An Inuyasha Christmas

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Pairings: InuKag, SessSan.

Part 1


Sango sighed and shook her head, sweat-dropping.

"They will never learn." Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru were having a verbal fight that was becoming very, very violent. "Boys!" She hated to be the one to get involved but Kagome was with child, Miroku was already unconscious, and Shippou was far too young. Kirara had attached herself to Inuyasha's leg but he had shaken her off. Not to mention that 'sit' was not working. Every time she said it, he would just get back up and start shouting.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome screamed at the top of her lungs.

No one listens to me! Not even the father of my baby!

She was just plain pissed. Sango knew that Inuyasha would be in the dog house for sure.

"Break it up, for goodness sake!" The taiji-ya got behind the hanyou and crouched down, swinging her foot beneath his legs, and tripping him. He fell backwards and she latched onto his waist. He struggled against her and she brought one hand up to his ear. "If you don't settle... then I'll pull."

Now, let me explain why Sesshoumaru is even there and not trying to cut Inuyasha's head off. Rin was friends with Shippou, who had told the girl about Christmas. Then Kagome had read them both a book and Rin begged Sesshoumaru to stay. So there he was, stuck in a position he didn't like because of a little girl who seemed to get her way.

"Fine, Sango." He relaxed and stopped fighting her. A chill ran through her body from being in the snow.

"Promise me, Inuyasha. You have to stop fighting with each other."

"I promise, Sango." She let him up and he turned around to stare down at her. "After all, I think I'm in deep shit with Kagome, anyway."

"I would say that you're sleeping alone tonight." Sango stood up and brushed the snow from her back as best as she could.

"Uh, Sango, you missed a spot." She suddenly felt a hand caressing her rear.

"Hentai!" She whirled around and slapped Miroku in the face. Then she continued to get violent. But Kagome knew that the houshi deserved it. "How dare you... If you so much as lay one hand on me in front of the children, I will seriously dismember you!"

"Now, now, Sango! No need for such brutality..." He started running from her. Inuyasha sighed.

"Are you not going to stop their fight?"

"No, he deserves it, the lech." The hanyou looked at his brother. "He never knows when to stop. It's time he does." Sesshoumaru gazed at the two. "Shippou knows what goes on but he also knows that it's wrong." Kagome walked over and gave her mate a once-over.

"You didn't have to start getting violent."

"Excuse me, Kagome?"

"You heard me, Inuyasha." She crossed her arms and glared at him. He glared back.

Things were not starting out well.


Sango sat by the well, a newly started project in her hands. Sewing wasn't something she enjoyed doing, but this was the only thing she could think of to give to her.

"What are you doing, taiji-ya?" Sesshoumaru's voice drifted to her from her right. She looked over at him.

"I am sewing a kimono."

"For what?" He asked, staring down at it. It looked like she had been working for a few hours.

"Christmas is in a couple of days and... I have to finish this." He stared at her. "It's for Rin." The fabric was a lovely red with white lillies and white roses.

"You are making that for... Rin?" She nodded and he sat down curiously beside her.

"I have only this to finish. You, Inuyasha, Kaede-sama, Houshi-sama, Shippou-chan, and Kagome-chan are done."


"I made you something. However, Kagome-chan told me that I cannot tell you what it is. You will find out soon enough." He blinked at her.

I do not have anything for her. What would a taiji-ya like...? Not weaponry. She seems to do well with that on her own. I must give her something in return.

"Could you hold this for a moment?" He looked down to see her holding out the fabric. He took it from her wordlessly and ran it between his fingers. "Thanks."

It is a nice strong material. Rin likes this kind of fabric.

He nearly sighed when he remembered the little girl throwing a fit because she didn't like the kimonos his staff had supplied. He looked up to see Sango standing with Inuyasha. She was smiling secretively.

"Kagome would love that! Of course I'll help!" She threw her arms around him and laughed. "How did you ever think of that?"

"I... uh... I had help." She let him go and gave him a look that said 'spill it now.' He gulped. "Koharu helped me."

