Summary: Life for Akane had not gone the way she hoped and a chance for a new life fell into her lap and she took it, leaving Japan all together. It is now ten years later and Akane is back in Tokyo filming a movie, will she want her old life back or will stardom come between her and what she really wants. This story will revolve around the ten years of the Ranma cast's lives.

Disclaimer: Yeah right, if Ranma ½ were mine, then well I would be filthy stinking rich, wouldn't I?

It's What I Want

Episode 1—Farewell

Today was Akane Tendou's eighteenth birthday; she took a glance around her room as she got dressed in her school uniform. Today she knew was going to be the same as every day. Wake up, get dressed, take care of personal bathroom duties, hurry down the stairs for breakfast, argue and fight with Ranma and then leave for school, argue a bit with Ranma on the way to school, Shampoo or Ukyou comes along and glomps Ranma and Akane sends him airborne. Yep, another typical day was in store for her. She sighed and then sat down on the side of her bed. Why couldn't things ever change? Why couldn't Ranma stand up to those other girls and tell them off? Why wouldn't he tell her if he really liked her or not? If he didn't like her, there was no sense in this ridiculous engagement their parents forced upon them. She hoped it wasn't the latter.

She heard Kasumi's voice calling from downstairs, "Akane, breakfast is ready."

Akane opened the door and yelled, "I'll be right down Kasumi." She straightened her uniform and then grabbed her school satchel from off her desk and made her way down stairs for breakfast. While heading for the tea room she could hear Ranma and Genma fighting out side, just like they do every morning. With a sigh, Akane sat her self down at the table and immediately tucked into her breakfast.

Ranma who had just finished his battle by knocking his father into the koi pond came inside and sat down next to Akane, "Oh boy, I'm starved!" He immediately started inhaling his food like he hadn't eaten in two weeks.

"Must you always behave like that at the table?" Akane asked looking at Ranma curiously.

He shrugged and answered of course with his mouth full of food, no one could understand him. She turned away and smiled lightly, trying to hold in a giggle but it came out anyway. He was pretty silly and cute when he was like that. Of course only a girl in love would ever think that Ranma was cute while stuffing his face with food.

"What's so funny?" Ranma asked after swallowing his mouthful of pickles, completely baffled by her behavior.

Akane cleared her throat and sat up straighter, "Nothing." She continued to eat her food. "Ranma, I think we need to have a serious talk."

"Sewious?" he said with his mouth full of rice. He swallowed hard and noticed that Akane indeed looked very serious. 'Uh oh,' Ranma thought, 'she's being nice, something must be wrong.' "What would you like to talk about?" he asked cautiously.

Looking at her family and Genma in panda form, who all seemed to have moved forward on the table and leaned over trying to hear what they were talking about, but Akane couldn't talk to him like this, with everyone listening. "Uh… how about we talk about it on the way to school?"

"All right then," Ranma answered as he got up and grabbed his satchel for school, Akane did the same and followed after him.

Once outside and on their way towards Furinkan High school, Akane was gathering up the courage to say something rather important. She cleared her throat and turned her head a bit looking at Ranma, "As you know we have been doing this same routine for nearly two and a half years. I am eighteen today."

"I knew that." Ranma said having completely forgot about her birthday. He hid it well that he had forgotten. "What does that have to do with anything though? I don't get it."

"I'm getting to it! Sheesh, you are so impatient."

"Well if you took as much time fixing yourself up pretty like than you do getting to certain points then maybe you'd be a helluva lot cuter!" He shouted at her.

"Ranma! I didn't say anything to insult you and you go and say something like that!" She stopped walking and was shouting at him as he was a bit ahead of her. He turned around and glared at her.

"Akane just get out what it is you trying to say, you drag me out of the house early so you can say what?! I could still be eating breakfast right now."

She groaned, "Is that all you ever think about, your stomach?"

'No, I think about you.' He thought to himself but instead of saying that, he said, "Yes I think about food all the time, it's the only thing besides martial arts that brings me joy."

Akane tried hard to control her temper, "Ranma, I just wanted to say that you've been living here with me and my family for awhile now, and I just wanted to know straight out…You know…" She pushed her fingers together in triangle nervously, "if you li—" She was interrupted by a blur of blue and pink as it zoomed passed her, Akane had twirled around by the force of the speeding blur and was now facing the other direction.

"Ranma, take Shampoo on date this afternoon." The Chinese Amazon woman purred as she was latched on to Ranma's waist. Hearing that voice Akane whirled around and saw Ranma wrapped up in Shampoo's arms.

