying to go see his sister on the day before the surgery. He still managed to see her, hurting and bruised and somehow managed to inspire her to go through with it. Even more so, not long later during his brother's setup tournament to gain the Egyptian God cards, Joey became a semi-finalist for Mai Valentine.

This Mai was a girl Joey had had an obvious crush on and who had her soul locked away by Marik. Marik, who wanted to destroy the world, threw Mai into a Shadow Game and unheeding the warnings of her friends, she fought back and lost. He locked her soul away in the Shadow Realm. Mokuba knew how frightening it must have been, because he'd been there once himself, when Pegasus captured him to bait his brother to save him. The black-haired boy knew the Shadow Realm. It was dark, cold, but most of all, lonely. He felt himself fall into a deep depression as the darkness flew around him, feeling as if he had no one and no one loved him or cared for him. If it hadn't been for Yugi both he and his brother could have been stuck there forever. He still shivered at the thought.

When Mai lost her soul though, Mokuba took notice of the look in Joey's eyes. The look of hatred, and he fought Marik in a duel, at risk of losing his own soul. He could have lost his life! If he had gotten thrown in the Realm of no return, he could have also lost his mind from depression. Only the strong willed or ones with friends could get through it. Maybe that's why Mai was so different. She believed she had no friends.

It wasn't true. Joey risked everything for her. Mokuba just thought she was ungrateful. Though, Joey's crush passed with a broken heart when Mai hooked up with Varon. His big brother got a huge laugh out of that one and the poor blonde got taunted restlessly over it for weeks.

That's one thing I never could understand brother. Why do you hate Joey so much? Shouldn't it be Yugi you hate? Mokuba mused as he started running again, his legs aching from the long run.

His brother did seem to hate Joey a lot. Maybe he just got some sick pleasure from torturing Joey, though his brother wasn't really that sadistic. Cruel and hard at times, but that was business. It was almost like there own magical story. The first time (to Mokuba's knowledge) that the two had ever really started their rivalry game, was on Duelist Kingdom, when Joey challenged Seto to a duel. The blonde was still an amateur then and quickly fell to his brother's powerful creatures. Though, beating him and testing his new machinery, Hologram Duel Discs, on the amateur wasn't enough for his brother. He came up with a nickname. Mutt. Dog. Puppy. Mokuba had to admit, the last did fit. The blonde's brown orbs reminded the little Kaiba of a gigantic Saint Bernard; a tough exterior but a soft interior only seen from within the eyes. The duelist's blonde hair, that seemed to never have any decisive part in it's array of messy strands and almost looked as if Joey had a bad hair day everyday was the same shade as a Golden Retriever's and the teenager was just as loyal.

If Mokuba didn't know any better, he'd say his big brother had given the blonde a pet name. As if it weren't meant to offend, but it did. Joey's eyes always narrowed when hearing 'mutt' or 'dog' and his face always got a bit red at 'puppy'. Whenever he questioned his brother though, Seto would remain unresponsive and no amount of begging would make him tell. So the black haired soon to be teenager just guessed it was because his brother loved to feel better then someone. Picking Joey was a bit cruel considering his living conditions. He was a perfect target. It was that, or the CEO loved to see Joey tense up and glare in irritation. A few more words and Joey's agitation quickly would fly to anger and a fight would always start. His brother didn't seem the type, but Mokuba could only wonder.

Of course, Joey wasn't the only friend of Yugi's. No there were more. Tea for instance, a pretty young girl, who was friends with Yugi even before Joey was. She was an optimist and was always there to break up a fight. She always wanted to help, and that could sometimes be annoying, but she had a good heart and, Mokuba suspected, she liked Yugi in a not friend-like way.

Tristan, like Tea, was friends with someone before the four got together. Joey. Both of them were stubborn and headstrong and fought with each other more often then agreeing. Tea and Yugi had to pull at their hair to keep the fights from growing into a 'broken' friendship. All friend's fight though. Maybe Seto wants to be Joey's friend then? That's why he acts the way he does? Mokuba questioned himself but he would get no answers. Tristan did have an odd quality. His hair. It was in a flat, horizontal point and the top was a dark brown, almost black as if always cast in shadows like a forbidding sign.