"Oh, Koharu? She's here?"

"Yeah. Came to visit Miroku." The taiji-ya looked down and a sadness appeared in her eyes. "Hey, don't worry. You know he'll come around someday."

"There's something I didn't tell you, Inuyasha."


"He told me that... he didn't love me enough to be with me. I'm just a good grope every once in a while. That's all I ever was to him." The hanyou felt his stomach lurch. He growled.

"How dare that little..."

"Inuyasha, it isn't his fault. He can't help the way he feels."

"He can help the way his hand moves or else I'll break every finger of his off." Inuyasha sighed. "I can't be pissed off now. If he tries anything, let me know."

"I don't want to ruin your Christmas. Besides, why would he-"

"You know the answer to that. He would take advantage of you. No matter how bloody honorable or virtuous he is, he's still a lech." She felt tears well up in her eyes. "What's he doin' there?"

"Oh, Sesshoumaru? I don't know. He came over and asked me what I was doing. I'm sewing Rin a new kimono." He ruffled her hair.

"Well, get moving on it. You only got a couple days left."

"I know." He left and she returned to her spot. "You heard?" She asked lightly, noticing the odd look in his eyes.

"Of course." She took the fabric in her cold hands and smiled slightly.

"Do you... Why did you come out here?" She asked curiously.

"I was taking a walk." He replied shortly. She looked up at him and raised a brow. Somehow, though, she believed him. He seemed the type to like walks alone. "Then I saw you sitting in the snow and I was curious."

They always say that curiosity killed the cat... but what about the dog?

She let a grin slip on her face at her thoughts. Then she gripped the unfinished kimono in her hands and stood up.

"It's cold out here. Do you want to come with me to get some tea?" He looked up at her with a raised brow. "I could use some company that is not loud, obnoxious, and does not grope." He shrugged and nodded.

I do not have anything better to do. Besides, maybe she will say something about a gift in return for getting me one.

He normally did not care about such things but she did it without protest, without second thought. That and Rin liked her a lot.

"Are you coming?" He gave her a look.

"You humans need patience." She laughed. He got up and followed her at his own pace. He watched her walk ahead of him. He looked down and stopped for a moment to gaze at her small footprint in the fluffy white snow on the ground. He put his foot in the ground next to it. His was bigger by quite a bit. Then he looked up at her. She was not what he would call a small woman. She wasn't as petite as most but she was curvaceous. She looked delicate but looks were meant to be deceiving. He could tell quite a bit about her by the way she looked. She had a grace that women did not have. She had an aura that screamed battle. And she had a nice scent. She was not feminine. He then continued on.

Sango looked around at the winter scenery. The trees were bare with snow on their branches. She felt eyes on her, watching her every move. She just relaxed. She knew he liked to study things. She knew he was just studying her. She saw the village come into view. But she also saw something else come into view. Miroku and Koharu... together. She felt tears come to her eyes. Miroku was... kissing Koharu and holding her like Sango longed to be held. She knew he couldn't help his own feelings but why couldn't it be her?

Sesshoumaru stopped dead in his tracks. That scent... despair, mingled with tears. He saw Sango up ahead of him, her body rigid, staring, as if transfixed, at something.

"Taiji-ya?" He asked softly. She looked back at him and he saw her pain. She swallowed and then wiped her tears away, trying her best to not seem weak. She looked down and walked past the two. They stopped and watched her. Sesshoumaru followed after her. Once they got inside, Sango started the fire and begain boiling water. "You have feelings for the houshi."

"Well, I did." She admitted softly. "But he does not feel the same for me." He didn't respond. She gathered the ingredients for the tea then grabbed two cups. He stared at the fire. Sango didn't want to admit it but she was glad to have his company. It wasn't too awkward and she found that she could easily get used to his silence.


Inuyasha sat with Kagome, who was fuming.

"How dare he say that!? Sango-chan must really be hurt. She didn't even say anything to me about it." The girl sighed. She was upset but there wasn't much she could do about it.

