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Darker Still
by Ashelin Rayne

Chapter Six
Morning Fun

"Damn spiders..." Jak grumbled as he made his way through the temple, shooting down any remaining spiders that happened to jump out at him. He was walking down a corridor that led to a large room, inside was a familiar, large Precursor statue in the middle of a seemingly bottomless pit. Jak craned his neck upwards to take in the whole sight when a voice startled him, his gaze shot to his left where he saw, high up on a platform, something that made him growl dangerously. It was that pompus idiot, Veger, and the little prick-of-a-monk, Seem. The two were discussing a matter very heatedly.

"I want no excuses!" The bushy eyebrowed elf snapped, "You told me this could be done, now make it so!"

"But we have so little time...the Day Star approaches!" The monk exclaimed, "You know what it brings"

"Unfortunate, yes," Veger drawled on and Jak couldn't help snorting. 'Yeah, like that pompus ass gives a damn.' "We will deal with that as soon as I have full access to the catacombs. Just continue your work, and I'll deal with those idiots in Haven. I promise you will meet your makers!" The Baron smiled maliciously as he made his exit followed by the white-faced monk.

"Why are the catacombs so important?" Jak asked out loud to no one in particular while walking out to the platform in front of the Precursor statue.

"Hey! It's one of those goober eyed Precursor thingies," Daxter pointed.

'No shit,' Dark rolled his eyes at the rodent, 'doesn't he know that we have eyes, too?'

'Lay off Dax,' the green-and-blonde haired elf sighed, glancing over at the unsuspecting Ottsel.

'I'm just sayin'...' Dark shrugged, 'the thing's fuckin' huge, you'd think he'd know that we can see it.'

'Just shut up.'

'Fine, jeez,' the Dark Eco demon smirked, 'what the hell crawled up your ass and died?' Jak just ignored his counterpart as he stepped onto the platform before the large Precursor statue.

"Greetings great warrior! Your return brings us great hope," the statue lit up with life as it greeted the dark elf hero, "This planet's future is at a critical juncture, the Dark Ones have found your world again, and fate hangs in the balance where the past and the future collide." The elf and his Ottsel just looked at it in confusion.

"Do you have any idea what he just said?" Daxter turned to his friend before turning back to the statue, "Speak-a-da-normal-language, okay?"

"You will need all the power you can muster to survive this terrible test, great one," the Oracle said grimly.

"I can handle it," the Ottsel grinned cockily.

"I was talking to the tall one...shorty," Jak and Daxter's eyebrows rose when the ancient statue insulted the rodent before it.

"Hey!" Daxter cried indigently after he processed the fact that the Oracle had just made fun of him.

"Look into the light and recieve a power, hero," the statue ignored the rodent and focused its power on Jak, engulfing the dark elf in a shaft of light seemingly coming from the heavens. The elf was lifted into the air and he spread his arms out, gratefully recieving whatever the light had to offer him. Jak was filled with a warm, welcoming sensation as he felt Light Eco forcing out some of the Dark Eco that had a hold over his soul. Now, he felt equal, almost whole as the new Light balanced out his Dark.

"Okay, now you're scaring me," Daxter looked up at his friend nervously as the elf was lowered to the ground.

"Dax... the Dark Eco..." Jak looked down at his hands, trying to figure out if he was dreaming or not, "it feels far away...I feel better."

'What the fuck just happened?' Dark groaned as if he had just woken up from being knocked out.

'You no longer have complete reign over him,' Jak heard another voice, his own but much more...calmer. It was the voice of his Light Eco side.

'Oh fuck, this is great,' the Dark Eco demon grumbled, 'this is just fuckin' great...now I'm stuck with this prick?'

'Hey, you don't exactly see me jumping for joy, do you?' Light Jak growled.

'So, you're a prick,' Dark snarled back, 'you don't count.'

'How are we such an uncivilized beast?' The Light Eco angel sighed.

'We! What the fuck do you mean we?'

'Like it or not, we are one in the same.'

'There is no way in hell am I related to you, much less being the same person!'

'Why is that so hard to believe?'

'Well, unlike you...I'm not a pussy!'