Maybe Bakura could tell him the answers he was seeking. Bakura was an intelligent, level-headed teenager that always was neutral to fighting and tried hard to think things through before doing them. Mokuba did remember clearly that the boy had pure snow white hair. He, like Yugi, held an item. The Ring. Its name could fool anyone to look straight at fingers, but like Yugi's, it was a necklace. It only got its title from how it was shaped. Golden and forming a large circle that would bounce heavily against Bakura's chest when he walked with a flat pyramid shape with an eye in the middle of it connecting to the ring in three places. Hanging on securely to the bottom half of the circle, five tiny spikes hung like on those popular bracelets that looked more like a dog collar then jewelry. Also, like Yugi, he had an evil side. Mokuba heard of how the evil spirit had tried to take his body while his soul vacationed in the Spirit Realm. The pre-teen couldn't imagine that. Someone else in his body? It seemed too ludicrous to believe. The evil spirit was cruel and cold and didn't give a damn about anyone but himself, only looking for self-gain. Mokuba didn't like him, not at all.

Duke Devilin was another person who Mokuba couldn't quite grasp. He was a very handsome teenager with the most stunning almost inhuman green eyes Mokuba had ever seen but his personality was puzzling. He had a way of switching between being a jerk and being a gentleman and sometimes he was serious and sometimes not so much. He seemed to be indecisive about his own personality, as if he was trying to be it all. Of course, Mokuba wasn't fooled. The black haired teenager was intelligent, able to conjure up his own game with dice and based off of Duel Monsters. He was also a reckless driver, endangering his friends' lives constantly when he drove. He and Tristan both seemed to have the love for speed, Tristan on his motorcycle, and Duke with his car. Personally, Mokuba would trust Serenity, if anyone even if she couldn't drive yet.

Serenity is Joey's beloved sister. She was always smiling and calm and like her brother, always tried to do what's right. Even with their distant relationship, Serenity picked up Joey's better habits easily. She was also quite beautiful. Or at least, Mokuba thought so. He wasn't the only one who fell for the sweet girl though. Tristan had as well and it was obvious Joey didn't want anyone to touch his sister so that was probably the only thing holding him back.

Serenity had taken an immediate liking for Mai though. A bit snobby and looking out for her self most of the time, Mai Valentine seemed to be a lonely person. She would always wish to ornate herself and she put up a tough front, trying to be as independent as possible, but even Mokuba knew it wasn't possible. Even his brother needed him, or else he may lose it from all the stress thrown on him. However, Mai did get a lot of attention from Varon so she didn't seem so depressed anymore. Or from what the little Kaiba saw of her she didn't seem sad.

It's these people who would help him get his brother back. This wasn't the first time Mokuba had to witness his brother being taken away from him. This just seemed to be happening more and more often. His big brother was strong though, Seto would be alright until he got help, even if it was Yugi and his little friends.

If Yugi couldn't get him out of this then Mokuba's life would be finished. He was too young to take care of himself. They would throw him back into the orphanage. Only this time Seto wouldn't be there to protect him. Seto wouldn't be there to stop the kids from teasing him or possibly hurting him. Seto wouldn't be there to hug him when he started to cry in terror or sadness.

No, this time he'd be all alone.

There was a sharp flash that put the sun to shame. It lasted a moment then disappeared as quickly as it had come. It was only four in the afternoon and already it was as dark as night, the clouds hanging above in a diabolical way. Joey sighed, watching the water rivulets stream down the glass of Yugi's bedroom window then flinched involuntarily at the crash of thunder booming after its partner in crime. That crime was scaring the blonde out of his wits. He has hated lightning ever since he was young when he and his father and he got into a car accident. He remembered it so vividly. It still frightened him.

He wasn't that old, around nine, but the event that occurred changed his life forever. He and his father had gone out of town to get presents for the upcoming holiday. His mother had tried to talk his father out of it, saying there was going to be a bad storm, but his father just stubbornly went out and Joey eagerly followed, wishing to get Serenity the best present ever. He did find her something really nice. It was a ginger-colored cat with a silver ribbon and it held a little heart in its mouth. He knew Serenity would love it. As they headed back though, the rain started to pour and darkness was following quickly. Joey could still feel the fear that was placed into his young body. He could hardly see anything and he was only getting more terrified as lightning struck, only providing blinding light that didn't help at all.

