Author: Fire Kitten

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Rating: PG-13

Summary: Seto Kaiba is kidnapped and it's up to Yugi and his friends to find him. But what happened when one of their own is captured as well?

Warnings: Yaoi (male/male relationship), kidnapping, slight swearing, slight bloodshed

Pairings: Seto/Joey, Tristan/Duke

Thank you for visiting my fanfic. This is my first Yu-Gi-Oh fanfic but I'm rather proud of it. It's my first inspired fanfic. Now I used their English names since I hadn't know how to spell Jounouchi when I started until I got about 20 pages into the fic but now I wish I hadn't because I can't stop writing their Japanese ones!

For anyone who doesn't know:

Joey Wheeler is Jounouchi Katsuya

Tristan is Honda

Tea is Anzu

Ryou is Bakura

Duke is Otogi

Serenity is Shizuka

Seto, Mokuba, Mai, Yami and Yugi are all the same. As for Bakura's yami? He won't be appearing in this fic. Sorry Bakura lovers although he shall get mentioned! Neither will Marik, Isis, or Shadi. Hey we have Seto and that counts for something, right? Now read to your Yaoi-loving content!

It took that whole weekend for Joey to memorize the whole house. The places he knew best were the game room (He and Mokuba began to spent a lot of time together there), the kitchen and Seto's bedroom. It wasn't long before Joey Wheeler walked around like he owned the place.

Yes, he did eventually find his dragons' names in that never-ending carpet. The Baby Dragon was under the desk, the Thousand Dragon was in a bare corner, and the Red Eyes Black Dragon? Next to the Blue Eyes, this in turn was at the side of Seto's bed. The blonde snickered when he thought of how many times Seto must have glared and stomped on his favorite dragon's name in the morning just because he 'loathed' the blonde it belonged to. It was ironic that both their favorite cards were next to each other and seemingly closer together then any other name as if saying that they were always destined to be together. Or maybe that was just his imagination? Awe well, it was certainly a strange form of poetic justice.

He also discovered that yes, in fact, high and mighty Seto Kaiba loved pizza and it was a regular Sunday dinner for the Kaiba house. Sadly though, he didn't sing in the shower. (Can't win them all can you?) No, they didn't take a shower together; Joey merely was dozing in bed while Seto had taken a shower and all her heard was the spray of water.

The weekend wasn't extremely eventful. Friday night was merely spent making out and sleeping. In the same bed. Even though they didn't have sex. Sure, the wanting for it had been apparent but fear, mostly on Joey's part held them back; but even still, it was still nice to wake up next to someone feeling warm, happy, safe and loved. It was indescribable.

That's probably why Saturday morning Joey felt so energized and cheerful. And daring. He felt like he could jump off the Eiffel Tower and live, though he didn't dare try it. Besides plane tickets to Paris were expensive. Seto, sadly, went to work but it left Mokuba and him time to 'bond'. The best way to bond? Video games. Joey swore the kid was an expert. He knew every cheat code to any game out there and has literally beaten every game! It left Joey at a disadvantage and he lost more then once but it was fun and Seto was happy to see they got along great.

Sunday was spent much more differently. Especially that morning…

"Joey." The whisper was feather-light against his ear but it still sent shivers down his half-conscious body.

"Wake up." Another that soft breath made Joey shudder and he opened his eyes.


"Don't ask, just come," Seto murmured, licking his ear. Joey mewled, letting himself be dragged from the bed… outside to the balcony?

"Seto wha- oh my…" Joey cut himself off with a gasp, his eyes widening.

In front of him was the most breath taking sunrise he'd ever laid eyes on. The balcony overlooked the forest, although the sun had yet to rise, the sky was painted various shades of orange and yellow; from tangerine to peach and sunshine to cornflower. Everything was covered in a sunny golden-orange glow. It was so magnificent something no one could ever explain on paper.

"Oh Seto…"

Seto merely smiled, hugging him from behind and started to kiss his puppy's neck. It was perfect.

His boyfriend is a romantic. Who knew? His love for sunsets and sunrises was because he thought they were romantic and was the perfect time to do anything cute or sappy for a lover and the balcony had a perfect view of it all, with the sun setting over the jungle behind the estate. For dinner, they ate on that balcony, enjoying the last lights of the day before it got dark. Seto also revealed that night that loved roses. Red ones. Valentine's Day was going to be fun. Christmas too. Anniversaries or dates and maybe they could make a new holiday. Lover's Day. (Seto's opted for Puppy's Day, naturally.) That would be nice.