Jak was getting dizzy as both his counterparts bickered back and forth, shaking his head, he shut them out and sighed in relief for the silence. If the renegade elf didn't know any better, he'd say he was going psychotic from hearing voices in his head. He decided to keep his Eco forms' personas to himself, he didn't need people thinking he was going crazy and hearing voices.

"Jak? You okay in there?" Daxter was perched on his shoulder and was knocking on the elf's head.

"Yeah," Jak grinned, "let's head back to Spargus City."

"Not arguing with you there," the rodent sighed and relaxed on his best friend's shoulder. Jak made his way back to the Teleportal ring he'd seen and didn't hesitate to jump through, the renegade elf landed on the balls of his feet as he was pushed out through the other side of the ring. He found himself at the entrance of the temple, after dusting off his hands, he quickly headed back to his Dune Hopper, revving the engine as soon as he sat down and started his long journey back to Spargus City.

The winds were beginning to pick up, a sign that a storm was coming. Jak smirked, he was adjusting to Wastelander life fairly easily. The renegade pulled his red bandana over his nose and mouth as the sand was making it difficult to breath, he stepped on the gas, trying to hurry back to the city. 'Better safe than sorry,' he thought while he pulled up through the large doors of the garage. Hopping out of the drivers seat, Jak found an incredibly nervous Kleiver pacing back and forth between the door and the Tough Puppy. The fact that a tough Wastelander like Kleiver was on the verge of a panic attack unnerved Jak more than he'd like to admit.

"What's got you all frazzled, tough guy?" Daxter raised an eyebrow at the big, blonde elf.

"None of your business, rat face," the Wastelander growled, oblviously very irritated.

"Attention all people of Spargus," the three heard Damas' voice over a loudspeaker, "a large storm is heading our way! Prepare the city!"

"Don't you people have storms all the time?" Jak looked to Kleiver.

"Yeah, but the one that's comin's gonna be a big bugger," the blonde growled.

"You sure you're alright, Kleiver?" The renegade elf was well aware that something was definately not right with the big Wastelander. Kleiver seemed to pause in his pacing and think for a second before he finally sighed.

"A friend of mine went out there not too long ago," he said grimly, "the little sheila hasn't reported back in."

"Maybe Sheila's on her way now," Daxter said, hoping to try to cheer the elf up.

"Her name's not Sheila," Kleiver raised an eyebrow.

"But you just...nevermind," the rodent mumbled under his breath, cursing the Wastelander and his confusing slang.

"She's still out there, along with four others who haven't reported in," the Wastelander's brows furrowed in worry.

"Jak!" The small door behind them opened up and Damas rushed into the garage, his clothes were dishevled from getting from the palace to the garage in a short amount of time and he had a worried, yet serious look on his aged face. "There you are."

"Damas..." Jak was about to say some greeting but the King cut him off.

"No time to talk, there are five Wastelanders out there and the storm will hit any minute," he informed the renegade elf.

"Yeah, Kleiver just told me."

"I need you to go out and find them," Damas asked, barely containing his own panic, "do whatever it takes to bring them back." Jak nodded as he quickly jumped into the Sand Shark, wondering, for a moment, why Damas and Kleiver were on the verge of a panic attack. A second after he thought that, he got his answer.

"Jak!" The King looked the elf in the eye, showing him just how worried he was and Jak's heart nearly stopped when the next three words tumbled out of Damas' mouth...

"Keira's out there."

The Eco channeler pulled on his goggles and bandana and sped out of the garage, the thought of Keira lost in the storm driving him to go faster. He practically flew over the sand dunes, nearly missing a figure standing near an outcrop of rocks, his heart skipped a beat but as he got closer, he was disappointed to find that it wasn't the she-elf. The Wastelander hopped into the Sand Shark after thanking the renegade, Jak sped off and found a large transport zoomer near a waterhole and dropped his cargo. The elf waved but he paid no attention to him, his mind dead set on finding Keira. He drove around the large broken bridges and found another elf -not Keira- standing near a tree, picking up the second Wastelander, Jak drove back to the transport zoomer and dropped off the elf without even giving him a second glance. He set off again, this time jumping the bridges, and found another Wastelander...also not Keira. After dropping him off, Jak growled, he needed to find Keira and fast because the storm was only getting worse.


