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The here titans returned home to find an odd smell reeking through the tower.

"What is this strange smell ,Robin?"Starfire asked.

"To tell you the truth Star I don't know…But I hope it goes away I can't think with such a stench." Robin said waving his hands around.

Beast boy walked over to the windows and opened them to let out the horrible smell. The titans Went throughout the tower turning on fans and opening windows.

Beast boy walked into Cyborg's room to find him getting ready for Raven. Beast boy was quite mad that Cy did not come to fight with the team.Cyborg threw away a bottle which was filled with cologne.

"So that is where the stanch is coming from." Beast boy said in an angry voice.

"What's with you? You seem cranky." Cy pointed out while looking at him self in the mirror.

"You want to know? You actually care? Well if you were fighting today you would know!" Beast boy said starting to walk away but was stopped by the half machine.

"Dude chill what's up? "Cy asked nicely.

"Raven was taken by Slade! And you weren't even there to help us fight!" Beast boy said in his squeaky voice.

Cyborgs mouth dropped open and his eye grew wide. "Why aren't you out looking for her?"Cyborg said in a panic. Beast boy let out a small sigh to refill himself of patience.

"Robin thought it would be better it we waited and come up with a plan .He is working on it now if you want to help us." Beast boy said calmly.

Cyborg nodded and followed BB down the hall.

"Um cy?"Beast boy asked.


"please...wash of that cologn it smell really bad."

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