So that was how they spent the weekend and Monday morning they went to school together.

Everything went back to normal. Or at least, everything changed but it seemed like it was more normal then before. Seto sat with him and his friends and even talked to them. Joey was thrilled to know this, even if it was all for him. That made him all the more glad. Who was to know? Maybe he finally melted that icy exterior and got Kaiba to actually have a normal human want for friends?

Joey had begun to go home with Kaiba more and more often, though they never got too far.

As for his father? He took the whole gay thing rather well. The blonde suspected either that was because his dad was bitter over his bad relationship and hated all women or that his son just meant more to him then homophobic urges. It didn't matter though, as long as he was accepted. In fact the way it came up, was rather funny occurrence.

"Dad I'll see you tomorrow I-"

"Joseph get back here!" His father ordered, stopping Joey in his tracks. Dad was using his first name? I'm in trouble…

"What I do!" Joey said running back over to his father, who was lounging on the couch, though his gaze was unpleasant.

"Joe, I trust you and all, I really do but you're at the age that I understand is where you get these… urges to do things with women." His father started, "I know you aren't always going to a 'friends' house to sleep over. Probably not at all, right?"

What is he… oh god is he accusing me of… sleeping with a girl! Joey's face began to flush. This was so embarrassing.

"Now there's nothing… wrong with this Joseph it's just I hope you can control you're… urges. Honestly, we don't need you knowing up some girl and getting her pregnant with a child neither of you will care for in about 2 months." Mr. Wheeler continued, oblivious to his blushing son's appearance. "God, you fucking a guy is better then that!"

Now there was nothing funny about what his dad just said, but Joey began to laugh uncontrollably. It wasn't a moment later that the younger blonde was doubled over, tears at the corners of his eyes, his jaw hurting from so much smiling and gasping just for air while trying to contain his giggles.


Joey panted for a moment, straightening. "Dad… what if I told you I kinda was?"

"Screwing a girl!"

"No, the last thing you said. I'm dating a guy. Seto Kaiba in fact."

The look on his dad's face was priceless and sent the committed blonde into another round of laughs.

Sadly, once Joey had calmed himself after that whole fiasco, he had to explain to his date how the same guy who got him more detentions then ice cream flavors ended up being his boyfriend, when he became gay, if he was having sex with him, and if Seto been tested for AIDS. (Truthfully Joey didn't know, so he lied. It was just too personal a question to ask, even if it was to protect him.) He was late for his date with Seto, but Joey felt like a huge weight had been lifted from him. His father had no problem with him being gay. None at all.

Maybe his dad had just nearly lost his only family one too many times to really give a damn anymore. After all Joey had gotten into not only a gang, he's nearly drowned, his soul's been taken before and he'd been kidnapped! A gay son is better then no son right? It was all Joey could ever ask for and more.

Graduation came and passed. Saddened to see him go but cheering for him as loud as possible, Joey witnessed his boyfriend leave from school's arms. It only served to cause more dates and more time for each other. The exact opposite of what both Seto and Joey had feared would happen. Amazingly, Seto had been able to make his work schedule in such a way that he had three non-work days and every night but Monday free. Even Mokuba was thrilled with this and soon the three had begun to act less like acquaintances and more like… family.

As for his friends, Yugi and Yami were deep into finding the pharaoh's haunted and possibly dark past, Tea was looking into dancing colleges in America, Tristan and Duke were spending a suspicious more amount of time together since the unveiling of the first relationship and Joey was just waiting for the day they'd tell they'd gotten together, Bakura was helping Yugi, Mai had gone off like she often had with Varon and Joey and Serenity were having an easier time in keeping in touch and even seeing each other more thanks to a certain blue-eyed rich brunette.

Though, nothing stayed perfect for long. Joey knew that, although his friend's said they accepted him one had been lying. Bakura. Sure he didn't seem disapproving… just disgusted. He was slowly drifting away from Joey trying to avoid as much as possible. But the blonde didn't know if that was because of the white haired teenagers own thoughts or that maybe he was under the influence of his darker half, Yami Bakura. It was still noticeable for Joey and although it hurt a bit, he didn't let it bother him. His life was still… unmatchable.

It wasn't long before Seto's poor computer got even more covered with pictures. Of his boyfriend. Joey was starting to suspect the desk was ready to give way under the weight of it all but he felt so very… appreciated. Likewise, Joey had his own pictures of Seto (even some that were taken secretly) in his own room cluttered with pictures of Shizuka.

