"Buffy?" Her sister stood right in front of her, she ran towards her, joy swept over as she ran towards opened armed.

"Don't hug me! You just don't get it do you?" Buffy stepped back quickly, her glance becoming more menacing. Dawn's legs locked as her voice rasped.

"What?" she sputtered looking around her, and then at Buffy who was tapping her foot impatiently

"Don't try and play innocent with me, its all your fault, why did they send you to me?" She flipped her hair back angrily

"What are you talking about, Buffy its me your sister, Dawn." Dawn instructed her hand to herself. Tears now openly spilling onto her face, how could this happen? After waiting to see her for so long what was going on, what did she do?

"Your not my sister, you never were, your not real, why do stay here around me? GO AWAY!"

"What…" Dawn stammered feeling a rancid small glob of celebration food peep its way up her throat forcing it back down.

"Your not real, your not even the key anymore, I don't need you here around me anymore, go ruin someone elses life for a change." Buffy shrugged her shoulders

"I am real, Buffy its me, its Dawn, remember?" Buffy rolled her amber eyes.

Buffy gave her that look she always had given when she did something really really stupid. She turned around and grabbed something, then walked towards her,

"If your so real….then why can't you feel this? Hmmm?"

Buffy looked down as did Dawn, a sword was shoved through her body, blood was slowly spilling out of her body, but she didn't feel any pain, not the sword, nothing. She put her hand to her side touching the blood,

"Buffy, I'm bleeding, remember your blood is m…."

"Oh shut-up will you!" She walked away then turned to face her, as dark twinkle in her amber eyes. Dawn ran after her

"Buffy, wait don't leave me," Her sister just continued to walk, she turned around to a dark empty ally, then that same noise, something moved, she looked around and began to silently call for Buffy, it moved again, Dawn felt her strength leaving her body, she was powerless again. She walked quickly away, then it happened again the thing rushed towards, and began to claw at her, she felt him rip into her skin, she screamed with pain. It was then she was in a room full of books, and there stood Willow, Jiles, and Xander. She ran towards them, although the overwhelming sensation to break down in happy tears and hugs was forcefully pushed aside.

"You guys have to help me, something is chasing me, and Buffy is all psyched out again,."

Xander laughed and walked around, "don't forget their key girl, remember we already dealt with that once, remember with me?"

He laughed scoffing at her.

"Xander? What's wrong with all of you?" Dawn said as she reached out to touch him but he quickly back away.

Willow looked at her is disgust, "You know you only stay here, because you know too much, so stop with the innocent crap. You know what you are…stop trying to pretend."

"What are you talking about?" She walked towards Willow, and she snapped her fingers and she felt a force field with her fingers, she hit the wall with her fist, and the energy wall appeared for a second, as Willow turned around. "Stupid key."

"Guys whats wrong? What happened?"

Giles took off his glasses and began to clean them, she looked at him his eyes met hers.

"Do not look at me, its your fault had to run off didn't you? Tell everyone what you were. The key, your not in our memories now, your not even real, just a picture the keys keeps in contact."

"No wait Giles its me… Dawn…please don't you see something evil is doing this!" She watched as they filed out the door, "No wait come back, don't leave me alone…..PLEASE!"

She looked around in the dark room, her eyes became accustomed to the darkness, she could make out faint outlines of things moving through the book cases. She drew back, feeling the terror run through her body, she then ran towards the force field and banged it on, screaming for help. The things whatever they were began to move towards her, and they walked threw the force field surrounding her. It was then did she catch a glimpse of them, she did not know if they were demons, orcs, but they had red eyes, and they were covered in blood, long black hands, with nails, every time they moved their jaw or face, blood began to spill from the cracks of their mouths. She felt them come at her, attacking her, they dug their claws into her, the claws hurt worse than any pain imaginable, a cold numbing dread was sent through out her body, as they fed on her, her blood, her energy. She began to cry and made every effort to move, but she couldn't. Then that laughter, that horrible laughter, a great eye appeared before, these demons scurried away into the darkness, as the things, nine of these things came towards her, the eye it was in flame and watched her with a triumphant look as she bled, and became weaker, they brought her closer to it, she could feel the heat, it burnt her, and then one of the black things raised its sword, and plunged it into her stomach, she screamed in pain, and tried to clutch her side, as the blood began to flow and fill the ground, her eyes began to slowly close, she was dying. The light of the fiery eye slowly disappeared as she fell into a pit of energy, green calming energy, that was now slowly taking control of her body, she tried to pull it back, to stop it, but it just took control, and she kept falling, the darkness surrounded her, and all her hopes of ever seeing Faith, Robin, Andrew, Willows, Giles, Xander, Gimli, Frodo, Pippin, Merry, as she named countless others, she came to at last, Aragorn, Buffy, Legolas. No she cried, and put her hands out as if to stop her from falling, she had to see him again, she could not live or breath again without him.


