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Chapter 1: The Mission

"Alright, Fuuko. You're all set!" Recca Hanabishi said while he shuffled some papers behind his desk.

"All set for what, boss? Got another one for me?" Fuuko asked, crossing her legs and examining her finger nails.

"Yeah. It seems a certain Akihiko Mikagami is planning on creating some sort of nuclear device made of Moon Stone that can endanger the world." Recca replied sounding business-like all of a sudden.

"So…you want me to check on it and then report everything I find out?" Fuuko asked, rolling her eyes. She's been doing the same thing for 2 years now. It sucks working for one of your best friends. They tend to play with your feelings. Especially when it comes to money.

"Of course. Then if he really is planning on something…stop him before it's too late."

Okay. The usual spying and then karate finish. Same old Same old. Fuuko, Recca and Yanagi created the Hokkage Secret Service Agency for the President after the three of them won in the UBS tournament. Unfortunately, the self proclaimed leader of the group has been appointed by the President himself to be the head of the Agency. Yanagi doesn't have any problems at all since she's got Recca wrapped around her dainty little finger. Fuuko on the other hand…

"Hey Recca, I—"

"How many times have I told you to call be 'boss' from now on?" Recca snapped.

Ooh…what a tyrant he is.

"BOSSSS it is then." Fuuko said, her eyes twitching from annoyance. "And I was hoping to catch you in a good mood and ask for a raise in my wages too."

"A raise? Fuuko, not this again…"

"Come on!! Don't be such a scrooge! I'm your number ONE spy! I deserve a RAISE!!" She said not trying to sound whiny. She hates whiny women.

Recca looked at her as if she's nuts before answering, "You're my ONLY spy."

"Oh…Right…" Fuuko sighed. "Fine. But after this mission… I get a raise."

"You got it." Recca said as he waved his hands in front of him motioning Fuuko to leave.

Fuuko got out of the office and out of the underground building. She clutched her bag tightly and shoved the hair out of her face. It was already 9 o'clock in the evening and she hasn't even eaten dinner yet.

She stopped by the street ramen booth and ordered a bowl of beef noodles to go. She sighed as she thought of the long night ahead of her. She still had to research on this Akihiko guy on the internet AND look for the perfect under cover disguise.

She unlocked the door to her quaint apartment and turned on her computer. She typed in "Mikagami Akihiko" on the search engine and began scrolling.

"Mikagami Akihiko…Akihiko…Aki—AHA!" She exclaimed as she clicked on one of the sites she came across.

"Ew…he's a bald guy in his mid-fifties and he's got a nose like a bird's beak. And…his lips are so…wrinkly. He looks like a wild boar.." She said as she gulped down her noodles.

Fuuko still searched the website and clicked on the link that said 'family'.

'I wonder what his family looks like. Would his wife look like Pumbaa and his children like little Timonses? Haha!' (OC: Remember?? From Lion King? Sorry, just had the usrge to put that) She laughed to herself as she waited for the site to load.

When it finally completed, she found herself gasping and choking from the noodles. Suddenly, right there in front of her was a picture of the cutest guy she has ever seen.

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