That's when it happened. Joey didn't remember much, but he remembered his father giving a great cry, then everything jolted like it would in an earthquake. The next time he woke up, Joey discovered he had been in his first car crash. Everyone was alright, or it seemed to be, Joey himself only getting a few scrapes and a slight concussion, something he could have gotten by merely falling off his bike. However, after the accident his mother and father fought over it constantly. There wasn't a day Joey would come home from school and wouldn't hear one of them yelling in the kitchen, not even trying to hide their hurtful cries. There wasn't a night Joey could sleep without listening to something break, mostly glass, and soon the family had to eat off paper plates and drink in Styrofoam cups.

Joey did his best to shield Serenity but it was obvious she could hear it all happening. She was going blind not deaf. The two spent a sad, lonely Christmas, without a tree and without presents, and most of all without their family. His tenth birthday passed without being noticed. By new years, the young blonde learned what divorce meant and came to know it as the worst thing ever. It tore him away from Serenity. He could still remember the day she was taken away. As the car drove away, Joey's father held him back roughly as the blonde's short legs scraped at the ground uselessly, yelling out to his sister. Serenity's hands were pressed against the window and he could still hear her small, helpless voice crying out his name.

"Tristan, stop it!"

Joey's eyes snapped open, not even aware he had closed them, as his mind registered back to where he was. He wiped his eyes inconspicuously, pretending that the tears had never been there. He had to admit, lightning had become one of his greatest fears. The childish fear never went away either. Nothing was worse then it, except maybe losing all his friends and family or being stuck in a cave with Seto Kaiba for all eternity.

Ok, he's not that bad. Joey thought to himself. If he thought his life was bad, well Kaiba never had a real childhood. Being an orphan then having to control a company didn't leave much room for games of Tag or Capture the Flag, especially when Mokuba had to be taken care of and protected from an evil step-father.

"Tea, you can't win!" Tristan taunted. Joey looked over and smiled at his friends. Yugi was watching innocently, half his face hidden by cards with the grin still apparent on his face. Today was special. Today was the day Yugi had put together his Puzzle (funny it had been raining that day to. Joey mused). Today was the day his short friend joined himself with the strongest duelist and pharaoh that ever lived. February the 17th.

From then on, the two along with their friends (and not so much friends, Joey thought) had been put to excruciating tests to beat a number of people: Seto Kaiba who once hurt Yugi's grandfather over a stupid card and was always competing against him, Pegasus with his millennium eye that sucked people up into Duel Monster Cards, the Rare Hunters who had piles of rare cards and loved to cheat and steal from others, Marik who was sadistic enough to try and destroy existence, Noah whose jealousy of Kaiba nearly got everyone killed or at least all their bodies taken away, the Big Five who worked together trying to take down the CEO and take his company over, and even Dartz whose eyes gleamed wickedly as he had his henchmen stole other people's souls including Yugi's, just to revive a Leviathan! That was all over now. They could take a breathier and enjoy their junior year without having to worry about trouble, or saving the world, or saving Kaiba. They'd all been through a lot and even though there were many bumps in the road they did their best to come out on top. Though Kaiba couldn't find it in him to admit he had friends.

Now this was a tradition. Even after all they've been through, where most would probably turn and run, Joey and Yugi felt more connected to their cards then ever before and they decided playing duel monsters was a good way to honor not only the day but the monsters that always stood by them. The simple games played on just a normal looking cardboard game board instead of the complex games that used holograms. It seemed more right to do it this way, but Joey suspected all the duel matches Tristan had to watch got him easily restless. Sure Tristan loved to watch them play but the rain seemed to always make the taller boy fidgety.

"Stop acting bored, you knucklehead!" Tea scolded, pushing him away to continue her game. Personally, Joey just thought she did it to having something in common with Yugi or some stupid girl sentimentality like that. If Duke were here, maybe Tristan wouldn't be so bored. Unfortunately the 'aspiring artist', as the green-eyed boy liked to call himself, was boxed in with new kids wishing to learn the game of Dungeon Dice Monsters and Duke was up to his knees in paper work. If that was his work, Joey shuttered to think of how much Kaiba had to do.

Get out of my mind you parasite! Joey thought to himself. He couldn't get the CEO off his mind; he often found his thoughts turning to the annoying yet handsome teenager. He could barely imagine Kaiba working the way he did, and go to school, and take care of Mokuba AND keep up his calm and collected self. If he were him, Joey would have broken under the stress. Kaiba, however, had the will to go on working in his office until he was graying and old.