'Can't you make this bloody thing go any faster!' Dark growled, fear for the she-elf he loved making him irritable.

'We're going as fast as we can!' Light Jak said in worry, he was in fact Dark and Jak, so he too shared the same love for the beautiful elf.

'Well we're not going fast enough!'

'Sorry if I can't just magically give this thing super jet boosters!'

'Will you two just shut the fuck up! Jak snapped, 'I'm trying to drive!'

The Sand Shark began to descend down a sand dune when the renegade spotted the two figures and his heart nearly leapt out in joy, but just as fast as his joy came...it disappeared. His heart turned as cold as ice and Jak felt as though he was falling off a mountain, he could see her motionless body next to another...there was blood all over the place and he couldn't tell whose it was. He leapt out of the Sand Shark and rushed to her side, gathering her into his arms he felt tears prick the corners of his eyes. Daxter looked over the elf's shoulder, trying to hide his own watery orbs.

"Keira..." He whispered hoarsly, as if he was afraid that she would blow away with the wind. Jak nearly cried in relief when she moaned and turned her head towards his chest, her hand moved to clutch the fabric there. "Oh, thank the Precursors..."

"Hey, Jak," Daxter scrambled over to the second body, the one that was definately dead by looks of the gaping wound that went straight through his chest, "Looks like another Dark Eco Crystal." The Ottsel picked up the crystal that lay a few inches from the dead elf's fingers.

"The Metal Heads must've gotten to him..." Jak remembered the mysterious hologram they had stumbled upon when they shot down the huge Wasteland Metal Heads. "But why didn't they take the crystal? And what the hell happened here?" The elf finally took notice of the ring of scorch marks around the place where Keira had lain.

"Maybe we shouldn't stick around to find out..." Daxter gulped when another Dark Maker artifact, very much more active than the last ones they'd found, popped up from the sand, "...Too late."

"Shit," Jak quickly picked up the she-elf and moved towards his vehicle, laying Keira inside the Sand Shark before turning to face the hostile artifact. The renegade yelped when it shot out blue laser beams from its top, nearly getting him in the foot. Jak dodged the Dark artifact's laser beams and tenticals as the wind whipped sand around him, stinging his exposed skin. "Fuck, I don't have time for this!" The elf growled and felt the familiar rage of Dark consume him, transforming him into the Dark Eco Demon.

"Fuckin' thing needs to die!" Dark roared as he launched himself at the floating artifact, lodging his deadly claws into its main body. The demon began ripping away at anything he could get his hands on and the Dark Maker robot artifact began to fall to the ground. Growling ferally, Dark made sure that the thing was completely destroyed by jumping above it and executing his Dark Bomb attack. The artifact shattered and Dark transformed back into Jak.

"Jak!" Daxter called from the Sand Shark. The elf quickly hopped into the driver's seat and sped off, head as quickly as his vehicle would allow back to Spargus City. As Jak drove, he looked down at the unconscious she-elf in the passenger seat; there was a JET-Board strapped onto her back and he could tell she'd been working on Klevier's vehicles because she was wearing a stained pair of coveralls and she was smudged everywhere with grease. He chuckled, she always managed to smudge grease on her face too. Jak studied her face even closer and found tear streaks, he frowned. 'What the hell happened out there?'

The garage doors were getting closer and Jak began to speed up, the storm was making it hard for him to see, even with his goggles on. Both he and Daxter let out a breath they didn't know they were holding when they finally passed through the doors that shut behind them. Jak jumped out of his seat and made his way around the vehicle to the passenger side, carefully slipping his arms under the she-elf and lifting her out of the seat. A very worried Damas and Kleiver hurried over to the pair just as Jak laid the Keira onto the ground.

"Is she alright?" Damas asked in worry, the King hadn't been this panicked since his son went missing and it reminded him how much he disliked the feeling.

"I think so..." Jak brushed a strand of hair out of the she-elf's face.

"The girl is fine," Pecker squawked from his perch on the King's shoulder, "she just wore herself out from using too much power..."

