Okay this is a story still under work so yeah…it probably will suck…and whether or not I actually get any feedback will tell me whether or not to finish writing these novels. Any who I must credit Joss Whedon and Tolkien for the characters and most of the storyboard. But some of it is mine! So ha! I really would like some feedback, positive good your-a-great-writer-keep-it-up would be nice. But I'll deal with the criticism as well. Read on brave soul(s) and if I'm that bad can you just lie to me and say that I'm good. Thanks!

Backround Info: Set after the final season of Buffy, during the Lord of the Rings Series. Dawn isn't what she expected…

Chpt. 1 Where's Dawnie?

"Oh god!" Buffy stammered as she watched as her sister Dawn, began to bleed and a dark swirling hole began to form beneath her. Dawn head began to swirl as everything became dizzy and her head pounding, as she struggled to breath.

"Buffy" she bellowed with all the air she could muster in her throat

Two years ago, this had happened, she was bleeding once again. The battle for the key, as quick flashes of Glory and her flashed in her head, she looked again at Dawn, even though she had faced so much, she opened her mouth and began to shake, as she layed her eyes upon her little sister, it was only a few minutes ago, they had fought another battle, in which she had lost Spike. Buffy was looking at the hole slowly forming, prepared to jump once again.

No this time it was her turn, the world needed Buffy, they didn't need her. Dawn felt every muscle in her body twitch, as she tried to stop the blood from falling, a miraculous large gash had formed on her left side, she couldn't feel the pain of the gash her legs were wobbling, as her head swirled, everything was spinning and fading in and out. Grasping her left side, she looked down at the widening black hole. She lifted her head up at Buffy who stood locked in position her eyes scanning the hole, her chin was shaking as she was biting her lips trying to withhold her tears. Suddenly her vision snapped clear, and Dawn knew what she had to do, a mixture of fear and resolution pitted itself in her stomach in one last determined look towards Buffy, Dawn opened her mouth but no words could even enter to her mind, Dawn held her arms apart letting the blood pour more freely, and shut her eyes and let herself fall into the hole. The swirling black pit vanished with a boom as soon as her Dawn's body had hit it, and all that was left was a heap of sand, but no Dawn. At that point Buffy looked wildly around as though this was suppose to be some stupid magic trick Dawn played to lighten the mood. She ran to the spot where her sister had fallen and frantically began to dig at the soil, expecting to find her there. She let her hands fall to her side as a beautiful blue flower appeared from the disrupted soil. Willow and Xander became frantic, they too were digging at the same time. They watched as in mere seconds the flower bloomed. Buffy was in a trance, she wasn't dead, she couldn't be. Giles stood scanning what was the void that once was a little town, and then looked at the flower which to be the only living plant left of Sunnydale. As some of the potentials who could still manage to walk, peered at what had just happened.

Then quietly said, "She was still……" his eyes barely meeting hers, "the key…."