It had been only a few days after Seto's graduation when the brunette gave Joey something he thought he had lost forever.

"Joey I have something to give you." Seto spoke up as they traveled into the brunette's room.

"Hey wait isn't it me who's supposed to be giving the gifts?" Joey joked.

Seto merely snorted as he walked up to his desk. Joey sat down on the bed, patiently waiting as Seto picked up a framed picture, the same one Joey had first laid eyes on when he was introduced to the room. The one of Mokuba and Seto in the playroom together, wrapped in the rose frame.

"Kitten, I hate to tell you this but I've seen that picture before." Joey said tilting his head a small, playful smirk on his face.

"Not the picture puppy." The brunette duelist turned over the frame, tinkering with it for a moment until the back was unlatched. He lifted it out, and for a moment Joey thought he was going to be given the picture to keep. That's when his sapphire-eyed kitten surprised him, by taking out a key and replacing the frame. Seto always had his little secret including hidden keys. It was one of his quirks Joey real loved. Not only a genius but creative as well!

Joey started bouncing with excitement. That key could go to any number of things but the first selfish thought wandering in Joey's mind was: He got me a car!

"Whatever you're thinking, no I didn't." Seto teased making his puppy pout with disappointment.

The CEO set the picture back in its proper place then leaned down, unlocking the bottom drawer to his desk. Joey, meanwhile, was getting a good view of his love's ass and decided to stare.


The blonde, thinking he had been caught, blushed and looked away quickly. "Yeah!"

He could hear footsteps approaching, getting closer and closer. If Joey wasn't mistaken, Seto almost seemed hesitant. As if afraid the blonde would blow up at him for what he was about to give.

"Puppy I… You should take this back."

The Red Eyes Black Dragon card holder looked up and gasped. He snatched the card from Seto's hand and stared at it for several moments in complete silence.

My Card… the card my sister gave me… but how did?

"Seto where did you get this?" Joey murmured staring at the card before bringing it close and smiling peacefully.

Seto shifted and shut his eyes, which Joey knew he did when he was thinking over his words, then spoke, "When we first met you dropped it so I took it to teach you a lesson."

The incredulous look spoke volumes. "Why!"

"You were a freshman I was a sophomore."

Joey bowed his head. "So let me get this straight, you stole my favorite card, one my sister gave me, even though you probably have fifty of these because I was a freshman and was unlucky enough to run into you and make you late to class?"


Joey's shoulder began to shake. Seto frowned, afraid he had made the most important person in his world cry, and reached over his hand outstretched. "Joey don't-"

He wasn't. Joey threw his head back laughing. "Seto you are one vengeful bitch!" he collapsed onto the bed grinning and holding his card tightly.

Summer passed and Joey entered his senior year. It was more laid back then he expected, and he slept more in classes. Also he got a free first period and when he wasn't sleeping in he went to visit his boyfriend in the office or at home.

It wasn't long into the year before Duke and Tristan were discovered and revealed as the second happy couple of the group. It was Bakura, in fact, who had found them sharing a little kiss in the kitchen while they were over at Yugi's playing duel monsters. They had been embarrassed at first but it was Duke who warmed up to the idea of being noticed and was definitely more public then Joey or Kaiba. If anything it was to see all his fans be crushed that he was not only taken but gay as well. Tristan didn't seem to mind either. Even though he would miss girl hunting every five seconds he knew no one could compete with Duke Devilin. They were for the most part happy and anything that made his friends happy made Yugi in paradise.

Duke sighed, leaning back in his chair, deep in thought. His mind wasn't on the paperwork in front of him though. It was on Tristan.

I wonder what he's doing right now. Duke Devilin smiled, picking up his cup of coffee and sipped on it. Tristan could be doing any number of things. Playing games at the arcade with Jou, having lunch at some fast-food restaurant, or taking a shower.

The green eyes flashed with amusement and warmth. He really did like that last idea.

The dice lover leaned his elbows on the desk grinning as he thought back. To what brought them together.

It was back on that night that Tristan turned around from his way home to offer to walk Duke home. While they did apologize they kept stepping over there own words, wanting both to talk at once, see what they had missed and to regain what they had lost.

"Listen Duke this isn't working!" Tristan started, laughing. Duke was grateful to see that familiar smile gracing the others lips. He smiled back his perfect teeth showing only slightly.

