An Inuyasha Christmas

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Pairings: SessSan, InuKag.

Part 3


"Ack! Get that away from me, Inuyasha! Stop it!" Kagome was ready to slap him, start a war against him, to use 'the word,' and to get Sango to kick his ass. He was dangling a tiny mouse from its tail in between his pointer finger and his thumb of his right hand right in front of her face.

"Oh, Kagome, come on! You've battle youkai, helped take down a maniac that wanted everyone to die, and you're afraid of a mouse?" He laughed. He just outright laughed. Kagome stared at him, miffed.

"Do you have to pick on me? Do you think that it is funny? We'll see how funny it is when you sleep in the snow tonight!" She growled, fury burning in her eyes. He rolled his eyes.

"All you've been telling me is that I'm gonna sleep outside!" He scowled and walked away from her. "Geez, it's just a mouse!" He tossed the vermin outside and then turned to Kagome. "Every time you've said that to me, you get scared or somethin' and come out to drag me in. Why should I even listen to your threats?" She sighed.

"I don't have the heart to leave you out there... You should know that well enough." She stated, walking past him and going outside. He watched her as he leaned against the doorway.

"I know." He whispered with a smile. He then followed after her until Miroku grabbed him and dragged him over to the trees. "What the hell-!? Houshi!" He scowled. What did that ingrate want now?

"I just witnessed something that I am certain you will not like." Inuyasha felt his stomach twist. "Sesshoumaru and Sango... They're..."

"Spit it out, dammit!"

"He kissed her after she told him that she loved him." The hanyou froze. "I have never seen that look on his face before."

"What look?"

"..." Miroku shook his head and didn't respond. Growling, Inuyasha took off to find them. He stopped short when he saw them. Sango was talking to Kagome and Sesshoumaru was leaning against Sango's house. The taiji-ya looked so... happy. It wasn't anything like the perky attitude yesterday but...

"Inuyasha!" Kagome waved him over, a grin on her face. "I was just telling them. Tonight is Christmas Eve. Tomorrow is Christmas morning and we get to have a party!"

"Feh." The hanyou let his glare linger on his brother until he felt himself being pulled forward by his haori. Sango had the clothing in her small fist, a frown on her face.

"I already asked Sesshoumaru to stop fighting with you. Now, I'll ask you. Please, do not fight with him. Everything is fine, Inuyasha." He glared at her.

"No, everything is not fine. He is just toying with you. There is no way in hell that he could love a human!" She stared at him with a look that left a nasty taste in his mouth.

"What about you? If you were a full-blooded youkai, would you be able to love Kagome? She's a human too, you know. Would you love her?"

"I-I..." He bit his lip. "Of course I would but-"

"Don't say anything about that being different. Why are you so against it?" He reached up and gripped her wrist, pulling her hand from his haori. He then gripped her shoulders in his clawed hands.

"It's stupid to trust him!" She struggled in his grip before swiping her foot under his feet. They both wound up in the snow.

"Is it really that stupid to put everything on the line for a chance at happiness, Inuyasha?" She asked, staring up at him. "I have lost everything. My family, my people, and now you want me to give up a chance to love someone? What is it that you want me to do, then?" The hanyou didn't answer.

"Answer her, little brother." Sesshoumaru's chilling voice suggested above him. He looked up and stared at the Taiyoukai.

"What are you willing to sacrifice for her, brother?" Inuyasha asked bitterly. Sesshoumaru shifted his gaze to Sango. "You are aware that loving a human will not go down well with the other lords."

"Does their opinion really matter? They will not fight with my decision. I intend to make her my mate. You have no say in that." The hanyou began stuttering.

"M-Mate!? T-Then... you..." He stared in horror at his brother. "N-Not you..."

"You thought you knew me, did you not? I suppose it is your turn to be wrong. Now, would you mind getting off of her?" The last question was in a low growl, causing Inuyasha to flush and stand up, helping the taiji-ya up. "It is true that we have been enemies all of our lives. It is only natural, since I disliked the fact that our great and terrible father chose a human witch over his own mate. You did not know how it felt to watch him walk away from us, to abandon me and my mother. Then, he got himself killed over her and never came back."

"That's why you hate me so much? But... I didn't do anything!"