He was groaning and trying to pry the woman from his body, but she was holding on tightly. "No Shampoo I can't go on a date this afternoon, I have school."

"But Ranma no need school, Ranma marry Shampoo and move back to China with Shampoo." Shampoo cooed and rubbed herself against him

"Hey!" Akane shouted and stomped her foot hard on the ground so it cracked the pavement, "Ranma! I was talking to you and you go ahead and flirt with Shampoo!"

Ranma couldn't remove Shampoo from his person, "Akane, you know I am not flirting with Shampoo, she doesn't listen!" He said with his teeth clinched.

"Oh yeah, well that's not what it looks like from here!" Akane's eyes narrowed and her temper sparked.

Shampoo giggled, "Ranma like Shampoo best, Akane is no comparison to beautiful Amazon woman like Shampoo. Akane ugly and Ranma no like ugly pervert girl."

"Why you…" Akane stomped forward and grabbed a hold of Shampoo's shirt and tried pulling her off of Ranma. Soon the two girls were in a verbal match and Ranma couldn't understand a single word as it was all high pitched and noisy. He was able to wiggle out of Shampoo's hold and the two girls still continued to fight, loudly. The pig tailed boy was getting really annoyed, his eyes squinted tight and he shouted, "ENOUGH!!" alarming both Shampoo and Akane, "STOP IT RIGHT NOW!"

Both Akane and Shampoo jumped back from Ranma as they had never seen him looking so angry before.

"Ranma is you okay?" Shampoo asked.

"SHUT UP! Both of you!" he said seething with anger and annoyance, "I have had enough! If it's not you two always fighting over me, its Ukyou fighting with you, or Kodachi. I am fucking tired of it! Do you both understand me?!"

"Ranma I—" Akane started to say but was quite rudely interrupted

"Akane shut your mouth I don't want to hear it!" Ranma snapped at her and she immediately quieted down, wringing her hands together in front of her, trying to keep down the heavy emotions she was feeling with him yelling at her like that.

Ranma cleared his throat, closing his eyes trying to calm down. "Now, I am going to say something and I expect both of you to listen to me and do not interrupt me, not once. Do you both understand?" He saw them both nod their heads, fear and sadness evident in their eyes. "I do not want any of this. Shampoo I am not going to go on any dates with you, ever. If you ever try to approach me on dating you again, then well you won't want to know what will happen. If I want to go on a date with you, I will ask you." He said tightly. "Akane, not by my choice I was engaged to marry you, I do not want to marry anyone, especially someone like you. I don't like this; I don't want any of it. I just want my own life! Leave me alone, both of you, just go away, especially you Akane. Don't even come near me!" He turned on his heels and ran towards the high school, leaving both girls standing there in shock. Ranma stopped and looked back at them, he felt a twinge of guilt for what he had said, the girls looked well… Akane's posture was slumped and her face was buried in her hands, Shampoo was for once showing a bit of compassion as she was patting her on the back.

He closed his eyes, perhaps he better go and explain that he really didn't mean what he said, but he was just so angry and they just were not listening to him, ever. But his pride said forget about them, they'll get over it all will go back to normal soon. Yeah, if he thought more about it, the more guilty he would feel. Perhaps he would apologize to Akane later for what he had said. He just wanted her to see how much pain he went through on a daily basis. He groaned and turned back around and headed towards school.

The school bell wrung and class had begun, Akane was working hard on her geometry. It sure seemed like she had been wrong, so wrong and it hurt. The way he talked to her, and like that! She couldn't believe it. Akane looked up once, towards Ranma's desk, he was also working hard. This was going to be hard, she had to go home with him and live there with him knowing that he actually hated her. There was no way their parents would let she and Ranma out of this engagement, she was doomed to a completely unhappy marriage. She turned her gaze back to her work, this was the worst birthday she had ever had.

All day Akane hadn't talked to anyone, she would do her work, and at lunch she quickly ate and then ran to the library to hide from the world. Akane was sitting in the corner, a book sat in front of her open to the middle, but she really wasn't reading. Her eyes not focusing on the words, they were blurry as her tears fell silently onto the white pages, staining them with her broken heart. He hated her, Ranma absolutely hated her. She lifted her hand and wiped her eyes as she stood hearing the bell ring, signaling for everyone to head back to class to finish out the last half of school.

As Akane sat down at her desk, her cold, melancholy disposition seemed to fill the air and the students that usually sat around her, had moved their desks away from hers a few inches. Akane rested her chin against her fist as she looked into the dark water bottle resting at the top of her desk, at her reflection in the dark navy blue unbreakable plastic. Shampoo was right, she, Akane Tendou was nothing compared to that other woman. Shampoo was beautiful and stronger and better at martial arts than she was, and she could cook food without attempting to murder everyone. Same with Ukyou, she was cute and knew more about being a girl that Akane did. Akane felt like she was nothing, she would never be good enough for anyone, let alone Ranma.