"I know its not. Let me go first." Tristan readily agreed. "Alright… I'm sorry. I don't know what I did Tristan. If I said something to offend you or if I made you mad or anything… I'm sorry. Next time though if you have a problem with something I do you should just tell me. You've never had that problem before, why are you suddenly silent now?" Duke frowned puzzled. It was true; Tristan was a very outspoken person, not afraid to share what was in his heart even if he wasn't using his head to think about what he was doing. It's because of those outbursts though, that Duke learned how to get on the brunette's good side, if he stopped that now the ebony-haired boy's lifeline would be gone and he'd be on his own again, groping blindly to make Tristan impressed and possibly like him that way.

"It wasn't… Listen man, I, I wasn't thinking. I just realized something and I freaked out." When Devlin looked at the boy questionably, he continued, "A-about you I mean and me." Tristan started it sweat, looking nervous. He looked away, swiping his hands on his jacket. "I… Maybe I'm just being stupid cause my best pal just took everything out of the wind tonight and risked even us for Kaiba but… but Duke I um… think I like you."

The poor boy nearly fell to the ground. I've already made him like me! And I missed it! That is so unfair.

But now that Duke had what he wanted he had to execute his part perfectly. Only problem was… he forgot what it was.

"I, I, um…" All his articulate speech was failing him. Just looking at Tristan sent him really, the shock of that fact the boy liked him back toppled him over the edge.

Tristan frowned. "Listen I… I'm not trying to pressurize you or anything. Just 'cause you accept Jou doesn't mean you're… well you know." They game to Duke's game shop and home. His house was built much like Yugi's; a house and a shop all in one. It was convenient and less expensive. "I um… I'll… bye."

Tristan turned away and started walking off, hands in his pockets and seeming to want to be anywhere but there.

Duke watched him. Idiot! Stop him! This is your only chance! Turn around Tristan! Come back!

"Tris wait!"

The brunette motorcyclist looked back frowning, looking as if his whole world had just crashed down over him and screwed him over.

And that my fault. Well he'd just have to fix that, right?

Duke smiled sexily, twisting some hair around one of his fingers, his green eyes hungry with lust. "Aren't you going to kiss me goodnight?"

And he did.

Well ok, he stared in shock for a moment then he stalked over with more fervor then his walking away, grabbed the black-haired boy by his shoulders and crashed their lips together in a brutalizing, not shy way.

Duke was immediately moaning, reaching up and tangling his fingers in Tristan's hair as the boy's tongue slipped into his mouth exploring every crevice and inciting the other tongue into action.

It was the most amazing kiss he'd ever taken part in and the game creator could feel sparks running up his spine as pleasure filled his sense. And this was just a kiss!

Tristan eventually did pull away, both of them gasping harshly for air that wouldn't come quick enough.

"You're one hell of a kisser." Duke said breathlessly. "You going to come and kiss me good morning too?"

Tristan chuckled, a slow smile spreading on his face, as he dipped his head to prompt a sweeter, softer kiss.

The CEO's face was flushed red as he remembered that night. Who knew Tristan was such a magnificent kisser?

Duke licked his lips, yearning for more. God he wanted Tristan. Badly!

I shouldn't be thinking of this in my office.

Emerald eyes opened and the first thing they saw was the clock.


It was Christmas. Friends and family were all around from Yugi to Varon and much more were all together spreading cheer. Gifts were given and food was eaten. Songs were sung or listened to while cake and ice cream got devoured.

Duke ran in sometime during the dancing and the opening off the first bottle of wine for that night, muttering breathless apologizes and greeting his lover with a peck on the cheek. He wouldn't say what kept him, but Joey and Seto both knew it probably wasn't just work that distracted the game shop owner.

Joey could still remember it as if it just happened. He had been sitting on the couch, watching the dice master and Tristan snuggling in front of the fire. A shiny gold die with a genuine gold chain hung from the CEO's ear was the only indication of a given gift and a whispered promise from Duke to the brunette that sounded suspiciously like "My gift to you is me" answered why Tristan seemed to want to leave with his lover so urgently. As he watched, something latched around his neck. "Merry Christmas pup." When he had finally looked in the mirror to see it was a red collar and on it was a golden tag, inscribed in it said: Love you always. His first Christmas gift was seemingly simple but it was still beautiful and utterly romantic.