"She probably didn't want to upset you in your current condition."

"In all honesty, I never thought this would happen." She rested her head on his shoulder. "But I couldn't be happier. I mean, everyone is at peace and Naraku was soundly defeated. Not to mention that the well is open to anyone we allow through." He rested his head against hers. She took his hand and intertwined their fingers together. "I am so happy that you decided to remain yourself."

"A hanyou?" She nodded. "Why?"

"Because it is part of who you are. Inuyasha, without that past of yours and your youkai heritage, you wouldn't be the same. You wouldn't be my Inuyasha." He smiled and closed his eyes.

"Kagome..." It was times like this that he knew why he loved her.


Sango handed the steaming cup to Sesshoumaru. He took it with a nod and she sat down. She watched him silently, waiting for him to say something.

I don't know what to say to him. How should I know what youkai think? All I know is how to fight them.

"What is that?" She blinked at him.

"What is what?"

"That." He pointed to the small pine tree that had decorations on it.

"Kagome calls it a Christmas tree. And what's under it are the presents." She set her cup down and crawled over to it. She looked at them for a moment before picking one out. "This is yours but you can't have it yet." He frowned at her. "And don't you even think about opening it before Christmas day."

"Which is when?"

"In a couple of days." She answered confidently. He rolled his eyes and looked around the room, which was decorated.

"What is that?"


"That plant." He stood up and took it down, taking it over to her and holding it in front of her.

"Kagome said that it is mistletoe."

"What's it for?" He straightened and held it higher to inspect it. When he looked down at her, she blushed scarlet.

"W-Well... when two people stand under it, they are supposed to... to..."

"To what, taiji-ya?" He asked, narrowing his eyes at her. She noticed that she was under it since she was sitting down and he was above her with it in his hand. She stood up and stumbled into him.

"Uh... They are supposed... to... to kiss." She whispered the last part but he still heard it. He nearly dropped it. He was about to turn away when Kagome and Inuyasha entered. Sango's heart almost stopped and her knees went weak.

"Oh... I'm sorry! We're not interrupting anything, are we?" Kagome looked closely to see what the inu youkai was holding in his hand. She gasped. "Mistletoe! Sesshoumaru, it's a rule-"

"He... uh... he knows now, Kagome." Sango said softly. "He wanted to know what it was so before I could tell him..."

"He put it over you." The girl finished. She laughed. "Well, I didn't make up the rules, Sango. It's a Christmas rule that hasn't been broken so... you two gotta kiss." Inuyasha turned away to hide his laughter. Sesshoumaru growled.

"Little brother-"

"What are you waiting for, Sesshoumaru? Kiss her, already!" Unfortunately, Miroku and Koharu walked in to hear the statement.

"What's going on?" They asked in unison. They soon found out as Kagome turned Sesshoumaru back around and giggled as she stepped back.

"Come on, you two! Get it over-with." Sango was looking completely humiliated as she stared up at him shyly. He let out a snarl at the others before he looked back at her and took her chin in his hand. He tilted her head up and leaned down, kissing her softly. She responded after a moment, wanting to savor the feeling. She had never felt such a warm, gentle touch. It sent electricity down her body. He pulled away and tossed the plant to Inuyasha, who raised a brow.

"Hmph. Are you happy now?" He asked the hanyou. Miroku had an expressionless look on his face and was staring at Sango, who was still lightly flushed with her eyes on the Taiyoukai. Her hand came up to her lips. Her heart was pounding in her chest. She looked at Kagome then, who had a light frown on her face from her friend's behavior. Sesshoumaru walked out the door and Sango stood there for a moment before chasing after him. She ran through the snow until she saw his figure ahead of her. She slowed until she stopped. He was turned toward her, the winter breeze gently blowing his silver hair across his perfect face, across his amber eyes that burned like liquid gold in the sun.

"I..." She faltered and bit her lip. She had never felt that way before...

I just can't believe... that he gave me that kiss.

He then turned around and ran from her, leaving her standing there alone.


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