After the final bell wrung and school was dismissed, Akane quietly gathered up her belongings and she looked up. Ranma was watching her closely, but she just sighed and looked away, he was probably mentally criticizing her and how he would hate to continue living under the same roof as her. Of course what she didn't know was that Ranma felt even worse, seeing her like this and withdrawing even from her friends, it had worried him. He had been too hard on her this morning, he pretended not to notice how depressed she had been, and that he could tell that she had been in tears. He would apologize to her, on the way home he would tell her that he was just angry and he didn't mean what he said.

The students were filing out of the classroom and he headed towards the door, looking back at where Akane was standing, he was surprised when he found that she wasn't standing there anymore. The window was wide open. Oh great! Now she doesn't even want to go near him, he had really done it this time. He shook his head with regret. Ranma would just wait till she got home and then talk to her.

Akane walked the streets of Tokyo for some time, she would stay out as long as possible. She did not want to face anyone, Ranma would probably prefer it if she stayed away, after all he did tell her to go away. She slowly passed by Ukyou's who waved at her.

"Hey Akane," Ukyou said pleasantly, and was slightly upset when Akane didn't greet her back, she just continued on her way. "Akane?" She ran to catch up with her. She jumped in front of her rival who was also her friend, stopping her. "Akane, what's wrong?" She held her by her shoulders.

"Nothing," Akane's voice sounded broken and tired, "I'll be all right." She did not look up at Ukyou.

"No ya don't, you're not leaving here until you tell me what is bothering you." Ukyou was not about to let Akane leave in this bad condition. She had never seen her like this and it worried her.

Akane forced a smile and looked up at Ukyou, "I told you Ukyou, I am fine, see everything is all great." She couldn't help the tears that were falling.

"Then why are you crying?"

"I'm not, just leave me alone please?" Akane did not raise her voice; she just shifted out of Ukyou's hold and continued on her way.

Ukyou watched Akane's retreating back, perhaps Ranma knew what was wrong with her. Ukyou hurried into her restaurant and went behind the counter and picked up the phone receiver calling over at the Tendou's. She waited for a few seconds and it was of course Ranma's voice that was on the phone. She asked him if he knew what was wrong with Akane; she listened while he explained what happened earlier that morning.

"Ranma! You Jackass! Why did you say something like that to her?!" Ukyou knew that Ranma really liked Akane, even if she often tried to get them to break up, for she loved Ranma too. But for him to say something like that to Akane, whatever happened must have been really bad. Of course all was fair in love and war, and now it seems that Akane is well upset, which probably meant that he called off the engagement, which also meant that he was now free, so Ukyou grinned and leaned on the counter. "You know, you should come down here Ranma, I'll make something special for you and then you can gather up your courage to apologize to Akane." She always knew the way to Ranma's heart was through his stomach. Poor Akane though, but oh well, you snooze you loose Ukyou thought to herself.

Akane did not look where she was going and bumped into someone who howled in pain, she looked up immediately and found a tall man with blonde hair, in a green shirt and khaki pants with hot coffee spilled all over him. "Domo arigato," she said immediately.

He was mad as he wiped the coffee off of his clothing, he was about to tell her off when he was awestruck. He waved his hand in the air getting her attention. "Do you speak English? My Japanese is a little rusty."

"Hai," Akane said with a nod, "I am sorry, about…" She pointed to his clothes and cringed.

"Aw, these old things? Don't worry, no harm done. Well no harm except for a little scorched skin." He was grinning, "You can make it up to me by having coffee with me, what do you say?"

Akane shrugged, she really was tired of walking so she agreed. "All right," she turned and followed the blonde man, who held the door open for her, Akane smiled lightly and stepped inside the café. After the waitress had taken their order, the blonde man cleared his throat signaling that he was going to say something. "So what is your name?"

"Tendou, Akane." She said folding her hands in her lap.

He nodded, "I like that, Miss, you are a miss right, you're not married or anything?" He saw her shake her head no to the not being married part, "My name is Robert Graves, have you thought about your future Miss Tendou?"

"My future? Well I want to go to university, if that is what you ask?" Akane looked at him noticing he was slightly tan, and had bright green eyes.

"Have you ever thought about a career in film?" He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small bronze case; flipping it open he pulled out a card and passed it to her.