"To much power...?" All three elves and Ottsel looked at the monkey-bird suspiciously.

"Is there something you're not telling us, bent beak?" Daxter glared at the King's advisor.

"Uh..." was Pecker's intelligent response.

"Tell us what you know," Jak stood up and pointed a finger at the blue bird.

"Can't, sorry," Pecker held his wings up when the elf started growling, "hey, if you don't like it, take it up with Onin."

"Pecker..." the dark elf growled in warning.

"Oh, what's that?" The bird cupped a feathered wing to his ear, "I think I hear my mother calling." Pecker squawked as he quickly flew away and out of sight from the group.

"I swear...one of these days..." Daxter shook his furry fist towards the direction where the bird flew off, "I'll strangle that bird..."

"What the hell was that parakeet goin' on about?" Kleiver scratched his head in confusion, "Keira wore herself out by...using too much...power?"

"I don't know," Jak was just as confused as everyone else, "we should just ask her when she wakes up." The others nodded in agreement. After much fussing, the three elves and Ottsel had managed to carefully get the young she-elf onto the saddle of a Leaper Lizard with Jak (him being the best candidate since he was smaller than both Damas and Kliever and wouldn't crush the Leaper with his weight and Keira's) and move her to her palace room. Damas had sent for a she-elf serving maid to clean and redress Keira while the King and company waited outside her door, after several minutes, the maid exited the room and deemed it safe for them to visit.

Damas and Kleiver sat on the left side of Keira's bed while Jak and Daxter took the opposite side, they all looked down at their friend in worry, all wondering what could have possibly happened to the she-elf. The Ottsel hopped onto the bed, barely disturbing it since he was so small, and sat next to the girl's shoulder. He curled up into a ball and fell asleep, intending to be there when his friend would awaken. As Daxter slept, the three elves began conversing.

"So, you know Keira?" Jak looked at the two in front of him.

"She came to Spargus City almost two years ago," Damas informed him, "Sig had brought her here."

"I remember the first time I met her meself," Kleiver chuckled at the memory, "the little sheila wouldn't stop tinkerin' with all my vehicles."

"Yes," the King grinned down at Keira, "ever since my son..." The old elf trailed off from his sentence.

"Your son?" Jak sent him a curious glance.

"Yes, my son," Damas smiled sadly, "ever since he had gone missing, the palace and some parts of the city seemed to be void of happiness. Keira was like a breath of fresh air, she brought life back to this old King."

"Yeah...Keira sometimes has that effect on people," Jak let a very rare, genuine smile slip across his features as he gently stroked Keira's cheek with a knuckle. Kleiver slowly stood from his seat by the bed.

"As much as I'd like to stay and wait for the little sheila to wake up," the burly Wastelander started making his way to the door, "the warehouses can't supply themselves. Tell me when she comes to, alright mates?" The King also got up and reluctantly made his way towards the door.

"I'm afraid I must also take my leave," he sighed, "the city can't run itself."

"I'll be sure to come get you when she wakes," Jak nodded to the two as they exited the room. The dark elf looked out the large window and was surprised to see the night sky through the sand storm, he hadn't noticed it was that late. With a huge yawn, Jak moved over to the opposite side, where Daxter wasn't currently occupying, and sat at Keira's side. He laid his head on his arms as he watched the she-elf sleep peacefully for a while before his eyelids began to droop.

"Good night, Keira," Jak mumbled as sleep claimed his tired form.


"Do you think it's wise?" A deep, dark and -nothing short of- sinister voice echoed in the dark confines of what could only be described as a lab from hell. All sorts of creatures, dead and alive, were kept in glass tubes, some large, some small...some filled with a sort of liquid that kept the object inside afloat. Every creature kept inside the glass tubes were all hideously deformed or just plain hideous, they were all around the circular room lined on shelves or on the ground if they were too big. In the center of the room was a large, egg-shaped sack hanging just a few inches off the the ground from the ceiling, it resembled a Metal Head cluster of eggs...but there was just one. And the single egg contained an already formed embryo, almost ready for hatching.

"What?" Another voice, more ragged than the first, cracked in the air like a whip.

"Creating another," the first replied, "what if this one fails, also? What if it turns just like the first?"