"You are the result of father's betrayal and abandonment. You are the only solid, living proof that it was real." Inuyasha frowned. That was why his brother hated him. It wasn't because he was a hanyou.

So... Sesshoumaru's hatred for humans developed when father left him alone with his mother, who I heard died after that, for my mother. I understand it now.


"And you getting the Tetsusaiga was an excuse to use to kill you. What would I want with a sword I cannot touch?" Sango went to Sesshoumaru's side and gripped his arm. Kagome smiled.

"Now that the reason is out in the open, guys, you don't have to fight anymore." She said softly.

"She's right, you two. I can understand your anger, Sesshoumaru, but the past is over now. Inuyasha had nothing to do with that." Sango leaned her head against his shoulder. "And, with us, you will never have to worry about betrayal again." He looked over at her when she looked back up. Inuyasha saw the look on the Taiyoukai's face and knew he had been wrong.

"I'm sorry." He stated, looking ashamed. "I didn't... know any better." Kagome took the hanyou's arm and smiled.

"Come on, let's let them have some time alone. Besides, you can help me prepare for tomorrow." He sighed. So much for a good day...


Sango lay in Sesshoumaru's arms later that night, gently fingering his silver locks.

"You know, I never thought it would be you that I would find myself with." She said with a smile. He nodded.

"Seemed everyone thought you would end up with the houshi." She frowned and tears formed in her eyes. She closed them and tried to regain her control. The fire snapped, sending burning embers into the air.

"I-I know. I thought that I loved him and that he loved me but... I guess not." She looked down at his shirt, her finger tracing the designs on it. He lifted her chin and pressed his lips to hers. She felt her heart begin to race when his arms tightened around her waist. Then he lightly nipped her lower lip and she gasped, caught off-guard. His tongue grazed across her own and she shivered. Then she felt his grip loosen. He broke away from her and looked up. A knock suddenly sounded at the door and her friends entered. Kagome smiled cheerily and Miroku looked pissed off at the world. Inuyasha looked like he wanted to slice his own throat and Rin and Shippou trotted in after them. Kaede smiled and entered. She was surprised to see the position of the two... Kirara was on Inuyasha's head and she mewed at them. Sango broke away from the Taiyoukai and helped poor Inuyasha with the packages.

"Oh, how pretty!" Koharu looked around with gleeful delight.

"I know, isn't it? Inuyasha did it." Kagome gave her hanyou a proud grin.

"Under your command, general." He mumbled miserably and Sango stifled her laughter.

"Calm down, you guys. I'll make tea for us. Kaede-sama, would you care to help?"

"Of course, child." Miroku kept a watchful eye and an open ear when Inuyasha sat next to his brother.

"So, we didn't... y'know... interrupt anything, did we?" Sesshoumaru gave him a withering look and flushed a little. "Ooh, we did, didn't we?" Miroku stared at Sango. She was talking with Kaede and looking very radiant. Then her face flushed and she nodded. Kaede smiled knowingly.

"Are ye happy, then?"

"Yes, I am. The way he acts around me is so different than his behavior around anyone else. Even Rin." Rin ran to Sesshoumaru and wrapped her tiny arms around him.

"Sesshoumaru-sama!" She grinned. "Do you like Sango-chan? Are you gonna marry her?"

"R-Rin." He gave her a look that said 'be quiet' and she closed her mouth with a large grin on her face. The little girl liked Sango a lot. She was such a nice, pretty lady. Sango then served tea to everyone with a bright smile on her face. When she sat down beside Sesshoumaru, she leaned against him. She was right in between the two brothers. A soft humming caught their attention and they looked at Kagome. She blushed and smiled.

"That was a Christmas song called Silent Night." She informed them. When she began again, Sango's sweet hum joined her own. Sesshoumaru was lulled by the pretty tune and he closed his eyes, allowing the two women's hum to calm him.


"Wake up! Wake up!" Shippou and Rin teamed up to wake up the sleeping adults. "It's Christmas!" They cried in unison.

"Five more minutes..." Kagome groaned, snuggling deeper into Inuyasha's shirt. The hanyou opened his eyes slowly. He stared at them mutely, groggily.

"Runt, I'm gonna kill you... when I wake up." He said, trying to blink the blurriness away. Rin waltzed over to Sesshoumaru and Sango, who was wrapped tightly in his embrace.