Akane looked down at the card, with writing written in English, it read, Robert Graves, Talent agent, twelve hundred Buena Vista, Hollywood, California.

"You have a face for film my dear and I know what I'm talking about."

Akane wondered if this guy was telling the truth, she had often heard in the news about scams and the women are actually sold into underground slavery. "Is this real?" she asked. The waitress came by and placed their coffee cups down in front of them.

"It is; I'm a talent agent."

"You don't even know me, how do you think I have any talent?" Akane looked down at the card again.

Robert picked up the pitcher of cream and poured some in, "I am on vacation with my family, my wife who is Japanese is the reason that I am here visiting her relatives. I think it was pure fate now that you had run into me. He leaned over and pointed to the phone number. "You can even call my office. I'm not the only talent agent that works at the agency. I know this sounds like a load of bull but I know that you have what the world is waiting for. I can tell and I usually have a good eye for these things."

"You really think so?" Akane couldn't believe this it all seemed too good to be true.

"I do. Of course you would have to relocate."

"I can't stay in Tokyo? They have film studios here too."

Robert smiled, "Still cautious I see, of course who wouldn't be. Getting approached by a strange man saying I can make you famous if you move away from your home and family probably sounds a little fishy. But Miss Tendou, all this is true."

Her eyes narrowed in thought when she was interrupted by a child's laughter, she looked towards the sound and a Japanese woman who was holding the hand of a small boy had come into the café.

"Ah, Robert there you are." The woman said with a smile, "I thought I saw you come in here." She looked down at Akane with a smile, "And who is this?"

Robert smiled up at his wife, "This is Akane Tendou."

"You never do get away from work, do you Robert? We are on vacation and still you attract it." She said lightly with a hint of amusement, she was smiling down at Akane, "I'm Aya and this young man is my son Kenichi."

Akane nodded her head, "It's nice to meet you." She wondered if this was all part of the scam.

"What do you think Aya; do you think this girl has what it takes?"

Aya put her finger to her chin as she scanned Akane's face, thinking. "I agree Robert; she does seem a little young though. How old are you dear?"

Akane looked down into her cup before looking up at Aya, "I just turned eighteen today."

"Young, but not too young," Aya said with a smile. "I think you have a real shot with this one Robert."

"That's what I thought too," He smiled at Akane and took a drink from his coffee cup. "I'll go over to Walter's Tokyo office and get this young lady a contract."

"Contract, contract for what?" Akane said sounding rather clueless.

Both Aya and Robert were amused by her innocence, "A contract for me to be your agent, you do want to show the world what you have, don't you?"

Akane shrugged, "I guess so, I mean how do I know this really isn't just one huge trick?"

"Well you can come along with me to the agency while I get your contract and you can see for yourself that this is completely legit." Robert said, putting money down on the counter for the bill and scooted out of the booth. "I'll see you Aya back at your parents later."

"All right," Aya kissed him quickly and took the little boy by the hand leaving the café, while Robert waited for Akane.

Not having anything else to do today, Akane agreed to go with him. They were walking towards the agency when Robert asked, "So what else do you do besides school?" He pointed to her school uniform.

"Well I'm a martial artist; I have been doing it since I was a little girl." Akane answered with a slight smile.

"Martial arts, huh? That's awesome." Robert was thinking out loud, "that probably means you'd be able to do your own stunts, which would save the studios money in the long run."

"Not to still seem suspicious, but you aren't an agent for like adult films are you?" Akane's face was flushed as Robert was looking over at her, he suddenly chuckled.

"Miss Tendou, I assure you that I am not an agent for the adult movie industry," He went on to name a few of the actors and actresses he represented when they were new to the industry. He could tell Akane was impressed.

Robert led Akane to the agency's building, "This is it," he opened the glass door which said Walter Mann's Talent Agency on the door, allowing her to enter the building first. Akane's feet touched brown carpet and she could see a pretty receptionist who looked a tad familiar at the front desk talking on the phone. Robert waited until the young lady set down the receiver and started writing a message. "Good afternoon Jun," he said with a smile.

"Misser Grabes, it nice see you again." Jun said, her head tilted slightly and her large silver hooped earring swung a little, "What can do for you?"

"This is Akane Tendou, I would like to get a contract for her."

Jun's eyes shifted to Akane, "Oi, I know you." She said with a smile to Akane. "I one year ahead of Akane in high school," she said to Robert. "She play good Juliet in play."

Akane was smiling, she thought she had recognized her from somewhere, and the two girls immediately started conversing in Japanese, which caused Robert's eyes to cross.

"All right girls, lets converse in English in front of the talent agent," he teased and pointed to himself.

