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Chapter 12: Of Raids and Boy Bands

Fuuko couldn't sleep that night.

Ever since the Raiha incident, she was unable to wipe that giddy smile off her face. She even did her chores happily, whistling with the birds (which she absolutely never does!). Fuuko just honestly didn't care! Mina even yelled at her once or twice…or was it thrice for almost bumping into the serving girls carrying a platter of ornately carved fruits for the Mikagami's dessert. She just turned to her and smiled like she was high on drugs. Everywhere she turned she saw Raiha offering a hand to her, and coaxing her into his arms. Sheer bliss.

Now that she's under the sheets, her eyes are still wide open, "day dreaming" about Raiha…at night.

'It's 2 am! I've been lying here since 10 and I'm still awake!' She said trying to get a hold of her overactive imagination. She shut her eyes tight. Fuuko immediately saw Raiha standing by the ocean, blue hair in the breeze at sunset. She opened her eyes again. Closed them. Another scene started playing in her head which involved Raiha holding a rope like a cowboy and lassoed a very happy Fuuko. "You're mine now you sexy varmint!"

At that point, Fuuko immediately shot up squealing.

'What's happening to me?! I'm like a silly school girl with a humongous crush!'

She sighed and put both hands over her face. At that moment, her intercom rung. The bulb for Kaoru's room was blinking.


"Helga," Kaoru started, "You need to come quickly. I am in deep shit."

Then he hung up.

Fuuko stopped cold. She immediately jumped from her bed, put her fuzzy bunny slippers on and ran down the halls in her pajamas. Upon reaching Kaoru's door, she didn't even bother knocking. She burst into the room and saw Kaoru sitting on his bed, fiddling with an electric guitar.

"What? What is it? Did you kill someone???" Fuuko sputtered out. Kaoru raised an eyebrow.

"Get a hold of yourself, woman! I just wanted to ask if you knew how to play the guitar!"

"WHAAAAT?!? You crazy son of—"

"Tut tut now! Remember, I PAY your salary." Kaoru retrieved a folded check from his shorts pocket and waved it in front of his face.

"—a billionaire!" Fuuko managed to catch herself. She sighed. 'Damn this kid.'

"So! Do you play or not?" Kaoru prodded.

"Err..er..a little. Why do you need to learn how to play anyhow?"

"'coz I'm going to be in a band!" He said as if it was the most obvious answer in the world.


Kaoru let out a sigh. "Okay, listen up…"


"This is the biggest chance that we've got to infiltrate the Mikagami Mansion and our brilliant VICE PRESIDENT, will tell us his plan" Kurei said, looking at Kaoru.

Kaoru was surprised. He couldn't believe it! VICE PRESIDENT! FINALLY! The other guys cheered. Raiha nodded in approval. There was only one person in the whole group who wasn't at all please with the sudden turn of events. Fujimaru hid his face livid with anger and tried to pass it off as some eye discomfort.

"Ah-hum! Through my intensive research and spying talents, I found out that the Mikagami Mansion will hold a ball to celebrate the launch for the completion of their moonstone energy source! The who's who of Japan's business world are going to be there flaunting they're wealth!"

At that, the entire group let out a victorious roar as they raised their beer glasses.

"So what do you want us to do, oh GREAT master of stealth?" Fujimaru said, poison lacing his words.

"I was getting to that," Kaoru said annoyed, "If we had some kind of disguise for all of us to be able to enter the house unnoticed, we'll be able to catch them off guard!"

Kurei thought for a moment before facing Kaoru and grinned coolly.

"What would you guys say if we start a band?"

"WHAT?! HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MARBLES??" Fujimaru immediately put both hands on his mouth. Kurei gave him a burning stare.

"Since I'm feeling gracious today on account off our new Vice President, I will let that remark go. But if you so much as raise your voice at me next time, I will take your head!" Kurei slowly made a slashing motion on his neck. Fujimaru swallowed.

Awkward Silence.

"OOOOOOOOOOK! So, about the band, master Kurei?" Raiha blurted out, attempting to break the tense atmosphere.

"As I was saying before I got interrupted," Kurei shot an icy glare at Fujimaru (who I swear let out an inaudible whimper), "I, along with Koganei, Raiha, Saicho and Neon will make up the band. The others can be waiters, valet, and all others you can think of!"

The group started looking at each other and nodding.

"Except Fujimaru! For your punishment, you will stay outside the entire time and pretend to be a gardener."

"Aww Man!"

end flashback

"Now you see why I need to learn how to play the guitar?"



By that time, Fuuko's brain already retreated to it's own magical word at the mention of Raiha being in a band. A few seconds later, a little bit of drool seeped out of the corners of her mouth. Kaoru cringed.

"Yo! Ugly! WAKE UP!!!!!!" He grabbed a sock he used for a month and put it under her nose.

Fuuko screamed and slapped the sock away so hard that it flew out the open window and disappeared into the darkness.

"Err… that was my only sock." Kaoru said.


The next morning, Mina the head maid heard an ear-splitting sound coming from the open window leading to Kaoru's room-- and then a slap, followed by a distinct yelp of pain.


Helga's voice.

Mina shook her head and started muttering to herself while clipping the hedges in the garden. When she got to the rose bushes, she crinkled her nose in disgust. Something wasn't right. The roses were emitting an unusual stench that morning that she couldn't quite put her finger on. She shrugged it off and continued on with her job.

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