"It won't," the second voice hissed.

"How do you know?"

"We were careless with the first...we didn't anticipate...her. We know better this time and are prepared."

"You better be sure."

"I am."

Inside the egg, a being stirred. A being that radiated pure evil...made from pure Dark Eco...a monster...

A monster waiting to be released...



The voice of a little girl echoed through her head.


The she-elf opened her emerald green eyes and found herself in a small, blindingly white room with a little girl, an inch from her face, staring at her.

"What the hell?" Keira stumbled back, startled at the child's invasion of her personal space. The little girl just giggled, her blue-and-green hair bouncing in her high pig-tails. The older she-elf recognized the girl. "Hey, you're that kid from my dream..."

"I want to go outside and play," the girl pouted.

"Uh...okay, go right ahead," the mechanic shrugged her shoulders, "no one's stoppin' you, kid." The child only shook her head.

"I can't," she smiled, "Mama says it's not time yet." Keira just raised an eyebrow as the child began to skip around her.

"Well, I guess you're just gonna have to wait then."

"That's okay, Mama says I can still play in here for a while," the girl finally stopped in front of Keira, she grabbed the older she-elf's hand and pulled her down into a sitting position, "you should play with me, Mama says it's good practice."

"Practice?" The she-elf raised a delicate eyebrow, "Practice for what?"

"You should try it," the girl giggled, "it's fun!"

"Try what?"

Keira watched in fascination as the little girl formed a ball of Eco from out of thin air, it was a type of Eco unlike any she'd ever seen in all her life. The only way she could describe it was like if someone had blended Dark Eco with Light...she couldn't tell if it was dark or light...but that's what it was. A Dark Light.

'Darklighter...' Keira gasped when she remembered the word the machine had said.

"What is that?" The mechanic asked the little girl, completely mesmerized by the Eco ball.

"Wanna try it?" The girl asked eagerly, "You can do it, you know."


"Just focus...you know it's there..." The little girl's voice seemed to mature into a young she-elf's. "Find it...embrace it..." Keira felt the familiar burning force welling in her chest, she felt it travel down her arm and she held her hand up in front of her face. It seemed to be glowing with the same Darklight. She pointed a finger in the air and the Darklight erupted at the tip, like a flame on a candle. Grinning, Keira opened her hand and marveled as it too was engulfed in the Darklight flame, the sensation she felt was warm and welcoming, it felt almost familiar.

"There..." the angelic voice rang in her head again, "now that wasn't so hard, now was it Keira?"

The she-elf froze.



Keira shot up from her laying position.

'Another dream...' The mechanic girl looked around her familiar palace room and was surprised to see Daxter curled up on the pillow next to her and Jak snoring soflty at the side of her bed. She blushed when she found his hand entwined with hers, that is...until she noticed their hands were engulfed in the Darklight flame.

"Oh Mar," she gasped. 'The dream...was it real?' Jak began to stir and the Darklight fire died away and Keira felt sad at the loss of the warm feeling. The elf at the side of her bed opened two very blue eyes and he rubbed them with his free hand, trying to get the sleepyness out of them. After gaining his senses, he jumped a bit when he saw Keira sitting up and staring at him, his hand releasing hers.

"Keira!" Jak smiled, "You're awake." Keira couldn't help noticing something different about the elf before her...he seemed...lighter.

"Yeah," she smiled back, "what happened?"

"Well," the elf frowned, "I was hoping you could tell me. What happened out there in the desert?"

"The desert...?" Keira was confused for a second until the memories of the previous day hit her like a tidal wave, "Oh Mar, Taz..." She could keep her tears at bay as she mourned the loss of her friend and the she-elf collapsed into Jak's arms. Through her sobs, she retold the story of what happened in the desert up until her outburst of Darklight. She wasn't ready to tell anyone about it yet, not until she figured out what was going on with her.

The two sat there on her bed for what seemed like forever, Jak whispered comforting words into Keira's ear as her tears began to disappear. The dark elf stroked the girl's soft, green-and-blue hair, placing kisses on her head every so often, both reveling in each other's prescence, lost in each other's embrace...that is until Daxter woke up.