"But you're married to a Japanese woman," Akane said to Robert.

Robert leaned against the front desk, "Yes that is true. I am still learning the language you see."

Jun scooted back from the desk, "I get contract." She lifted herself off her plush chair and rushed down the hall.

"Next we'll get your passport, so that you may leave the country." Robert saw Akane wringing her fingers together nervously.

Clearing her throat, Akane tucked a strand of loose hair behind her ear. "I don't know about this, it all seems so sudden. I think I need some time to really think about this."

"I have an idea," Robert looked up as Jun returned from the back hallway with a contract in her hand, she came around the front of the desk and handed it to him with a smile. He then returned his gaze to Akane's worried one, "You hold on to this," He held the contract up in the air briefly, "and we'll go get your picture taken for the passport, it won't be ready for about two days anyway. You can take some time to decide. Either you want to come back with me to California where I will make you a star or you can stay here in this city and live out your life in which ever way you like. I leave with my family in three days to head back to the states. What do you say?"

Akane looked at Robert, her eyes shifted to Jun who was smiling and then her gaze drifted to the contract…

Kasumi was setting out the pretty chocolate cake with vanilla frosting. Written on the cake in red food coloring were the words 'Happy Birthday Akane!' with a smiley face right next to it. She looked at the family sitting around the table, two people were missing. "Hmm, where are Akane and Ranma?"

Genma grinned, "Perhaps they've eloped, finally our houses will be united and our children will carry on the school of Anything Goes Martial Arts."

"Oh happy day!" Soun said with a proud glow in his eyes.

Nabiki rolled her eyes she was about to say something when she heard Akane's voice.

"I'm home!" Akane shouted and a few seconds later appeared in the tea room, looking at her family.

"Happy Birthday Akane," Kasumi said with a smile, she looked behind her not seeing anyone. "Isn't Ranma with you?"

Akane felt as if some one kicked her hard in the stomach, Ranma… "Uh…no… Why do you ask?" She sounded as if nothing was wrong and sat down with her family, "Who cares where that idiot is," she said with her eyes closed and a slight attitude in her voice.

Nabiki being able to observe others knew something was up. Her sister was hiding something. She heard the rumors of the fight that Ranma and Akane had this morning. They hadn't been seen together at school all day. Akane had mostly kept to herself. "Is that so?"

"Yeah, that's so!" Akane shouted back at her sister, her eyes opened and she could see Nabiki's brows were arched. "Ugh can't we just forget about Ranma right now, please?!"

"Akane," Soun started to say, "He is your fiancé he should be here for your little birthday celebration."

She shrugged, 'he probably doesn't care anyway,' she thought to herself, but then seemed to perk up, she smiled and waved her hand in the air nonchalantly. "It doesn't matter Dad. I don't feel much like celebrating myself, I think I'm going to go lay down." She quickly got up from her spot on the floor and rushed up the stairs and into her room. Akane threw her school satchel on the desk and opened it, pulling out the contract that Robert had given her.

What should she do about this? It sounded like a great opportunity. Akane sat down in her blue plush desk chair. This could be the start of a new life for her, there would be no stupid engagement, no Ranma. Akane sighed, no Ranma, well there was no Ranma right now either way. He didn't like her at all. He made that perfectly clear this morning. It would be ridiculous to move to another country just because of a guy who hated her. She was having confusing thoughts and Akane figured that she really did need to get out of here, to get away, after all Ranma did tell her to go away. He would get what he wanted. But, what about her family, she loved them with all her heart, this was a really hard decision and she was not even close in deciding what she would do. She leaned back in her chair and stared up at the ceiling. "What should I do?" she said out loud to no one in particular.

It's not like she could even talk her father about this, he would tell her not to go, but to stay here and marry Ranma to unite their school. Akane leaned forward, her posture bent and she cradled her face in her palms. It's not even about feelings or love, just to see their school succeed, her father didn't even care how she felt. She was not going to marry a cold insensitive jerk, in other words Ranma… who does not want to marry her at all anyway. With a soft long sigh, Akane stood and paced her floor. She would just be in his way here. She would leave him alone and he may do whatever he pleased with whoever he pleased. Akane did not want to stay around and watch that, no, it would hurt too much. There was only one thing to do; Akane had to get away from here, away from her family, the engagement. If Ranma didn't want her, then she would find someone who did, someone who would love her without all these complications, and fiancés and other such insane insanity. Of course that might be hard to find, but in a new place perhaps it wouldn't be so bad.

