Just answering my reviews from all you wonderful people!

Inuyasha's Only Daughter: Why thank you!

Jade R. Raven: Really? I didn't think it was that good…I was thinking of it as a music video but since I can't draw for beans and I'm not talented….Thanks for the awesome review! (Pats myself on back)

Kokoro-and-Rei: Thank you! I'm glad you liked that part cause well I do too! Wow this story is making a lot of people cry…

Mushi-Sanban: If I can. This was a one time thing…and don't worry, if I get an idea like this, I will defiantly type it up!

Inu-kitsune-youkai: Very happy that you do!

Twilight2D: My goodness so many people like it. This is a real shock to me…

LunaGirl2001: Applauds at my greatness? Wow…thanks!

MakatoMai: I just have issues so its not you're fault! I did like it just that I'm not used to Kikyou and Inuyasha parings, so ya it creeps me out just a bit. I'm glad you liked it though!