The blonde duelist grinned at his thoughts as an image of an old, white haired Kaiba appeared in his mind's eyes, sitting at a desk in a nice office, all wrinkly; the only noise in the room being his pen scraping on several documents and files Joey couldn't even begin to comprehend (The blonde claimed he was selectively illiterate to those types of things).

"Joey? Hey, you in there man?" Joey looked up to regard his friend and grinned.

"Just thinking."

"Joey, you take the meaning of 'I'm awake but the lights aren't on' to its own level. Just thinking isn't possible for you," Tristan replied.

Joey scoffed, "I do not! I'll have you know I have an I.Q. of-"

"One," Tea cut in, not looking up from her cards but was grinning all the same and Yugi snickered.

"Why is everyone against me?" Joey pouted childishly, "If Bakura was here he wouldn't be as mean to me as you guys are!"

They had tried to contact Bakura, but the boy had seemed to have disappeared. No one had heard from him since the start of the week. Joey supposed he was just off on another one of the vacations his parents always threw him into.

"Well be glad Serenity isn't here to see you make a child out of yourself," Tea teased.

Yugi decided to cut in quickly. "I wonder how those two are doing. Shopping on a day like this? It seems rather strange."

"Yug, a woman's motto is: Rain, Sleet or Snow I shall shop till I drop." Tristan said plopping down to join the blanketed Joey on Yugi's bed.

"Is not!" As Tea and Tristan started another playful argument, Joey glanced out the window nervously.

He had protested several times. He had tried so very hard to make his sister and Mai consider not shopping that day. It's not that he didn't trust Mai his fear of lightning just made him overprotective of his sister. Well, more overprotective. He didn't want either of them to get into an accident like he had. His sister had understood without even having to ask, but even he couldn't stop her from going. She was her own person after all. He was getting worried.

Mai would take care of her though. He trusted her with all his heart and knew she wouldn't betray him. He would shamelessly admit that some of his trust in her had come from his puppy crush on her. Somehow the heart had ways of making you trust the ones that have the most advantage of betraying you, even if they didn't realize it. Mai had done that to him when she went out with that sleaze Varon. Joey may not like the fact he was going out with Mai but he made her happy. That was what was important. In fact, he owed Varon in a way for helping save her from the first duel she had participated in against himself using the Seal of Oricalcos card. The blonde knew he could have done something wrong, or even failed in his mission of trying to save her and himself. He may have been battling to die but she had been battling fiercely to win. She had a lot of determination that day, and if Varon didn't break the seal, he couldn't totally guarantee he would have been able to save her soul, or his own.

He made her happy as well, something Joey couldn't guarantee he could have done either.

Joey knew he was a bit of a screw-up and clumsy. He wasn't the brightest crayon in the box nor was he always able to make someone smile. He didn't know how to cheer a woman up; in fact he usually made it worse. Women have got to be the strangest creatures ever made because Joey sure as hell couldn't figure them out. Didn't women often think this about men? Were men just as confusing or were they horribly simple? Could women possibly be the ones pulling all the strings?

Joey shook his head. Nah. Couldn't be… right?

"Guys I'm getting hungry." Joey spoke out between Tea and Tristan's famous quibbling.

"When aren't you?" Yugi said smiling, "We could go down to the game shop and ask my Grandpa if we could order out."

"Really?!" Joey and Tristan said in unison.

Joey started to untangle himself from the bed, pulling away blankets slowly and shivering a bit as the cold air of the room hit him. He was getting the idea he had come down with a slight cold, maybe from all the sleepless nights where he tried to make-up homework. It must of set his immune system tumbling as the flu season hit hard. Also, Yugi's house was rarely heated. His grandfather didn't make enough money for that kind of adjustment, just like his own father. Being single made raising himself and Joey a much harder task, and sweet accommodations like heat was out of the question.

Yugi grinned at him. "Yes of course." He stood, setting down his cards slowly. Yugi had a deep respect for every card he had ever owned; not willing to give them away or trade them, but Joey was the one who had a deep enough love for them to jump insanely into the ocean to retrieve them back, if for anything, to see his friend Yugi grinning again. Joey had to admit, he does some pretty stupid things in his life just for his friends but it was sure as hell worth it.

Joey stood stretching a bit and yawned feeling his stomach grumble and bubble as he did. He rubbed his tummy saying in a loving tone like people did in all those sappy romance movies. "Don't worry my love, we'll eat soon."

Yugi and Tristan laughed while Tea just rolled her eyes smiling, "You're so immature, I swear."