Akane went to her bedroom door and pulled it open. Looking out for anyone she hurried down the stairs. She could hear the television on and her family laughing. Good, they were distracted. She went to the phone and picked it up. She pulled from her pocket the business card that Robert gave her and flipped it over, on the back was the number for his cell, where she proceeded to dial the number, she waited and heard his pleasant, 'This is Robert Graves' on the other end. "Uh hello, this is Akane."

"Ah, Akane, what can I do for you?"

She took a deep breath, pushing down her nervousness, "I—I want to do it."

"That is wonderful Akane, you won't regret this decision I promise you that. I will see you at the airport on Monday morning. I will have a plane ticket and passport for you. Remember to bring the signed contract with you."

She smiled brightly for the first time that day, "All right, I'll see you then. Bye." Akane hung up the phone and turned around smashing into something hard. "OH!" She grunted noticing that a pair of hands holding onto her shoulders had come up and steadied her.

"Watch where you're goin' klutz!" Ranma shouted at her, but did not let her go. She was so close her scent of fresh strawberries hung in the air around them, his eyes narrowed with the effect that her closeness had on him.

Akane angry shook herself away from him, "Ranma?! What were you doing?" She stepped back glaring up at him.

Well at least she was talking to him now, "Who were you talking to?" He was watching her face closely for any sign of a lie she might try and make up. She was just awful at lying. All Ranma heard was her end of the conversation but it sounded like she was going to meet someone.

She shrugged, "Just this uh…guy I ran into today. It's not really any of your business Ranma." Akane turned away from him.

'A guy!' Ranma's mind shouted in rage 'she met a guy!' He kept in a growl that was threatening to come out. He needed to hide his irritation the only way he knew how…"A guy, bah! As if any guy would want a meeting with you, you ain't got nothin' to offer him," he said to Akane's back, knowing that he would irritate her and she would turn lash out and attack him. Which was what he wanted, she was being much too depressed lately.

"What did you say Ranma!?" Akane as if on queue twirled around, glaring daggers at her fiancé. She was ready to pound him into orbit with what he said… it then hit her, he did not like her. She blinked her anger dissipating, "Is that really what you think Ranma?" Akane's tone was calm and gentle with just a hint of sadness.

Ranma was prepared for the blow but it never came, he straightened his posture. She was trying to lull him into a sense of security, he just knew it! Well she wasn't going to get away with it! "Uh…uh, yes. Anyone who would want you has to be out of their mind. You have no sex appeal..." He lied, of course she did, man she was so, so sexy, her body made him shiver whenever he was close to her. "…you have the strength of a gorilla, you're unsexy and totally uncute!"

He knew she was unaware of how she drove him crazy, she often left him so frustrated. Especially since Ranma had started paying her little visits during the night, he would sit by her bedside and watch her sleep, the soft rising and falling of her chest, the way she would make soft noises in her slumber, and sometimes if he was lucky she would turn over on her side and face his direction, where her night shirt would expose a bit more of her skin to his sight than he could handle and he would have to hurry out of her room or else risk her wrath for he would do something to her that one should not talk about in polite conversation.

"I'm sorry I'm such a disappointment to you," Akane said, her head bowed. That definitely proved it that he was so disgusted by her. It was true, she was nothing to him, nothing at all.

Ranma was confused; she didn't insult him or anything. She just stood there and took it. The way she was acting was completely weird, that wasn't like Akane at all. "Huh, what?"

She lifted her head, a forced smile was upon her lips she wasn't expressing any of how she was feeling inside on her face. "I'm sorry Ranma, perhaps if I were more like Shampoo, or Ukyou even…"

"Akane, why would you want to be like them?" Ranma had never sounded so calm before, it was scary! But his confusion was reaching high bounds, so high that it was causing him to have weird feelings, like Akane was trying to tell him something, not through words but how she stood there holding her posture and apologizing and saying if she was more like Shampoo or Ukyou.

Akane felt no need to answer him; she wasn't going to say anything about what she was going to do. He did not need to know, it's not like they are in a relationship and she has to explain anything to him. At this point he was just a boy living in her father's house with his own father. She owed Ranma nothing. "Never mind Ranma, it doesn't matter." She started forward, passing him.

Ranma felt odd and reached out grabbing a hold of her arm, this seemed to have shocked her and she turned slightly. "Akane, uh…are you still upset?"

Looking down at his fingers which were curved around her arm, she felt a tingle rush through her. "What would I have to be upset about?" 'Except the fact that you hate me.' She thought to herself while lifting her eyes to his. "Ranma, don't worry about it."

"Feh, who said I was worried? I was just askin' It's not like I care about ya or nothin'." He said defensively

She pulled her arm from his hand, "I see." Akane kept her emotions in check as she walked away from him and climbing the stairs to her room. Upon entering her bedroom she closed the door softly behind her.