Legolas had been standing on a the threshold of Meduseld. Thinking silently of Dawn. How her smile lightened his worries, how her eyes glittered in the sun or moon light, how her hair fell in all the right places, how she walked without cares, when she laughed like a beautiful harmonious sound of a light thunder. How she looked at him with as if her whole world was him, how she took his heart his fears in her hand. How she felt in his arms, the way she slept how peaceful she looked. Her behavior was intriguing and always kept him guessing. How this angel had come to this land, and had picked him of all the beings to look at with those celestial blue eyes. He looked at the jewel he held in his hands, it was made of mithril, and in the middle was a beautiful jewel that matched the very color of her eyes. He held it in his hands, fiddling with it, he loved her, and he wanted to tell her that more than anything, but would she say the same back, would her eyes light up and that heavenly smile appear as she told him with her delicate voice, she did too. Would she put her soft hands upon his, and smile into his eyes, with every touch of her hand that sent to quivers up his body. Would she turn her head to tell him that she did not care for him? Or that she could not love him, or their love was cursed? Would she repeat to him, what he had said to her, that what they had was not love? What would happen if she left this world and returned to her own? What would happen when she died? He was thinking intent on this, when he saw her walking away followed by her horse, her smiling as she stopped every once in awhile to stroke his head. He fell in love with her smile, he made a move to go down towards her, it was then a hand was laid upon his shoulder, he turned to face Aragorn, who smiled quickly and then led him back into the room, Legolas quickly balled up his hand, and slipped the jewel into his sheathed sword.

"She will get lost out their, Legolas, she will wander for a while before calling for help."

Legolas smiled and pictured her annoyed face as she walked, twisting her hands, like she always did when she was nervous. Legolas stood briefly to watch Merry and Pippin dancing, Aragorn lingered beside him

"She is you know quite young, full of much more growth." Aragorn said awkwardly, before pulling his pipe to his mouth, Legolas smirked

"Aragorn, she shows strength and wisdom beyond her years."

"Yes I know……that is why I give you my blessing with her."

Legolas turned to him his eyes open, revealing the great shock in his eyes. Aragorn had felt the bitterness of losing her once. When she had been taken captive by Saruman, he had watched the way Legolas had looked into her eyes, when he had caught her, the way she had looked back. He already felt like even though she stood before him, he was slowly losing her, but not to an unworthy man, but to a most worthy one, Legolas. He turned to face him, and smiled at him before walking away to talk to Gandalf. It was then did Legolas hear a faint scream, Dawn he thought, and smiled, maybe he would let her wander for a while before coming to her rescue. Then a louder scream was heard, it shook the blood of all those who heard it. The music everything stopped. Legolas ran out to threshold again followed by Aragorn then by the two hobbits and Gimli. He stopped not many leagues away, stood Dawn around her stood the nine ring wraiths. She was screaming in horror as they approached her and they saw her collapse to the ground. Aragorn looked quickly at Legolas


Him and Legolas made for the stables, within seconds they were galloping towards her. They were less than two minutes away from her when orcs came storming out,

"do not disturb them, for the great eye, will be deeply angered!"

With that at least thirty orcs came. They fought them with their swords, them being the only weapons that had carried. They Legolas finally caught sight of her, her body was on the floor writhing in pain, the ring wraiths were clawing at her, she was attempting to fight them off. It was then they saw the ring wraiths hold her up, she looked at something with great terror, and then they dropped her and one stood above her and dived his blade into her, they heard a dying scream. That was the last scream they heard.


Cliché I know, but don't you just adore my lovely twists? Okay poor writing I'll admit, but hey read on and preserve.