"Wake up, Sesshoumaru-sama! Sango-chan! C'mon, it's Christmas!" The taiji-ya sat up, making the Taiyoukai's arms fall to her waist. He was still sleeping deeply.

"Rin-chan... We were up late. Can we please go back to sleep?" She asked, rubbing her eyes.

"No!" The little girl protested strongly. She gave Sango the puppy-dog face.

"Oh, Rin, don't do that..."


Five minutes later, everyone was awake, whether they liked it or not, sorting out gifts. Sango put her hand to her mouth and yawned, a tired frown on her face.

"I think I'm ready to go back to bed." She closed her eyes.

"It was just after... sunrise..." Kagome yawned. "Everyone, open your presents so we can go back to sleep."

"'Kay." They said in unison, barely conscious enough to unwrap their gifts. Sango handed out all of hers and then rubbed her eyes. Sesshoumaru stared at her gift to him as if he was trying to figure out what it was.

"You can open it, you know." She stated dryly, her breath tickling his ear. He supressed a shiver and opened it to reveal a box. He opened the box and saw a sheath inside. It was beautiful craftmanship. It was a deep blue with gold string at the top and golden crescent moons on it. "It is for Tokijin. I know you don't have a sheath so I took it from your stash of things and made it." He smirked and pulled the sword out, sliding it into place.

"Perfect fit..."

"No kidding." She rolled her eyes at him. Rin then ran at Sango, hugging her excitedly.

"Thank you, Sango-chan!"


She sat by the fire, watching it dance with the air. Sesshoumaru had told her that he would give her his gift within the day.

"Sango?" Miroku sat down next to her. She looked over at him. "I believe you deserve an apology. I am sorry for my behavior. I do not know where you got that one thought, however. How could you think that all you were to me was a good grope? I never said such a thing."

"It was the way you made me feel, Houshi-sama." She stated. "I was just someone that was there because Inuyasha would murder you if you touched Kagome." He shook his head.

"You are more to me than that. I was foolish and I apologize. I offer you and Sesshoumaru my blessings." He sighed. "I hope you two will be happy." She looked over at him and smiled at him.

"I hope you and Koharu will be happy together, too." He smiled back.

"I can say, though..."

"No perverted comments unless you want me to slap you to hell." She warned. He grinned innocently.

"Fine, fine!" She looked at his hand.

"How does it feel?" She asked softly. He followed her gaze and held it up.

"Different." He admitted. "I never thought I would be free from it... I had nightmares a lot about being sucked into it." She stayed silent and looked back at the fire.

"Houshi-sama?" He stared at her profile in the firelight. Her enhanced beauty made his hand itch to reach out and bring her to him and hold her. "Apology accepted." He relaxed with a sigh of relief. They sat in companionable silence until Sesshoumaru beckoned to her. Everyone followed him out to the snow-covered graveyard. He drew Tenseiga and her eyes widened. She noticed Kohaku's body was on top of the snow... Sesshoumaru swiped the sword over the boy's body and sheathed it, watching. Kohaku's chest began moving up and down at a steady pace and she could feel him pulsing. She ran forward with tears in her eyes. Her little brother opened his eyes and gazed at her in wonder.

"S-Sango?" When he sat up she threw her arms around with a quiet sob. He returned the embrace and felt tears come to his own eyes. She then parted with him and stood up, her eyes on Sesshoumaru. She ran at him and buried her face in his chest, her body trembling with her sobs of joy. She then looked up at him.

"Thank you, Sesshoumaru. Thank you so much." He then leaned down and smiled at her. His lips softly brushed her own and more tears fell from her closed eyes. She felt him pull away and put his arm around her waist.

"Thanks is not needed now, Sango. Not for all of the gifts you have bestowed upon me." He gently gave her a shove toward her confused little brother. "You deserve it." She smiled. Everything was finally going right. She took her brother's hand and helped him up and then took Sesshoumaru's. Rin laughed with glee and ran to them. They would all be a family. Inuyasha put his arm around Kagome and she held Shippou in her arms. They would be part of the family, too. All of them. Well... except for the family friend, Miroku.

Sango knew, in that instant, that nothing could have made her happier than her new family.


Nothing is more important than love and family... especially on Christmas.

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