"Keira!" The animal cried as he jumped up from the pillow. The two embracing elves leapt apart, startled by the Ottsel's outburst. "You're awake!"

"Hey, Dax," Keira pulled the rodent into a hug and scratched the place behind his ear, "you didn't have to stay and wait for me to wake up."

"Well, your place is way better than the last place we slept at," Daxter grinned and the she-elf rolled her eyes.

"I'm glad I could provide you with the best of living conditions," she smirked. The furry rodent was about to say something else but Jak beat him to it.

"Hey, Dax," the elf grinned sheepishly, "do you mind if you could get Damas and Kleiver? They asked for me to find them if Keira woke up."

"What am I? The Ottsel Messenger Express?" Daxter began to rant, "I'm always having to pull the weight around during all our adventures, I'm always the one doing all the work! Why can't you go run your pretty little ass out there and find them yourself?"

"Uh..." While Keira was busy raising an eyebrow at the Ottsel, Jak shot him a nervous glance. All at once, it hit Daxter and a knowing smirk was suddenly plastered upon his furry mug.

"Oh, I see..." The furry rodent hopped off the huge bed and made his way towards the door, "I'll be back in a minute...unless I happen to get lost in this huge palace, ya' never know...there's all these corridors and they sometimes just all look the same." Just before Daxter slipped through the open door, he gave Jak a very suggestive wink...which he didn't bother to hide from Keira. The elf felt his cheeks flame and knew there was a very noticeable blush staining them, the girl beside him let out a giggle. For a moment, Jak was once again the shy, mute boy from Sandover Village, Keira was the bubbly mechanic girl, and everything was as simple as they used to be back in the day.

"Are you okay now?" He asked, rubbing her hand in comfort.

"Yeah," she bobbed her head up and down.

"So..." Jak looked around the room absent-mindedly, "how'd you meet Damas?"

"It was last year when I met him, Sig brought me here after that whole thing with Erol," Keira frowned at the unpleasant memory, "I don't know, we just kind of clicked when we met...there was something familiar about him. Actually, looking back on it now, Damas reminded me a lot about you...I guess that's why I stuck with him for so long."

"Unfortunately, not everyone is like that around here," the blonde elf snorted.

"You talking about the freaky cult of monks?"

"Yes!" Jak jumped out of his seat at the thought of that annoying prick-of-a-monk, Seem, "I don't know what the hell I did to piss them off! but ever since I've met them, they've done nothing but be hostile towards me!"

"Same here," Keira frowned, "everytime I'm near it's like they go into the'Let's-be-silent-and-watch-Keira's-every-move-while-whispering-behind-her-back-when-we-think-she's-not-paying-attention!' Mode. Seriously, they're always pointing at me...it's freaky and annoying."

"Yeah, at least you don't have them lecturing you about not knowing yourself and the dark powers that are apparently beyond my capacity to grasp," the elf growled darkly. "A bunch of stuck up stiffs, that's what they are."

"They couldn't be worse than that pompous asshole, Veger," the girl let out a growl of her own.

"Oh shit!" Jak suddenly cried.


"Veger and Seem!" The second outburst seemed to confuse the she-elf even more. "I saw them together."

The third brought out a horrified look.

"I don't need to know that!" Keira shrieked.

"No! That's not what I meant," Jak quickly explained, "I saw them at the temple, they were having some secret meeting."

"Still sounds wrong."

"They were talking about the catacombs," the dark elf sighed, "Veger's planning something."

"Well, that much is obvious," Keira rolled her eyes as she threw off the covers of her bed and slid off the side, "I wonder what's so important about the catacombs..."

"That's what I won-" All train of thought that Jak had died away when he caught sight of the she-elf's sleep wear. Her night gown, which wasn't much of a night gown, was a white silk -almost see-through- and lined with lace, the bottom ended at mid thigh but there were slits on each side going all the way up to her hip. Underneath, he could see the black, lacy ligerie that she wore. Her sleeping attire was so simple...but she made it so...alluring. It only took a moment before Jak noticed he was staring, very openly, too. His gaze snapped back up to the she-elf's face and found her smirking in that sexy, devillish way of hers. 'Shit, did she say something?'