His gift to his boyfriend meant a lot to them both though. It had been a necklace. On it was the Blue Eyes White Dragon and on the back was the name Joey. In return Joey had given himself the other necklace, with the Red Eyes Black Dragon and Seto's name on the back. It was sappy but Seto had the most beautiful smile on his face when he received it, which let Joey know he hit the jackpot. He had given the gift a lot of thought. What could you give someone who has everything? Does he truly have everything?

By the end of this night he will.

Seto sighed as he trudged upstairs. Joey had gotten away a while before saying he was tired, leaving him to see everyone off. Duke and Tristan seemed the most ecstatic to leave and the brunette shuddered to think of what they were planning. He didn't mind though… his puppy was upstairs, probably curled up in bed sleeping away the night without him.

Seto fingered the gold chain with affection and smiled softly, looking down at the dragon. He would keep it with him always as he did with the picture of Mokuba. His two most precious people will always be close to his heart.

The door creaked a bit as he opened it, reaching for the light switch and noticed something amiss. The room was already lit dimly and a sweet smell hit his senses. The CEO walked in slowly shutting the door and got the sight of his life as it walked out the bathroom door. Joey… a beautiful god damn arousing Joey.

He was wearing black leather pants, his necklace and collar, and that was it. The rest was for Seto to explore with his eyes. It wasn't just that though, his blonde boyfriend seemed to sway, a sexy smirk on his face as he took in his boyfriend's flabbergasted face.

"Seto…" He whispered his voice husky and his eyes dark with lust.

"J-Joey?" Seto couldn't help but stutter. He had never seen his boyfriend act like this.

"Seto," Joey growled this time but it only helped to send shivers down the brunette's back. The blonde approached, wrapped his arms around him and kissing him deeply. He responded automatically, regardless of his shocked state.

When Joey pulled away, he was smiling. "Seto… Seto I want you… Make me yours."

That's all it took. The fact that Joey was actually willingly letting him do this was enough to just throw every precaution, every fear out the window.

That night, the night of Christmas was spent not only of togetherness and family but it was also spent joining two lovers together to make a whole in more then one place.

Its funny how being forced to spend time together can make two enemies become closer to one another. How while one was on the verge of dieing the other had to push away everything just to save him. One learned to appreciate something by nearly losing it, not only because the other was constantly in fights, or losing his soul or falling into a coma but also because his own icy exterior nearly drove that one away. This other, this one who always fought so strongly for whom he loved, learned how hate could be mistaken for something else entirely. This other who had to live through fierce battles, divorce and separation from his sister, and who had to go through losing his soul twice, a broken heart, and nearly drowning twice. This one and this other learned a lot together and they could finally be at peace.

They were in love.

Funny how it changes so many things huh?

And it was all due to a little rain and a bit of kidnapping.

At some point in the night, while the lovers were asleep close together, dragon necklaces crisscrossing one another, neither one heard the pitter-patter of rain drops hit the world outside.

The End

It's over guys… -Hides- I'm so sorry. It had to at some point and I gave you guys' very long chapters to read.

Now to better understand this story I shall answer a few things.

How did I come up with the title Rain Drops? Simple, when I started to story I knew I was going to have Joey get sick by the rain. This in turn would cause Seto to want to help his little puppy while he's down. Also, the rain brought Joey and Seto together, if you think about it. Very appropriate title.

My chapter title had a theme guys! They all ending in –ing and had double meanings!

Chapter names:

Kidnapping: This chapter was titled because not only was Seto kidnapped but by the end of the chapter Joey was too. Now only that but it's also referring to how Seto is kidnapping Joey's heart. Get it?

Fighting: Seto and Joey fought verbally with each other and psychically with Jonas. They also are fighting their feelings within this chapter, trying to figure them out and deny them at them at the same time. Also Seto was fighting to stay in control. (A fight he lost).

Waiting: Seto's waiting for Joey to wake up. Duke is being patient hoping for a chance to impress Tristan and win his heart. Tristan is waiting for his 'crush' on Duke to pass. Yami, he wants everyone to admit there feelings.

Running: Seto's running from Joey, literally and mentally. He doesn't want to admit he loves the boy and yet he knows it true and of course, Joey wants to run after him!

Seeking: They are looking for each other. Seto also seems to have a lot of introspective where he seems to be trying to find himself. He's trying to be cold and evil to Joey just like he used to be, as if he were losing himself.

Revealing: They revealed that they were dating. And Tristan uncovered the fact he was gay and wanted Duke.

Ending: The end! There nothing more to it.