"Oh get off you're throne Mrs. Queen of Responsibility," Joey shot back with a grin, "Its supper time!" He marched out of the room like a soldier, grinning. The others hurried after quickly and he knew they were all smiling.

Teasing each other was like a friend ritual. Joey couldn't imagine what life would be like if all his friends took offense to his jokes. Teasing each other was a way to let go, to cheer up people and yourself. It never seemed to fail and automatically Joey was already feeling better, rejuvenated. It was almost as if the lightning didn't exist. His favorite part of the day was being with his friends. They knew how to lift his spirits without even trying.

Joey glanced around as they descended the stairs. Yugi's house was anything but normal. Not many houses had a game shop as a first floor. Yugi's house wasn't anything exciting. No it was rather plain and normal, but being connected to a game shop would be any 10 year old kid's dream. Living above a specific Duel Monsters card shop though is any Duelist's dream.

In fact, it was Yugi's grandfather who taught him everything serious he ever needed to know about Duel Monsters. It helped him become the smart and powerful duelist he is now. He was no push-over amateur anymore either. His experiences at Duelist Kingdom solved a lot of those especially his duel with Kaiba. He may have lost, but at least he put up a good fight… sort of. Nowadays if he and Kaiba dueled, he could really cream him! He may be a second-rate duelist in the brunette's eyes, but he was a challenge for anyone who dared duel him, even Yugi.

They were all sadly disappointed to find no one down in the game shop in front of the counter. It was locked up tight and the lights were dimmed. The only clue that anyone had been in here at all was a little note on the counter top. It read off as such:

Dear Yugi,

I'll be out for a little while. Be back soon.


P.S: If you and you're friend get hungry, go ahead and order out.

"Alright! Yug, you're grandpa is awesome!" Joey exclaimed as he read over the half-blonde's shoulder, "Now let's… order?"

Their plans were going to have to wait. Joey looked up as the door was continuously pounded on and the door rattled as if whoever was outside was desperate to get in but the noise was mostly muffled from the loud banging of the rain outside and the thunder flying through the air.

"Oh!" Yugi hurriedly dropped the note striding over to the door easily and opened it. "Yes… Mokuba?!"

Oh great, Mokuba. Kaiba's little brother. If he was visiting that meant one of two things: 1. Kaiba was with him or 2. Something really important happened and Kaiba needed saving again which usually led to the world needing to be saved as well.

"I need you're help!" Mokuba cried. It always had to be number two didn't it? Why couldn't they just have a break! Even a 'friendly' visit from Kaiba would have been better. And knowing Yugi he'd help because he's just too nice.

"Of course! Get in here you're soaking wet!" Too damn nice.

Squish-Squash. Pat-Pat-Pat.

"One of you guys hurry and get a towel!" Yugi said as he closed the door. Tea was the one to run off.

Joey took in the younger Kaiba's appearance with a frown. The boy stood in the middle of the room, his hands cross over his chest and shivering. He was soaked to the bone, his hair and clothes pressed against him like a blanket that must feel like ice. His eyes were downcast and his teeth chattered audibly.

"Mokuba, what happened?" Joey decided to ask, concerned for the littler boy. He liked Mokuba, he truly did, and seeing the boy in such a trodden down sight was heart breaking.

"They… They took him!" Mokuba said out loud his eyes shutting.

"Who took who?" It was Tristan who cried, but everyone knew what that meant. "Kaiba?"

A nod, then everyone went silent. Tea hurriedly returned draping the towel over Mokuba and the black-haired boy grabbed at it drawing it closer. Yugi frowned, "Come on Mokuba, we need to get you dry first, then you can tell us everything."

Another nod; Joey was starting to suspect the boy had gone speechless.

Mokuba leaned back in the couch feeling much better. He got to take a nice hot shower then Yugi gave him a pair of clothes that were a size or so too big, but they worked fine. He snuggled up closer into the blankets Joey had wrapped around him, feeling tired but he still had to tell them what happened. He looked around frowning as they waited, circling around him for the bad news. The Kaiba looked away slowly and sighed.

"Mokuba, we aren't going to be able to help if you don't tell us what happened," Tea said gently, trying to incite him to speak.

Mokuba sighed looking back at them, "I know…" He bowed his head shutting his eyes as the images flashed through his mind, deeply wishing for one of those flashback scenes you see in cartoons all the time. Unfortunately, this was no cartoon. This was reality.