Ranma stared up the stairs, scratching the back of his head in confusion, something was going on. Akane never behaved so docile before in all the time he has known her, he'd rather have the fiery, yes even violent girl back. It's like she was afraid to talk to him, probably because of how he behaved this morning, which he realized was probably the worst thing he had done. He just couldn't take it anymore and his anger got the better of him. He would find a way to make it up to her, he promised himself that.

Saturday and Sunday had not gone as Ranma had planned, Akane was acting strangely quiet, she wouldn't really talk to him except to say things like, 'Ranma please pass me the pickles,' or 'May I have that orange over there?' She was treating him well like a stranger, as of he were just a tenant in her home, not like she used too. Akane had changed completely and he was not comfortable with it.

On their way to school on Saturday, Ranma had asked her if she was feeling all right and she had answered, "Yes, I am just fine." They didn't really hold up a conversation for long. And when they had ran into Ukyou, he thought he saw Akane twitch, but she merely closed her eyes and breathed in. He had complimented Ukyou annoyingly about the lunch she had made for him, just to see what Akane would do. She didn't do anything, just simply walked away on towards school as if what he had done hadn't bothered her. Ranma knew Akane was often jealous of the other girls, but it wasn't them he wanted, it wasn't them he thought about in dark of the night while he took care of… it wasn't them he wanted wrapped around himself in oh so erotic ways. It wasn't them that he loved with all his heart and would protect at any cost. It was her, it was Akane. And with her practically ignoring him, he was determined to do anything to get her attention.

Sunday was the worst; she had avoided him all day. Ranma had watched her closely as she did her training exercises in the dojo; she seemed to have worked out a couple of hours more than usual. He rather enjoyed watching how sweaty she would get and her clothing stick her to like second skin. When she saw him watching her, she merely apologized for taking too long and that the dojo was free for his use. After she gathered her towel and passed by him, Ranma felt the urge to grab her and shake her and make her talk to him.

"Akane!" Ranma shouted and she turned around, looking at him innocently. "Uh…Akane, I… are you sure everything is all right? You seem a little different?"

'Why does he do this, why does he torment me? Pretending that he cares about me?' Akane thought to herself, 'Of course I am not all right. I love you, you stupid ass!' she wanted to shout that in his jerky face, but she wouldn't give him the satisfaction of seeing her like this, completely vulnerable. He would only hurt her further. Not expressing anything, Akane said, "I am just fine." She just had to last till bedtime with him, she would be gone tomorrow. The plane leaves at eight am. She could not afford to be honest with him, she did not want to leave on an even more unhappy note. Life was going to change, a life without Ranma, wow it was certainly going to be different. She had gotten so use to him being around, it was difficult thinking about the times before he stepped into her life and now, as she stared at him she could feel the prickling of tears. He wanted to be free of her, she could tell he did. Fine, it's what he wanted it was what he will get.

She was going to cry, Ranma wondered what he had done now. "Akane, what's the matter, you can tell me whatever is bothering you." He stepped closer to her.

Akane shook her head, she couldn't. "I am all right, its my uh… its girl stuff. Hormones, around this time of the month." She lied

Ranma's eyes narrowed in suspicion. She was lying "Akane, what's wrong?"

"Nothing." Tears fell, sliding down Akane's cheeks. "I gotta go Ranma," She turned around and started moving away from him.

All Ranma could do was stare, why was she crying like that? What was the matter with her? He felt the strong urge to go to her right now and hold her close and tell her that everything was all right. But he didn't. His pride would not let him do it, not to tell her how he felt at that moment. He let her walk away.

That night, when all the family was asleep, Ranma paced outside below Akane's window. She was up a bit later tonight, he mused. It was nearing midnight and her light had yet to be switched off. He jumped to the tree, then up on the roof and with using great stealth he hung down watching what she was doing. Akane was at her desk in a pink tank top with a puppy paw on the front, and puppy paw prints on the darker pink pajama pants, writing on a sheet of paper. Ah… she was finishing up an assignment for school. After writing up the last sentence Akane sat the pen down on the desk and stretched, pushing her chest forward and throwing her arms back, she twisted about and then stood.

Not really thinking that Akane had a voyeur, she switched off the light and hurried to her bed. Then slipping into the blankets she closed her eyes hoping to get to sleep quickly.

