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The story starts halfway through FFX-2, just before Yuna goes to the Farplane and will continue to the end of the game and beyond! The story may take a while to get going but it will get better!

Pairings TidusxYuna…and to find out who else you will have to read!

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"She's all alone again
Wiping the tears from her eyes
Some days he feels like dying
She gets so sick of crying" –Greenday – Extraordinary Girl


The door to the chamber of the fayth slowly opened and using all the strength she could muster she tried to stand straight. As the door fully opened and light flooded into the chamber, she walked forward cautiously, to address her guardians. She looked at them all, Kimahri to Lulu to Wakka and then she noticed. Someone, not one of her guardians also stood in the room. She looked at him and took nothing about his appearance in as her eyes snapped to his; his deep blue, piercing eyes. At that moment, something happened to Yuna, what felt like a bolt of energy surged through her body. She then looked at the stranger properly and saw his handsome face, tanned skin and wonderful golden hair.

She then remembered she had to tell her guardians, her friends, the news that sealed her fate. The energy she had felt for a moment earlier had left her and she spoke softly "I…have done it; I…have become a summoner." Her legs were weak, but she willed herself to walk towards them, however her body had no strength, and as she fell into Kimahri's arms everything went black…

…a tear rolled down her soft pale skin and landed in the calm dark water. She started to sob uncontrollably, as she realised what lay ahead of her, her fear overcoming her, not her fear of dying, she would be happy to die for Spira, but what petrified her was the thought of leaving him. Speaking of him, she heard him say her name. She looked up in answer and was surprised as he bent down to meet her. As his soft lips pressed against hers, she relaxed into the kiss. Her knees weakened and she collapsed onto him forcing them both to fall under the water. As they floated in what seemed like the endless depths of the spring their hands found each other and entwined. As the kiss became filled with passion and love, Yuna was allowed, for a few minutes, to forget what awaited them in Zanarkand.

As they sat on the bank of the spring Yuna turned to look at the one she loved. "Stay with me, until the end, please." She looked at the ground, afraid of the reply she would get. "Not 'till the end…Always." Those words cause something that rarely happened on her pilgrimage, a genuine smile lit up her face…

…She shook her head violently, like a small child. "No..." she said trying to hide the emotion in her voice.

"Yuna, I have to go…I'm sorry I couldn't show you Zanarkand….Goodbye" He too was trying to hide the emotion, but Yuna could see the sadness in his eyes.

Yuna was dimly aware of the others saying something, but all she was focused on was the man she loved leaving. No! She would not let him go, not without telling him. She sprinted towards him, and hearing her, he turned round, arms wide, to embrace her one last time. As she reached him, she threw her arms around him. But instead of feeling his warm body next to hers, she felt a dull pain as she crashed to the floor. She stayed there for a moment, trying to hold back the tears. She slowly rose to her feet, and said nothing for a moment. She couldn't turn to look at him, if she did she wouldn't be able to control herself, she would break down. She gathered her strength, and spoke "I love you." It was barley more than a whisper, but she knew he heard her.

Suddenly she saw his arms around her, and for one second she could feel him again, but it was over too soon, and the strangest feeling engulfed her as he passed through her, and she watched as he dived off the airship. She sank to her knees, not able to hold back the tears any longer…

Yuna sat up in bed, tears rolling down her cheeks. She looked around the Cabin of the Celsius, glad to see that Rikku, Paine and the boys were still sound asleep in their beds. She raised her shaking hand, wiped the tears from her face, and lay back down. It was only a dream…the same dream she had had almost every night for the past 2 years. She always had to tell herself the same thing every time, only a dream, but she hated to ever think that it was only a dream, that he was ever only a dream. She hated the fact she couldn't see him at all, not even on the Farplane, as he was not dead, he didn't even exist anymore. She hated that she had only been able to spend such a small amount of time with him, that she had only been able to kiss him once, that he didn't come running when she whistled, that he wasn't there at all.

Fresh tears formed in her eyes and she hugged her pillow tightly, another night crying herself to sleep, another night without him. As she closed her eyes one thought was running through her head "Only a dream…"

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