So, he started the story. "Not too long ago, maybe about two hours ago my brother was kidnapped." He didn't get any response, but he hadn't really expected one. "It started out normally enough. I had fallen asleep on the couch while watching some cartoons. When I woke up, the T.V. was off and I could hear yelling coming from my brother's study. Naturally, I hurried over to his room," Mokuba bit his lip, "and I could here someone in there with him. At first I thought it was just some stupid business man trying to get something from my brother and all my brother would yell is, 'Get out.' I tried to open the door but it was locked so I yelled in the see if my brother was alright. I heard nothing for a few moments then my brother told me to run. That's when I knew something was wrong, and not a moment later the other guy said, 'If you won't come, I'll take him instead.' I… could tell what that meant." It was obvious they did too. Mokuba looked at the ceiling pausing in his story to gather his wits. He could feel the fear he felt before coming back. He could remember the questions that ran through his mind. Is Seto alright? What did this creep want? Why was it always him people used for bait? If he wasn't around Seto wouldn't be so willing to set his life in danger.

"A-After that, it was all noise. I heard a few yells. I'm guessing they got into a fight and then suddenly all the noise stopped. Like magic the door opened and I rushed in and only caught a glimpse of Seto lying on the ground." Lifeless looking. His clothes and hair were messed up but he didn't seem to be moving. Mokuba thought deliriously to himself remembering that he could also see his brother's eyes staring at him soullessly, "T-Then… something hit me on the back of the head and I… passed out." Mokuba bowed his head feeling shamed. It was his fault, if he had just been quiet, or if he hadn't been stupid enough to run in like that, he could have helped his brother! Mokuba sniffed feeling tears gather in his eyes and wiped them away furiously. He still had too. No matter what it takes he was going to get Seto back! "I don't know where he was taken. He… he might even be…"

"Don't think like that Mokuba!" Yugi broke out.

"Hey don't you guys have like security cameras?" Joey spoke up after a moment of thought.

Mokuba frowned and shook his head. "I tried those, and they were all turned off."

"And you didn't get a glimpse of this guy? Nothing?" Tristan spoke next and got a negative response.

"Why not call the police then?" Tea said next. "Why us?"

Mokuba sighed. "Because if I told the police, and it got out that Seto was missing chaos would erupt within the company. Everyone would try and steal it and they'd… take me away. We have to find Seto before they know he's missing!"

Yugi sat there a moment then stood, "Well then, there's only one thing we can do. We have to go out and see if we can find anything."

That was the Yugi the little Kaiba knew. He smiled and nodded.

Yugi looked at them all. "Tea you and Mokuba stay here."

"Wait-" Mokuba began to protest but was cut off.

"Mokuba, you're going to get sick if you go back out there, besides someone needs to stay here and tell my grandpa what happened." Yugi said looking concerned. "We'll be back in two hours."

Mokuba frowned watching them descend the stairs and huffed. "That's not fair."

Tea looked at him and smiled. Mokuba sighed knowing he was about to get a lecture that would probably cheer him up anyways. He had to trust the fact that Yugi knew what he was doing.

"I don't get why they didn't take Mokuba too, you know?" Joey said ponderously.

Yugi frowned. He had been thinking the same thing. Why hadn't Mokuba been taken? Did this person want them to know what happened to Kaiba? Or had this guy just wanted Mokuba to… lead him here?

"Probably because there's not a lot Mokuba can do you know? He's only a kid." Tristan responded.

"The kid's got one hell of a company behind him!"

Yugi looked back, "Maybe so Joey, but they probably wouldn't listen to him if Kaiba wasn't around. They don't seem very loyal associates to be working with, considering how many times they've betrayed Kaiba." He pushed open the front door and got blasted by the icy air but still walked out into the rain with his friends following him. "Tristan and I will go scope out the area from where Kaiba was taken. That leaves Joey to look around here." He didn't want Joey to go. If someone had followed Mokuba…

"No prob!" Joey said waving, and then took off down the sidewalk.

Yugi watched him for a moment, feeling uneasy, and then looked at Tristan,

"Let's go!"

It'll be ok Yugi. We'll find him, and Joey will be just fine. Yami reassured the boy as the two hurried to Tristan's motor bike. Yugi still felt uneasy though.