After a long while, Ranma looked around before quietly sliding Akane's window open. He could hear her soft breathing as she slept. He leapt down from the window sill to her floor with the greatest of ease. He made not a sound as he quietly crossed her floor to stand at her bedside. She looked so peaceful as she slumbered. Ranma kneeled down so he was more level with her. He scanned her face and watched her brows crinkle, making an unhappy face. Ranma wondered what she was dreaming about, he gently lifted his hand and pressing it tenderly against her cheek and her face softened, his fingers feather light against her skin, he touched her nose softly and she gave him a sweet smile.

"Ranma…" She breathed out in her sleep.

His eyes widened a fraction, wondering if she was dreaming about him or dreaming about killing him?

Akane in her deep sleep reached up before Ranma had time to react and pulled his arm against her, looping both her arms around his and pulling his whole upper body downward, he steadied himself before he came crashing down against her with his free hand, so he wouldn't crush her and wake her up. That was close! Ranma's mind shouted. He needed to get out of there right now, if she woke up and found him like this, she would definitely kill him. Carefully and watching her face for signs of waking, Ranma tried to pull his arm from in between hers. She only tightened her hold and he groaned. He was way too close to her now; he could feel her soft breath on his face, which smelled of fresh mint. Akane was pulling him even more against her and he held his breath hoping that she did not wake up.

"Ranma…" She moaned softly, her arms unfolding around his arm.

This was it, she was letting go, it was his chance for escape! His mental victory was short lived as her arms in a speed that would rival his, quickly slid around his neck and pulled his head down, her lips meeting his.

Ranma stared wide eyed, he did not move. If he did he knew she would wake up and he would be a dead man. This was just a great! He thought sarcastically. Here he was lip to lip with Akane and she was asleep. Why couldn't she be doing this when she was awake? Ranma wanted to pull away, he really did. But something in him wasn't letting him do it. The whole situation changed with Akane was starting to let go and Ranma might not have another opportunity like this again, his mind decided to take a small vacation as he let his eyes fall closed and his hands come up, cupping Akane's face in them. He heard her small moan as he more firmly pressed his lips to hers. Oh great God, why hadn't he done this before? Ranma felt her mouth open and he took complete advantage of it, not caring if she woke up any more.

His tongue dipped into her mouth with great urgency, pressing against hers, harder and faster he needed her, needed to taste her. Their mouths were fused together wet, slick and hot. Ranma kissed her so hard and so strong that he caused her yet to moan again.

Ranma started to feel light headed and he did not want to stop. But he had too the need for air was really starting to attack him. He pulled away from her breathing hard, staring down at her. Her eyelashes fluttered and only opened part way, Ranma stilled instantly feeling as if time was passing by very slowly.

Akane was half asleep and she said in a breathless whisper, "Oh, I'm having that dream again." Her eyes falling closed once more.

Letting out the breath he didn't realize he was holding, Ranma decided not to tempt fate with his death. He looked down longingly at Akane; she was so out of it that she didn't realize that he had really been in her room, doing what he shouldn't have without her consent. Man oh man he wanted to do it again, right now the urge for him to forget all about honor and take her right now, to feel her beneath him, while he… and she would cry out and he would… UGH!! He needed to leave now, his self control was waning.

Ranma rose to his feet, and headed for the door. If he turned around to look at her now he would never make it out of Akane's room with both their purities intact. He wrenched the door open and practically ran out of the room, heading for the bathroom. He needed to take care of hi…er business, and now!

In the early morning hours, Kasumi would rise and prepare breakfast, as she yawned coming down the stairs she saw a piece of paper tacked up on the wall by the phone. It was addressed to the entire family. Kasumi noticed Akane's writing and took down the paper unfolding it, she began to read. She lifted her hand to her lips and said, "Oh my."

Soun was scratching the back of his head as he approached Kasumi from behind, "Whatcha got there, Kasumi?" He asked.

"It's a note, from Akane." Kasumi said calmly, handing it to her father then walking a bit quicker than usual into the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

The head of the Tendou house started to read the note from his youngest daughter… It started with Dear Family… I wanted to start by saying I love you all and don't worry about me. An opportunity had come up and I have decided to take it, by the time you read this letter I will no longer be around. I am leaving Japan but not to worry, I will write and I'll even phone from time to time. Just whatever you do, don't come after me, please. I have to do this. I am sorry Dad, but I can not marry Ranma, I will not marry a man who does not want me, I can't do it. I need someone who loves me and it is clear that Ranma does not. He should be free to marry whoever makes him happy, and I know that it is not me. Tell him I am sorry for leaving without a word, and that the engagement is off. He is free of me. Please let everyone know that I love them and I miss you all already. Please take care of yourselves. Farewell, your loving Akane.

Soun stared at the letter, his daughter was gone, "Oh Akane…"

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