Yami: The knower of all. Seto couldn't be it! Yami. I've always thought, as a brilliant person who really would do anything he could for people, thanks to Yugi's influence. To be a pharaoh one must be cunning and clever. Even though he can't remember he may still retain those attributes. I had him be the matchmaker and the make-it-all-better person. Hid character was fun though, once I got into it.

Jonas: The antagonist of the story. How did he get in Seto's house? Why did he take Joey? I got these questions frequently. I can't answer the first one real well but for why he took Joey this is the reason. You know how Joey was walking in the alley practically yelling "You'll pay for this Kaiba!" Jonas heard him and took him so Seto would have to watch him suffer because he thought they were friends. Jonas wanted to drive Seto insane. He succeeded in a way. If love is insanity that is.

Symbols and Foreshadows:

The Soul Twine- Look at it's name. It was a foreshadow that Seto and Jou would get together and be forever together because their souls would intertwine! You see?

Joey's Fear of Lightning- Lightning is the power of the God, Zeus basically if we want to get technical right? In many eyes Seto would be a god because he's rich and smart and has it all right? Joey's 'fear' of lightning was like he was afraid of Seto because he was beginning to develop feelings for the CEO.

Total Blackness During the Storm- It foreshadowed that something bad was coming to happen.

The falling snow while Joey was hurt- That was foreshadowing another bad occurrence. For Seto. It meant he was going to freeze over his feelings before he let Joey to close.

Inspiration: I've been talking about how something inspired this story and now I shall share what it is. I was reading a fic a few months ago, the night before Veteran's day (where I have the next day off) and Jou got beaten by his dad, walked outside, fainted and a limo pulled up next to him. I read many other fics just like this or where Seto had to 'save' Joey from his abusive father. Now I know they saw it's hinted his father is an alcoholic but people say Jou had poor living conditions and doesn't eat and all that.

Funny, how in the first few episodes of the first season Jou has a freaking TV in his room and he seems quite comfortable sitting on his floor, watching a tape of his sister. Or while he's studying for Battle City he has thousands of books around him and his house is fairly clean! Honestly, I don't think Jou's father is abusive and if he was Jou would have run away cause he's NOT stupid. He lived in a gang for Christ's sake he knows what to do. Nor do I think Jou's poor. His jackets alone must cost a fortune! Not to mention his cards, his uniform, school books (possibly) and that TV in his room and the house. I don't think that incites a lazy, no-good father do you guys?

I have nothing against poor-Jou fics. I love 'em in fact. Jou torture it's the best, but I just got so tired of seeing this unoriginal plot being played over and over again. So I sat there… and thought. Now I wanted Seto and Jou to get together. At the time, Seto was not my favorite character. Still, I wanted him and Jou to be in love cause I love the enemy to love thing. I thought it would be funny if somehow they got locked up together somewhere. Then I thought Seto should get kidnapped because it's Mokuba who does so lets make a change? Then I thought 'How do I get them together?' Easy Jou gets caught too. And the story was born. A week later, when I was 50 pages into it my dad deleted Dell because he's not very smart. I was pissed but I restarted it and it came out even better and twice it's size.

This whole fic was already written when I started posting chapters. Just not edited. And many new parts were added. Chapter Ending for example moved from 4 pages to 11 in one night because so much needed to be added.

Goals: At first my only goal was to separate my fic from any other out there. But eventually it grew like this:

1. Make it Original

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The third one was made after I posted the 5th chapter. I've never had so many reviews before and it thrills me to know so many people like it. Yes, yes, I've got 100 reviews now.

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Did I enjoy it: Hell yes!

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June honey winters: Nah, you think? I wonder, why do you think I put WARNING: YAOI (BOYXBOY) on there? Maybe because it's gay. As for you're second question, am I gay? I know three gays: Happy, Stupid, and Homosexual. Sure, of course I'm happy, I just finished a wholly beautiful fic. Stupid, no I'm not. I got straight A's I'm going to be driving soon, and I'm not suicidal or pregnant or any of that junk other teenage girls got. Homosexual? Why yes, yes I am. Everyone is. Love knows no boundaries. If you ask me 'am I comfortable dating my gender?' of course I'd say yes because it's worth a try. You only live life once, and I want to live it happily with anyone I choose. Next time, look for these warnings: Yaoi, slash or Shonen-ai is Males loving each other and Yuri, femslash or Shoujo-ai is girls loving each other. Just so you know Incest is family members loving each other (EX. a brother and a sister, cousins). Maybe then you won't get such a shock out of something I (and many others) find quite miraculously beautiful.

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