"Kaiba you are going to pay for this!" Joey yelled out to the rain, his eyes narrowed. His arms were crossed and rubbing themselves up and down continuously and he had the same appearance Mokuba had just two hours ago. His hair was plastered against his scalp and forehead, his clothes sticking to him like a second skin. His hands were so numb he doubt he could have held something if he tried. To make it worse, his head was spinning with dizziness and he just knew he was sick. He just wanted to go home and cuddle up in bed and try and get warm, but no, here he was looking for someone who wouldn't even appreciate his services.

"Oh look at the sick little puppy," Joey imitated what he knew Kaiba would say if he could witness him now. He smiled just slightly. He actually liked being called puppy. It was more like a pet name, as if Kaiba was just teasing him like how his friends did to make him feel better. Somehow Kaiba always said it when Joey was near his peak of anger or when he was down and it just calmed him down and made him smile, inwardly at least. It also made him feel special, in an odd sort of way. Kaiba took out a lot of his anger on the blonde and it made Joey happy to know he was noticed. He was ecstatic to know when he was around; the first person Kaiba looked at was him, even if it was to throw a taunt. It was almost as if the taunts were underlined with another meaning.

Of course, maybe I'm just paranoid.

Joey sighed, starting to walk down an alleyway hoping for a shortcut. He was going to be late but when wasn't he? He probably had the highest tardy record at school! He could remember all the times he rushed into his first class apologizing hurriedly and sometimes evening bowing with a blush gracing his cheeks. He could feel Kaiba's gaze on him, laughing at him silently but he really wouldn't care. Either he'd be told to take his seat or the teacher would send him to the principle. No matter which one he was told, he could still feel those haunting sapphire eyes following him, baiting him. It was just his luck that they had the same first class. Ignoring him was easy, if he had a distraction. It's probably why he got in so much trouble, flicking rubber bands or tapping his pencil annoyingly. He even once got in trouble for humming but he didn't know what else to do! He did more embarrassing stuff in front of Kaiba then he had in front of everyone else in his whole life combined. It was Kaiba's fault though! If he would just stop staring at him!

"Kaiba, you owe me dinner," Joey smirked stopping in the middle of the alley and let the rain pelt him mercilessly. He wondered curiously if Kaiba has ever eaten normal food, like a hamburger and fries or was it all fancy like escargot or steak and lobster. Had the rich boy ever eaten pizza? How could somebody not eat pizza? That was like, God's food! If Kaiba hasn't eaten pizza, Joey was going to lock the boy up into the greasiest, most fattening fast food store he could and make him live off it for three days! "Then I'll laugh when you get fat Mr. Perfect." Joey snickered, grinning to himself, imagining Kaiba, this time not old, but reaching out towards his desk with two stubby arms, which he was prevented from doing because of his fat belly pressing against the desk, his cheeks puffed out and his face red from exertion.

His mind changed images to a slim Kaiba standing in the shower, covered by steam, holding a shampoo bottle like a microphone; singing something along the lines of: "I'm so perfect, yes; yes Seto Kaiba is so purrrrrrfect!" saying the last word with a more cat-like ring to it.

By now Joey had burst into laughter. "Seto Kaiba, the kitty-cat." He grinned suddenly as he began walking once more, "Oh when I see you Kaiba I have one my own pet names for you."

His happiness was quickly ruined when he sneezed. He sniffed, realizing he couldn't breathe through his nose anymore and was shivering like mad. "You just had to get kidnapped didn't you? Kaiba was Kaiba-napped. Stupid kitten, how'd you manage that?" He smiled a bit; glad he could amuse himself as he stepped out on the sidewalk.

He didn't know what happened next but suddenly someone grabbed him from around his waist and he was pressed against a stiff body, a second hand coming around to cover his mouth and nose with a cloth. Eyes wide, Joey gave a muffled scream his whole body squirming and twisting, as his nails scraped at the hands, trying to escape. His legs kicked backwards trying to hit something vital but were failing. The hand pressed harder and the blonde could feel his vision blackening unable to breathe anything except some awful smell until he couldn't even breathe that. His throat started to hurt from lack of oxygen and his head started to spin, his lungs aching for air. His resistance became weaker, both his hands falling limply and his legs stopped there movements. He heard laughter ring through his ears, but it was strange as if he was hearing it under water. He shut his eyes seeing only blackness. The hand moved away and the duelist's head fell limply, his whole body slack but the laughter continued to ring throughout the area. Joey could no longer hear it.

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