'Fuck if I know,' Dark grinned cheekily, 'I was preoccupied...'

'Well, you should have been paying attention,' Light scolded.

'Were you paying attention?' The demon snapped and was met with silence, 'I didn't think so.'

"Jak?" Keira's devillish smirk widened, "Did you hear what I said?"

"I'm sorry, what?" Snapping out of the dazed state he was in, Jak focused his gaze on the she-elf's face.

"You didn't, did you," she made her way over to a lage dresser and pulled out several items of clothing, "oh well, I guess you won't mind then."

Jak's blue eyes widened considerably when Keira pulled the silk night gown over her head.

"Wh-what are you doing?" He struggled to force out the question from his mouth.

"What?" The girl looked at him innocently and Jak couldn't tear his eyes away from her exposed skin, "I told you that was going to change out of my night gown but you didn't say anything, so I just went ahead anyway." The dark elf's jaw hit the floor and Keira just shrugged and turned back to the clothes she picked out.

The mechanic picked up the pair of black cargo pants with an assortment of pockets, chains, and straps all over and slipped it on, as she did, she heard a small whimper and she gave the elf on her bed a side glance. She had to stiffle back a giggle when she saw him, his eyes were glazed over and were suspiciously beginning to darken, probably because of Dark. Keira pulled on two belts, both high up on her left, leaving the rest to hang loosely on the opposite side; she would later put on the ring belt over the side high on the left. She slipped on a thin, long-sleeved, sandy white tunic with sleeves than hung off her shoulder. The she-elf heard another groan of frustration and didn't bother hiding snort of amusement.

"You think this is funny?" Keira gasped when she felt Jak's hot breath blowing against her ear, she hadn't even heard him move.

"As a matter of fact," the she-elf continued dressing, completely ignoring the extremely turned on elf behind her, "I do." She smirked as she pulled on her fingerless gloves and gauntlets on, tucking the ends of her sleeves into them.

"Your evil," Jak growled, his voice deep and husky. The elf's breath hitched in his throat when Keira suddenly turned around and ran a hand up his inner thigh, gently massaging the hard lump at his crotch before abruptly stopping.

"I try," she grinned and turned back around to continue dressing. Jak stood behind the she-elf, stunned while she pulled on a corset over the tunic. Keira quickly pulled on her ring belt, spiked choker, and goggles on as she heard the growling behind her begin to get louder. She yelped when she felt his hands grab her around the waist and threw her onto her bed. Jak leapt on top of her, pinning her arms above her head and grinning like the devil.

"That's not very nice," he breathed, finding the spot on her neck where his fangs penetrated and nipping at it, causing waves of pleasure rolling through the she-elf's body.

"Re-really?" Keira was having a hard time breathing, "What are you going to do about it?" Jak looked down at the blue-and-green haired beauty, grinning toothily as his fangs began to grow longer.

"This." The dark elf sunk his fangs into the same spot and he heard Keira cry out as her orgasm hit her full force. When he pulled away, he found the girl glaring up at him.

"That is so not fair," she pouted angrily, poking her bottom lip out ever-so-slightly. Jak couldn't help but attack it with his own mouth.

"Jak, found the King for yo-"

The two elves on the bed looked over at the door, eyes wide, and found Daxter standing there with Damas, both looking very uncomfortable. The King coughed nervously as he looked at everything in the room except the bed.

"Uh...Jak," he found a very interesting speck of dust on the ceiling, "there's a Battle at the Arena in fifteen minutes, I expect you to be there." Damas quickly exited the room followed by an orange Ottsel. Jak and Keira lay on the bed for a minute before finally bursting out in laughter.

"I guess I should get going," the dark elf sighed.

"Why?" The she-elf beside him puted again.

"I got a Battle to go to."

"Well, it only takes you five minutes to get to the Arena, right?" Keira stated, more than asked.

"Yeah..." Jak raised an eyebrow. What was the little she-devil getting at?

"Well..." the she-elf pushed the dark elf onto his back before straddling his waist, "there's just so many things you can do in ten minutes..."


Jak grinned as Keira attacked his lips with her own.

'This is way better than fighting Marauders...'


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